2013 MLB All-Star Game – Lineups, Broadcast Info, etc.

mlb logoThe 2013 MLB All-Star Game has arrived. I don’t always enjoy it as much as the Home Run Derby – which, I know, is lame – but it remains a fun event. The Cubs have just Travis Wood on the National League Team, so we’ll see if he makes an appearance tonight.

The battle for home-field advantage in the World Series begins at 7pm CT, though the first pitch will likely be preceded by some super-awesome-pop-starz signing songs that are totally about baseball. You can watch on Fox, and the pre-game fun begins at 6:30pm CT. You can use this here post to share your thoughts on the Midsummer Classic.

Matt Harvey will start for the NL, and Max Scherzer gets the ball for the AL.

The National League Starting Lineup:

1. Brandon Phillips, 2B

2. Carlos Beltran, RF

3. Joey Votto, 1B

4. David Wright, 3B

5. Carlos Gonzalez, LF

6. Yadier Molina, C

7. Troy Tulowitzki, SS

8. Michael Cuddyer, DH

9. Bryce Harper, CF

The American League Starting Lineup: 

1. Mike Trout, LF

2. Robinson Cano, 2B

3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B

4. Chris Davis, 1B

5. Jose Bautista, RF

6. David Ortiz, DH

7. Adam Jones, CF

8. Joe Mauer, C

9. J.J. Hardy, SS

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97 responses to “2013 MLB All-Star Game – Lineups, Broadcast Info, etc.”

  1. Jason

    Hope the AL wins tonight. Just so the cardinals don’t have home field advantage if they make to the World Series.

  2. Jackalope

    Will the game be on MLBTV?

  3. DocShock8

    Game in NL park but playing by AL rules (DH). Interesting. Wonder if preview to possible change of rules for NL?

    1. Mr. B. Patient

      I could be wrong, but hasn’t it been that way for awhile now?

      1. DocShock8

        Possibly. To be honest I have not really paid real close attention to the All-Star game for like 20 years. Just noticed and struck me as odd.

        1. Mark S

          Now we can’t watch Wood put one 450ft into left center and do the Sosa leap…damn.

  4. mudge

    When is the last time the All-Star game had both starting pitchers with the same initial syllables in their names, and the same number of syllables overall?

    1. pj

      2001 roger clemens/randy johnson

  5. cubchymyst

    I wish the MLB would decide home field advantage by record instead of this manner. Who ever has the best record out of the two teams gets home field advantage. They could do that for ever round, that way a wild card from a strong division gets home field advantage over a team that wins a weak division.

  6. cubchymyst

    Okay the opening is already loosing me. The rip of SNL is not working for me, and no one ever gets excited over the line “Ladies and Gentlemen Joe Buck”.

  7. turn two

    I still love the all star game and until it matters for the cubs i like that the all star game decides home field

    1. cubchymyst

      You mean like in 2008 when Uggla booted three balls at second.

      1. turn two

        It happens

  8. Cheese Chad

    World Series should be at a neutral stadium in a warm city.

    1. cubchymyst


  9. Cheese Chad

    And the all-star game should have all-stars. I don’t care about every team getting a representative. And if a guy like mike trout can go 5 innings then he should go 5 innings. I want to see the best of the best play.

    1. cubchymyst

      I’ll agree with that.

  10. Matty Ice

    This season can not end fast enough, if only for Tim McCarver to never call a game again

  11. DaveY

    buck and mccarver…..hey, maybe I switch to the spanish audio. I don’t know spanish but it can only get better.

  12. KidCubbie

    Anybody know when the all-star game come back to Wrigley? Wasn’t the last one like in 1990?

    1. nkniacc13

      wont be until 2019 more than likely

      1. DaveY

        Whenever the renovations are complete, I am sure Selig will make it a priority.

  13. Cheese Chad

    Yeah, it’ll be within the next 5 years with the new renovations. The Cubs will be significant then too. It will be an amazing atmosphere.

  14. DaveY

    Cano is out? Maybe the Yankees will call about Castro….

    1. Mr. P

      They couldn’t come close to putting a package together for him

  15. Greenroom

    Joe Buck!?!?!? I just slammed my hand in a drawer to feel better.

  16. DaveY

    They should let Tom Seaver call the game. He was great back when he worked as an announcer.

    1. DaveY

      Yeah, Erin Andrews and Tom Seaver should be calling this game.

  17. David

    Erin Andrews is a really good reporter. Extremely talented.

  18. Cubbie Tim

    I loved it when the crowd booed Molina. Maybe they were booing his neck tats

  19. David

    It was Just 5 short years ago that the cubs had 8 all stars. Marmol was one of them.

  20. Jackalope

    Fun hypothetical: Would you trade the Cubs top 4 prospects (Baez, Soler, Almora, & Bryant) straight up for Mike Trout?

    1. Michael

      In a heart beat!!

    2. turn two

      That’s an obvious yes

    3. Mr. B. Patient

      No. I bet, over the next ten years, our 4 prospects will have a combined WAR double that of Trout’s.

      But wouldn’t mind Trout, but just for two of them.

      1. Kyle

        ‘m going to take the Trout side of that bet. He gets his WAR doubled *and* a head-start while they are all in the minors. He could have a 25-win head start by the end of next year.

        1. MichiganGoat

          Absolutely agree with Kyle, I’d trade the Big 4 plus next years draft pick for Trout

          1. Jp3

            Sign me up too, it sounds ridiculous but we’d be getting the BEST player arguably in the league…

          2. hansman1982

            I tried to trade less than that for Trout but was vetoed…

      2. turn two

        Realistically two will probably never make it, injuries or inability, 1 will make pros and be decent and maybe one an all star.

        1. Adam

          I think they’ll all make it to the pros. Their effectiveness can be debated, but I doubt that two top 30 prospects will flame out to the point they never reach the bigs.

          1. bbmoney

            Happens all the time

            1. MichiganGoat

              Happens more than actually making the show and contributing

              1. Kyle

                Depends on what you mean by “make it”, I guess. All will probably appear in an MLB uniform at least once.

          2. cubchymyst

            about 90 percent of top 20 prospects make an appearance in the MLB. They might not be effective but they make an appearance.

      3. Jackalope

        Assuming Trout keeps performing at 8-10 WAR/yr, for the four prospects to double his production, they’d all have to turn out to be all-stars (4-5 WAR/yr). This is very unlikely. I think you’d have to be pleased if the four prospects were able to collectively produce 10 WAR/yr combined.

    4. cubchymyst

      No, I don’t think the team is currently 1 trout away from contending. I’d take my chances on the big 4 right now because I think if 2 of them come close to their ceiling you will have 2 all-stars impact players.

      1. Funn Dave

        I’m with you. Trout’s an amazing player, but the Cubs need future, not current, talent.

        1. Matty Ice

          He’s 21, the same age as Bryant and Soler.

          1. AlwaysNextYear

            Thank you.

          2. cubchymyst

            I’m saying it is because trout is too old, but you are going have to pay a shit ton for him once he turns 25. Trout will definitely be getting 20+ million a year in 4 years.

            1. cubchymyst

              *I’m saying this not because trout is too old, …

            2. Matty Ice

              Well if in 4 years the Cubs can’t pony up 20+ million for one of the top 3 players in the game, at age 25, then there’s something wrong.

              1. cubchymyst

                Hopefully the Cubs get their financial windfall by then, because the cubs would likely be looking at pay roll in the range of the Angles or Dodgers to be competitive in 4 years.

      2. ssckelley

        Are you serious? Trout is a proven hitter and is only 19 years old. Only one of those prospects is even in AA, the chances of them flaming out is still pretty high.

        To bad we could not dig up old debates like this from back in 2002 when the Cubs had the top farm system. Remember names like Cruz, Prior, Choi, Hill, Zambrano, Kelton, Christensen? All top 100 prospects, four of them top 50, and I bet there were fans that did not want trade them for a proven player. I wish we could have went back in time and traded the whole lot for Miguel Cabrera.

        1. cubchymyst

          If you trade the whole lot for Cabrera then you lose out on Derrick Lee and Aramis Ramirez. I just don’t think trading 4 top talents in the for 1 player is a good idea unless you have a big budget to fill in the rest of the positions with free agents. Rather have talent spread across the field the isolated at 1 position, and that is what would likely occur with the Cubs unless they go for a huge budget. Also trout is almost 22 not 19.

  21. cavemencubbie

    Foxy lady as well!!

  22. dumbledoresacubsfan

    Guys. I got an avatar. You can take me seriously now.

    1. dumbledoresacubsfan

      And of course it doesn’t want to work…

      1. dumbledoresacubsfan

        UNTIL NOW?

        1. dumbledoresacubsfan

          1. Jp3

            Wow, welcome.

    2. Mr. Brent Kennedy

      I added one as well. Thought it was time to stop late night drunk calling BN and start a commited relationship with brunches and date nights.

      1. dumbledoresacubsfan

        I still get way more from the relationship than I give..

    3. Cheese Chad

      I motivated myself to do that too.

  23. Cheese Chad

    The Marlins do a lot of things wrong, but I like that they are letting Fernandez pitch. I’ve heard that have an innings limit for him for the year but at least for now they are letting him pitch. More owners should be like “Moses” Loria, “Let my pitchers throw!”

    1. Timothy Scarbrough

      No owners should be like Jeffery Loria, the dude might just have made sure Miami will never be a baseball town.

  24. Whiteflag

    I hope the exact opposite. Can’t stand Loria.

    1. Cheese Chad

      Absolutely Agree. If he keeps making them terrible the league should step up. Not sure what they can do but they should try something. I’m sure the owners don’t appreciate what he does.

      1. Whiteflag

        I’d think there would be away to push him out, similar to McCourt. I believe the only reason it hasn’t happened is his relationship with Bud Selig. Loria is a genius at making money, but he’s not good for baseball.

        1. Cheese Chad

          Well Selig is gone soon so maybe that will be the new commish’s big splash.

  25. Hahdom

    Mariano Rivera’s entrance into the game was EPIC! Coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Like him (or the Yankees) or not, much respect for him. The class of the rest of the players really shone through on that.

    1. dumbledoresacubsfan


    2. AD

      Baseball does it right. Classic entrance for a class act. Very neat!

  26. William

    Sandman! :-)

  27. Tim

    Almora just tweeted that Manny Machado is his cousin!

  28. mudge

    I don’t & didn’t own a TV but I remember being in a hotel and seeing Mariano Rivera’s first appearance in the majors. He just calmly poured the ball over the plate, 3 up, 3 down. And I wandered down through the humidity to the Park District gym here tonight and saw the 7th & 8th innings. Highlight of course, Neil Diamond without the sound. The hero from Panama, calmly pouring the ball over the plate. Great stuff.

  29. Jp3

    Well, is the Garza watch back on? I feel like if a deal was made during the break we should hear something leak by 9 or 10am or at the latest 5pm? Over/unders anyone on 3pm today? Or we could be collecting bids until his next start the 22nd and its going to be a long week.

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