kane county cougarsThe US Collegiate National Team played in the home stadium of the Kane County Cougars yesterday, and they are scheduled to be there today as well. Game time today is 1 PM.

If you are interested in seeing some of the players likely to be talked about in future amateur drafts, this would be a good opportunity. The National Team is generally a pretty good collection of players, and this year is no exception. If you followed the College World Series you will probably recognize a few names. There is no guarantee that any of them will turn out to be future Cubs, but you never know.

Having another good excuse to spend an afternoon at the ballpark … any ballpark … isn’t a bad thing either.

Scores From Yesterday

Iowa – Iowa is off for the All-Star break.
Tennessee – Tennessee is also off for the All-Star break.
Daytona – Daytona fell behind early and never got caught up. They lost 8-4.
Kane County – Kane County finally picked up a win, and a very rare road win at that. Thanks to a five run burst in the seventh, they won 7-4.
Boise – Boise let things get interesting at the end, but they still won 7-4.
Arizona – A late rally did no good. Arizona lost 8-4.

Performances of Note

  • [Daytona] Zeke DeVoss showed off his power game on Monday. His two hits were a home run (his 5th) and a double (his 8th).
  • [Daytona] Second baseman Wes Darvill collected his third triple in this one.
  • [Kane County] Nathan Dorris and Michael Hamann combined to pitch four scoreless innings at the end of the Cougars’ win.
  • [Kane County] Gioskar Amaya, Dan Vogelbach, and Willson Contreras all had three hits for Kane County. Contreras included his fourth triple as part of his day.
  • [Kane County] Albert Almora reached three times on a walk and two singles. He had been held hitless in three games prior to that. Over his last ten games, though, he still has a quality OPS of .758.
  • [Boise] Corbin Hoffner came into the game after Dillon Maples walked three straight and escaped with none of those runners scoring. He then went on to pitch two more scoreless frames.
  • [Boise] Shortstop Carlos Penalver doubled as part of a two hit game. Jose Dore doubled and homered for his two hits. Daniel Lockhart also doubled and finished with two hits.
  • [Arizona] Alberto Mineo finished 2 for 4 with two doubles, his first two doubles of the season.
  • [Arizona] Kelvin Freeman and Charcer Burks also finished with two hits.

Other News

  • Jp3

    Luke, if I’m reading the box score correctly Maples didn’t retire anyone, he had 0.0 innings while the other 3 Pitchers had 5, 3, and 1 each. I think Maples has something going on upstairs, confidence or something is gone.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

      The Cubs are reworking his mechanics. He had similar outing in Kane County, but there he was allowed to continue pitching his way out of it. Boise, though, has a much greater reliever depth than KC, so they pulled him more quickly.

      it is far, far, far too early to start speculating about any mind games when we can visually see that his delivery has changed significantly since last year and that he is having trouble repeating that new delivery with any kind of consistency.

      Watch his front foot, in particular. It almost never lands in the same place two pitches in a row right now. That’s mechanics, not mental.

      • Serious Cubs Fan


        I noticed you had Maples rated higher then Underwood on you prospect ranking. I was wondering what sets them apart? They are both kind of similar guys; both signed to big overslot deals out of high school, high upside rotation arms with a long ways to go before they reaches the bigs.

        Do you see more upside in Maples? Or was he ranked higher because he’s a little older? I was just wondering because I always though of them kind of in that same mold of guys to have upside to be solid #2’s but with a pretty low floor. It seems Underwood throws harder, but doesn’t have that great out pitch that Maple’s has with his curveball. Both pitchers control is pretty bad at this point also

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

          That curve ball played a part.

          Underwood I think is also quite a bit more raw than Maples. His overall upside might be higher but it could be awhile before we really get a feel for how he is shaping up.

          • Serious Cubs Fan

            You think Underwood could develop that great out pitch? That line of thinking fits the FO’s mind of development I think. They like those big athletic guys who have great velocity and they think they can teach the breaking ball in the minors. I’m not sure how Underwoods change-up is either (probably not up to par, with being the raw talent he is). His velocity seems to be all over the place from what I read (but expected at a young pitcher his age I guess)

          • terencemann

            There were a lot of people who were high on Maples thanks to the advanced development of his pitches for his level/age. I’m really disappointed in how this season is going for him but maybe it shows that his control issues in a tiny sample size last season were a real issue.

  • On The Farm

    Granted it is a small sample size but I take this for good news.

    Duane Underwood-
    June: 12.2 IP, 7.82 ERA, 18 H, 13 R, 1.31 GO/AO .316 AVG
    July: 12.1 IP, 4.38 ERA, 16 H, 10 R, 2.11 GO/AO .308 AVG

    • terencemann

      I’m always happy to see stats that suggest a player might be making the adjustments they need to make to move forward in their development.

  • Senior Lake

    What happened to Hannemann? Haven’t seen him in a box score lately.

    • MikeW

      He’s on the DL in Boise.

      • On The Farm

        but with what injury?

      • college_of_coaches

        I hope that it isn’t mono.

        • Spriggs

          HAHA!! Me too!!

        • Mr. B. Patient

          If it’s mono they better check the Boise water supply.

  • Spriggs

    Kris Bryant arrived in Mesa yesterday and was in the stands at the AZ Cubs game last night. I had the opportunity to speak to him for a few minutes before the game. He said he was told that he would probably play a few games in Arizona sometime later this week or next week. He was not sure about anything though and he had no idea where he’d be headed next, but understood he would not be in Mesa for long. He seems like a really nice young man. He has hands – and a handshake like Johnny Bench!

    • Jp3

      Nice!! I like it straight from the horse’s mouth, thanks for sharing Spriggs

    • college_of_coaches

      Thanks Spriggs!

  • Spriggs

    Not sure what Vitters has been doing the last few weeks leading up to this re-hab, but he looks to be in sloppy, bad shape. Other than that, he looks about the same — looks good in one AB with a solid double, then a first swing out, then gets overpowed and caught looking before being taken out for a pinch hitter in the last inning.

    Also, Blu Blood would have been embarrassed to watch his boy “the other” Baez last night. Wow. Chalk it up to a bad game I guess. You can’t look much worse at the plate then he did in all 4 of his ABs.

  • On The Farm

    Almora’s huge first half continues to carry him.

    First half: 22G, .402 AVG, 37 H, 5 BB, 13 Ks, .434 OBP, .978 OPS
    Second half: 22G, .264 AVG, 24 H, 9 BB, 11 Ks, .306 OBP, .735 OPS

    I am hoping he can really heat up for the last 3 weeks of July so he can get a promotion to Daytona, but his numbers from his first 22 games to his 22 games is something to at least note.

    • turn two

      More walks, less strikeouts, didn’t get as many hits to fall in, need to see advanced stats here, could just be unlucky couple weeks.

      • On The Farm

        Yeah my mistake his BB for the second half is actually 4 (9 is the number of RBIs he has) so he has 92/91 ABs and 97/95 PA (pretty close to that magic number of 100 PA where you can draw some small conclusions). So his BB% would be 5.15/4.21 and K% 14.13/12.09.

        I can’t really find any advanced statistics from my computer right now other than just looking at his line on KC’s website. While you could say its just a couple of unlucky weeks, you could also note that he is most likely seeing teams a second or third time, so maybe they are getting familar with him. I didn’t say it was a red flag, I just said it was something to at least be aware of.

    • cubchymyst

      The main difference in the first 22 games and second 22 games in the number of singles he has.
      His extra base hits, walks, and k are occur at roughly the same rate as before. Also his isolated offense is up (likely because he has less singles). He is still in line for a promotion.

      First 22G; 10 xbhits, 0.153 ISO, 5BB, 13K

      Second 22G; 9 xbhits, 0.165 ISO, 4BB, 11K

  • Spriggs

    Really nice to see Amaya coming around. As Luke has mentioned several times, he’s been on a roll.

    • baldtaxguy

      I have been following him, too. Very cool that his average is now up to .270.

  • Spriggs

    I’ve noticed that when you look in the box score for the Arizona League games, it shows Fitch Park as the venue for all the Cubs home games. In case anyone really cares, or thinks they might want to attend – the home games are all at Hohokam Park, not Fitch.

  • When the Music’s Over

    Maples results have been very disappointing, however, against my best judgment, I’m really not that concerned about this year at all in terms of results. Given that he’s barely thrown any real innings since he was drafted, for me the most important thing for him this year was getting innings in real games. Hopefully, he gets up in the 70-80 range by year end.

    Next year, at least in my view, is his big test year. He’ll have had the year of mechanics tinkering behind him, and he’ll be on the precipice of being very old for his league if they start him anywhere other than KC.

    That said, I wouldn’t have him anywhere near the top 20 in a cubs prospect list. More of a post hype sleeper at this point.

    • On The Farm

      Agreed, he is a year younger than Johnson. Johnson was on the older side of A ball, so I hope that Maples can come back for his second round of the MWL and have the same success Johnson had.

      • AB

        Maples is more Chris Huseby than Johnson at this point.

    • Spriggs

      I think Maples is also a huge injury risk. It will be a real test for him just to get the innings in that he needs – because they have to be so careful with him. He has tremendous talent though – a great fastball with an even better curve. If they can harness it, he might have the most upside of any pitcher in the system. On the other hand, he might never make it out of A ball!

  • Tim

    Anyone else just see that Almora just tweeted that Manny Machado is his cousin?!