Obsessive Matt Garza Trade Watch: Not to Troll for Hits … but … um … Jurickson Profar (UPDATES)

matt garza cubsWhen your favorite team is an obvious seller in mid-July, and your favorite team has the most valuable trade chip presently acknowledged to be on the market, as a fan, you have to prepare yourself to be deluged by information, rumors, updates, etc. in the Internet age. To that end, allow me to do some dumping …

If you’re within 50 feet of Twitter this evening, you’re seeing two names in same-sentences that are making you uncomfortably overjoyed: Matt Garza and Jurickson Profar.

Arguably the top prospect in all of baseball coming into the season, Profar is the kind of uberstud that a team like the Texas Rangers simply would not trade (short of maybe a Giancarlo Stanton type deal), and would obviously never trade in a rental move for Matt Garza.

So, why are folks talking about those two names?

Well, Dave Kaplan says he just taped an interview with national reporter Bob Nightengale, who said that he believes Profar is in play for Garza. Before you lose yourself in the deepest, teen-agiest squeal since October 2011, we don’t yet know the precise contours of what Nightengale was saying (though I believe the interview will be up momentarily). It could be simply that he was saying Profar could enter into the discussions if the deal was expanded dramatically. Even then, I have a hard time seeing it, and Kaplan made sure to distance himself slightly from Nightengale’s comments. For now, I’d temper – if not just downright shut off – any Profar-related enthusiasm.

For now, you’ll probably want to tune in to Sports Talk Live on CSN, which starts at 5:30pm CT.

(And no, I’m not saying either Nightengale or Kaplan are “trolling for hits” – I just wanted you to know straight away when you saw Profar’s name that I definitely wasn’t.)

UPDATE: I was not able to see the interview, but I’m told that Nightengale said he thinks Profar’s stock has fallen such that he could be included in a Garza deal. It’s hard to know whether that’s based on a source or merely informed speculation, but I’ll stick with my initial reaction: it’s nice to hear, but I strongly doubt it. If the Rangers aren’t making Martin Perez available for Garza, then they definitely aren’t making Profar available.

UPDATE 2: Nightengale took to Twitter to downplay his comments, and this sounds much more like where we all were before this all came up: “Not sure how this got spun out of control from Show. The #Rangers would like Garza, and Profar is best trade chip, but no idea if any talks.” So, there you go. Things are as they were before: Garza ain’t netting Profar, and the Rangers probably aren’t dealing Profar in any deal this month.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

408 responses to “Obsessive Matt Garza Trade Watch: Not to Troll for Hits … but … um … Jurickson Profar (UPDATES)”

  1. Mike Taylor (no relation)

    He’s the best rental pitcher on the market. That should drive the price up among bidders. I’ll be disappointed if we don’t receive two top 10 prospects and at least a MLB-ready reliever.

    1. brickhouse

      Get ready to be disappointed if you think your getting a mlb ready pitcher and 2 top 10 prospects for a 2+ month rental with the team receiving no compensation once he leaves and Garza having a number of DL trips the past couple seasons/

      1. MichiganGoat

        I hope Mike is referring to 2 Top 10 within a system not Top 10 overall. And I agree I think getting one of a teams Top 10 prospects and a maybe a couple of 10-20 prospects is a more realistic return. It really comes down to desperation and thats what the Cubs are waiting for.

  2. DougS

    Now that the All Star game has been played, when does the “quiet time” expire which would allow the teams to announce trades and transactions?

    1. Tim

      Great question, I would like to know too. I was expecting a trade to be announced today based on all the speculation yesterday. Both Assman22 and Crockett seemed to think something was close or had already happened. Crockett even called it a done deal. Any more information from anyone???? It would be an exciting day

      1. Assman22

        It’s close but not a done deal…

        1. CubFan Paul

          Any word on what the Cards are offering or who the Cubs want from them?

          1. Crockett

            I am still being told it’s “done” for “all intents and purposes”. So maybe finalizing $$$? I don’t know.

            1. Mick

              What does your Minnesota contact have to say about their own trade rumors, i.e. Perkins, Morneau, etc.?

              1. Crockett

                My friend has two rules: 1) He never gives details 2) He NEVER discusses moves Minnesota is trying to make.

                1. Mick

                  Bummer man, if there’s one team’s farm system I like following more than the Cubs, it’s the Twins. Perkins should bring in a haul comparable/better than Garza’s trade.

                2. Chris

                  did your friend tell you who the team getting Garza is? He didn’t give you any specifics at all, except for “it’s pretty much done”?

                  1. cjdubbya

                    If he did give specifics, he’d be violating his own first rule.

                    1. Jono

                      Crockett is right, the information we (the public) know is just the tip of an iceberg.

                    2. Jono

                      oops, replied to the wrong post.

                  2. jpeck

                    A guy in the front office from Minnesota is not going to “know”
                    Private conversations from 2 other teams. He might have a more educated guess, but that is about it.

                    1. Crockett

                      This is wrong. He has friends all over baseball that work for many, many teams. One thing he’s always said is that even the most diehard baseball fan would be stunned how much information is actually “out there” amongst front offices.

                    2. Kyle

                      What Crockett said.

                      There’s a *huge* rumor mill inside of baseball that we’ll never be privy to outside of drips and drabs.

                      Front offices talk, agents talk, players talk.

                    3. jpeck

                      I understand there is talk. Rumors, false info. Too. Until a deal is done, I am not buying into it. I hope it is true, and I like hearing “scoops”. But for every true report, there are 10 false ones. That is all I am saying.

              2. someday...2015?

                I was following the MLBTR chat yesterday with Tim Dierkes and someone asked him if the Twins could get Castellanos and Rondon for Perkins? His answer was… Tim Dierkes: It sounds like an overpay by the Tigers. I suppose the Twins would have a pretty huge asking price though, especially to have Perkins pitching against them from now through 2016.

                No matter how good Perkins is I would think the Tigers would hang up laughing on that offer.

                1. Mick

                  I doubt the Tigers would hang up laughing because their window to win a WS is while Cabrera, Fielder, and Verlander are in their prime. Scherzer’s going to get paid this offseason, Sanchez is already getting paid, and they’ll still be in the market for a shut down closer which are expensive. Perkins comes on a team friendly contract for the next 3 seasons and has proven to be baseball’s best LH reliever and one of the best closers. What are their other options? If Papelbon was available the Phillies would demand the same price except Papelbon’s older and three times more expensive.

        2. Tim

          Thanks to Assman22 and Crockett. I don’t know who you guys know, but in addition to everything Brett and Luke do here, you guys make this site better in my opinion. I will definitely be checking a lot today hoping something breaks. Even though I would prefer to extend Garza, trades are exciting. Thank you both! Please keep posting if you hear anything.

          1. Eric

            What have they ever called that insiders over at PSD haven’t called first?

            1. Crockett

              I would like to clarify that I am not “calling anything” and I have given some specificity to my source. I am not hiding anything and just bringing information that I receive. I am not an insider and don’t claim to be.

              1. jpeck

                You said you were told the deal is “done”. Is that except for dotting i’s and crossing t’s? Or that the Cubs are determined to trade him before his next start?

                1. Crockett

                  The text this morning:

                  “Hey. Deal is done for all intents and purposes. Haven’t heard about any changes from yesterday.”

                  1. caryatid62

                    I’ll only believe it if they use the phrase “all intensive purposes.”

                    1. MichiganGoat

                      I thought that when I first heard it

                  2. Fishin Phil

                    “Deal is done for all intents and purposes.” Anyone who usese that phrase correctly is 100% legit in my book.

                    1. hansman1982

                      I didn’t even know there was another way to say that phrase. Then again, my ears blow.

                  3. Jono

                    Maybe I missed something, but what deal? Or is “deal” all you’ve been told?

                  4. jpeck

                    OK. Thanks.

  3. cubzfan

    Some of us don’t read every possible baseball website, including PSD. If you see a rumor there that seems to have legs, please do post it here, noting the source. But even if all Assman22 and Crockett have is the same sources as other people who post on PSD, it’s still interesting to many of us to hear from them. If you’re saying that they’re only taking rumors from PSD and foisting them off as their own, then I think a serious look through the history of their posts would disprove that, but wouldn’t expect anyone to take the extensive time required to check it out. I don’t blame you for being skeptical of people claiming “unnamed sources” but wanted to say their posts do make BN more enjoyable and useful for me.

    1. cubzfan

      This was meant to be a reply to Eric. Sorry.

      1. Tim

        Yeah, I completely agree with cubzfan. Eric, I understand you being skeptical, but I am buying in to what Assman22 and Crockett say. So I am thanking them with providing me with a little extra information. I love the Cubs and love reading any potential breaking news about them. Until it becomes official, obviously you take it with a grain of salt, but it doesn’t dilute my enthusiasm from reading what Assman or Crockett has to say. Especially when they have some credibility having called things correctly before.

        1. Jono

          I’m surprised an insider would leak information on the internet. My brother is an agent, I could be telling people stuff a few days before anyone knows (anyone here, at least. Even before Assman). But the risk of him losing his job is nothing near the reward of having internet respect from people I don’t know. I’m not saying they aren’t insiders, they might be, just that they’re taking risks that aren’t worth it.

          1. mudge

            maybe he has a nodding agreement to leak info here. or he’d likely been fired by now.

            1. Jono

              That’s a strong possibility. I’m sure most leaks are controlled and done intentionally

            2. Jono

              I was just thinking that most leaks are done via reporters with more credibility, but you never know.

              1. Jono

                And reporters also reach a lot more people, too. I just never thought of an internet message board to be a place for controlled leaks.

    2. Cubbie Blues

      Assman22 had the Soler deal and money before anyone else.

      1. Kyle

        Pretty sure it was reported by a PSD insider before Assman. Assman either is that PSD insider or he shamelessly copies from him, because almost every Assman insider rumor comes within a day of one of PSD’s insiders posting the same thing.

        1. BT

          Either way, we should alienate him just to be sure.

          1. Cubbie Blues

            Oh, obviously.

          2. Kyle

            If he’s not stealing and passing off, then he can just write me off as full of it.

            1. BT

              Why do you care where/how he gets it? It’s not like we are paying him royalties. I only care that he gets the information to us. If you have a better/faster/more reliable source, then by all means, YOU be the new assman, scoop him, and we will all sing your praises. In the meantime, why go out of your way to piss off a guy who seems to be doing nothing worse that giving everybody exactly, EXACTLY, what we want on a sports message board?

              1. brunsmk

                You care because its the right thing to do. You give credit where credit is due. I love hearing rumors especially from those with some inside scoop but if you are getting it from someone else who posted it, just acknowledge that is where you are getting your info from. I am not saying that he is getting his info from somewhere else just that it is the proper thing to do if it is happening that way.

              2. Kyle

                I don’t like it when people try to curry favor and credit by passing off the work of others as their own.

                1. mudge

                  The guy is anonymous. What kind of “credit” is that?

                  1. Kyle

                    Enough that some people seem upset by the fact that I’m not giving it to him.

                    1. BT

                      I don’t give a rat’s ass if you credit him or not. I do care if you and the others continue to act like Mr. Poutypants and he decides to stop throwing his info our way. Even if it’s secondhand.

                      I, personally, don’t see the need to go all Paul Sullivan’s Chivalrous Code of Honor on anonymous posters posting rumors on a message board. If he’s got inside info, I don’t care if he got it from my mother, I’d like to hear it.

                    2. Kyle

                      He doesn’t have inside info, so there’s nothing to lose.

                    3. BT

                      I think we can all agree what this site needs, heck, what ANY baseball site needs around the trading deadline, is one less source for rumors. Yours is truly a noble cause.

                    4. Kyle

                      As is so often the case, your attempts at sarcasm have stumbled over the truth that you are missing.

                      We do need less fake insiders. They are especially annoying during the trade deadline season.

                  2. BT

                    which brings us full circle back to my original post.

                    1. Kyle

                      And to my reply.

        2. Assman22

          Your guy at PSD just posted what I said yesterday but hey make your own conclusions Kyle…couldn’t care less…

          1. King Jeff

            He’s been trying to connect those dots since last offseason. I enjoy your posts, even if the resident know-it-all doesn’t appreciate them.

            1. jh03

              I agree. I appreciate his posts too.

          2. Kyle

            See, BT? Told you he didn’t care.

          3. JulioZuleta

            Sullivan’s an idiot for saying Bryant got slot, though.

      2. Stinky Pete

        Assman was wrong about Bryant’s bonus…

      3. hansman1982

        And he did a ridiculous job on the 2011 draft signings.

    3. mjhurdle

      i mourn for the lost art of not reading and commenting on posts that you don’t think are worthwhile. That skill was much more valuable than the ‘dedicating time to post about how posts are not worthy of your time’ skill that is everywhere now.

      1. mudge

        Yes, it’s pretty filthy water to swim in here. Looking to wean off the comments board and stick to the articles. Discipline!

  4. AD

    I personally love all of the rumors and opinions that people post here. It is like anything else in life: you can choose what you want to believe. The rumors are the most fun part of the whole Garza saga. It’s just like any holiday: the anticipation is much greater than the actual day. Once we find out that Garza has been dealt, people will be unhappy with the return and the rumors will disappear.This is what makes the Trade Deadline fun. So, keep the updates, rumors, and trade ideas coming.

    1. Tim

      well said

    2. rickyp024

      Couldn’t agree more. These are the things that make this time exciting!

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