matt garza cubsWhen your favorite team is an obvious seller in mid-July, and your favorite team has the most valuable trade chip presently acknowledged to be on the market, as a fan, you have to prepare yourself to be deluged by information, rumors, updates, etc. in the Internet age. To that end, allow me to do some dumping …

If you’re within 50 feet of Twitter this evening, you’re seeing two names in same-sentences that are making you uncomfortably overjoyed: Matt Garza and Jurickson Profar.

Arguably the top prospect in all of baseball coming into the season, Profar is the kind of uberstud that a team like the Texas Rangers simply would not trade (short of maybe a Giancarlo Stanton type deal), and would obviously never trade in a rental move for Matt Garza.

So, why are folks talking about those two names?

Well, Dave Kaplan says he just taped an interview with national reporter Bob Nightengale, who said that he believes Profar is in play for Garza. Before you lose yourself in the deepest, teen-agiest squeal since October 2011, we don’t yet know the precise contours of what Nightengale was saying (though I believe the interview will be up momentarily). It could be simply that he was saying Profar could enter into the discussions if the deal was expanded dramatically. Even then, I have a hard time seeing it, and Kaplan made sure to distance himself slightly from Nightengale’s comments. For now, I’d temper – if not just downright shut off – any Profar-related enthusiasm.

For now, you’ll probably want to tune in to Sports Talk Live on CSN, which starts at 5:30pm CT.

(And no, I’m not saying either Nightengale or Kaplan are “trolling for hits” – I just wanted you to know straight away when you saw Profar’s name that I definitely wasn’t.)

UPDATE: I was not able to see the interview, but I’m told that Nightengale said he thinks Profar’s stock has fallen such that he could be included in a Garza deal. It’s hard to know whether that’s based on a source or merely informed speculation, but I’ll stick with my initial reaction: it’s nice to hear, but I strongly doubt it. If the Rangers aren’t making Martin Perez available for Garza, then they definitely aren’t making Profar available.

UPDATE 2: Nightengale took to Twitter to downplay his comments, and this sounds much more like where we all were before this all came up: “Not sure how this got spun out of control from Show. The #Rangers would like Garza, and Profar is best trade chip, but no idea if any talks.” So, there you go. Things are as they were before: Garza ain’t netting Profar, and the Rangers probably aren’t dealing Profar in any deal this month.

  • gridge

    Must be if it included castro or shark… only way we could possibly obtain profar.

  • Doug Gray


  • Caryatid62

    So now the cubs could get 2 top 100 minor leaguers for garza and many people will claim “theo got screwed! We coulda had profar!”

    Nightengale and Kaplan, trolling for views…

  • joey

    Throwing out ideas here:
    Starlin and Garza for Profar and a prospect?
    Baez and Garza for Profar?

    It doesnt make sense

  • Atfinch

    My head is going to explode. I want this trade done tonight!

  • jh03

    This would have to include Baez… has to.

    • Jp3

      Boy Blublud would never forgive the FO for that one… Hopefully we wouldn’t give up Jeffrey too!!!😀

    • Mr. B. Patient

      Garza and Baez for Profar. Wouldn’t that make Garza a throw-in?

      • jh03

        There’s no way this actually happens. Not unless it turns into a huge deal, with like 6-7 players. So, it’s not gonna happen.

  • Jp3

    Would Shark alone net Profar? Just curious what he’s valued at. Also I could see them considering It since they’re not hurting for infield help right? Kinsler, beltre, Andrus, who knows?

  • TulaneCubs

    Obviously ripping on other Cubs’ blogs is off limits.

    What about ripping on national sports writers? :)

  • Alex

    You had me onboard until you said Bob Nightengale.

  • Caryatid62

    Would be interesting to see what people would say if, for example, it was Baez and garza for profar. Or Castro and garza for profar and a prospect.

    Given the way fans are these days, I bet more people would be unhappy if it was Baez and garza instead of Castro and garza. Not that either deal will happen, of course.

  • Cast

    It would have to include one of the big 3 no doubt. Maybe a 5 or 6 player trade if this somehow happened. Please Lord I hope so.

  • joey

    Do you add Starlin or Samardzija into the deal if you get Profar? Tremendous potential with each but Profar is the top prospect in baseball, the future face of a franchise. Starlin has been brutal this year and I wonder if he has the plate discipline to ever succeed. His OBP has never been over .341 cause he doesnt draw walks.

    Samardzijas got the potential to be a solid #2/3 pitcher, but hes 14-22 over the past two years with an ERA near 4. Dealing him and Garza would wreck the rotation though, I wouldn’t do it.

    Garza and Starlin, maybe with another prospect, for Profar and Olt, sign me up. I’d even do it without Olt

    • BABIP

      “Samardzijas got the potential to be a solid #2/3 pitcher, but hes 14-22 over the past two years…”

      Negative points for this comment.

      I watched the Kaplan/Nightengale thing on tv and Nightengale seemed like he just thought that the Rangers would trade Profar for Garza. He didn’t say anything about having any sources or proof and he didn’t say anything about sending other players with to the Rangers for Profar…he just thinks the Rangers will be that desperate to win now that they would make that deal. Not exactly realistic.

  • Mick

    Garza, Navarro, and Schierholz for Profar?

    • Doug Gray


    • Mick

      …and Gregg, and Soriano, and $20 million…

      • Mick

        …and Russell..

        • Mick

          ..and Barney..

  • Mike Taylor (no relation)

    Maybe we told the Rangers, we just drafted Bryant, so you guys can keep Olt and use him when Beltre’s contract is done. We want Profar instead, since you have a stockpile of middle infielders (one of which (Kinsler) is making $18M AAV for awhile). Nelson Cruz’s possible suspension may also play into this as well…

    Garza + Schierholtz
    Profar + Sardinas + Alfaro + Ramirez + Edwards

    • TulaneCubs

      Can’t tell if serious…

      • Doug Gray

        Can’t be.

        • TulaneCubs

          The Cubs won’t ever do that trade without Yu Darvish included!

  • @murdiddlyurdler

    garza, russell, barney for profar and olt? barney and andrus would be dynamic defensively, kinsler to OF, maybe even throw in sori as lance berkman insurance?

    • TulaneCubs

      Barney would sit on their bench, they have Kinsler at second and he’s under contract for quite awhile.

      Garza and Russell is not enough for Profar alone, let alone Profar and Olt.

  • Frank F.

    Would you do it? Would the Rangers do it?

    Rangers get
    Soriano or Schierholtz (Berkman hurt, Cruz looking at likely suspension)
    Ransom (because why not)

    Cubs get
    2-3 low level Lottery tickets or fringy AAA/AAguys

    • nkniacc13

      MLBPA has said suspensions likely wont happen in 2013 I think.

  • Cubsfan21

    Nightengale just said on TV with KAP he THINKS Profar is in play. His theory on this is that the Rangers think his stock has dropped.

    Sounds like a bunch of BS. Move along, folks.

    • Mike Taylor (no relation)

      Yeah, Profar’s hitting .235/.309/.346/.655 in 40 games.

  • Afinch

    That was a guess by Nightengale. Just heard it.

  • Andrew kirk

    I’m thinking more a neftali Perez and mike olt for garza type deal is more likely. Would that satisfy cubs fans?

    • Mr. B. Patient

      Nope! Two HUGE question marks. I know no prospect is a sure thing, but we’d have to receive someone safer then these two.

    • frank

      At first I thought I thought I read Neifi Perez . . .

    • Frank F

      Absolutely. Give me two guys with an outside chances at being superstars over 5 guys who are safer bets to reach their much lower ceilings any day. We have no shortage of decent big leaguers. We need potential stars.

  • Cubbie_Blues

    Just watched the actual interview and Nightengale literally says Profar could easily be moved for Garza. Girlish SQQQUUUEEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLL

    • Cubbie Blues

      Not me

    • Cubsfan21

      Control yourself. Everything Nightengale said was phrased with “I think”. Nothing was cited by sources. Just him talking. As I said, this is a whole lot of nothing.

  • Rebuilding

    I couldn’t be more dubious about this, but the only 2 scenarios I can think of is you include Baez and you get every upside arm in their system other than Perez OR you include Samardzija and get Perez and every other high upside arm in their system (both deals including Garza and Profar of course)

  • ramin

    Take a few steps back folks and breath, really, Baez/Castro and Garza for profar, no way. If even for a slight chance profars name is being thrown, most likely scenario is Garza might be agreeing to an extension with rangers.

  • Andrew kirk

    But thoughts of garza, casto, sori for profar and olt are very intriguing. Maybe toss in russel if pot needs sweetened

  • DarthHater

    Well, that rumor was so short-lived, it died before Die hard could even turn it into something still more absurd.

  • Rebuilding

    Well it’s out there now because I just heard it on The Score. If its a negotiating tactic with the Indians then bully for the FO

    • TulaneCubs

      No one in baseball is stupid enough to believe this. Well, maybe one guy is…

  • Whiteflag

    No way that happens. No way. Bob has fooled me one too many times.

  • sans

    These kinds of stunts serve their purpose: ratings/page views

    Yeah. Profar is in play; if the Cubs include both Garza and Samardzija. On his own, Garza isn’t likely to net Martin Perez.

    Reality = Olt
    Conjured up pipe dream = Profar

  • Kyle

    It’s not happening, any reporter who puts his name in front of it (even in a “XXX says” report) should feel dumb, and anyone buying into it is going to be *very* disappointed if this absurdly endless trade saga ever ends.

  • Rebuilding

    The Rangers are desperate. They have been to 2 recent WS. Their rotation is in shambles and who knows what’s really up with Darvish. The Cubs could be saying they are going to get Bauer and Salazar from the Indians – beat it

    • Sweet Swinging 26

      I don’t think there is any way Cleveland gives up both unless Garza signs an extension and I see that as highly unlikely with Cleveland.

  • Sam

    If it involves one of the big 4 I’m not sure I want to do it. Which one would we be willing to give up? Also I don’t want to get rid of castro or shark