matt garza cubsWhen your favorite team is an obvious seller in mid-July, and your favorite team has the most valuable trade chip presently acknowledged to be on the market, as a fan, you have to prepare yourself to be deluged by information, rumors, updates, etc. in the Internet age. To that end, allow me to do some dumping …

If you’re within 50 feet of Twitter this evening, you’re seeing two names in same-sentences that are making you uncomfortably overjoyed: Matt Garza and Jurickson Profar.

Arguably the top prospect in all of baseball coming into the season, Profar is the kind of uberstud that a team like the Texas Rangers simply would not trade (short of maybe a Giancarlo Stanton type deal), and would obviously never trade in a rental move for Matt Garza.

So, why are folks talking about those two names?

Well, Dave Kaplan says he just taped an interview with national reporter Bob Nightengale, who said that he believes Profar is in play for Garza. Before you lose yourself in the deepest, teen-agiest squeal since October 2011, we don’t yet know the precise contours of what Nightengale was saying (though I believe the interview will be up momentarily). It could be simply that he was saying Profar could enter into the discussions if the deal was expanded dramatically. Even then, I have a hard time seeing it, and Kaplan made sure to distance himself slightly from Nightengale’s comments. For now, I’d temper – if not just downright shut off – any Profar-related enthusiasm.

For now, you’ll probably want to tune in to Sports Talk Live on CSN, which starts at 5:30pm CT.

(And no, I’m not saying either Nightengale or Kaplan are “trolling for hits” – I just wanted you to know straight away when you saw Profar’s name that I definitely wasn’t.)

UPDATE: I was not able to see the interview, but I’m told that Nightengale said he thinks Profar’s stock has fallen such that he could be included in a Garza deal. It’s hard to know whether that’s based on a source or merely informed speculation, but I’ll stick with my initial reaction: it’s nice to hear, but I strongly doubt it. If the Rangers aren’t making Martin Perez available for Garza, then they definitely aren’t making Profar available.

UPDATE 2: Nightengale took to Twitter to downplay his comments, and this sounds much more like where we all were before this all came up: “Not sure how this got spun out of control from Show. The #Rangers would like Garza, and Profar is best trade chip, but no idea if any talks.” So, there you go. Things are as they were before: Garza ain’t netting Profar, and the Rangers probably aren’t dealing Profar in any deal this month.

  • mjhurdle

    man, some of these ideas being thrown out really make me wish i was a Texas GM.

    Profar is a heck of a prospect, but until he actually does it in the bigs, he is just that: a prospect.
    Just my opinion, but i would think that Texas would jump all over a trade with some combination of Shark, Garza, Castro, Baez, Alcantara, and other prospects for Profar alone, or Profar and Olt.

    • Voice of Reason

      Why does anyone hold stock in what Dave Kaplan reports?

  • Luke

    I can’t come up with a single plausible scenario in which Profar is dealt to the Cubs. Not one.

    • Kyle

      Castro + Garza for Profar + a pitching prospect

      • Whiteflag

        But would that be a sensible trade?

        • demz

          absolutely not.

      • EricR

        In fact, I would do that trade.

      • Frank F

        I think we need more information than “a pitching prospect” before judging that proposal.

  • DocPeterWimsey

    … and then they all put down their bongs and said as one: “it was such a nice dream…..”

    • someday…2015?

      Are you saying Nightengale’s source is Cheech and Chong?

      • Internet Random

        That would explain some things.

  • Jed Jam Band

    Um….uh…….I can’t see it.

  • cubchymyst

    This is how I picture this happening.

    Nightengale: Did Hoyer ask for Profar?

    Source: Of course he just to check if he was available.

    Nightengale: Do you know what the rangers GM response was?

    Source: Apparently stunned silence

    Nightengale: So there wasn’t a hard no. That means apparently there is a chance.

  • Cubsfan21

    Nightengale just clarified on twitter for all of you blowing this out of proportion.

    @BNightengale Not sure how this got spun out of control from Show. The #Rangers would like Garza, and Profar is best trade chip, but no idea if any talks

    • DarthHater

      Nightengale just clarified his source:


      • Jason Powers

        Sometimes the Shit is deep and you have to go in after it!!!!

        • Jason Powers

          Oh reputation to save now…

  • Rebuilding

    I don’t think there is a 5% chance of it happening, but we have seen several “untouchable” guys moved over the last few years – Myers and Bauer most recently – so it’s not completely impossible. Theo traded Hanley Ramirez when he was supposedly untouchable. If there is something seriously wrong with Darvish are the Rangers just going to fold up tent? Profar is the surplus they have

    • Rebuilding

      I would also add that Profar has less value to the Rangers than almost any team in baseball because he’s not going to play his most valuable position for them in the next 8 years

      • Rebuilding

        What if Garza agreed to an extension and it was Garza/Soriano/Alcantara/Vogelbach for Profar and an upside arm. I don’t think that would be outlandish for Texas

        • Jason Powers

          From what I saw of Profar against Baltimore and Oakland recently, I was not as impressed as I should have been. So, while I know I should like him, it’s like the really hot girl you wanted always, but once you starting talk to her because you won the lotto that night, you find out, that while her looks rock, and even her thoughts are not bad, just something tells you that she ain’t the one to be all hot for.

          You just know it – and it is confirmed years later.

  • Mike Taylor (no relation)

    Profar’s stock has fallen, he’s a mere 4/48 vs LHP, so he could be viewed as just a platoon player. He would work well if we’re going to keep Darwin Barney, because LHP seems to be the only thing he can hit (.244/.314/.410/.724). Of course, Alcantara (also a switch hitter) kind of has that same problem, in that most of his power comes from the left side of the plate, but he can still hit lefties for average from the right side.

    • TWC

      Yeah, I’m sure that everyone is looking at the consensus #1 prospect in all of baseball as “just a platoon player”.

      • frank

        Hey–have you signed yet?

        • TWC

          Can’t comment – All-Star Break blackout period.

          But thanks for asking.

      • Rebuilding

        I love Profar, but his stock has dropped some (more Texas’s fault than his). Bauer was the #13 prospect in baseball coming into the year, too. Again, no way I think it happens but it’s not 0%

      • Mike Taylor (no relation)

        He’s had two XBH in all of July. There’s even an article on the Rangers’ website “Struggling Profar remains in lineup.”

  • Cast

    Garza/Soler/Volgelback for Profar/Payano

    • Stogie

      That’s ridiculous.

    • CubsFaninMS

      I’d prefer Roughned Odor over Payano. We’d most likely assign him to Kane County, where he will reside/play with another one of the awesome names in baseball: Rock Shoulders. I can see a good Shoulders/Odor 4/5 punch in our lineup in 2017.

      • Mr. B. Patient

        Or, that’s Odor to Shoulders for the out.

  • frank

    Maybe he meant to say Juremi Profar . . .

  • Jason Powers

    Well, remember: Ted Williams and Joe D. were bantered about by MacPhail/Yawkey with Yogi being the nix on that one. Now, I’m not saying this deal is like that. (And the principals were fitting for the opposing parks, though Joe D. was nearly done as a player.)

    But, a Cheap bottle of scotch + kitchen linoleum floor + curled into fetal position, yeah maybe Ryan is getting testy down Texas way.

  • Chris

    What about garza and soriano for profar?

    • Cubsfan21

      Not gonna happen and not realistic at all. Profar was/is the #1 rated prospect in all of baseball at a premium position.

      • Patrick

        It’s very unlikely but if the Cubs eat all of Soriano’s contract there is at least a very slim possibility. And what if Cruz gets suspended soon? Couple their starting pitching need for a impact outfield bat and this deal makes sense. The percentage goes up if Garza signs an extension with the Rangers. So while it’s most likely not going to happen it’s not impossible.

        • DavidC

          No, there is not any possibility, to think otherwise is just being delusional and overvaluing your own players.

        • Eternal Pessimist

          But what if they could get Soriano to sign an extension…say…for another 17 – 18 Million/year, then….

  • dying cubs fan’s last request

    Sammy Sosa and Moises Alou for Profar.

  • Cory

    I don’t see how his stock could gave fallen that much. Except that he has turned into a utility player who never bats in same spot on the line up and has a total jackass for a manger.

    • Rebuilding

      The problem for them is that Kinsler is signed through 2017 and Andrus through 2022. So it isn’t changing anytime soon. There has been talk of Kinsler moving to 1b, but he doesn’t want to and his bat doesn’t play there. Kinsler is also becoming increasingly hard to trade as his bat slows down and his contract goes up

      • Jason Powers

        Seeing Profar playing all over, like a Pete Rose with wheels, may mitigate that Kinsler factor. Texas has to fill holes at C and Corners in OF. Kinsler could DH, to save what looks like a wear and tear problem. He takes walks, that’s important.

        Profar – 20. Wow. Well, he’s got some time to do it.

  • DarthHater

    Just saw that Profar’s middle name is “Barthelomeus .” This makes him all the more desirable.

    • waittilthisyear

      that makes him exponentially more desirable

  • Mr. B. Patient

    And if the Rangers WERE interested in/willing to trading Profar, wouldn’t the Cardinals be all over that? (considering their black hole at SS) I mean Lance Lynn and some ‘B’ prospects is better than Garza, I would think. No?

    • Jason Powers

      But Garza is a 3rd/4th starter “at best” if the St. Louis dude has his sources right.

      Yeah, I think St. Louis would jump on that quicker than Mayor Marion Barry hits the smack in his D.C. hotels.

    • Rebuilding

      Probably because Lynn is a converted reliever and has started to look really tired lately while being knocked around (Shelby Miller has been having the same problem). And there two best pitching prospects have pitched a total of about 10 games in the majors. The Rangers are trying to win in the next 3 months.

  • Chris

    To me, a garza and soriano deal for profar fills two much needed holes for Texas and would put them in contention for the World Series this year.

  • Caryatid62

    Reports like this are why many fans whine about “not getting enough” for their home tesm’s players. Now the casual fan/lazy reporter is going to hear what the cubs actually get for garza and complain.

  • Dustin S

    It’s kind of wacky how much prospects are being overvalued nowadays.

    That said, I doubt Profar is in play at all, unless it’s a giant blockbuster. Just theoretically maybe Garza/Barney/Gregg would be somewhat in the ballpark. Garza and Castro would be overpaying IMO unless there it’s like a Perez+Profar+ return, and then you’re talking a fantasy baseball kind of trade at that point. More realistically, if somehow we can squeeze Perez away I’d be absolutely thrilled. I don’t see Olt as more than a 2nd piece.

    It may have just been a miscommunication, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if Profar’s name coming up is a continuation of the build-hype leak machine like we saw with the leaks about extension talk. It’s possibly this whole Garza situation has reached the fever (a result of the FO doing a great job of it) that a lot of fans will be disappointed no matter what the return is.

    • DavidC

      LOL, Barney and Gregg doesn’t make this deal even close to a “blockbuster”. The Rangers wouldn’t stop laughing for days if we proposed that trade.

  • Mike K

    All of these scenarios are Fantasy baseball trades. The Profar excitement is laughable. All the teams are super-cautious about repeating a Beltran Rental for Wheeler deal again…ain’t no way. I don’t think Rangers do Perez for Garza either stratight up…doesn’t make sense.

  • The Dude Abides

    “Not sure how this got spun out of control from Show. The #Rangers would like Garza, and Profar is best trade chip, but no idea if any talks.”

    Probably from guys writing blogs hearing it and running with it.

    • Brett

      Not that it wasn’t already setting Twitter ablaze long before I said boo, but I stand by the way I wrote about this. In mid-July, when credible folks say things about Garza and Profar, it deserves to be addressed.

      • Coop

        I think you did all the appropriate caveating. I think the issue is that if a sports commentator implies in a nationally available outlet that Garza for Profar (regardless of the additional permutations of such a deal) is a possibility, then folks are going to go nuts with it.

        • Coop

          And by that, I am referring to Nightengale, not you, Brett.

    • JB88

      No offense to you, but it spun out of control because Bob Nightingale never should have even suggested that Garza would land Profar. He is either delusional or off his meds to have said that to a Chicago journalist. Nightingale is at fault, no one else.

  • Die hard

    Can’t keep up with all of the rumors Theo et al is starting so as to gin up interest in Garza et al… Wouldn’t it be ironic if no trades are made and Cubs make playoffs? What would that say about Theo exec skills ? Broke clock right twice a day maybe ?

    • Jed Jam Band

      I can’t help myself here. You’re nuts This team couldn’t make the playoffs if they had Zeus playing 2B. And NO trades? Um….what?

  • Boba Fett

    Any assman inputs regarding Garza trade speculations?

    • someday…2015?

      Last he said is that Texas is offering quantity, Cleveland is offering quality.

  • Kramden

    Let’s get creative….. !

    Consider this: Rangers don’t want a rental, but want Garza. They also know how much they’d be willing to spend and for how long. They commit that amount and that length of time. The Cubs pick up the differential…. Garza’s value skyrockets, making this a Garza for Profar package possible.

    Kinda like the Cubs paying the bulk of Soriano’s remaining contract for a better prospect.

    By paying part of a future Garza contract to another team, the value of Garza to the Cubs increases.

    • JB88

      Is that even permitted under MLB rules?

      • Jed Jam Band

        Quick, to the rulebook!

  • Jim

    I would guess that the Cubs have multiple scenarios laid out with multiple teams. Maybe one of those scenarios is an expanded play that includes Profar or even Perez. Could you imagine the haul if the Cubs were dangling Garza and Castro?

  • Casty

    Let’s just trade for Kinsler instead

  • jpeck

    This is the silly season. Has anyone really heard what Nightengale actually said? And I’m not talking about a tweet from Kap. Please Cub fans, stop acting like Soriano, Barney, Villanueva, or Gregg would help in getting Profar. Most teams have those type of players already in uniform. I would bet that Nightengale just said it in passing that Profar is not untouchable. ( or something to that effect.)

    • jpeck

      Ok, I am a little late to the party on this I guess. Brett and Bob already disproved the rumor on Profar for Garza.


    A friend of mine who is a huge Indians fan claims Trevor Buer is available. He claims to listen to various Indians trade rumors. Does a Garza and Russell package get that done? Hes the high upside arm that we can use. Mike Olt is hitting 220 in AAA why is he being talked about as a starting point. Profar lets not kid ourselves here.

    • nkniacc13

      Bauer would be a start for a Garza only package but not the only thing

  • Michael

    What about Neftali Feliz?

  • Boba Fett

    Who the heck is Trevor Buer?

    • Whiteflag

      Typo: Trevor Bauer. But I am betting you already know that.

      • AlwaysNextYear

        Damn Grammar police. Look how much smarter I am then you accidently spelled something wrong

        • Whiteflag

          I wasn’t correcting him. I was answering his question. Even though he was probably mocking Brant Brown’s post for accidentally miss typing the name.

          • AlwaysNextYear

            It wasn’t meant for you it was meant for Boba Fett he knows who he meant.

            • Whiteflag

              got ya