cubs social media nightWe had a fresh (long) BN Podcast episode yesterday. It’s rumor/trade heavy, and you should check it out if you haven’t already.

  • I just got my ticket to the Cubs’ annual Social Media Night on Wednesday, August 21. Basically there’s an event/panel before the game at the Captain Morgan Club, and then everyone there for the Social Media Night sits together in the bleachers (and hopefully talks to each other in person, rather than just tweeting). You have to get your ticket through here, and it comes with a t-shirt. No, this is not an advertisement. It’s just an event that I’m looking forward to going to, and I hope to meet some of you there.
  • Frank Marek turned 100 last month, and he’s still waiting on his first Chicago Cubs championship. A good piece here by CSN.
  • Bruce Miles on the Cubs’ first half, and where they go from here. In contrasting the Cubs’ woes with runners in scoring position, Miles sums up the voodoo magic: “Compare that with the Cardinals, who are batting .337 with runners in scoring position after going 8-for-16 Sunday. Now that’s just plain crazy and probably unsustainable, but the Cardinals always find a way to get it done.”
  • Jon Greenberg writes about the impact the Cubs’ attendance/enthusiasm decline has had on the vendors that work at Wrigley Field. (Reading that, I instantly feel even more grateful that you all are interested in reading about the Cubs, even as the organization rebuilds (and struggles at the big league level).) I still believe there are good days ahead for the Cubs, for Wrigley Field, for attendance, and for the folks who work at Wrigley.
  • Jesse Rogers takes a look at the story lines for the second half, and there’s a heavy focus on what the team looks like after July 31. While I don’t expect the Cubs to win a lot of games after the Trade Deadline, I will find it very interesting to see how various players – particularly possible 2014 players
  • Carrie Muskat looks at the numbers behind the Cubs’ record in the first half, and notes that, yeah, the Cubs should probably be better than they have been. That could mean better things for the second half (subject, of course, to the sell-off).
  • Enjoy: the worst (or best of the worst) wild swings of the first half of the year, from FanGraphs.
  • Jim

    That fangraphs article is one of the best things I’ve read in a while.

    • hansman1982

      “After the strikeout, Molina attempted a quick pickoff down to first, narrowly missing Colby Rasmus’ head. All I can think about now is the image of Rasmus swinging and missing at this pitch and then immediately getting drilled in the face by a throw by Jose Molina, standing a few feet away. This is the happiest I’ve felt in weeks.”

      This sums up the gold that is that article.

    • Jonathn

      Could not agree more. I laughed almost to tears.

  • Spriggs

    To say anything the cardinals are doing is unsustainable – equals not been watching baseball the last few decades.

    • hansman1982

      I strongly believe they will someday have 8 guys who break Bonds’ single-season home run record.

      It will be the year the Cubs have an amazing team that would have won 120, had it not been for the Cards.

      • Spriggs

        What other team could lose (all in one year): The greatest manager in the history of baseball; the greatest pitching coach in the history of baseball; the greatest offensive hitting machine in the history of baseball; and their #1 ace pitcher for the whole year; their closer for the whole year… and still go on to become the greatest team in the history of baseball with the greatest fans in the history of baseball?

        • Jp3

          The Braves😝

          • Jp3

            Except their fan base is very fair weathered

        • hansman1982

          The Cardinals could lose their entire 25-man roster to a George Costanza-esque plane crash and STILL go on to battle for the playoffs.

      • On The Farm

        Not to mention they will have some joe-blow on the bench that has a respectable 62 HRs

        • hansman1982

          That Joe-Blow will be Tony Campana on the bench with 62 HRs.

          • On The Farm

            leave it to the Cardinals to take a guy with sCRAP+ and spin it into gold

            • Kurt

              Ryan (diving for routine grounders) Theriot

          • Myles

            Matt Murton.

    • Brett

      That’s what Bruce was saying: it seems unsustainable … but they always seem to do that.

      Voodoo magic.

      • Jonathn

        Do you think this has something to do with the culture that they foster in their minor league system? Patient hitting, knowing the strike zone, use of scouting reports, and so on might lead to better hitting with RISP. I like that explanation better than voodoo because then at least Theo/Jed are starting to do the same thing with our minor league system

  • King Jeff

    I didn’t see much of an impact during the Cardinals series. Cubs fans/Wrigley fans are always going to show up for the “big games”.

  • Myles

    Just got my ticket. See you guys there.

  • Cubbie Blues

    Edwin Jackson has been in the best of the worst several times for pitching.

  • mudge

    Edwin Jackson will be the Cubs best pitcher in the second half.

  • KidCubbie

    You know I have actually been more interested in the Cubs since the rebuild started. In a way I think this is a good journey for all true Cubs fans because at the end of it all we will have a core goup of guys that we have watched from the Minors (thanks to Brett and Luke) all the way to the Majors. We will be able to call this our team and if/when they win it all we can relish in the fact that we were part of this journey from the beginning.

    • ChrisN324

      I’ve gotta agree with you, I’ve been following the Cubs a hell of a lot closer now that they’re rebuilding. Brett and Luke have been the biggest contributors to that since I started following them on BN and reading their work daily since last season. I first became a big Cubs fan after my first game back in 2003 at 10 years old. I got to be at the game when Ron Santo’s number was retired. Little did I know then, but that was the season that helped me understand the passion my dad and brother, like all Cub fans, have for the Cubs. I learned all I could about the history of the franchise leading up to the ’03 playoffs. I realized then the impact those playoffs had on the fan base. Now I get to watch the rebuild and follow our guys as they work toward a championship. It’s awesome!

      • KidCubbie

        Yeah I started watching them in the early 90’s when they had Sandberg and Dunston. Since then it’s been an on and off thing. I really got pulled back in when the whole Sosa/Macguire home run race thing happened. Got my heart broken in the Bartman game, but since I found BN and the whole rebuild started I have followed this organization closer than anything else in my life.

      • Jono

        I feel the same way, too, about following the organization closer now than ever. And that’s in large part due to Brett’s and luke’s work here. Those prospect rankings are the best, Luke.

      • CubsFaninMS

        When I first got into the Cubs, it was 1987. Andre Dawson had just been traded to the Cubs. It was the year he hit 49 home runs. Eric Show of the Padres hit him in the face with a fast ball. The Hawk charges the mound like he was ready to murder Show’s entire family. That was a crazy game.

  • Hawkeye

    Luke or Brett,
    Not sure if you saw this article?

    I say we go ahead and sign him and get him over to the ICubs.

    Out of curiosity, I will be at the Cuba vs. USA game tonight. I don’t know international play well enough to know the names I should be watching for. Any suggestions?

  • cubfanincardinalland

    When are you guys going to stop this hero worship of the effing cardinals? Since 2006 they have won the central division one lousy time(they will sneak in as a wild card again this year) in 34 years they won 2 world series, same as the Florida marlins and one more than the diamondbacks. Yet the media treats them like some dynasty team and their front running fans think they are the NL Yankees. Can you imagine what the press would have done to the cu bs if they had choked like the dead birds did against the Giants? I loved the last series against them, really showed how much the cubs have improved and closed the gap. Cubs will be kicking their ass in the not to distant future.

    • Cubbie Blues

      Ah, if you will look closer, I think you will notice the tongue that is planted firmly in their cheek.

  • bbmoney

    Keith Law came out with a midseason prospect list (top 50). The 4 names you expect are all in the top 27, in a slightly different order than you might expect (Bryant, Soler, Almora, Baez).

    Alcantara, got an honorable mention….not bad.

    • Mr. B. Patient

      Always good to see, even from Law. Reading around, it seems Alcantara REALLY improved his stock with his Futures Game batting practice and the HR he hit in the game. Good for him.

  • cubzforlife

    Yes, but you’re not paying 13k for season tickets.

  • cubzforlife

    Reply to kid cubbie.

    • KidCubbie

      This is true but I am in the military an unfortunately can’t live where i want to at the moment. Trust me if i could live close to Wrigley I would be a season ticket holder no matter how the team was doing. I do feel for those season ticket holders who want to win now but hopefully they can understand what this rebuild porcess will take. We have all been patient our entire lives, whats a year or two more going to hurt?

  • Stinky Pete

    So, if I had a friend who was an idiot and wasn’t sure, do you need to buy separate tickets for the social AND the game? Or is your ticket good for both?

  • justinjabs

    I’ve had my Social Media Night tickets for awhile now. Girlfriend and I will be attending. Excited to meet Brett, Myles and the others there! I just hope my phone holds a charge long enough!

    • Brett


      • DarthHater

        Sadly, I won’t be able to attend. I’m afraid Die hard might be there and would beat me up! 😛