Kris BryantToday, Chicago Cubs prospect Kris Bryant picked up some hardware: the Golden Spikes award, given to the year’s top amateur player. Given his historic season at San Diego, I don’t think anyone was surprised about Bryant’s win.

The Cubs took Bryant second overall in the Draft this year and signed him for the highest bonus in the Draft ($6.7 million), so I doubt they were surprised, either. Bryant is one of the Cubs’ best prospects – slotting somewhere in the top four with Jorge Soler, Javier Baez, and Albert Almora – and he has headed down to Arizona to get settled into the organization before opening his season, presumably, at short-season Low-A Boise.

Bryant is the second Cubs prospect, selected second overall, to win the award. Mark Prior won it back in 2001.

Congratulations to Bryant on the win, and congratulations to the Cubs for having an awesome prospect.

  • Peter

    Sounds Good!

  • ssckelley

    Jeez, did we have to throw in a Mark Prior comparison?

    • Featherstone

      Prior really was a good player until the injuries happened. I’m ok with the comparison minus the injury mojo.

    • cubswin

      Hopefully Bryant does good things for the organization. It would be nice to have him anchor the lineup with the power bat that he carries. Prior did good things for the Cubs(When he was healthy). I’m not sure there is much to compare between the two though. Power batter, injury prone pitcher. Then again,what do I know about baseball.

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    $6.7 million well spent

  • King Jeff

    I wonder if Bryant’s commitment to attend the Golden Spikes ceremony has had any bearing on when he heads to Boise? Anyways, can’t wait to see this guy play.

  • Little Lord Fontenot

    Ryan Harvey

    • Brett

      Wasn’t on the list that I saw …

    • DaveY

      Harvey was a high school pick. The Golden Spikes Award is for college baseball. It’s the baseball equivalent to the Heisman Trophy.

  • DaveY

    Robin Ventura won it too. He had a 58 game hitting streak in college. If Bryant’s value over the course of his career is comparable to Ventura’s I would call that a successful pick. Bryant has more offensive potential than Ventura but along way to go to match Ventura’s defense at third but with a much better arm.

  • Teddy Ruxpin

    Past winners of the Golden spikes ALSO include:
    2012- Mike Zunino
    2011- Trevor Bauer
    2010-Bryce Harper
    2009-Stephen Strasburg
    2008-Buster Posey
    2007-David Price
    2006-Timmy Lincecum
    2005-Alex gordon
    2004-Jered Weaver
    2003-Rickie Weeks
    2002-Khalil Greene
    2001- Mark Prior

    • Seth

      Thanks for this. And wow what a list. Basically all all-stars. Great sign.

      • Mike

        I don’t think I’d call Rickie Weeks or Khalil Greene…

        • gocatsgo2003

          Except Rickie Weeks was indeed an all-star in 2011… so…

        • Edwin

          Weeks has had some pretty nice stretches. From 2009-2011 his bat was outstanding. He’s always hit pretty well, it seem injuries and fielding have been his biggest problems.

    • ChrisN324

      That is a very nice list. I’m looking forward to seeing what Kris can do for the Cubs!

    • Jp3

      That’s a hellava list minus Kahlil Greene..

      • Coop

        I lived in SD during the Kahlil era, and he had some nice years. Looked to have real promise, but had some emotional issues that ultimately derailed his career. While I obviously hope Bryant far exceeds Kahlil’s career, I wouldn’t characterize Greene as a total bust.

    • Cheese Chad

      Weird all of those guys are all-stars or potential all-stars (zunino, bauer). Well besides Prior, Greene and Weeks (still has potential though).

      • Seth

        Weeks was an All-Star in 2011.

        • Lapdawg

          And Prior was an AS in 2003.

          Greene had lots of talent but his career never reached its potential because of psychological issues.

          • Coop

            Note to self – read further down the posts. You beat me to the same point by about 15 minutes.

    • Funn Dave

      Wow. What an encouraging list!

  • Carew

    He talked on The Rundown on MLBNetwork for a bit. Seems like a good dude

  • Seth

    Does anyone know off hand who won it the past 5 years or so?

  • Grn Mtn Cub

    Brett: I have a question about draft picks & know that you will have the answer. Bryant signed for $6.7M – is all that a signing bonus? If he spends 3 years in the minors, is that $6.7 his wages or is there another contract drawn up? When he is elevated to the Majors, is it a different pay and what pool of money does that come from? Hope this makes sense – thanks for all you do!!!!

    • Brett

      It’s all signing bonus. He gets a minor league salary, too (very low). The bonus might be paid out over time, though.

      • On The Farm

        What is a minor league salary? Someone was asking me the other day and I had no idea

        • hansman1982

          It depends on the level. I’ve seen $15K for SS ball up to $50K for AAA.

    • Mr. B. Patient

      Just a bonus. All minor league players are on the same salary matrix.

      • Funn Dave

        If they’re in the Matrix, can’t they just will themselves a raise? There is no spoon….

        • On The Farm

          Does this mean they can dodge bullets?

          • Timothy Scarbrough

            You think Baez could take a walk if he is in the matrix.

            • Mr. B. Patient

              Probably not.

  • DaveY

    It looks like Lake is starting in centerfield tonight.

    • EQ76

      batting 6th too!

  • cubchymyst

    Bryant keeps racking up rewards, but I’m still looking forward to hearing how he does in some game action.

    • Mr. B. Patient

      Soon…very soon.. Though it will be in Az games. I’m guessing Monday at the latest.

  • SenorGato

    Can we talk more about how awesome the #2 pick is and/or could be more? If I have to read about how amazing it would be to land CJ Edwards for Garza my head will explode.

    Bryant was my #2 guy in the draft and still the depth to his background catches me off guard. The Golden Spikes would have been expected if I remembered it existed, and it wasjust next in line of an impressive list of baseball accomplishments going back to HS for him.

    • Rebuilding

      Bryant was always #1 to me and I think that’s where he would have went if he wasn’t demanding $6.7 mil plus. I’ve said before that I can’t remember a #2 overall pick so under hyped by a team’s fan base. The things the kid did in college are amazing no matter the level of competition

      • SenorGato

        He and Appel were the obvious gets to me. The case for him as the #1 talent in the draft is not a hard one to make. Completely agreed that hes underhyped, but I much prefer it this way. Shit, I hate how optimistic I sound now for no other reason other than him having zero pro experience.

        I fell for the whole pitching angle – Cubs need it – therefore I nudged Appel up (though I do think he was a legit talent). Bryant was the clearcut #1 bat with a long history of hitting and being scouted.

        As much as

  • Grn Mtn Cub

    Thanks to everyone for their input on minor league salaries – a great website along with the greatest fans in baseball!!!!


  • Bea Arthur II

    I can’t believe no shared the Cubs draftee with 2 Dick Howser trophies (only one to do it). Anyone? Bueller? The howser boasts an impressive list of winners–including Bryant.
    Two way star Brooks Kieschnick. A similar honor to the Golden Spikes.
    To be clear, Bryant isn’t Kieschnick. I just love the trivia. And stump your friends: BK was the first man to hit a HR a pitcher, DH, and pinch hitter in one season. The magical year of 2003.
    Bryant is a likely superstar.

    (Len Kasper just shared that the Cubs are 37-3 when leading after 8. Huh? Wow.)

    Oddly fascinating discussion folks. That list of Spikes winner in the 2000s is remarkable. It does mean something. And the poster who said that Bryant isn’t getting enough live from Cubs fans is exactly right. Javy Baez is flashier (how can you not admire a guy with the MLB logo on his neck?) but Bryant could the bigger.

    The Cubs have done more than pay lip service to the old sports cliche of drafting character. The Bulls have done it with success. The Bears less so. The Cubs appear to be finding talent and character. The vaunted “cubs way” is about playing a certain way and isn’t just OBP. I would so love to read the actual book the Cubs wrote but that isn’t available to fans. But, the kids they are bringing seem to get it (the Astros with Corriea and Appel get it too).

    Of the top 4 prospects in the minors: 2 are super talented players but also long time leaders. I’m leaving off Soler because he is still adjusting and that bat incident is a growing pain. Baez has pedigree and talent, but I haven’t read as much about his leadership skills. And since my idea here is about guys Theo, Jed, and Jason brought in he is outside this narrow scope.
    Kris Bryant had been lauded by teammates and coaches. He also was
    A USA baseball guy which says much. Almora is the same. He is a baseball prodigy. The longest tenured member of USA baseball ever. Leadership is his 6th tool. Bryant could be Mile Schmidt but pleasurable to around. Throw in Rizzo and you have a good future with leaders. It is key.

    Hendry left some good clubhouse guys behind. Soriano. Shark. Garza. Barney. And non-hendry DeJesus. All wont be around for Bryant’s debut (which I think comes first of the big 4), but it will be a team that has leadership like they Cubs have had in their history with Tinker, Evers, Fergie, Ronnie, Banks, Williams, Sutcliffe, Ryno, Dawson, Wood, and many more. Chemistry counts. Particularly when you have a bullpen and guys who can by with runners in scoring position.

  • Jimmy James

    I looked at the list of past winners on Wikipedia…..pretty good company.

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