Junior Lake Was So Very Good Last Night and Other Bullets

junior lake cubsIs today going to be another marathon of Matt Garza updates? I sure hope not. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t mind doing it. But The Wife has some friend commitments today, so I’m going to be on a lot of daddy duty (with a two-year-old and a five-month-old, no less). Not sure how obsessively I’ll be able to keep up with things if it goes like yesterday, but I’ll do my best.

  • Speaking of Garza rumors, the pitcher offered his answer to the media for how he deals with the constant stream of “coulds”: quoting ‘Finding Nemo,’ Garza said “just keep swimming.” After that, Garza went out and did his normal pre-game work, and you wouldn’t have any clue that a certain departure loomed.
  • Henry Rodriguez cleared waivers and was outrighted to Iowa yesterday. That’s good news, as I’m sure the Cubs were hoping to be able to keep him in the organization after the DFA. As I said when the Cubs picked him up in the first place: you can’t teach a 100 mph fastball. Hopefully the Cubs can teach him to harness it. At 26, there’s still some hope.
  • It was fair to expect that Jeff Samardzija would come out of the break with a good start. Working hard when he’s got time off, and focusing intensely on putting himself in the best position to succeed seems to be what he’s done continuously since he started his professional career. He worked on his mechanics at Wrigley Field over the break, threw a couple bullpens, and got right back on the horse last night after a few rough starts to close out the first half.
  • As for the other star of last night’s game, Junior Lake pretty much bought himself a regular set of starts, at least until David DeJesus returns from the disabled list. ”Since I’ve been here, that’s the first kid that’s come up and really looked like a Major Leaguer,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said, per Cubs.com. “Was aggressive on the bases, did a great job. Swung the bat really nice.” The tape on Lake has always been that of a guy who looks like an obvious future superstar one day, and then a low-level minor leaguer the next day. Last night was clearly the former, and hopefully Lake just becomes one of those guys who needed the challenge of the big leagues to put it all together. He was fun and exciting to watch – we’ve needed that – and he didn’t look lost in center field.
  • That said, let’s not Activate Unreasonable Expectations. He’s still young. He’s still got a long way to go. And it was just one game.
  • I enjoyed Patrick Mooney’s take on the Junior Lake debut.
  • Scott Baker made rehab start number two yesterday at Kane County and it … did not go well. Baker labored through a four-run first inning, and gave up two more over the course of his subsequent inning and two-thirds. In all, he gave up six earned on three walks and six hits, striking out one. That wouldn’t concern you too much if it hadn’t come after a rough first rehab start, and if there weren’t reports from those at the game that his fastball was sitting in the mid-80s. Bruce Miles has a more complete take on Baker’s start, as well as quotes from Baker. The righty says he feels fine, physically, but it’s a long mechanical road back.
  • The Cubs decided to convert reliever Alberto Cabrera back into a starting pitcher this year, and sent him down to AA to get the process going. Well, step one has been a complete success, with Cabrera, 24, dominating to the tune of a 3.20 ERA and 107 Ks and just 39 BBs in 112.2 innings (and an ERA well under three over his last 10 starts). With that success sewn up, the Cubs promoted Cabrera to AAA Iowa. We’ll see how he does in the more hitter-friendly PCL, and it’s conceivable that he could be a second half fill-in at the big league level late in the year, depending on how deep the sell-off goes (since he’s already on the 40-man). I expect that the hope is that he’ll put himself into position to be considered for a starting job with the Cubs next Spring. Cabrera has excellent stuff, so that part isn’t a question. It’s his ability to harness that stuff over seven innings and command it all game.
  • The Kane County Cougars are expected to see their 10-millionth fan today. Not, like, this season, but all-time (which is still pretty great, since they are the first Class A organization to get there).

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157 responses to “Junior Lake Was So Very Good Last Night and Other Bullets”

  1. Zachary

    He attack tge pitchers when they threw fastballs. So at least he has that covered . Hopefully he can hit a curveball

  2. Awakeape

    Sell all the players!!! Lets just rip this bandaid off and be done with it. Hopefully next year we can start talking about Promote all the players!! Then actually start to contend.

  3. Awakeape

    Sorry trade all the players!!!

  4. X The Cubs Fan

    Was that a shot at Rizzo by Svuem?

    1. Beardface

      If it was a shot at Rizzo, I don’t think it meant much. Maybe even thought that would motivate him a little. Rizzo seems like he could take a little criticism.

      1. jay

        Rizzo sure looked like a major leaguer last year….and large parts of this year. Yet another stupid thing coming out of Dale’s mouth.

        1. Cubes

          it was also his 2nd time up

        2. Cubes

          Ya’ll read into things like a pack of clicky highschool girls

    2. hansman1982

      No, it was praise for Lake. Nothing more, nothing less.

      1. Jp3

        Congrats to him, glad he came up and showed no fear. That is what impressed me most, I guess it’s easy to loosen up when you come up and immediately rope a double… All the rookies should remember to do that

      2. The Dude

        Hansman, I agree that his intent was to praise Lake, but his statement would be like me posting a pic on Facebook with a girl saying, “The only one I’ve dated that isn’t crazy.” My ex-gf’s would probably see that as a shot.

        1. Hansman1982

          As we all know, ex-GF are CRAAAAAAAAZY, hopefully Rizzo has more confidence than that (if he heard the statement at all).

      3. arta

        agree. as i recall Rizzo did well from day 1.

      4. The Dude

        I doubt Rizzo would be that sensitive. If anything, he might give Sveum a little shit about it next time they’re chatting around BP.

    3. The Dude

      I didn’t see it as a shot at Rizzo. Vitters and Jackson, yes, because they’ve been Cubs prospects their entire career. If anything, I saw it as a shot at the previous management.

  5. Ivy Walls

    Regarding Lake: He came up and was aggressive with every play. He only saw 3 FB’s, a double a foul and a sharp single to the opposite field. Two were first pitch strikes. The rest were sliders or off speed.

    Defensively he wasn’t challenged much and made all the plays and even tried to go through the wall to get Fowler, he is either unafraid or was unaware but luckily Coors has some deeply padded walls, he will not be able to do that in Wrigley. He played really shallow a few times either daring Arenado and Blackmon to hit one over his head.

    I think he impressed the dugout and he will play a lot even when DeJesus returns.

  6. auggie55

    Hopefully Lake can learn not to run into the wall before the Cubs return to Wrigley. I have to admit, he was a lot of fun to watch.

    1. billy

      that scared the shit out of me when that happened. if his wrist wasnt perfectly parallel to the wall as it was when he hit it, he could have broken a wrist. and at that point, Sveum would probably say “F it” and leave the centerfield position open.

  7. Chris

    I also feel that a trade is coming with one of the infielders (valbuena, Barney, ransom) going with garza, which might clear a spot for lake, or even soriano, but I do believe lake will be playing just about everyday after the trades are done.

    1. Ivy Walls

      If you can read a map that is obvious but not Ransom, he is 37 yrs old, he might be picked up after Aug 1 on the wire but for nothing of any value,

      Barney to a contender who needs a SS/2B who can pick and make an occasional offensive play


      Valbuena to a contender who needs a LH bat off the bench who can play 3B/2B

      Either way got to think that Cubs who were thinking of getting a middle infielder from TX and with Alcantara emerging that moving on 2B is in play.

  8. Chris

    Note – you have “Castilla” in the headline on your front page, as opposed to “Cabrera”

  9. ISU Birds

    So if Lake stays decent he could stay in center, move DeJesus to right after Shierholtz is shipped out and have Sweeney for left if Sori leaves orif he doesn’t have Sweeney as 4th OF’er?? That sound like a reasonable prediction for the stretch of the second half?

    1. Ivy Walls

      For all of Soriano’s fireworks of late (8 HR’s in July, 10 since June 28th in 17 games), I don’t think GM’s are interested in him. Thus when DeJesus comes back he will play and if Pitt or some other contender wants a Schierholtz and is willing to part with future value for a journey man GREAT….

      Sweeney does not return until near September

      1. Chad

        I might be the only one, but if the cubs can’t get a good prospect for Soriano, I see no reason to trade him. He’s valuable to the cubs and he only has 1 year left. We don’t really have anyone to take his place. Maybe Lake, but he looks like he can fill in a lot of spots so who knows. I don’t mind keeping Sori next year.

      2. ISU Birds

        Wow I didn’t realize Sweeney was out til September.

  10. Mike Taylor (no relation)

    Who’s Alberto Castillo?

  11. Chris

    Yeah, however shierholts probably won’t be trades. He has more value with the cubs

  12. Kevin

    We now have enough backup to trade DeJesus once he comes off the DL.

  13. Eric

    The key will be how Lake will handle it when all he sees is nasty major league exploding sliders and curveballs.

    1. jay

      Lot of movement in his swing too….ala Castro. We know how that’s working out.

      1. Cubes

        a 200 hit season and 2 all star appearances all before age 23 ya Id say Castro is not working out

      2. Eric

        I think it’s a little early to write off Castro…

  14. Die hard

    Lake will rekindle Castro’s Bellyfire

    1. Whiteflag

      I kind of agree with that. He might provide some fresh bellyfire to the whole team.

  15. James

    Matt Garza trade WILL be 2nd worst trade in Cubs history!

    [Don't do the fake breaking news thing.]

    1. Ivy Walls

      Troll repellant just released by Johnson Wax

      [Even when it's well meaning fake breaking news, let's not do it.]

      1. James

        Please explain to me then how it would be a good trade? For starters I think this craptastic FO will just keep selling off year after year until they look like they actually know what they are doing. 2nd Garza should be extended he is good now and into their future plans which is the same thing they said when signing no action jackson. You can rebuild without having to scrap the big club. Trading Garza for a couple of fringe type minor leaguers that may never see the light of day is not smart in my book .Proven players win games! prospects and what ifs do not!

        1. Adventurecizin' Justin

          If that’s how you feel about the front office, there are 29 other teams to latch onto. The FO is here to stay for awhile…now might be a good time fir you to bail.

          1. James

            Ive been a die hard for 22 years and family has been season ticket holders for almost 30 years ive been to more games in a season than you have in your life! I bleed Cubbie blue! So dont tell me to “latch on to another team”. All ive seen from you people is you wanting to sell out the Cubbie tradition wether it be destroying Wrigley for Corp sell out shit.Wrigley is the last great ballpark from when baseball was baseball.Wrigley does not need all this side show shit just giving lazy fat ass “fans” another reason not to actually watch the game. So thanks for ruining the last from a great era. Now on to the FO..lol…I hate the way they are running my beloved cubbies.I will give them credit where it is due our farm is stacked with hitters! We dont have any good pitching prospects though but I dont agree with trading away good pitching to get a bunch of meh prospects to “fill out the minors” that is bullshit. Extend Garza use some of our kids on the farm to grab a good to great arm to add to the rotation and we would have a very great staff and would be able to

            1. Jp3

              Be .500???

            2. James

              Compete now and into the future but I guess im the asshole cause I want the team to win without all the sell out screwdness.

            3. Josh

              Calm down James geez This had been Theo&Co plan to build through the farm system all a long

            4. frank

              James, I’ve been a Cub fan for 45 years. I don’t like seeing the “corporate” stuff at Wrigley either, but the fact is, when you have a smaller ballpark and a crap tv contract, you need other revenue streams to compete. And I too, don’t like to see the losing–but let’s face it–the Cubs have been a poorly run, losing franchise for almost all of their history. That’s the tradition I want to be rid of.

              And the plan, whether you agree with it or not, was to fill the minor leagues with talent, bring them up to form the core of your team, and fill out with free agents when you’re competitive. And right now, the minor league system is one of the best in baseball. It can work–they are attempting to do pretty much what the Balckhawks did–they drafted most of the core and now fill in with free agents.

              1. Hawkeye

                My problem with this is that accord to most accounts the Cubs are already one of the most profitable teams in baseball. The plan is fine, not my decision to make, but lets not make lack of revenue the problem with this team.

                1. frank

                  The numbers thrown around are fairly suspect but that’s been addressed before. Let’s say they are one of the most profitable teams in baseball–if you put that money into facilities and infrastructure, and maybe even debt service, etc, as the indications have been, then revenue can be a problem, at least in the short term. You’re right though–in the overall picture as it pertains to carrying out the plan, revenue should not be a problem.

                2. Scotti

                  Are the Cubs in the top third in baseball revenue? Sure. Maybe their even in the top 20-25 percent. But what does that get you, the fan? It gets you a team that is GENERALLY competitive. Do Cub fans deserve better? You bet your sweet bippy we do. We fill that damn park. We pay top dollar to get in to it. We have a hell of a time getting to the place and there’s virtually no parking. Of the parking that exists, we’re at risk of getting towed if we hang around for a couple of minutes to take in the scenery. If we’re watching on TV the game might be on any of 4 stations but we flip around and watch anyway. And away fans? They show up to watch the Cubs play anyone–often matching the home team fan for fan. Online no other team is so well represented with numerous fan sites and fans peppering sites like BA with questions about obscure prospects.

                  So, given the great fan base, CUB FANS are screwed when the team isn’t bringing in equally great revenue that the team can then turn around and create a better product on the field as well as a better fan experience–less concrete dropping on heads for a starter.

                  Will the team make more profit this way? Of course. Why would any Cub fan mind that? Yankee fans don’t mind the Yankees making bank. The point is, we’re The Second City not the 6th or 7th. Our efforts, as fans, should be bringing in the top revenue since we are the best fan base bar none (see what happens to the Yankee fan base after 10 year’s of losing much less 100).

        2. Eternal pessemist

          A team full of good, proven big leaguers would probably cost around 300million a year. The front office knows that and will build a competitive team with their strategy.

        3. gocatsgo2003

          Fringe guys? You think the guys discussed in the Garza trade yesterday are fringe guys?

          1. James

            Yes fringe most prospects never make it

            1. Chad

              You do realize that just because a prospect doesn’t make it doesn’t make them fringe right?

              1. James

                Yes I do realize not every prospect is fringe but I dont see any of the ones in the proposed garza deal ever making it

              2. James

                You do realize that all the “cant miss prospects” can in fact miss alot…lol

                1. Chad

                  True, but does that make them fringe prospects. I honestly don’t know why someone with your piss poor outlook on the cubs even cares. Obviously nothing anyone ever does in the FO will ever be good enough for people such as yourself. It’s “fans” like you that give cub’s fans bad names.

              3. Cubman23

                James – It turns out that BA is actually very good at predicting the success of prospects. About 80% of the top-100 players in MLB (based on WAR) were ranked in the top-100 prospects by BA as minor leaguers. ‘Can’t miss prospects’ usually hit.

                People, especially Cubs fans, like to frequently point out that prospects rarely pan out, but we’ve been actually really unlucky with top Cubs prospects. I read a statistical analysis of prospects by organization and they had the Cubs as 23rd in the rate of top prospects who become successful MLB players.

                1. James

                  How is Profar,Perez,Olt,Montero,Bauer,Chisenhall,patterson brothers,upton brothers, Schafer,etc,etc, doing?

                  1. Chad

                    Well the upton’s are pretty darn good, just having a down year, and those others are pretty young, still figuring it out. In the next few years they may be super stars. Guess if you want them to be hall of famers immediately then you’re right.

                  2. Cubman23

                    Cherrypicking players that have either not made it to the MLB or performed poorly doesn’t disprove what I’m saying. Statistical analyses prove that the majority of can’t miss prospects don’t miss.

                    If you want to play good vs. bad player for each year of the top-10 BA prospects I’ll go year by year with you. You take the ones that miss and I take the ones that hit.

                    1. John S.

                      Look at Chris Davis. A can’t miss who missed … until putting it all together this year.

        4. frank

          This has been covered here ad nauseum. May be you don’t have to dismantle the major league team; that’s not the option they took. To keep beating that drum won’t change anything. They said from the very beginning it would take time, and right now, there has not been nearly enough time to judge. What we do know is that they took a farm system that wasn’t great–maybe average or a bit below, and has made it into one baseball’s top 5, or even top 3.

          Right now, we don’t know who they’ll get for Garza, so to say it will be the second worst trade in Cub’s history is either monumental hyperbole, trolling, or simply misinformed projection–or all three. The players in the Garza discussions, thus far, have not been fringe minor league players. One is ranked in the top 50 in all of baseball. Jackson has not been good overall, but he has been better as of late and his performance is catching up to his peripherals. They have made a number of good moves and have missed on some others.

          1. willis

            Fringe or not, I think most would rather keep a sure thing in Garza than trade him for prospects. Just sucks it didn’t work out between the two sides.

            1. frank

              Oh, I agree. I’ve said from the beginning that I’d rather they kept Garza. However, if he’s asking too much, it’s better to get something than be left with nothing.

              1. Hawkeye

                What’s too much? The market value of a starting pitcher of his caliber is not too much, that’s market value.

                1. willis

                  Yeah the more I see positive signs from the team and all around the organization, I’m getting to the point that is way the oppo of the front office…basically I’d pay him a shit load and let him be a leader and anchor for everything growing around him. 19, 20 million is a bit irrational, but something like 4/72 would be completely fine and worth it.

                  They were never going to do this, but looking around and the talent and the steps so many key guys are taking, why not go ahead and secure a 2ish starter for years to come?

                  1. Jp3

                    Because they won’t let us have the jumbotron😢😪

                2. James

                  @ Hawkeye…agreed we were going to give sanchez 5 and 80mil why not the same for Garza he is better than Sanchez.

                  1. DarthHater

                    (a) Sanchez signed with Detroit for 5/80. the Cubs offered less than that.

                    (b) You say Garza is better than Sanchez like it’s an obvious truth. It isn’t. Their career numbers are quite comparable. Arguments could be made either way.

                    (c) If they are comparable, then yes, why not make the same offer for Garza we made for Sanchez? Maybe they have made that offer and Garza wants more. We just don’t know.

                    1. Jp3

                      (d) trade all the players
                      (e) get all the prospects 😀

                    2. James

                      Ive heard from a pretty good source that the FO offered Garza, Edwin Jackson money which is bs because Garza is lightyears better than Jackson. As for the Garza, Sanchez comparison they are very similar but I feel that Garza has more of a dominating factor more so than Sanchez

                  2. Chad

                    Not like Garza has only had 12 starts in the last 13 months or anything either. Lots of differences between the two.

                    1. Cubman23

                      Very true Chad. I think your point about the 12 starts is what makes Sanchez deserving of a greater contract than Garza.

                    2. James

                      Sanchez has had more DL trips than Garza.

                    3. Chad

                      Not as recently as Garza. If Garza had pitched 2 years without incidence like Sanches prior to his contract then I wouldn’t be having this argument and probably neither would the cubs. The fact that he missed a year and just started 6 weeks ago that is a big adjustment, but your extreme baseball knowledge/talent evaluation skills that bought you a new house and car probably told you that already. Yet we still have this argument.

                  3. Cubman23

                    Sanchez is better than Garza. Even if we didn’t account for Garza’s recent injuries, which definitely lower his value, Sanchez has much better advanced numbers.

                    Garza FIP: 3.79
                    Sanchez FIP: 2.43

                    1. Chad

                      One advanced metric doesn’t tell all. They are very comparable, that is all you can really say IMO.

                  4. Chad

                    Thankfully James, you don’t make the decisions. I’m sure that you are very connected to the front office as well so you know all about the negotiations with Garza.

                    1. Cubman23

                      Well James is clearly a top evaluator of talent. Most statistics that I’ve read have Garza with a much higher ‘dominating factor’ than Sanchez, and we know that baseball execs put a lot of faith in that stat…

                    2. James

                      Yeah your right its not like my knowledge of baseball has got me anywhere it only bought me a house cars and pays my bills so yeah what piss poor judgement….

                    3. Chad

                      @James, please explain how it has done this? If it has I may make a call and get you a job with the cubs. Does that mean I know someone with the cubs? Maybe…or maybe it means I can just type whatever I want and hope you assume it is true. How will we ever know?

                    4. another JP

                      Peter Principle at work here….

                    5. AlwaysNextYear

                      A house, cars and pays the bills. What exactly do you do James let me guess you can’t say.

                    6. James

                      Lets just say ive been beating out most of the odds makers for years…no I do not work for the cubd

                    7. Chad

                      James is a spy. It’s classified. he’s magnificent. Also, I’m thankful you don’t work for the cubs. we would probably still have Derek Lee at first base since he had proven himself for so many years and Samardzija was just a fringe prospect so he probably would have been let go.

                    8. Cubman23

                      James – bail out while you can. Change screen names and move on to other threads before this rabbit hole goes too deep.

                    9. DarthHater

                      Excuse me, but I am a mafia assassin, sent here under cover to track down this James character and bring him to justice for unpaid gambling debts. So please don’t scare him off.

                    10. Cubman23

                      Still trying to find the ‘dominating factor’ tab on fangraphs…maybe it’s only for successful sports betters.

                      Hey James – can I borrow your login?

                    11. AlwaysNextYear

                      So you gamble in games and have won some”If true”. But that does not make you a expert at anything.

                3. frank

                  Oh I’m speaking hypothetically. If he’s asking market rate, I say keep him. From what I hear, he says he wants to stay , but I also hear he’s determined to test the free agent market; he’s asking for more than market plus a full no trade clause. How much of that is negotiating and how much is hard and fast, I don’t know. But again, if the Cubs can get him at market value for a pitcher of his caliber, then keep him.

            2. wvcubsfan

              I really think that he’s told the FO we wants to hit the free agent market and see what he can get. If that’s the case it’s out of the Cubs hands; the only way to work out an extension would be to way overpay. I don’t think that is prudent at this point.

              The one option that no one is mentioning is that they trade him, grab prospects, then sign him as a free agent in the off season. I realize that there is very little chance of this happening but it’s not impossible.

              1. willis

                I really, really hope what James mentioned isn’t true. If so that’s incredibly disappointing.

  16. Kevin

    And Rizzo too!

  17. Ivy Walls

    Now regarding Garza/Tex Ma’m, (I recently watched Blazin Saddles again…Madelyn Kahn what dish, humor, fun and sexy….anyway),

    I saw a few tweets that alluded to the Cubs not happy with a medical report…got to be something with Olt and his concussion last winter and connected to his eye duct problem.

    Too risky…I think this is dead for what I saw was TX giving up on Olt, moving an IF’er blocked by Profar and a pitcher who got to AAA then demoted or a A pitcher who was a sudden bloomer.

    Think Epstein team has another less risky option.

  18. chrisfchi

    Was fun watching lake last night. If(and its a big if) he can continue to have sustained success,I can see him as being apart of the “core”.

  19. Cubswin

    Regardless who gets traded it’s going to be a much more enjoyable second half than last year. Out of Sori, Sweeney, Dejesus, and Schierholtz I imagine only one will be traded so having Lake in there too will really help. Should have a good enough lineup to get to the 70-80 win mark which is obviously an improvement.Hopefully improve on that next year and be over .500 with a couple pick ups and be poised to make a solid postseason run in 2015 with a young core

  20. Roland Perrelli

    No matter what we get we need impact pitching out of a Garza trade. That has to be the centerpiece and hopefully they are not recovering from any arm issues.

  21. X The Cubs Fan

    John Arguello

    UPDATE: Hearing that it was a Texas pitcher’s meds, not Garza’s, that held the deal up. chicagonow.com/cubs-den/2013/…
    2:01 a.m. Sat, Jul 20

  22. Chris

    We don’t want to win win 70-80 games this year! Winning 75 games is far worse than winning only 65 games.

    As I’ve said before so many times, 2013 is lost, and it would behoove the organization to lose as many games as possible this year in order to acquire another top draft pick.

    And frankly, I’m fine if this happens next year, too.

  23. Vince

    If the medical issue pertained to Garza, that’s really bad news. If the issue was with one of the pieces from Texas, no matter who it was, I’m sure they can still get a deal done that both sides are happy with. Texas has plenty of intriguing prospects and the Cubs have enough complementary pieces to pair with Garza that these two teams should still come to an agreement. Garza is the key, not Olt, Ramirez, or anyone else from Texas. They can find a different combo that will amount to approximately equal value for both sides.

  24. TonyP

    I wonder if Lake was brought up as kind of a showcase for a potential trade??? Probably not, just a thought I had….

  25. Dustin S

    This has been brought up quite a few times before but the Cubs third base coaching or the players failure in reading his signs continues to be a problem in almost every game. It got less attention than it would have last night since they won, but Rizzo getting thrown out at 3rd was another bad example. If it’s David Bell making bad calls on going to 3rd or home, or the players just not reading him correctly (or Castro jogging), I hope it’s addressed. I can live with bang-bang plays and just being aggressive, but so many times it’s been guys thrown out by a mile and just left to hang out to dry.

    Lake was fun to watch last night for sure. I would temper expectations since he tends to have a huge night and then go 0-4 with 3Ks the next, but they need the kind of spark he added. It’s another reason I’m looking forward to Alcantara also, since he’s another impact/sparkplug kind of player that helps elevate a team.

  26. AD

    Any Assman22 sightings lately?

    1. jpeck

      Last I heard from him he said the cubs told Rangers, “if no Perez, No Deal”

  27. Cubfan Budman

    I don’t think instilling a losing attitude is a good idea! Its not like Football or even Basketball for that matter, one player isn’t a quick fix! They need time to gel as a team !!!!!!

  28. Cubfan Budman

    I would love to get that young catcher from the Rangers!! Alafardo?? His Bio read plus plus arm and Defense that’s what’s up.

    1. frank

      Someone posted a summary on him–not very good, and considers him to be overrated. Zero plate discipline, little power are a couple of the things I remember. Anyone else remember that?

      1. Tommy

        Well if someone posted that, it must be accurate.

      2. Chad

        That was also a preview of fantasy value. Now, I’m not saying it didn’t actually apply to baseball talent, but that guy is an evaluator of stats that matter to fantasy folks (generally help with actual baseball talent), but I’m not real sold on his talent evaluation skills compared to other who rank him as the 4th best catching prospect in all of baseball.

    2. ScottK

      Advanced metrics are not kind to Alfaro and predict he will struggle to sustain his offense. 25% strikeout rate, 5% BB, and a .330 OBP heavily boosted by a large number of HBP. An above-average BABIP has led to a mediocre .260 average, which doesn’t bode well.

      Many have also questioned his work ethic and called him lazy (last I heard he was leading the league in passed balls). Expect and hope the FO will pass on him.

  29. The Dude

    Shark’s post-game interview about making adjustments was nice to see. He’s an easy player to root for as he continues to refine his craft. Great to watch Lake have a great game, and while I’m glad to hear he was able to wear his idol’s number, I still don’t like seeing #21 being worn again.

  30. oswego chris

    am I behind, or getting wrong info?…but I am hearing Norris to Texas…been outside all morn..

    1. Jp3

      Good for you Chris, we’ve all been staring out our screens waiting for Garza updates and growing huge beards the last few 2 days…😜

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