carlos villanueva the stacheI’m usually up fairly early in the morning, so the British Open – with its being-in-Scotland-and-a-bunch-of-hours-ahead thing – is suiting my sensibilities. I can have it on in the background while I work. Much less distracting than SportsCenter saying stupid things about sports. (Why do I keep watching SportsCenter?)

  • Last night wasn’t the first time that the Rockies have gotten to Carlos Villanueva. “I guess I’m glad we only play them twice this year,” Villanueva said, per “Because you know what, it was basically a photocopy of last time. I tried some things different today, it seemed to work somewhat the first couple innings, but it’s a team that’s given me trouble throughout my career for some reason.” For his career, Villanueva has an 11.57 ERA over 13 appearances against the Rockies.
  • Dale Sveum is crushin’ on reliever Pedro Strop, who has been lights out since the Cubs acquired him from the Orioles in the Scott Feldman trade earlier this month. Watching him, the stuff is obviously there. And, so far with the Cubs, the command/control has been there as well. I suppose that’s probably the big thing for him. If Kevin Gregg is dealt in the next 10 days, Strop and Blake Parker might have a little battle to take over the closer’s role.
  • Matt Garza continues to impress his teammates as this trade rumor process plays out.
  • David DeJesus was due to start playing games yesterday in Mesa with the rookie league team, and, although his game got started, it was quickly rained out. I don’t think there are too many rainouts in Arizona, but it would figure that it would happen in DeJesus’s first game when time is of the essence.
  • Friday night’s Pearl Jam concert, which was awesome by all accounts, generated a lot of buzz. Here’s Rolling Stone’s take on the concert, which will instantly make you wish you were there. And, yes, they did play ‘(Someday We’ll Go) All the Way.’:
  • I guess I shouldn’t say the concert was awesome “by all accounts,” because some Wrigley neighbors were annoyed that the concert, which was delayed by a thunderstorm, went well past the night event curfew. The Cubs made the (I think reasonable) decision to resume the concert and finish it out rather than have to (1) turn loose a bunch of any concert-goers late at night in a storm; and (2) reschedule the concert and “inconvenience” the neighborhood on a second night. The Cubs even checked with a community group on the fly before making the decision, so I think they’re in the clear here.
  • A comprehensive profile on Mark Prior, if you can take it, and an update on his progress in trying to return, once again.
  • Oswego chris

    Villanueva is not made for Coors…

    Brett…put on MLB network, or any of the sports networks rather than ESPNot Been Cool Since The Late 80’s

  • Frank

    It’s Monsoon season here in Arizona. Last nights storm was so bad, I went to the garage and started to fabricate pontoons for the car. I wish I had taken a picture of the street or shall I say “river”.

  • MichiganGoat

    Tears in my oatmeal

    • Headscratchin

      Tears in the oatmeal because Michelle Wie turned you down, or because of what happened to the two pitchers?

    • DarthHater

      It was really irresponsible of the Cubs FO to allow their two young star pitchers to pose with flaming baseballs like that.

  • hansman1982

    Are we sure those were Wrigleyville residents complaining? I was under the impression it was a group of old-timers from the Aurora Old Folks Home who called in about Merle.

    And yes, stop watching ESPN. It’s like ceasing troll-feeding activities on BN, it’s sooooo rewarding.

  • Mak

    Can anyone explain what happened in the 8th inning with LeMeahiu (sp?) getting picked off? Volume was off at bar I was in, can’t find an explanation online. Did they send Fowler back to third? Was I just too drunk?

    • TonyP

      Castro was called for interfering with DJ and the play ended there. Fowler was sent back to third.

      • Mak

        Thanks. How did he interfere?

        • TonyP

          crossed the base path and DJ ran into him.

  • Dijon

    Did the cubs ever officially sign Eloy Jimenez? I know they were set to sign him, but i never saw any official contract just that they were still working.

    • TonyP

      I don’t think so.

  • cubfanincardinalland

    They live in the inner city section of the 3rd largest metro area in America, and the 25th largest city on the planet, next to a sports arena. And they are whining about noise and people. Either move to Booneville Indiana and feed your cows, or quit bitching people.

  • Ivy Walls

    Sportscenter is part of the ENTERTAINMENT Sports Programming Network, the accent is now ENTERTAINMENT

    I like watching Quick Pitch from MLB and when other sports seasons are on each has their own network…far better presentation of the comings and goings related to these serious pastimes.

    Someone already mentioned it that AZ, and Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado are in the monsoon season where moisture comes up from Mexico and thankfully graces these desert or steppe climates with afternoon or evening t-storms. It is an example how too often people look at aggregate data and then predict it towards individual events or circumstances.

    • Henson

      There’s no ecological fallacies in baseball!!!!

  • Cubbie Tim

    Wow, no yellow ledbetter. Thanks for posting the PJ article Brett

  • willis

    The first bullet adds to the scratching of my head in regards to how the rotation was set up coming out of the break. Everyone had plenty of rest, and with Villanueva’s history against the Rockies…eh, why was he second in line? Pretty indefensible.

    • gocatsgo2003

      Seems pretty obvious that they wanted as much time as possible before Garza’s next start to get a trade done. Also probably didn’t want a Garza start in Colorado, where a couple of long balls can get out in a hurry, thereby potentially deflating his trade value a touch.

      • willis

        Seems pretty obvious you have Edwin Jackson and Travis Wood on your staff too? I get pushing Garza back, which I hate but I get, but the rotation set up was curious at best. Stupid move to start Villanueva with his history against the Rockies when you have three other pitchers who are throwing better and have much better stuff to attack that lineup. Want to push Garza back for fear of injury and the insistence on the trade, fine, Go Shark, Jackson, Wood. Would have given the team a better chance to win.

  • wvcubsfan

    The Open is turning into really exciting background music

  • Tommy

    Judd Apatow, Eddie Vedder, and Ernie Banks all in the same pic. Awesomeness.