matt garza cubsIf Friday was a pins-and-needles-follow-every-update-breathlessly kind of rumor day, then Saturday was a considerably more relaxed, excitement-temporarily-fading kind of day.

With the Cubs and Rangers nearly striking a deal involving Matt Garza and prospects on Friday before a “snag” related to medical reports held things up, the two sides continued to work on a deal yesterday. No deal came, and now we’re left to wonder whether you can fairly categorize the Rangers even as the frontrunner anymore.

This morning’s report from Jon Heyman suggests that, although the Rangers are still in the mix, it probably would no longer be fair to say that they’re much more likely to get Garza than any other suitor. Garza is scheduled to start tomorrow night for the Cubs in Arizona, and, although reports gave Garza no more than a 10 or 20% chance of making that start for the Cubs as of last week, it now looks like a strong possibility.

In that regard, you could view mid-day tomorrow as another kind of deadline in the protracted Garza rumor story line. The Cubs are clearly ready to move Garza, and would probably prefer to do so before he starts again. But if the rest of the non-Ranger suitors aren’t willing to come up with an offer that matches whatever level of talent the Cubs believed they were set to get from the Rangers, it might just behoove the Cubs to roll and dice with another Garza start, and see who blinks first. Indeed, it’s possible that other involved teams are content to wait and see how the market plays out over the next week before making a serious offer or increasing one they’ve already made.

The balancing act here is whether the Cubs project that the upside from where offers currently stand to where they could go in a week will significantly outweigh the slight additional risk in letting Garza make another start for the Cubs. At least we suspect, at this point, that his medicals look good.

UPDATE: Jim Bowden was on the radio this morning, and he offered a plausible explanation for not only how things broke down on Friday with the Rangers, but also how he reported that Neil Ramirez was the “centerpiece” of the trade, and was scratched-but-then-not-scratched. Recall, late afternoon on Friday, when a deal with the Rangers appeared imminent, Jim Bowden reported two things that caused a stir: first, he reported that Ramirez – a lesser prospect – was the “centerpiece” of the trade with the Rangers, and second, he reported that Ramirez had been scratched from his start on Friday night, thus indicating a deal was done. By the end of the night, Ramirez had not been scratched, and the package that emerged (Olt/Sardinas/Edwards/Ramirez) arguably had Ramirez as the least valuably piece. How could Bowden have biffed so badly? Well, as he explains/hypothesizes (this is not all according to sources, and he admits he’s doing some deducing), with Ramirez scheduled to start, it’s possible that the Cubs had some concerns about Ramirez’s shoulder, and wanted to see him start one more time. If so, that could explain the scratched-then-not-scratched report, as well as Bowden’s apparent confusion about Ramirez being the “centerpiece.” Under this narrative, it wasn’t that Ramirez was the “centerpiece,” it was more that he was the “lynchpin.” A healthy, good-looking Ramirez on Friday, Bowden speculates, and the deal gets done. He got roughed up in the start and probably didn’t look good in the process, and the Cubs wanted a replacement player. From there, no fit is found, and the talks die down. So, what do we think? Saving face? Legitimate? It’s certainly plausible, though we still don’t know for sure which prospect’s medicals caused the Cubs to pull back. There’s a lot of guesswork here.

UPDATE 2 (12:24pm CT): The update in which you know, for certain, that you’re obsessing. Jon Morosi reports – according to sources – that the Cubs would prefer to deal Garza before his start tomorrow, and they continue to talk with teams, including the A’s and Rangers. This has been your update. This is not a test.

UPDATE 3 (1:15pm CT): Dale Sveum apparently told the media (Bruce Levine) before today’s game that it looks like it’s 100% that Garza will make his next start for the Cubs tomorrow. I’m assuming that’s from his perspective, and I’m also assuming that could change in an instant if the right offer came through. So, in that regard, let’s just take it as a sign that Sveum has not been alerted of any new/advanced trade discussions as of this moment.

UPDATE 4 (4:22pm CT): Nick Cafardo, after tweeting that Clay Buchholz is going to see Dr. James Andrews about his troublesome shoulder, tweets that the Red Sox may have more interest in Matt Garza than we’ve previously been led to believe. Dun dun dun.

UPDATE 5 (4:29pm CT): Jon Morosi tweets that the Rangers have checked in on Ervin Santana as a plan B to Matt Garza, but the Royals aren’t selling right now (and might not sell at all, given the investment they made in this season. Leverage leak? Maybe. But it doesn’t really help the Rangers much. Heck, it probably helps the Cubs vis a vis every other team.

  • Jeff

    Here’s hoping he makes his start in Arizona, has an awesome outing and convinces Arizona that they need to trade Tyler Skaggs for him.

    One can dream….

  • Jp3

    I need him to be traded, my productivity is suffering horribly right now…

    • socalicubsfan

      This x1000!!!

  • someday…2015?

    I think Garza gets dealt today. Assman said he’d be traded “Friday OR Sunday.” I found that odd at the time. Why not Saturday? He seemed to know if nothing happened on Friday, nothing was going to happen on Saturday. Hopefully he’s right about Sunday!

    • Jed Jam Band

      This might be a reach, but I want to believe you’re right about this.

      • someday…2015?

        Oh I’m reaching for anything at this point. :)

        • Jp3

          Yeah I’m sure Brett’s blogathon will be much easier for him if Garza is still available…. The obsessive Valbuena/Villanueva watch is going to be less than exciting.

    • DarthHater

      I’ve heard of Kremlin-watchers and tea-leaf-readers, but Assman watchers?

      • Jp3

        Im an assman watcher…

    • X the Cubs fan

      He said Friday and Sunday because he heard end of the week.

  • Rich

    Did Assman post here or somewhere else ?


  • Crockett

    I am really concerned the Cubs are going to have to settle for a qualifying offer.

    • MichiganGoat

      Crockett have you heard anything else from your source.

      • Crockett

        Nope. He was really stunned the trade fell through but then commented “that’s theo”. Nothing since.

        • Afinch

          What do we think “that’s Theo” means in this regard? That he’s so meticulous over the players involved that it has to be the perfect deal or he won’t pull the trigger? Or that he maybe tends to have a change of heart at the last second?

          • DarthHater

            Perhaps if he thinks he is on the verge of settling for a deal that is minimally acceptable, at best, he is going to make damn sure that the medical reports are good, or it’s back to the negotiating table. That’s not quite the same as demanding that a deal be perfect before pulling the trigger.

        • Kurt

          “that’s theo” is fine with me.

          I have little doubt that under Hendry this trade would have happened long ago….for Olt and a low fringy A-baller kind of haul. I like Hendry, think he’s a good man, but seemed too willing to be the one to accede to a far lesser deal.

          Thoyer, on the other hand, doesn’t seem willing to settle for less than what he deems STATISCALLY (Jim believed in statistics, just the wrong ones, I fear) fair. He seems to want to get FAIR value, at the very least, out of every deal, without needing to screw the other team in the process.

          I, for one, am happy with this new approach.

          And if we wind up getting a comp pick instead, this fan can live with that.

          If any “big money” club ever learns how to run their organizations finances and minor league system in a “money ball” type of style they could rule the roost for a very long period of time (AKA Boston?).

          There’s a new sheriff in town with the new management in place and I hope that Rickett’s doesn’t bow to pressure from idiot Cub fans and their MLB XBOX/Playstation version of how to run a team, and continues to allow Thoyer to fix this franchise.

          • Rob


            Spot on.

            • wvcubsfan

              How? If there was one think Hendry was good at it was trades. Name one where he traded for a player that was injured. It’s a whole lot easier to list trades that were huge wins by the Cubs and others that were wins for both teams.

              • Tommy


                • wvcubsfan

                  That’s a stretch, I’ve never read anywhere that there was any preexisting condition that lead up to him blowing out his man parts. I always thought that was just bad luck.

          • Reality Check

            you site JH would of already done this; yet provide no examples. you are OK with a comp pic; yet should know if Garza is either traded or signed back in 2011 like this FO should of done; we get much more for him than now and way more than a comp pick.

            makes zero sense; other than pick on JH to just pick on JH. or your just blind to whatever theo says is ok…….

            remember JH was never allowed to lose on purpose for 3-4 maybe 5 yrs in a row like theo is………..but he did pull off trades for DLee, Aram, sign Demp off the scrap heap and get karros/grudz for hundley so JH isn’t all that bad.(plus he drafted castro-smardz-cashner-lake-baez-voglebach-alcantara-etc)

            • Harold Yeager

              I agree completely. I’m glad we have a front office that is deliberate in their decision making process, and I’m glad they seem to explicitly focus on development in a way tat we haven’t in the past. But it’s not magic to, in two years, add two high draft picks and one international FA. My 2c.

            • D.G.Lang

              I will be honest up front and say that I am a Hendry fan. Saying that, I also must say that up until the end when Sell was trying to sell the Cubs for the most he could possibly get for them, Hendry simply didn’t have all the financial resources available to him the current management does.

              I refuse to compare Hendry to Theo and company simply because it would be very unfair to compare two men who are operating under vastly different restraints.

              Over the years most MLB teams have had their own fair share of high quality draft players but what they have done with them and how much good they received from their original property has varied greatly.

              The Cubs system has been in shambles for many years and now Rickets, Theo, and Jed are doing a great job of providing what previous owners either failed to provide or foolishly lost/wasted by not properly compensating the players for their skills. I am specifically thinking of Greg Maddox as an example of not properly paying appropriately.

              I di absolutely believe that Rickets and company are making great progress in turning the ship wreak around and if we are able to keep the current owner and management we will have a very good team for many years. We will have a team capable of properly paying it’s players as well as developing the farm to be able to provide a constant stream of new competent personnel as the need arises.

              • Eternal Pessimist

                “I will be honest up front and say that I am a Hendry fan.”

                I must be honest, I was never a Hendry fan, never understood how he (they) could make so many bad deals ($’s and terms).

                Unless he is a Marrionette and was told to make bad deals that would somehow increase the Cubs value for sale – again this is another thing I will never understand, and when the sportcasters would continue to say that paying Soriano that riduculous contract would somehow increase the Cubs value, I wondered if we had just slid down the rabbit hole to an alternative reality/universe – SOOOOO glad we have new leadership and the moves are finally making sense, almost without exception. At least we can agree that Theo seems to be doing a good job, even if we cannot agree on Hendry.

                • D.G.Lang

                  My understanding on the Soriano contract is that Hendry had an agreement with Soriano just about ready to go and another one higher up within the Cubs organization pushed to have it extended by three years.

                  I don’t have a link to prove that but I do remember reading it.

                  I believe that the Ex-Cubs president who is now with the Blackhawks is the man involved.

                  Perhaps someone with a link can chip in and clarify.

                  If someone with more authority went above Hendry’s head and pushed for the longer term contract it would seem to indicate their or perhaps the owners fault rather than Hendry’s fault.

          • cavemencubbie

            A rational comment! Great post Kurt.

          • Ivy Walls

            Good discussion:

            Having had experiences in working with C-level exec and compensation/hiring being meticulous is critical as MLB trading/talent acquisition and development. Cutting a deal like this the GM’s know the value of Garza, esp to a contender to secure a playoff spot and then make a difference in the playoffs—margins get very tight in these regards.

            So breaking down the trade, Garza and Russell for Olt/Sardinas/Edwards/Ramirez let us break it down as Ramirez being the lynchpin.

            Russell is worth Ramirez and Edwards while Garza is worth Olt and Sardinas. Why was Ramirez the lynchpin (as Russell was probably TEX’s) is that the Cubs are looking for a starter this year who can develop into a 3-4 starter in the future. They got Wood in the 1, Jackson in the 3, Samardzija in the 2 and Villaneuva in the 5 for next year so Ramirez fits that. Baker could replace Villaneuva again so the plan works there.

            Edwards is a flyer prospect, inventory. Sardinas is inventory and competition for Alcantara and possible trade or utility value going forward. Olt is now.

            So I think it was as much Ramirez (shoulder’s are really bad news for pitchers) as the cumulative sum of Olt (concussion, eye duct), Ramirez’s shoulder and velocity(?), Edwards’ injury history as well. Risks and risks some more.

            Now as horse trading goes if the A’s suddenly become the primary suitor for Garza then instead of one suitor Cubs could approach Boston with Russell and get the same or better inventory from two clubs.

            • wvcubsfan

              Interesting, other than Wood being a #1 it seems pretty logical.

            • Jason Powers

              I think to that we need to determine if we can get high quality over good quantity.

              If we could somehow get 2-3 very solid near MLB ready prospects that will start next season for all the guys we are shopping, or 6-7 prospects that could pan into something, or not, then we have to weigh that equation out.

              10 days until it all plays out.

    • turn two

      If we are thinking logically we will get more than a qualifying offer. At the absolute worst we could resort to the rangers package with the injured player removed and its better than a qualifying offer. If the rangers move on we could get the ballpark equivalent from another team.

      Lets not start with the boo hoo’s yet, so it takes a couple extra days..

      • gocatsgo2003

        … if such offer is still on the table. The Rangers could very well either (i) remove the offer entirely or (ii) move on to other trade possibilities, making a trade for Garza unnecessary.

      • YourResidentJag

        And other attractive pieces to the Rangers are entering the market, like Peavy.

        • gocatsgo2003

          Also a great point.

        • turn two

          Yes and there are plenty of teams still willing to give up multiple prospects. chances of us going for the qualifying offer are slim to none. I think everyone in these posts has made themselves a little to close to a situation they know much less about than they think.

          • YourResidentJag

            Really, Peavy and Santana are attractive to teams? There very well may be multiple prospects being given up for these players over Garza, especially if the Royals add a guy like Billy Butler in a deal with Santana to Texas. I may not know much on the inside. I’ve got to think, though, that it behooves both the Royals and White Sox to restock the farm as much as it does the Cubs in these trade scenarios.

            • Todd

              Santana is going nowhere and neither is butler. He is the face of the royals in butler not happening.

              • YourResidentJag

                Ummm….really? Sources that say Santana’s not going anywhere? So, he’s getting a Garza type deal from the Royals, eh? Butler–the face of the franchise. Funny I thought that was Moose and Hosmer.

                • Jp3

                  YourResidentJag what ballpark is your avatar? That looks pretty awesome

                  • YourResidentJag

                    Modern Woodmen Park in the Quad Cities.

                    • Jp3

                      That is badass. Thanks.

                    • YourResidentJag

                      Here’s some pretty cool shots of minor league parks if you’re interested:

                    • Jp3

                      Yep, love going to minor league games. Got to to Charleston Riverdogs 2 weeks ago when arod was in town and that was an awesome low a ballpark. I go to a lot of Durham bulls games seeing I live there but it’s always fun going to new ones. Thanks for the info

                    • DarthHater

                      Nifty. Thanks.

                    • YourResidentJag

                      Well, if you’re ever vacationing in Denver, check out Coors Field. It’s great if you get seats in the second deck above home plate. From that vantage point not only can you see the whole field but also the Rockies. It’s a great time.

                • Todd

                  Do you live in kc? I do-and billy has been the face for the 5 years I’ve been here. So if you wanna talk listen to the proper people that the rangers checked and Santana not up for trade. Royals not selling so listen to the locals.

                  • YourResidentJag

                    So, Moose, Hosmer and Perez aren’t faces of the franchise? I find it really hard to believe that. Especially when Moose and Hosmer are repeatedly show in ads selling Chevys around the KC area. Santana not up for trade…well I guess the Royals get the ‘ole compensation pick then, right?

                    • todd

                      Again the royals are 5 games out so they are not selling. They will not make a qualifying offer because of the money get a clue. If you said gordon maybe. But using hosmer and moose really. Hosmer was a singles machine till 3 weeks ago and moose has been called out to go to triple a fo months. The jersyes in the stadium are butler and gordon. Yes there are some hosmer and moose but just because the team pushes them as faces doesn’t mean they are.

                    • todd

                      Check update number 5. This is the fact in Kc. They are trying to win

                    • YourResidentJag

                      So I have to live in the area to know about the team? Hosmer is actually making strides beyond being a singles machine. So, you’re posting this a guy’s blogsite who many believe has insight into the Cubs and has never lives in Columbus, Ohio. But you’re right we should all be so good to talk to the locals to get our “expert” information/. Oh yeah, and Rany Jazeryli. I suppose you don’t think he has any insight into the Royals, despite writing a blog for the Royals. BTW, he lives in Chicago.

                      Now, I’m saying the Royals aren’t playing to be in it, but given that they’re still 5 games out, their position could change in the matter of a week.

                      “They will not make a qualifying offer because of the money get a clue.” Then, if that’s the case, neither will they be able to resign Santana once he files for FA. 😉

                    • YourResidentJag

                      Whoops…I think that sentence should read “and lives in Columbus, Ohio.”

                  • Todd

                    They won’t resign him. They won’t make a qualifying offer that is the way the royals do business.

                    • YourResidentJag

                      I know, but if they’re out (not saying they will be in a week but if they are) shouldn’t they trade Santana??? Hosmer isn’t the face of the team…he’s part of what should be considered multiple franchise players…at least from the Royals standpoint, which is more than just Butler and Gordon.

                  • Todd

                    Agreed Hosmer is making strides. But still doesn’t make him the face of the team.

                    • todd

                      Agreed on the should be franchise players. They just took 2of3 from tigers. Unless they are swept by orioles it is not happening. But they should trade him, but they won’t.

            • ClevelandCubsFan

              Royals probably need to restock from the losses it sounds like they’ve taken. But they seem blind to that reality. They seem to be playing Henry Ball on a much smaller budget.

              On the larger point being discussed in this thread: Pretty much any offer a respectable GM dares to call up Hoyer to discuss is going to be better than what the Cubs get from Garza rejecting a qualifying offer. So look. He’s going to be traded. Period.

              And Theo seems really good at building rapport and establishing trust so that those relationships are available later. Remember how awed Sandberg was that Theo reached out? I wouldn’t rule out Garza coming back–especially if the Cubs feel they are ready to compete in 2014. And if they don’t try to sign Garza, it’d be nice to know 2-3 years from now that the Cubs are one of the teams exempted from Garza’s no-trade clause.

    • Justin

      I would be all for the Cubs dealing Garza if the package is right. But I think if the Cubs have that qualifying offer on his head his value will take a huge hit. Like way more than people are talking about. Garza’s not an Ace lockdown pitcher where losing your first rd pick isn’t a big deal to the signing team. Even the Dodgers seem to value prospects to an extent. I think it may be the difference of Garza getting close to $100 million vs. $60 million with the compensation following him. At that point the Cubs offer wouldn’t look to bad to him. It’s a risk, but at this point I say screw it..

      • Chad

        Precisely, everyone who says just extend Garza is very narrow sighted on this. The cubs want to extend Garza but probably more for Lohse money than Sanchez money, because at this point in time that is what is probably most logical for both the cubs and Garza. If the cubs trade Garza that essentially opens the market for him exponentially. Freedom of suitors and unlimited $ depending on the team. It is way better for Garza to be traded if he wants his cash. If the cubs can’t trade him the best option for both might be to sign him for a salary that isn’t probably as Lohse like, but not quite as Sanchezy either because they can give more than most probably would due to the loss of a draft pick, and Garza can get more, but the cubs still save money from what he is probably asking for right now. I still don’t know why Garza would even consider signing a cheaper deal right now. He’s got it the best of both worlds. Either he is traded and he can maximize his contract, or he isn’t traded, he stays with the cubs and then hopefully signs and more reasonable offer. Garza and the cubs are not stupid. They both know what they are doing.

        • Justin

          Right, if the Cubs can’t get the right deal for Garza they need to have that conversation with Garza’s agent. Clearly, if I am Garza I am wanting traded for sure. For obvious financial reasons. Well, the Cubs and Garza’s camp know that Qualifying offer is going to blow up his contract value. So the Cubs have some serious leverage for sure. I’ve always felt a compromise from both parties made the most sense. The 4 yr $65 Million area feels right to me..

          • Chad

            I like 4 for $56 with a 5th year option, but 4/60 would probably be the max I would want to see the cubs pay.

            • Justin

              Yeah I agree, more than 4/60 region makes me nervous with him. He obviously hasn’t been the most dependable guy the last couple yrs. So would a team pay a lot more than that AND give up their 1st rd pick? It’s possible, but I have my doubts.

  • nkniacc

    That’s because he heard end of week. Some say Fri some say sun as end of week

    • Gcheezpuff

      Or it could means cubs would finalize with rangers by Friday night deadline because they were so close, or re-engage other teams and put a Sunday night deadline to take the best offer on the table and move him before scheduled start. It has been so quiet I am guessing Theo has the FO on lockdown now until a trade is complete. The only leaks getting out now are the ones Theo wants to leak to negotiate thru the media a little.

  • Vulcan

    Any recent news from the Assman? Neeeed Garza updates.

  • 5412

    Hi Brett,

    Good analysis. I liked the part about weighing the upside of additional gains versus the risk of Garza being injured or not performing well.

    On one side, if he starts it would signal the Cubs confidence in his health, coupled with the fact the Rangers saw no medical issues. On the other side, should be get hurt, then there will be hell to pay just like last year. They will be second guessed big time.

    We will learn a bit about Theo and Co. as this plays out because they may truly not be concerned about what we think or the second guessing sports writers think. If they believe they are right, then they will take the heat.

    It should be an interesting couple of days. One thing for sure. A 100 pitch, 8 inning good start from Garza will not hurt our bargaining position. and could really help.


  • gocatsgo2003

    Serious question… does anyone know whether Theo and Company had similar “medical cold feet” issues while executing trades in Boston?

    In most instances, Theo was the one trading FOR a big-name player rather than trading AWAY a big-name player in Boston, but given the Haren deal and the recent Texas deal that fell through related to medicals, I’m wondering if this is part of a larger pattern.

    • Mak

      I was actually thinking about this. Haren has been generally healthy this year, right? And Brigham? Weird trend for this FO.

      • gocatsgo2003

        Looks like Haren missed one start in late June, but has been otherwise healthy… but also pretty crappy. Same kind of deal for Brigham, who has been bouncing around between the rotation and bullpen in AA and AAA this year.

      • frank

        Haren has done at least one stint on the DL this year. Right now, he has an ERA over 5 and a WHIP of over 1.4 — maybe he hasn’t been fully healthy, but healthy enough to play?

  • Kramden

    Guess this shows why it’s so difficult to make a trade nowadays, there’s so few anymore and why it’s become a lost art.

  • Matty V

    Thanks to last year at this time, I hold my breath each time Garza takes the mound. Here’s to hoping something gets done today.

  • Spencer

    Has a pitcher ever been traded in the middle of throwing a no hitter? First time for everything I guess.

    • hansman1982

      I can hear the announcer now:

      Matt Garza takes his perfect game into the 9th inning and, wait, breaking news out of the dugout, everyone is hugging Matt Garza. News breaking, the Cubes have traded Garza in the middle of a perfect game.

      • Kirbs414

        Traded to Arizona mid-perfect game and finishes the perfect game for the D-Backs. Hmmm…

  • JayPaul

    A question for Luke if you’re around, i’m curious what kind of package we may have missed out on from the proposed deal with Texas. As an exercise to put it into perspective, where would that four man group slot into your recently released top 40 list? Just curious what kind of talent you feel this package contained using where they fit into existing prospects in the Cubs system in your eyes.

    • Abe Froman

      Good question.

      • JayPaul

        I think it would be interesting. Would Edwards bypass Pierce, would Sardinas slot in after Alcantara, where would Olt be valued, would any of these four have cracked the top ten even? Id be interested in reading his perspective.

  • auggie55

    Now that there was a problem with the medical records of some Rangers MiLB player, it doesn’t seem like the Cubs pseudo trade deadline of 7/21 is having any affect on teams.
    The Rangers wanted Garza to start on Sat. 7/20 and that ship has sailed. I wouldn’t be surprised now to see Garza traded closer to the 7/31 trade deadline.

  • YourResidentJag

    Well, apparently according to John Arguello, Cubs also rejected Giants offer that included OF Gary Brown as centerpiece.

    • DarthHater


    • ssckelley

      I would have hung up the phone on a offer like that.

  • Die hard

    Cubs to put Garza on DL if no DL tomorrow

    • Jp3

      That won’t happen because putting him on the DL tells other teams god knows what about the medicals no to mention one more phenomenal start and other teams may tic up their offers even if ever so slightly… I’m ready, roll the frickin dice again, what do we have to lose

      • Die hard

        Cubs don’t want him pitching before deadline expires– am sure they can find a reason which doesn’t alarm other teams

        • Jp3

          Yeah like last year when they said forearm fatigue??? Then he didn’t pitch again… Guarantee if he’s still a cub he pitches tomorrow night

        • deej34

          So your idea to “improve” Garza’s trade value is to pretend he is hurt? When the biggest knock against him, aside from being a FA at the end of the year, is durability??

          Oh wait, just saw who I replied to….

          • MichiganGoat

            Yup just shun those comments

    • DarthHater


      • Jp3

        Yikes! Was that for me Darth!?! I’m just saying, if we’re plaing chicken lets not swerve yet😀

        • DarthHater

          Of course it wasn’t for you. Read those indentations, man. It’s a response to Die hard.

          • Jp3

            Hard to read those indentations on my iPhone… Too damn small and my Internet hasn’t been hooked up yet at the new house…. I has a sad😔

          • wvcubsfan

            Indentations are hard to read man, they like don’t say anything you know?

            • DarthHater

              Like everything on this site, they’re just an opinion and prove nothing.

              • Die hard

                This site getting more and more like High School with in crowd and out crowd … So juvenile… whatever!!!

                • DarthHater

                  Oops. You hit send instead of delete. Now you have to feel bad about venting.

                  • MichiganGoat

                    Darth join us in the shunning… I honestly don’t even see who you are replying to but it is best to shun whoever it is.

                    • DarthHater

                      You forget that the Sith thrive on promoting chaos and misunderstanding.

                • Carew

                  I like to consider myself in both groups. I am a man of the people

            • Jp3


              You guys get that?

              • Jp3

                Dang it my indention decoder did not work… It just stacked all my hard work on top of each other ***kicks rocks***

    • someday…2015?

      Die Hard, I usually skip your posts or read them for a good laugh but I never reply. You usually aernt worth a reply, but I’m sick of your mind numbing posts so here you go.

      You consistently post in a mush mouth manner without blinking an eye. You bash the FO and team by using the most backwards arguments imaginable. Do I believe a grown man as you say are is this stupid? No. I think it’s all for show, and I’m convinced you’re a closet Cardinals fan/White Sox fan trying to sabotage this great site. I believe you’re a pro troll and you’ll go to great lengths to try to drive people away from this site. I know you love when people respond to your comments like I’m doing now. Trust me this will be my last reply to a Die Hard comment…

      One last thing.
      I suggest people to just skip Die Hard’s posts and resist the urge to comment at his ridiculous BS. It’s not worth it and trust me, he thrives on your responses.

      • Jp3

        You just fed him an awesome meal and its after midnight…ugggg

        • Tommy

          lol Jp3 – Gremlin reference. Very clever the way you did that, and I appreciate that you didn’t explain it. You brought forth a hearty laugh from me, compatriot!

      • Bric

        Dude, mush mouth is my new favorite saying. Awesome!

        • Die hard


      • Die hard

        When I get so angry and just have to vent like that then I type it up to get it off my chest— and then delete it…. Actually feels better than pushing send as dont have to feel bad about venting

      • MichiganGoat

        Agree everyone should just do a full out shun of replying to any of his posts.


        • Die hard

          Speaking of high school

          • DarthHater

            If we do not de-bunk Die hard, then the terrorists have won.

            • Spencer

              That’s just the foreskin talking.

              • DarthHater


              • Tommy

                I don’t know whether to laugh or cry after that comment.

            • MichiganGoat

              He’s dunked everyone sees he’s full of bunk but last thing you want to do is add more crap to his crap. He’s feasting right now let it starve.

              • Die hard

                Who peeeeed in ur corn flakes this am?

                • DarthHater

                  Goats are ornery critters.

                • wassup

                  I continue to laugh. You can’t ‘shun’ a good laugh. Thank you Die Hard.

  • jh03

    I didn’t get to hear it; but knowing how Bowden always is, on the radio, he’s just saving his ass. I listen to MLBN radio daily, and he is always super defensive and tries to prove how great of an “insider” he is.

  • Pam

    Whew! Get a deal done before Mon., Vision of Garza getting his legs crossed again on fielding a bunt, falling and breaking both arms.

  • Jackalope

    I just can’t see the health of Ramirez being a deal-breaker. Just today, Sickels called CJ Edwards “one of the best pitching prospects in baseball.”


    Give me him and a solid up-the-middle-prospect in Sardinas for Garza and Russell straight up. Anything beyond that is just gravy.

  • mudge

    Die hard has as much right to post here as anyone.

    • someday…2015?

      Who said he didn’t?

    • MichiganGoat

      And everyone has the right to call him out for exactly what he is doing

      • DarthHater

        But goats have no right to talk. I’m pretty sure Leviticus says that a talking goat is an abomination. 😛

  • waffle

    Lonnie Chisenhall not in the lineup today….

    just saying.

    • Jeff K

      Interesting observation. I can’t think of a good reason not to have him in the lineup against a righty. Not like he needs a day off this soon after the break.

      • Cyranojoe

        I see he made a couple of errors in a recent game, maybe that’s part of it?

  • Crockett

    “I got nothing.”

    Latest text from Minnesota. Blah.

    • DarthHater


  • Kevin

    “If” the Cubs were including Russell in the package to Texas, it was probably a good move to walk away. Russell, by himself, should bring back a nice group of prospects. The Rangers deal was not that good to get upset over. This “letdown” was really so much smaller than what we experienced last year. If the deal included higher ranked prospects and the Cubs walked away then I’d get upset. Moving Garza, just for the sake of moving him, makes no sense.

  • Cheryl

    Assman hasn’t said anything in a while. Could be because a deal with Cleveland or Oakland is on the horizon. Or perhaps teams are waiting for a lower price.

    • Jp3

      I would guess everyone is sitting back guessing we won’t start him again… I think at this point in the game we can’t fold as risky as it is right now…

    • Tommy

      Why is assman discussed so much here? Has he shown himself to be a reliable source of insider info or something?

      • MichiganGoat

        1-his name is Assman… That alone helps and adds to the legacy
        2-he’s been quite reliable
        3-his name is Assman

        • Tommy

          lol, thanks Goat. That clears it up quite a bit. Not sure how I overlooked no.3.

          • DocPeterWimsey

            In the Old Country, it was Aßmann, Wissen Sachen…

  • Jp3

    Mlbtr is saying via Jon morosi that the cubs want to deal him before his next start tomorrow…. Thanks captain obvious…

  • Funn Dave

    This may be a stupid question; if so, sorry. Why would the Cubs want to move Matt before his next start? To maximize trade value? It seems like as long as we’ve still got him, we’d want to use him.

    • Tommy

      Dude is an injury waiting to happen. I would think that’s their biggest concern!

      • Cyranojoe

        I don’t agree with “injury waiting to happen”, but yeah, it’s a risk for sure.

    • Falselife

      Multiple reasons from my perspective.
      1) He is on a statistical hot streak. A bad outing, while not that damaging, does give the other team a small contention regarding value.
      2) injury risk. Not likely, but possible with any player in any game.
      3) another start gone is less value for the opposing team renting him for teams that don’t believe they can extend him.
      4) ignore the talk, ownership wants this team to suck for this season. They want to have reasons for people to stay interested, yes, but at this point they want to lose. They have stated this before. Better to lose a 100 than win 82 and miss the playoffs. They aren’t playing for this season, or even next in all likelihood.

      Without question, 2 is the heaviest factor. It would immediately devalue him. That would be a significant blow in our plans for the next 2-4 seasons.

      • Funn Dave

        That makes sense; thanks.

  • jh03

    Brett, there were just two comments that linked back to a biogenesis article (that were clearly spam, after I read them) and disappeared immediately … I was just curious if you took them off that quickly or if they were some sort of link I shouldn’t have been clicking on…

    • DarthHater

      I think Brett usually takes those down pretty fast.

      • jh03

        I assumed as much, but I wanted to make sure there wasn’t something else going on lol.

    • Brett

      Yeah, just spam. The filter catches most of them (thousands a day – seriously), but a few slip by and I try to blast ’em as soon as I can.

  • Dale Jr

    Oh Assman,!! Get back here

  • figgelbert

    Read that Olt was one the guys with the medical issue’s .
    Seems the Cubs were looking at the Yankees and Phillies to flip him and medicals could of been an issue.
    Funny but sources have linked Olt,Ramirez and Edwards all having some medical issues.

    • Dustin S

      Yeah I’m not sure we’ll ever know the real deal. I’ve seen Olt, Ramirez, and even today Garza in some places blamed as the medical issue. My complete guess…there were likely issues with Olt, Ramirez probably had some surprise medical issues in his reports also and that weren’t helped by him pitching poorly Friday, the Cubs balked. Texas probably came back with hey Garza has things in his medical report too (although more posturing than actual current concerns), and by that time negotiations soured and broke down.

      I’d be surprised if something still gets done with Texas. In the past when things reach this 99.9% and fall apart they never seem to complete with that team. The team I’d like to see pick up in talks is Pittsburgh. Taillon is pretty darned good if they could somehow put together a big enough package for him.

      • Nathan

        I’ve been hoping Pittsburgh would jump in for awhile now. I think they have the best package maybe outside of Boston to offer.

  • Nathan

    I like a deal with the A’s that revolves around Gray and Ynoa. They have some interesting guys in their farm system. Michael Choice, Daniel Robertson, Renato Nunez, Raul Alcantara, BJ Boyd, Bruce Maxwell, and Drew Granier are all guys I wouldn’t mind in a trade.