Obsessive Matt Garza Trade Watch: Back to a Wide Open Field? (UPDATES)

matt garza cubsIf Friday was a pins-and-needles-follow-every-update-breathlessly kind of rumor day, then Saturday was a considerably more relaxed, excitement-temporarily-fading kind of day.

With the Cubs and Rangers nearly striking a deal involving Matt Garza and prospects on Friday before a “snag” related to medical reports held things up, the two sides continued to work on a deal yesterday. No deal came, and now we’re left to wonder whether you can fairly categorize the Rangers even as the frontrunner anymore.

This morning’s report from Jon Heyman suggests that, although the Rangers are still in the mix, it probably would no longer be fair to say that they’re much more likely to get Garza than any other suitor. Garza is scheduled to start tomorrow night for the Cubs in Arizona, and, although reports gave Garza no more than a 10 or 20% chance of making that start for the Cubs as of last week, it now looks like a strong possibility.

In that regard, you could view mid-day tomorrow as another kind of deadline in the protracted Garza rumor story line. The Cubs are clearly ready to move Garza, and would probably prefer to do so before he starts again. But if the rest of the non-Ranger suitors aren’t willing to come up with an offer that matches whatever level of talent the Cubs believed they were set to get from the Rangers, it might just behoove the Cubs to roll and dice with another Garza start, and see who blinks first. Indeed, it’s possible that other involved teams are content to wait and see how the market plays out over the next week before making a serious offer or increasing one they’ve already made.

The balancing act here is whether the Cubs project that the upside from where offers currently stand to where they could go in a week will significantly outweigh the slight additional risk in letting Garza make another start for the Cubs. At least we suspect, at this point, that his medicals look good.

UPDATE: Jim Bowden was on the radio this morning, and he offered a plausible explanation for not only how things broke down on Friday with the Rangers, but also how he reported that Neil Ramirez was the “centerpiece” of the trade, and was scratched-but-then-not-scratched. Recall, late afternoon on Friday, when a deal with the Rangers appeared imminent, Jim Bowden reported two things that caused a stir: first, he reported that Ramirez – a lesser prospect – was the “centerpiece” of the trade with the Rangers, and second, he reported that Ramirez had been scratched from his start on Friday night, thus indicating a deal was done. By the end of the night, Ramirez had not been scratched, and the package that emerged (Olt/Sardinas/Edwards/Ramirez) arguably had Ramirez as the least valuably piece. How could Bowden have biffed so badly? Well, as he explains/hypothesizes (this is not all according to sources, and he admits he’s doing some deducing), with Ramirez scheduled to start, it’s possible that the Cubs had some concerns about Ramirez’s shoulder, and wanted to see him start one more time. If so, that could explain the scratched-then-not-scratched report, as well as Bowden’s apparent confusion about Ramirez being the “centerpiece.” Under this narrative, it wasn’t that Ramirez was the “centerpiece,” it was more that he was the “lynchpin.” A healthy, good-looking Ramirez on Friday, Bowden speculates, and the deal gets done. He got roughed up in the start and probably didn’t look good in the process, and the Cubs wanted a replacement player. From there, no fit is found, and the talks die down. So, what do we think? Saving face? Legitimate? It’s certainly plausible, though we still don’t know for sure which prospect’s medicals caused the Cubs to pull back. There’s a lot of guesswork here.

UPDATE 2 (12:24pm CT): The update in which you know, for certain, that you’re obsessing. Jon Morosi reports – according to sources – that the Cubs would prefer to deal Garza before his start tomorrow, and they continue to talk with teams, including the A’s and Rangers. This has been your update. This is not a test.

UPDATE 3 (1:15pm CT): Dale Sveum apparently told the media (Bruce Levine) before today’s game that it looks like it’s 100% that Garza will make his next start for the Cubs tomorrow. I’m assuming that’s from his perspective, and I’m also assuming that could change in an instant if the right offer came through. So, in that regard, let’s just take it as a sign that Sveum has not been alerted of any new/advanced trade discussions as of this moment.

UPDATE 4 (4:22pm CT): Nick Cafardo, after tweeting that Clay Buchholz is going to see Dr. James Andrews about his troublesome shoulder, tweets that the Red Sox may have more interest in Matt Garza than we’ve previously been led to believe. Dun dun dun.

UPDATE 5 (4:29pm CT): Jon Morosi tweets that the Rangers have checked in on Ervin Santana as a plan B to Matt Garza, but the Royals aren’t selling right now (and might not sell at all, given the investment they made in this season. Leverage leak? Maybe. But it doesn’t really help the Rangers much. Heck, it probably helps the Cubs vis a vis every other team.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

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  1. miggy80

    Check out the new Gravitar!

    1. DarthHater

      120-page cease-and-desist letter from MLB is on its way to you…

  2. DarthHater

    Okay, listen up, folks. We all need to do some really crazy shit tomorrow, to distract God’s wrath away from Garza’s start. :-P

    1. Hansman1982

      Start sacrificing the virgins now.

      1. Hansman1982

        Although, sacrificing the virgins virginity would be more fun.

      2. Jason Powers

        So we can leave Kate Upton off that list.

        1. Mr. B. Patient

          Maybe we can make an exception? Just this once.

          1. Jason Powers

            Sacrificing Upton, not B.J. or Justin, or the virgins.

            1. Mr. B. Patient

              Kate..we can grant honorary ‘permanent virgin’ status.

              1. Jason Powers

                Ha Ha! She’s old enough to be legal, and young enough to be my daughter…Or like Playboy use to be:” I get older, but they always stay the same age.” Now PB stinks. Cant even read good articles in it.

                1. Jp3

                  That’s dazed and confused… Matthew mchonehey line… Classic line

                  1. Jason Powers

                    Movies we get all our best ideas from them….and now they all really suck.

  3. Ferris

    I hope we trade w oakland, i doubt they would sign him long term thus giving us a better chance of resigning him…..

  4. Jason Powers

    I hope Garza shuts down AZ. Dodgers up 9-1. They are just about to pass AZ in the standings.

  5. Afinch

    Grumblings online that Pittsburgh was the NL “mystery team”. Also Pittsburgh may want Garza along with a bat potentially….they could use an outfield bat to go along w/Marte & McCutchen….Maybe Garza/Schierholz? I would say Soriano but that’s a pipe dream.

    I like it though. I’d prefer to see the Pirates do well over the Reds/Cards, and Pittsburgh has a good system (Tyler Glasnow, anyone?)

    1. Assman22

      Pirates were always in on Garza…same scenario as Cleveland…won’t contend without adding a frontline starter…Pirates also want Schierholtz to platoon RF with Tabata…

      1. someday...2015?

        Who’s in play on Pitts side? Glasnow? Polanco?

        1. Assman22

          Pirates have yet to speak with Garza’s agent…can’t see him wanting to extend with Pittsburgh or Cleveland unfortunately but that’s solely my opinion, not factual…

          1. Jason Powers

            So teams w/o budgets to afford an extension, and too worried about the prospects being too much to give. A poor man shopping on Rodeo Drive…

          2. Ryan

            What are you hearing from your sources, Assman? Do you know how involved the Athletics are?

      2. Afinch

        Very good news to hear. I like a lot of the pitchers in their system. Any talk of Glasnow involved (I can dream?)

      3. Jason Powers

        But I assume our ask is out of their price range… Do they really think they can compete in the playoffs? Honestly…

        1. Kevin

          Look at SF 2 out of past 3 years, anything is possible.

          1. Jason Powers

            I know….but this is the Pirates or Indians we are talking about. The last time either of those teams got close they had Bonds, Bell, Thome, Alomar, et. al. leading their teams…

      4. MichiganGoat

        So I take it there offers were less than the Rangers so is that changing?

        1. DarthHater

          Face it. By all reports, the near-deal with the Rangers that “snagged” was not that great for the Cubs to begin with. So, the fact that the FO was even close to taking such a deal suggests that the offers from other suitors have not been very good. That could change, but it won’t change because the Cubs-Rangers deal fell apart. On the contrary, that fact would just cause other teams to stand firm and hope the Cubs might be desperate enough to get something done quickly that they will take an existing (low) offer. The only thing that will make one of the other teams boost their offer is the passage of time and the greater proximity of the trade deadline. So, I think it’s unlikely that we see a Garza deal any time soon involving any team other than Texas and, unless Texas makes an adjusted offer that satisfies Theo & Jed, we might as well sit back and enjoy the ride for the next 10 days.

          1. Afinch

            Good summary here. My thoughts exactly. I just hope Garza is healthy through the next few starts and the Cubs get as much as they can for him, even if it’s not as good of a package that the Cubs were going to get in this original deal with Texas.

          2. Jason Powers

            Makes sense.

            They wont take him alone. If they were fully convince of health, he, and he alone, would bring back 2 prospects hopefully we’d like, or the FO can sell we should like.

            But other teams want packages to reduce the risk.

            It may very well be this year, no one is convinced they are more likely to make it to the playoffs. Standings show 19 teams within 7 games of the lead. With about 5-7 of those hedging how the next week goes for certain. No commitment to winning, just small superficial changes.

  6. iowacubs

    I still see the Cubs/Rangers working a deal before Garza’s start tomorrow. I cant really see the Cubs taking the chance of an injury or Garza getting knocked around.

  7. Boba Fett

    Assman do you see Garza being traded before his scheduled start tomorrow? If so who do you see being dealt to realistically?

  8. YourResidentJag

    Pirates now interested in Garza. Glasnow? Also, for those who get Directv, remember you get MLBExtraInnings and get to watch all MLB teams this week. Just sayin’

    1. CC

      Did not realize that, thanks for the heads up!

    2. BABIP (MichCubFan)

      Thanks for the heads up!

      1. YourResidentJag

        Yeah, I’m currently watching Jays and RA Dickey. Having fun watching the C try to snag his knuckler. :)

        1. CC

          Great heads up… Moved down to Corpus Christi 6 months ago, haven’t seen many cubs games. I see they are on channel 744 at 3:00. Would not have known that, thank you good sir!

          1. YourResidentJag

            No prob. Remember you can also watch the AZ telecast if you’re a Brenly fan.

            1. CC

              Yep, I see that now. Not much anticipation heading up to that game… Tomorrow will be a constant BN refresh day; productivity is definetly hurting.

    3. YourResidentJag

      Also, remember, if you don’t get the Cubs in your market and get Directv-you can watch Bob Brenly call what might be Garza’s last game as a Cub. Since the Cubs are in my market, I won’t get to watch that telecast.

    4. Mr. Brent Kennedy

      Cheers for that. I like hearing different announcers around baseball.

  9. Deacon

    The names rumored from the Pirates are twice as good as the package of meh the Rangers were offering up! Keeping fingers crossed that Ricketts offers to pay the majority of Garza’s remaining salary this year!!

    1. YourResidentJag

      Yep. Exactamundo!

      1. Jason Powers


    2. Carew

      who’s being mentioned/suggested?

      1. YourResidentJag

        According to @Cubsden, here’s the lowdown: Names to be watched according to John are Alen Hanson 2B, P Tyler Glasnow, Nick Kingham. Additional names we have heard could include P Luis Heredia and Stomlmy Pimental.

        1. Jason Powers

          http://www.scoutingbook.com/players/p2955 – Kingham
          http://www.scoutingbook.com/players/p3313 – Glasnow
          http://www.scoutingbook.com/players/p2927 – Heredia

          All are very young, and unpolished. Lots of potential…that seems what the Pirates would give up.

          C Tony Sanchez would be a get, at least you get a need filled and he’s got his MLB time started.

        2. Afinch

          That’s a good group of prospects. I could be on board with that. We’ve got others as throw ins if they need on top of Garza and Schierholtz. Maybe Barney? Russell?

          Whatever a package with them would be, if I’m the FO I make sure Glasnow is coming this way at the very least.

          1. Jason Powers

            Put C Tony Sanchez into that mix, and we might have a deal. Scheirholtz and Garza for 4 prospects.

            1. gocatsgo2003

              According to Baseball America, that’s the Pirates’ prospects #3, #5, and probably some guys probably in the teens.

              Sounds about right.

              1. Cyranojoe

                LOL. A bit extreme a get, don’t you think? Would love it, but…

                1. gocatsgo2003

                  I meant more to be part of the discussion, not necessarily as the possible return. Plus, if the right guy(s) is/are added to Garza, it may not be ALTOGETHER out of the question.

                2. Afinch

                  I’d do Glasnow, Kingham and Heredia or Sanchez for Garza and Schierholtz. May not be enough for those three though? Not sure a Barney or Russell throw in is enough neither? But that would be my hope is 3 of the 4 between Glasnow, Kingham, Sanchez and Heredia.


                  1. Jason Powers

                    Russell has control. So does Schierholtz. If the Pirates cant find value in that, I wonder. Frankly, they are not in bad shape for contracts. So, it is well within their grasp to take a leap.

                    I’d like more developed prospects, but that does not seem the track the Cubs are on.

                    2016 ETA for a winning and competitive team. So they are expecting A-AA guys to make contributions starting then.

                  2. Dustin S

                    I’m thinking Glasnow, Kingham, and a lesser prospect for Garza would be really close, especially if the Cubs are adding in Schierholtz. Then depending what else the Cubs add the 3rd prospect could be better. That’s the Pirate’s #12, #17, (per MLB.com) and then the 3rd prospect, which is totally in-line with the slightly-less than Grienke value we’ve been thinking. I don’t see how either side could be disappointed in that deal.

                    1. Jason Powers

                      Here’s to your thinking, and the FO’s deal abilities.

                    2. Brunsmk
        3. Carew

          That’s interesting, a very good crop to choose from. I wonder if McPherson’s name has been mentioned as well…

          1. HackAttack

            Kyle McPherson underwent Tommy John surgery on July 10.

            1. Carew

              Oh really? Forget that then. Should’ve researched a bit more. Thank ya

              1. HackAttack

                Can’t know what’s going on with everybody.

            2. DarthHater

              TJ surgery? Well, then, he’s just the kind of guy we would target, right?

        4. praying the cubs get ready to win

          Trade with Pitt makes so much sense. Glasnow, Hansen, Kingham, Heredia, Stolmy and Sanchez and take these players for Garza, Barney and Shierholtz and I would consider adding Russell. I definitely think Pitt continues to underperform and I would like to see Pitt win this year at the expense of their future which is why they should do it. If they can’t keep Garza, they have the others. If they can’t, it’s a great deal for both.

  10. Ivy Walls

    Epstein and Hoyer will be doing a Mitchum commercial soon about how to keep from showing the pressure.

  11. someday...2015?

    Tweet from Ken Rosenthal on Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez.

    Sources: #Dodgers’ interest in Cuban RHP Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez not as fervent as some are portraying.
    11:55am – 21 Jul 13

    1. Carew

      Please. It’s the Dodgers. That’s probably just a little cover-up

      1. Deacon

        Totally agree. I think they’re nervous that their bid was made public and now trying to raise questions on whether that’s really the bid.

        I have to tell you that there’s no GM in the league I like less than Colletti!

        1. Jason Powers

          Seems he has nearly a blank check to buy near the top of the market. Seems bad business.

          Puig has really regressed. (The Ks are similar worse that Castro’s have been. No sense of where to throw the ball – great skills – but a wild OFer.)

  12. johnny chess Aka 2much2say

    Olt was the best piece next closest Profar. Deal is dead. Look for BB to get it done.
    Makes sense cheapest team takes on rental for playoff push.

  13. curt

    What I don’t understand is the cubs have repeatedly signed injured or players coming off injuries but in this instance they balked at the medicals , they are really rolling thd dice letting garza start tomorrow I really hope they don’t get burned playing chicken with the rangers and other teams.

    1. Carew

      The injured guys they signed were reclamation projects or just roster fill-ins. In trades, you want to get the best you can with health for the possible future, with the exception of the Maholm-Vizcaino trade.

    2. LEO L

      because they probably could get the same package with healthy players. why not then pick the healthy players

    3. Eternal Pessimist

      It is very understandable. They “bought” injured players at discount bin prices for a year they expected not to contend. Then they flip those, when they are performing well enough, to a contending team for healthy solid prospects with years of control.

    4. Mr. B. Patient

      Could just be the type of injury. They play it by the numbers. The TJS guys have a better recovery rate than pitchers with shoulder problems.

      1. Jason Powers

        1/3 of all MLB pitchers have the TJ now. (Will Carroll piece.) Recovery is pretty standard – might get 10 years on a good surgery.

  14. Patrick G

    I love scrolling on the comment section just looking for Assman and when his name pops up my heart stops for a minute like when you see your crush. Ya I know I’m pathetic

  15. Lou Brock

    Pimental RHP in Pirate system and moving up quickly this year was a former RedSox free agent signee by Theo. Deal with Pirates would include him as well as more pitching.
    Pirates would be looking for Garza and LH bats like Schierholtz and Navarro to play in platoon. Pirates need Cubs to pay Garza salary.
    Cubs can use Russell in separate deal with Rangers or another team like Atlanta.

    1. Jason Powers

      I’d prefer not to package – more prospects – but Garza presents risks that others will balk without a add. So I hear you on the Pirates front. Russell in Atlanta has been bantered.

    2. someday...2015?

      Glasnow, Pimental, and Ryan Reid for Garza(Cubs paying all the salary) and Schierholtz?

      Even trade?

      1. Afinch

        To me it’s close. Would maybe want more than Ryan Reid for the third guy. Hopefully a younger starting pitcher.

        1. Jason Powers

          Ryan Reid seems a bit old, but to get Glasnow and Stolmy Pimentel do seem good.
          Swap Reid for Tony Sanchez and I’d take that.

          I want this catcher now because its takes 1-2 years for a catcher to learn and control a staff, if he is going to fit at all. Broke his jaw, but has hit well in all stops in the minors. Might even be a high OBP, for catcher.

          Guess will see how much the Pirates are interested soon enough.

          1. Afinch

            To me the third guy would be somewhere between Reid and Sanchez. If the three guys were Glasnow, Pimental and Sanchez I’d think the Pirates would say no thanks. (And I’d do cartwheels for that package just for Garza). If it’s Reid I’d feel like we didn’t get quite enough. Somewhere in the middle, unless the Cubs really add a second guy to help Puttsburgh’s 2nd half run. Like Schierholtz. Then maybe Sanchez, Glasnow and Pimental works and potentially a lottery ticket youngster coming the Cubs way as well. Just my two cents.

            This scenario or one close to it seems to make so much sense for both teams. Besides, we owe them for the Aramis Ramirez trade. Can you believe that trade was 10 years ago?

  16. chrisfchi

    Sometimes I wonder if all this rumor stuff we here is just a ploy to get Garza to sign a team friendly extension.

    1. jpeck

      I’ll take a hit of that….

    2. Patrick G

      Garza wants to be traded so after the season he won’t be tied to a compensation pick, this lowering his value more

  17. Ivy Walls

    Trading with the Pirates would be strategic. Pirates will not be able to pay or hold on to all their players so as 2015-16 approaches they will have to begin to sell, but in the meantime screw the Cardinals…and the Reds

  18. todd mccombs

    The Pirate rumor i think is imagined by this website or is there roots to it.(i think imagined) Texas trade was very good – two very good pitchers and a major league ready 3rd baseman. Any of the 3 would be better than a draft pick over 40 if we even end up getting one. Holding on to Garza would be a terrible idea.

    Garza is not looking to sign any extension ( pay attention to his arbitration’s) Garza is going to be a free agent and go to the highest bidder. Garza will cost some team to much for to many years most of which he spends on the DL.

    Soriano has to be worth over 8 mil a year in value(Not 18 which being paid i realize). Soriano should bring a very good prospect or the Cubs should let him play out his contract. Tired of people making ignorant comments that they hope we can unload him on someone. Soriano has played a good defensive left field and his numbers with the club are Andre Dawson good. (Soriano’s opps are better than Dawsons through his career – posted during cubs game last night)

    1. Mr. B. Patient

      The Texas trade was good, if your goal was to get 4 guys who probably won’t stay in the major leagues for more than a year. It was quantity over quality. We already have quantity. We need more quality.

    2. gocatsgo2003

      I was wondering the same thing — there was a tweet/piece from the Cubs Den regarding the Pirates’ supposed interest, but I don’t know how legitimate that is as a source of such rumors.

      1. Rcleven

        A lot of interest coming from Boston. As I called the other day. Season is wearing on their starters.

        Nick Cafardo ‏@nickcafardo 17m

        Red Sox a little deeper in Matt Garza interest than they were said a major league source

        1. gocatsgo2003

          I don’t know if I believe a word that Cafardo says.

          1. Jp3

            Me neither but any news is better than what we’ve gotten lately in this saga

          2. Rcleven

            With two of their starters going down in a week it makes Boston a motivated trade partner. Now the question is how motivated?

    3. Jason Powers

      I think the difference there is: Dawson played to above a 2.0WAR for all six seasons of his contract, twice around 4.0. He was a very steady guy. (And for the time frame, reasonably paid – and made the ALL Star game 5 times, so that influences perceptions.)
      Moreover, when I saw Dawson in Montreal I wanted him on my team – without the knowledge of OBP or Stolen bases being overrated. He had a gun of an arm too.

      Soriano had a great season, 1st year – WAR 6.6 at Fangraphs – then dropped below replacement in 2009. Higher variation, and no all star appearances. Perceptions becoming reality in our minds.

      Soriano was signed for 3 years too long. And so, that has colored the reflection on his value and worth.

    4. YourResidentJag

      This isn’t imagined by @CubsDen. David Kaplan is also reporting this. http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2013/07/16/pirates-looking-into-acquiring-starting-pitcher-matt-garza-from-cubs/

      1. Jp3

        Yeah I just got a trade chub

  19. javi b (not that one):

    First time posting so i feel its my obligation to say how great this website is and thanks to brett and luke for all their hard work and making this a cubs fan’s favorite porn site, and also all the regular posters for sharing their opinions and hilarious sarcasm ( darth &twc off the top of my head)

    On to my crazy pipe dream, why havent we herd of eny samardzija to Pittsburgh rumors? Is a Bradley, skaggs package that much beter than a tallion, polanco one? Would a samardzija + garza + Gregg/soriano package make the pirates just transfer over their whole minor league system? Just think Pittsburgh could go frm being a bad bet to make the playoffs to being w.s. favorites and the cubs system would b head shoulders and knees over the rest

    1. Jp3

      You forgot the Goat…. Hell hath no fury, like a goat

    2. someday...2015?

      I like the idea a lot. I just don’t think such a huge trade would happen between division rivals.

      1. javi b (not that one):

        Explains the whole crazy pipe dream part, i was just hoping their would be more explanation on why this was such a horrible idea so that i wouldn’t be frustrated that it has no chance of happening

  20. Jp3

    Red Sox interested…. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! You’d have to think they’re interested seeing they saw him so many times a year when he was on Tampa…. Kuddos to them for not tipping their hand

    1. gocatsgo2003

      Per whom?

      1. Jp3

        Brett’s updat, you must not be refreshing every 30 seconds

        1. Jp3


  21. JR

    If this trade with Pirates is true, it really puts the rebuild back a few more years, nothing against the guys in the deal but really they are all about 19-20 years old. I’d rather see some prospects come back that can be use either this season or sometime next year not in 2016 or later.

    1. gocatsgo2003

      I’m pretty sure that 2015 or 2016 as the year in which we anticipate being truly competitive IS the rebuilding plan.

      1. JR

        we get some 19 or 20 year olds then it gets pushed back to 2016-2017

        1. gocatsgo2003

          Because there are no other guys in the minors who might be ready earlier?

          1. JR

            if we are going to rely on that then it will lead to nowhere, the best guys in the system are still in A ball and few in AA, doesn’t mean its all going to work out like I see on here everyday. People have all of our prospects making it to the show. while I’d be more than happy to see that I know in the back of my mind its not going to happen. we have no pitching depth to speak of so to me the rebuild will take longer than has be said

            1. brunsmk

              Everyone would love to get higher level prospects but Garza won’t get you that so you have to do the next best thing. This doesn’t set the rebuild back. The starting pitching has been good enough this year to compete, just bullpen and lack of timely hitting that has been the problem. Shark, Wood, Jackson and then … Baker, Arrieta, Cabrera, (FA) will round out the rotation (still could be a good rotation).

              1. JR

                I agree we wont get a top prospects but getting ones closer to the majors would be better. I don’t see how getting prospects that young are going to keep this rebuild along the same time frame. as far as the rotation goes Wood has been great, shark good, Jackson err, Baker having issues at Kane County, Arrieta hasn’t got it right in how long and Cabrera jury is still out, while this covers the now of the team what happens over the next few seasons?

                1. Jp3

                  I think lower level studs are imperative if we’re going to have sustained success. I don’t want the minors to be empty in 4 years when we’re good, we have to have prospects to trade for that final piece too.

  22. Jp3

    Brett I thought Bud Norris was plan B? They have a lot of crappy plan Bs

  23. Boba Fett

    Todd your a figment of your own imagination. You think you know everything. Stop being a trolling douche clown

  24. Jp3

    BRETT!😃 Is there any way when you put a new update you could put it in (parenthesis) in the title next to update like (UPDATE#5)? I know I’m nitpicking but can’t blame my lazy ass for trying

    1. falselife

      Or a time stamp on the latest update.

      Let’s just let him do all the work!

      1. Jp3

        YEAH!😝 Brett we say this half-kidding… Only half though, keep it up you do a great job

  25. The Huch

    I don’t know if anybody has mentioned this or not, but I really don’t want Garza to go to the Rangers. Purely for the reason that I like Garza and don’t want him to have to pitch to that Douche Pierzynski!

  26. todd mccombs

    Olt was a top 20 prospect in all of baseball. when called up Olt will instantly becomes one of the top def 3rd baseman in the MLB. Olt will hit a lot like Rizzo but from the right hand side ( lots of power around .260 ba.). Olt would instantly become one of our top 5 prospects some would argue number one prospect.

    Been hitting very well of late in 3A and starting to move back up the prospect list. He alone would be great get. Then they throw in 2 pitchers with major league arms – pretty good get.

    Don’t get the one year in baseball comment – no clue where you get that from at all.

    By the way Olt hit number 10 hr last night against the Iowa Cubs – Olt is hot of late

    Cubs think they can do better makes me wonder what they can get.

    1. gocatsgo2003

      From what I know, I don’t know if I would go so far as to call Olt “one of the top defensive third basemen in the MLB” when called up. Has an above-average glove right now with some more upside from everything I’ve read.

      1. Jp3

        Yeah I don’t want to nitpic but didn’t he have 2 throwing errors the other night against Iowa?

    2. josh ruiter

      Not to burst the Olt bubble, but in 08 the 38th ranked prospect was also a power hitting, solid defense 3b, who happened to also have contact questions…. his name? Ian “the whiny biotch” Stewart. Mike Olt was 43 last year and 22 this year on prospect rankings. Oh, btw, another potential power bat with great d but a questionable hit tool? 2012 #32, your own Brett Jackson. Cautionary tales of guys who had a contact issue in the minors but other promising tools….more often than not you want a guy with a great hit tool and let him learn and develop power!!! not vice versa.

  27. Njriv

    I cant think of any team more desperate than the Pirates, possibly the BoSox. Pirates could be more willing to part with guys like Tillon, Glasnow, Oliver and Kingam for Garza and Schierholtz/Soriano. Boston however I think it would be harder for them to deal guys like Webster, Barnes, Owens and Ranaudo.

  28. josh ruiter

    If the potential return is Glasnow, Hanson, and Kingham with names like Heredia and Pimentel being discussed, we should darn well come to the table with any (& EVERY) piece not in the future as a discussion. I would give Garza, Sori or Schierholtz, and one of Barney or a reliever to make that deal, both if we get all 6!!!

  29. todd mccombs

    Boba Fett – what?????? – don’t agree with reality and i am a troll. your ignorant

    1. Jp3

      Now now boys

  30. Boba Fett

    Ignorant douche Todd!!

    1. turn two

      Got to agree with Todd here. His point was accurate and your response immature at best. Lets keep it cordial people.

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