matt garza cubsHere we go …

Ken Rosenthal reports that Matt Garza will not make his start tonight for the Chicago Cubs as expected. Instead, sources tell him, a deal with the Rangers is “near.” That’s is for details so far, but I expect this to develop in the next few hours.

In case you missed it, the Cubs nearly completed a trade involving Garza on Friday. Although you had to do some dot-connecting to get there, it appeared that the package was Garza and another Cub (possibly James Russell) for third base prospect Mike Olt, infield prospect Luis Sardinas, and pitching prospects C.J. Edwards and Neil Ramirez. A medical issue caught the Cubs’ eye after the exchange of records, and the deal was temporarily held up.

We’ll see if the ultimate package – assuming this deal with the Rangers actually goes down now – is similar.

UPDATE: Jon Heyman also reports that Garza has been scratched for tonight, and a deal with the Rangers is close.

UPDATE 2 (3:59pm CT): Jerry Crasnick isn’t quite hearing the same thing as Heyman and Rosenthal, instead saying only that the talks between the Cubs and Rangers have picked back up. He adds that another involved club tells him that the Rangers are making “another big push” to get a deal done.

UPDATE 3 (4:03pm CT): Oh my – Jeff Passan, who initially reported the “snag” on Friday night, now reports that Garza is going to the Rangers.

UPDATE 4 (4:04pm CT): Buster Olney says a deal with Texas is “close.” They were the “most motivated.”

UPDATE 5 (4:04pm CT): Mike Olt is in the deal, per Jeff Passan.

UPDATE 6 (4:06pm CT): Dave Kaplan says the deal is “being finalized,” but not quite done.

UPDATE 7 (4:07pm CT): Jeff Wilson reports that young Rangers reliever Joe Ortiz could be involved. He’s already having success at the big league level at 22, so it’s fair to wonder if he’s been substituted into the deal, given the Cubs’ concerns about Neil Ramirez (again, per Wilson). Wilson says the Rangers did have health concerns about Garza, for whatever that’s worth.

UPDATE 8 (4:10pm CT): Rosenthal reports that it’s Garza for Olt, C.J. Edwards, and a third player.

UPDATE 9 (4:11pm CT): Passan says it’s actually Olt, Edwards, a third player, AND a player to be named later. Evan Grant reports that he’s heard two versions of the package, with one being Olt/Edwards/Ramirez, and one being Olt/Edwards/Rougned Odor (a very good second base prospects at the lower levels).

UPDATE 10 (4:13pm CT): Kaplan says it’s a done deal, and Garza is a Ranger.

UPDATE 11 (4:16pm CT): Jon Heyman says the deal is done pending medicals, and we know how that can go. Unless the replacement piece has any issues, this is going to happen.

UPDATE 12 (4:23pm CT): Although the Cubs aren’t yet ready to announce the deal, they have identified Chris Rusin as tonight’s starter, according to multiple reports.

UPDATE 13 (4:25pm CT): Jeff Passan reports that the final package includes Major League starter Justin Grimm, making it Garza for Olt/Edwards/Grimm and a PTBNL. If so, that’s a hell of a nice haul (albeit a slightly flawed one) for Garza.

UPDATE 14 (4:27pm CT): Grimm, 24, hasn’t had big league success yet, but he’s the same age as Neil Ramirez and already in the bigs (minor league track record is short and decent for Grimm). That’s a nice substitution right there (I’m assuming that Sardinas was dropped because the “other Cub” was dropped).

UPDATE 15 (4:30pm CT): Passan says it was the A’s involvement that spurred the Rangers to “up the ante,” meaning that those involved believed Grimm is an upgrade from Ramirez. I think I’d agree.

UPDATE 16 (4:34pm CT): Gordon Wittenmyer reports that the PTBNL list *includes* Neil Ramirez. If true, this deal is a huge, huge haul for the Cubs. No one else has said anything about the caliber of players on the PTBNL list, or if it’s contingent on anything (like Justin Grimm’s current forearm soreness becoming something more serious).

UPDATE 17 (4:41pm CT): This might be the last update until this thing goes official. When that happens, and some dust settles, I’ll have more on the prospects involved, and an overall evaluation of the trade. Right now, gut says: very solid return for Garza, and just about what I’d expected all along (top 100ish prospect (Olt), and two organizational top 15s (Grimm and Edwards (yes, I know it’s debatable how high up they are – Edwards is borderline top 100 at this point, and Grimm no longer is technically a prospect)). If that PTBNL ends up being someone like Ramirez, then it goes from solid return to oh-wow-seriously-well-done-borderline-squeal.

  • jt

    Olt had a horrible April 2013. He missed the month of May.
    June and July 2013 his AAA OPS is close to 0.860 for 184 PA’s. That is not too bad!
    57 K’s in those 184 PA’s mitigated by a 14% BB during that time.
    This season he has batted much better vs LHP though the K rate hasn’t varied much as to the R/L split.
    So, the great glove allows Valbuena to move to 2nd if the K rate does not make him into BJax. At worst, he seems to be a good rhh platoon candidate who wouldn’t hurt defensively when used in a double switch. At best, a low BA, good OBP and good SLG devensive 3B.
    I share the concern of those who think he is a bust. I think I have a lot more hope than many though.

    • Whiteflag

      I agree. Olt has potential. He might be a bust, but that is strong possibility with most prospects. I still think he has a lot of upside, and he is just having a bad year.

  • Patrick G

    Hope Payano is a PTBNL

  • SalukiHawk

    Another unsung benefit of having Olt is that he can play 1B and could give Rizz some rest against tough lefties

  • Adam

    Just like I thought, return is less than what was offered in previous trade, poor value. And I know this doesn’t include what was supposed to be a second player, and this is just my own opinion. A mediocre 3B that cant hit (Brett Jackson 2.0) with eye problems, an average bullpen pitcher, and one upside pitcher that i think ends up in the bullpen as well. At least it is something, i guess…

    • nkniacc13

      well lets see we got Olt and Edwards in both deals. We have the chance apparently to get another of the 4 players as the PTBN and the cubs didn’t throw in another player (Russell) who can now be moved for more prospects

      • Hawkeye

        Why do we need to flip Russell for prospects? I can’t say this enough we need to field a team for 2014.

        • Kyle

          I don’t love our chances for 2014, but they aren’t so hopeless as to be giving up before we’ve even started.

          • willis

            2014’s biggest problem will be pitching. 1, 2, and 3 are ok, but after that there’s nothing and nothing that will be ready in the minors. Another lost season most likely.

            • Kyle

              That’s absurd. We’ve got an entire offseason to acquire more pitching, and Grimm is at least a decent possibility of being in the back of the rotation.

              • willis

                I don’t buy Grimm at this point. My point was that the cubs biggest issue is going to be finding pitching that can help them win, otherwise it’s no bueno. There could be a trade or maybe something decent through FA, but it’s going to be tough to find very good pitching out there to fill two spots.

                I say all that hoping my negative opinion of Grimm is wrong and he can be serviceable, but I’m afraid that’s not in the cards.

                • Eternal pessemist

                  The cubs have very little under contract for 2014, so i expect they can spend a little money, like this year, and still have a shot at being good. They will be fielding a fair amount if cheaper young talent, and hopefully rizzo/castro will be “a year better” than last.

                  • Eternal pessemist

                    2015, more young, cost contolled players + some add/jumbotron dollars = world series!!!

                  • nkniacc13

                    they basically have if they want their entire infield and OF under contract along with 3 starters

                • Kyle

                  That’s all fine, but a season isn’t doomed in the previous July because you don’t have a No. 4 and 5 starter in place yet.

            • Jh

              I know man, for us to be this close to 2014 and not have those spots in the rotation filled already… embarrassing. I for one am giving up on 2014. If they arent decided by fall I may give up on 2015 too.

              • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

                I for one am not giving up on 2014. Grimm is 24 with a chance to work on some things and come back better next year. Starting pitching has not been a problem and will not be a problem if we are scoring the runs to compete. We now have the minors to make a run at high end pitching and not decimate the minors.

                • jh

                  I should have made my sarcasm more noticeable apparently.

                • YourResidentJag

                  I wonder how much 2014 rests on an extension for Shark. If Shark wants a 5-6 yr deal, and presumably why wouldn’t he, he will be 35-36 by the time that deal is done. Theo has said they don’t like paying big $$$ to pitchers beyond 30. If they can’t extend him this offseason, do they trade him then or during the deadline next year. I don’t think they’re going to want to pay a guy 15-17 mil much beyond 35. That could have some impact on 2014, especially if they get some low level prospects for Shark in a deal that are yrs away, like they did with Garza.

            • Jason P

              Cabrera and Hendricks possibly, along with Scott Baker if he resigns. Plus there are always other free agent pitchers out there. Maybe Grimm works out as a starter, maybe not, but he’s also a possibility.

              But overall, I agree. This team/system is definitely built to open their competitve window in 2015. By then, we could see some of the Big 4 along with Alcantara, Johnson, Olt, even Edwards.

              • Kyle

                I like our chances for 2015 a lot better, but people’s “give up on the season” threshold is *way* too low. We’ve got a chance to be a decent team in 2014, and sometimes decent teams win it all.

                • willis

                  Cabrera maybe, Hendricks, probably not. We all know what Rusin and Raley bring…so it’s going to have to come through trade or FA.

                  I do think the bullpen can be a strength, but unlike this year to this point, the rotation could be the big weakness.

                  • willis

                    I suppose we can pencil in Villanueva, if not traded, as the #5.

                • caryatid62

                  The Cubs ended the 2012 season with Samardzija, Garza, and Wood as their only three starters, and still put together a rather successful starting staff for this year.

                  It can be done.

                  • willis

                    Sure it can be done, but already Feldman and Garza are gone and Baker is a lost cause to this point. NOW, if he can get his shit together and resemble what he was, well, maybe there’s a little hope of him at the #4 next season. But we’re a long way from that.

                    Will be interesting for sure.

                • nkniacc13

                  don’t forget Arretia cubs have some better options now than they did before the season at the AAA level to fill out rotation.

                • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

                  Agreed Kyle. Progression of the young players already up. I am more worried about improving the pen. Starting pitching hasn’t been a problem. We have managed to find cheap, solid pieces. Never throw away a season. Not sure why losing Garza people are throwing away next year. There is no guarantees he was coming back. We got better value than a comp pick.

                • Werner

                  Don’t some of our numbers in 2013 (run differential) point toward a decent 2014? And surely we will go out and get a pitcher or three. And I don’t believe that the Cards, Reds and Pirates will all be like magical superhuman baseball dominating machines like they are this year.

                  • willis

                    Eh, what makes you think they’ll get worse? Just curious because from what I see, they all will still be very good next season and the way the FO is doing things, there won’t be any leapfrogging of them going on anytime soon.

                    • Werner

                      Because of injuries or Free Agents (aren’t Choo and Beltran FA’s next year)? that leave or because something will happen to RedsCardsPirates that we can’t predict. I think the Cubs got better/are getting better this year than last. And I think we’ll have a better bullpen next year (because we can’t get worse) and that we’ll be decent and sometimes decent teams can make a run. I’m by no means certain but anybody claims to be, one way or another, is suspect.

            • http://a-rodminorsavg.324hr/yr7 cub2014

              i think we are set next year for our 2,3,&4 starters.
              we have a lot of options for #5: cabrera,rusin,hendicks,
              i think they are planning on contending next year
              so I think they are going to try and get a real #1.

              • willis

                Villanueva could be a 5 and be ok. Baker is struggling and we’ll see what he can bring. Vizcaino…don’t hurt yourself by believing he’s anything more than a bullpen piece. Hell he hasn’t pitched in what seems like forever. We have no idea what he can do really.

                Hendricks and Rusin-no. Their stuff won’t play in the bigs. Cabrera is intriguing and does have very goo stuff. He could have a shot in the early parts of ST. Arrieta also intrigues me some, but a lot of hurdles for him. He’s got the stuff, can he harness it?

                • http://a-rodminorsavg.324hr/yr7 cub2014

                  Look at our AAA starters this year:
                  Cabrera,Rusin Arrieta,Loux,Struck & Raley.
                  Raley’s not very good but the rest have potential.
                  Struck and Loux have been pitching better

                  • willis

                    Struck just got demoted to the pen (or at least it seems with his last two appearances coming out of there) and Rusin’s stuff gets murdered at the major league level. Loux I don’t even count. Arrieta and Cabrera I’d keep a close eye on because out of what you listed, they have the potential to make it as starters. The rest don’t.

    • frank

      Actually, a very good defensive 3rd baseman who has power, and is fairly good at getting on base, though maybe not a high average hitter (eye problems are supposed to be fixed); a young starter who’s either an eventual 5th man or bullpen guy; and a young pitcher that almost all reports say has a #2 ceiling (but of course, he may not reach that ceiling). The only difference–if it’s a Garza only deal–is Grimm instead of Ramirez–and Grimm might be the better of the two eventually. Can’t really consider Salinas as part of the package from Texas if we don’t throw in Russell.

    • BT

      How in the world do you even know what was offered in a previous trade so you can complain about this one?

  • ClevelandCubsFan

    Here’s the real question. Quick take. What we gave up to get Garza vs. what we get….

    Or in other words, how well did Jed undo what Jim did?

    In 2010, we traded Sam Fuld, Chris Archer, Hak-Ju Lee, Brandon Guyer, and Robinson Chirinos for Matt Garza, Fernando Perez, and Zachary Rosscup.

    In 2013, we traded Matt Garza for Mike Olt, Justin Grimm, C. J. Edwards, and a PTBNL.

    Granted, we have hindsight on the first deal, and granted we don’t know the PTBNL….

    • Whiteflag

      And granted that was for multiple years of control on garza vs. 2 months or so.

    • jj

      I’m no Hendry fan, but you do need to include 2+ years of Garza as a Cub. But basically it was Archer – just now getting a chance – and Lee (out for season and a questionable bat) for Olt, Edwards, and Grimm.

    • Mush

      Yeah but we got rid of Hendry because of deals like that. He was hoping for lightning in bottle (no pun intended..well maybe) in that trade.

      • Kyle

        I hope we didn’t get rid of Hendry because of deals like that. It was an awesome deal, and I expect Epstein/Hoyer to make many of them himself.

        • YourResidentJag


      • Rebuilding

        Trading was not the reason we got rid of Hendry. Very few players, especially impact, coming through the farm system is why we did. Now Archer looks to be a possible talent, but I think 2 years of Garza was worth the risk

        • ClevelandCubsFan

          But Hendry traded 5 young guys for a guy who didnt help us go anywhere. So since we didn’t accomplish our goals it is fair to ask if wed be better without those 3 guys and having the other 5 in the system somewhere (I know… fuld…) or better having the 4 we got today. Pure speculation. Assumes no other deals inbetween. Pure mental exercise for entertainment.

          BUT… that deal was Jim Hendry giving us a net loss in prospects and failing to achieve his goal.when you talk about talent in a minor league system you have to account for that.

          • Rebuilding

            Well, I don’t think you can judge any deal based on whether we win the World Series or now. It’s all about giving yourself a chance. You have to judge them on their own merit. You can throw everyone else out except Archer and Lee. I personally don’t think Lee will ever be a starting SS – great fielder, just doesn’t hit. Archer is looking very good right now, but has always struggled with control. So we got the last several years of Garza and 4 prospects for Archer essentially. Pretty fair trade

            • JayPaul

              Don’t completely discount the fact the Cubs still maintain the rights to Rosscup, who probably has earned a 40 man spot this Winter, as well.

          • BT

            We don’t even know WHAT four prospects we got back yet. And you can’t compare a deal by a GM trying to win and a GM trying to rebuild.

            Also, the cubs would not have had Archer if Hendry hadn’t already grabbed him in another deal.

    • http://a-rodminorsavg.324hr/yr7 cub2014

      Rosscup has been really good this year, might
      be lefty in bullpen next year.

      I really like Garza but remember you get 4 cost
      controlled players in exchange for 15 starts.

      That being said we need to go after an ace
      like Price and that gives us 4 quality starters
      for next year.

    • jeff1969

      Remember, the Cubs got Archer from the Indians in the DeRosa deal, and was viewed at the time of the deal as kind of a bust 5th round draft pick. The rest of the return was typical Hendry fare: relievers John Gaub & Jeff Stevens. Archer sucked for the Indians, sucked, but figured out something & became a Top 100 prospect. Even though as a fan I was not in favor of the way Jim Hendry did some things (like signing Soriano) & was surely disappointed in how the Cubs just couldn’t get there under his time in the job, the Cubs system is still full of high quality guys that he & his team drafted or signed: Baez, Castro, Shark, Vogelbach, Alcantara, geez, more than half the prospects we all spooge over came from the Hendry era. But I’m way glad we got Theo & Jed running things now for sure.

  • curt

    Any idea of wht caliber player the ptbnl might be

    • nkniacc13

      some reports have it being a good list. It could be they have multiple lists depending on factors.

  • Cubswin

    Definitely like the return we got for a 2 month rental. If we get sardinas odor or Ramirez it would take this from a good return to a great return! Plenty happy with this trade because realistically we weren’t going to sign him this offseason and even us making a qualifying offer to get a draft pick wouldn’t be as good as what we just got! Good work

  • Patrick G

    I think the Cubs did the best they could. Not sure which trade was better, this or the original, but you can’t risk have him pitching tonight and getting injured and not getting anything for him just to walk at the end of the season. I don’t think it was a rushed deal but took the best offer as close up to tonight’s game as possible

  • Cheese Chad

    Some non-garza/braun stuff….. I really like this comment from Brett Jackson per Carrie Musket. “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to better myself as a player and get back to the big leagues and help the team,” Jackson said. “If going back to Double-A is what the team thinks is the right move for me, I have my faith in that decision. To me, it’s baseball and all about getting healthy and back into the shape as a player to have success and help the team win at the top.” There have been talks about him joining AA instead of AAA when he gets healthy. Despite his struggles he seems very driven to get better. I still have hope for a guy with his talents and apparently his drive to get better.

    • 5412


      Jackson is a likable kid you can pull for. I have believed that fixing his K problem is not his swing. When I watched him he took too many called strikes.

      How do you change that?


  • Aaron

    I like this deal and the players we received. I was concerned if Garza started tonight for the Cubs that something would happen during the game which would negatively affect his value. I’m glad he was traded before that could happen.

  • RD

    The Cubs farm system is now loaded with depth and “future star” caliber players. The only real need is an ace potentil pitcher which I think the only way to acquire is in the draft or trading some of out “future star” type prospects or “core” major league pieces. The future is looking very bright…

    • Voice of Reason

      Loaded is a strong word.

      • ClevelandCubsFan

        So is the phrase future star. How about loaded with potentially solid major leaguers.

  • willis

    Grimm, he of 6.37 ERA, Whip of 1.652 and an era+ of 68. Add in there a busted forearm. Color me not excited.

    The key to this trade is whether Edwards can stay as a rotation arm. With his frame it’s a tough sled to begin with, but we’ll see. If so, maybe in a few years this pays off.

    Olt, well he has potential I guess. But he’s been awful.

    • jj

      Grimm may not fit the model of a hard thrower who, worst case slots into pen, but (1) he was well regarded before this year, (2) moved to majors in 2 seasons, (3) and has just 56 innings at AAA, suggesting room dor improvement. Also, Grimm was originally a Theo pick for Red Sox.

    • Voice of Reason

      Willis u might not be excited, but this is better than if they would have kept Garza and took the #1 draft pick for the team that traded for him.

      That said, I’m happy with the trade.

      Its all about adding better prospects. Its a number game. Theo and Jed understand this.

    • Rcleven

      Willis give this trade a chance. Wood came in with high 4/s ERA struggled for a year and has become a very serviceable pitcher. Grimm is 24 yr. old who still needs to learn how to pitch and not just throw. Give it time before making a final judgement.

      • willis

        Will do, and I’m not making a final judgment. Like I said if Edwards can stay a starter and healthy, then all of the sudden it looks a lot better to me. But that’s a long way off.

        I just hate losing Garza and getting back pieces that I think sets this team back even further, unless they are flipped for major league ready talent. And I’m speaking at the major league level, of course this boosts the farm system plenty.

  • R.E.S

    The fact that Ramirez was mentioned makes me wonder if its like the Brigham, Loux deal. If Grimms elbow seems to be a problem we can switch him for Ramirez.

    • Mush

      Damn Brigham is pitching good this year. I think Cubs overreacted to his injury.

  • dying cubs fan’s last request

    This deal is good. Period.

  • Losers

    After Todays Trade the Cubs are just that much Closer to winning the World Series I can feel it…………………………..NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • YourResidentJag

      Cards fan?

      • ClevelandCubsFan

        Troll fan.

      • Vulcan

        Don’t feed the Trolls.

        • YourResidentJag

          Or the Vulcans?

          • Vulcan


            • DocPeterWimsey

              Aren’t you guys vegetarians?

  • stevie

    I actually like what we are getting a lot. I’m not as down on Olt as some others are. The guy is a power hitting, good glove 3rd baseman. He had some issues early on this year, but he has them worked out, he gives us another power bat, and some leverage whenever the kids like Bryant and Baez are ready to make other moves to add more talent to the major league team. Grimm is young, and while he’s struggled, he has the talent, and with this team he should actually get a chance to develop into a starter, if not he should be a pretty good pen arm. Edwards, I think is gonna be the steal of this trade, I really like that kid a lot. Then we get a player to be named later, which I get the feeling could be a pretty good one as well. The FO did as well as they could, and got a pretty good deal.

    With Olt we could now trade Barney or Valbuena, in another package to add something else. Schierholz, Soriano, Russell, Gregg, Villanueva, and maybe Dejesus should get us a couple more decent to good prospects. When we head to the offseason our system will be even stronger than it was at the beginning of the year, we will have a good amount of young kids in the majors, we will have a good idea of what we will need to add to the team to compete next year, I really like what we have going on.

  • Carne Harris

    Grimm’s numbers scare the poopsmith out of me, but considering his age I’m trying to take it with a grain of salt like I do with Rizzo’s and Castro’s struggles this year.

    • nkniacc13

      Im not that concerned because 1. without injuries he would have been in AAA most likely 2. Look at what Feldman did leaving Texas so pitching there can balloon era quickly. 3. Switching leagues should help him as well

    • Mr. B. Patient

      Take two grains of salt. he’s only had 10 AAA starts, so he may have been rushed. A lot of 24 year old pitchers struggle in their first major league go around. Plus he pitched half his games in Texas. Not saying he’s great, just don’t worry too much now.

      • willis

        His stuff is bleh, but I’m more worried about these forearm issues. Nothing every comes good of forearm problems.

        Of course many times it’s TJ surgery, and well, this FO loves that so probably why they dealt for him :)

        • Mr. B. Patient

          So the Cubs surgeon was getting bored?

  • nkniacc13

    Anyone heard what they have gotten for all their PTBN minor league trades that they have made?

  • Mike S.

    Juan Paniagua siting! Pitching for the Cougars tonight!! At the game :)

  • Ivy Walls

    iironic how so many fan expert opinions reflect the similar sentiment of trades involving Wood and Rizzo,

    all of them were imperfect risks, both have blossomed under the regime of Epstein and Hoyer. Epstein and Hoyer got value and more quantity, in their words inventory.

    If Ramirez is the PTBNL than I bet there is a return but Ramirez could have value 4 for one is a good risk.
    Let us see how it perculates…

    • jeff1969

      Exactly, well said. How many of the crybabies would send Rizzo back for Cashner? How many are still pining for their 6’7 lefty out of the pen? The Ian Stewart trade aside, I think Theo & Jed have done an amazing job. The Cubs needed a re-tool of everything and finally it is happening. As a fan I am willing to wait & willing to roll the dice that this front office will get it done.

  • Believe in 2015
    • Believe in 2015

      Mike Olt flashing the leather

  • sossa

    Not impressed with this trade, how many 3b prospects do we have in our top 20? Oh yeah like about 10 how many pitchers with potential ace stuff? Maybe 1 or basically none. We need money next year for a free agent CF not an ace, we aren’t even gonna be good for another 2 years.. ahh! the pessimist in me is so upset!

  • Vince

    This is really jumping the gun but…..what do you think it would take to land Price this offseason?

    How about Baez, one of Soler/Almora/Bryant (Bryant I know can’t be traded for a while), Vogelbach, and Johnson?

    That’s a lot to give up but they are all just prospects and you’re dealing for a dynamic #1 MLB pitcher. After a trade like that, the farm system would take a big hit but would still be pretty solid with a lot of depth in my opinion. And the Cubs’ MLB rotation would be very, very good.

    • sossa

      Give up half our farm system for one ace. Sounds like a good idea.

    • Jason P

      That is a TON to give up, even for Price. I’d offer one of the Big 4, Alcantara, Johnson, and Ha or Watkins.

      It may not get it done, but that’s what I’d cap the offer at.

      • Vince

        I understand it’s a lot, but I think that’s about what it would take to actually complete a deal for him. Don’t think the Rays would take one elite prospect (one of the big 4), one very good (Alcantara), one good (Johnson), and a “meh” (Ha or Watkins). Maybe two of the top four plus Johnson. Yeah it’s a lot but I think if you actually want Price that’s what it would take.

    • caryatid62

      Dayton Moore, is that you?

  • AD

    As I noted earlier, the anticipation is the best part of the trade season. Once the trade has been made, people are either overjoyed or unhappy. Only time will tell if this is a great deal for the Cubs. Ultimately, Garza was probably not going to sign with the Cubs. Given that, anything is better than nothing. Although this deal lack any sparkling names, it is solid return for a two month rental.

  • Jason P

    People are way, way too down on Grimm. He dominated AA last year, was mediocre in AAA, and then was dumped into a major league rotation before he was ready.

    I don’t know if this scouting report has changed since the season started, but pre-season BA said he had plus control, sat 91-94, and had mid-rotation upside.

    I’ll take that.

  • shane mcconnell

    Grimm should be groomed the same way Ryan Dempster was. I think he will be a great piece for long relief or middle relief. Also Josh Vitters doesn’t ever seem to be the answer at 3rd. So having Olt and Kris Bryant will be fun to watch. Also you can never have enough talent to trade away for pieces that fit the bill. Anyways I really hope we trade Soriano for a straight stud of a catcher. Also signing Miguel Alfredo from Cuba should be our top priority right now.

    • sossa

      Agreed, we need a catcher. Welli hasn’t really impressed me at all.

      • shane mcconnell

        Couldn’t agree more I like Dioner Navarro and his power then Wellington Castillo.

  • Rizzo44

    The Cubs just said on Twitter its Garza for Olt, Edwards, Grimm and TWO PTBNL. True??

  • someday…2015?

    We don’t know for sure but last years package for Garza before he got injured was supposed to be Perez and Olt.

    If that’s true, I think we actually ended up getting equal to or more value for the rental version of Garza.

    You just have to ask yourself, Is Edwards, Grimm, and a PTBNL equal to or more valuable then Martin Perez? I think so.(depending on the PTBNL)

    All in all, great job FO!

  • Corey

    Holy shit, it’s TWO PTBNL.

  • Rooster

    A rapidly-maturing slugger in the Rangers system, Mike Olt (‘Mike Olt!’) is a legit third-base candidate whose defense is already passable, though his first-step could use some improvement. Olt hit .288/.398/.579 with 28 dingers at AA Frisco in 2012, good enough to enter discussions as a 2013 starting possibility in Arlington, despite the lack of any clear position at which for him to play. A subject of trade rumors all winter long, he’s still an attractive piece to many MLB teams, though the Rangers would probably prefer to keep him in-house.
    *** I love the fact that he’s taken 33 walks this year. That’s awesome. He’s having an off year but with this pick up I see him or Bryant at 3B with the loser getting a corner spot in the OF. Great pick up.

    A sleeper prospect who’s been a favorite of GM Nolan Ryan for a little while now, Tennessee native Justin Grimm was the Rangers’ fifth round pick back in 2010. Grimm throws a good moving fastball that lives in the mid-nineties, and he brings it from a quality downward plane. His curve (actually more of a slurve) is an even better pitch, though. It’s especially effective against hitters who haven’t seen it before, as demonstrated by his 103 strikeouts in 134 innings split between double and triple A in 2012. His changeup is coming along, but still has to be considered a work in progress, though it’s not unusual for that to the final piece in a developing pitcher’s arsenal.

    As an experienced college pitcher, he looks ready to push for a role on the Rangers in 2013, though probably not until the second half of the season. Without an injury or two to some veteran Texas starters, of course, long-relief work looks more likely. Longer-term, he looks like a quality third or fourth starter for a future MLB club.

    • sossa

      Very optimistic outlook on the deal…