matt garza cubsYou can read more about the deal in the frantic updating space in which it developed, but it is now officially official, with the Cubs making the announcement.

Today the Chicago Cubs traded Matt Garza to the Texas Rangers for pitcher Justin Grimm, third base prospect Mike Olt, pitching prospect C.J. Edwards, and two players to be named later.

You’ll see that the official announcement comes with two PTBNLs, not just one. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are lesser players than we’d heard before. Instead, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that one of the PTBNLs comes from a nice list of potential players (Neil Ramirez has been reported as on that list), and the other PTBNL is contingent on something like Garza’s health or another player’s health. In other words, this could end up being a mere one PTBNL deal, depending on how things play out.

It’s hard to fully evaluate the deal without knowing the PTBNL identities/circumstances, but, for now, it looks like a great deal for the Cubs. Garza, a free agent after the year, was going to give the Cubs two months of service in a lost season. In exchange for that service, the Cubs get a prospect who was among the top 25 in all of baseball last year before some injury/eye issues this year brought him into the acquirable range (Olt), a 24-year-old pitcher who looks like a solid future 4/5 for cheap (Grimm), a fast-rising pitching prospect with insane numbers at A-ball (Edwards), and a couple PTBNLs. That’s just a good deal, folks. I’ll have much more on the deal soon.

On Garza, I’ve got a little sadness. He was fun to watch – mostly because he so visibly cared about the game, his teammates, winning, and having fun. That’s the kind of presence that makes it a lot easier to swallow a few years of losing.

Best of luck to Garza with the Rangers. I hope he pitches well, makes the playoffs, and sets himself up for a nice payday this offseason.

UPDATE: The PTBNL thing has been clarified by the parties. Essentially, the Cubs have the choice of either taking Player A, or taking both of Players B and C. Given what we know about how this trade played out, it’s a fair bet that Player A is Neil Ramirez, and Players B and C are the replacement players if the Cubs don’t like how Ramirez looks over the next however long. Presumably, their collective value is equal to that of Ramirez (again, assuming he’s Player A). This is just a fantastic deal for the Cubs.

  • Brent

    We need to find a way to pry Glasnow away from the Pirates. Hoping some type of combination will get the job done. I have grown to appreciate what Sori does for this team on and off the field. He has improved defensively over the years. With that being said, it is time for him to go. Get back what you can for him. Time to open up some spits in the outfield for guys like Lake, Jackson, Scuzer, Vitters, etc.

    • Jed Jam Band

      Glasnow is a possibility. He’s seen a nice rise in his prospect status, but a combination of Schierholtz and Russell might get the job done.

  • Tobias

    I was at the game tonight and really liked what Lake did. The ball sounds real nice coming off his bat.

  • J

    So feldman/garza rentals for arrieta/strop/olt/edwards/grimm/ramirez?

    Feels pretty good.

    • daveyrosello

      Don’t forget Ivan Pineyro, obtained for Scott Hairston.

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    Brett we usually agree, but that’s OK sincere people can have real differences on a player and still have respect. Olt is a hang up for me. I think he’s grossly overvalued at a position they have great minors depth. I also think his issues unless he corrects them in a hurry are problematic on an offensively very erratic infield. We’ll see the PTBNL, could be the key….

  • Ryan

    Really solid get for the Cubs. I like that Olt gets a year + to show what he’s got before Bryant/Baez are ready to challenge for the hot corner. By that time the verdict will be in on Olt, for the most part.

    Edwards is the type of guy you’d always feel good about adding to your organization, and Grimm can fill the five hole in the rotation. Even if the PTBNL(s) is a fringe prospect, I still feel very good about this as a Cubs fan. Hoping Garza does great things for the Rangers and everybody wins.

    Also, reports are coming out that Soriano may be headed back to the Yankees…

  • Oswego chris

    Brett needs to clone himself…this July is action packed for Cubs! Wake up to see Sori stuff all over the place…

  • Frankdatank

    I seen on ESPN this morning that the Yankee’s and Cubs are close to a deal for Sori. Any more info on this?

    • brunsmk

      A new york times piece is where it started from. Seems to have good traction and maybe a few suitors as well. Money and type of prospect will be interesting. Not sure it is worth it to just trade him if you don’t get someone decent since he is still under contract next year.

    • Ryan

      Reports I’ve read are that the Cubs will pick up “most” of Soriano’s remaining salary and get a mid-tier prospect in return, but no names mentioned. Guessing that means someone ranked between #10-20 in the Yankees system – where in that range probably depends on how much of Sori’s contract the Cubs are eating, is my guess.

      Not a great return for a power bat, but honestly, Sori’s AB’s need to be going to Lake / other youngsters at this point, and Sori still has enough to be an everyday player in the MLB.

      • Jp3

        Please be Rookie Davis from the Yankees! He’s got an awesome name and he’s from my super small town. He also can sling it.

  • Ryan

    ‘K, so starting to wonder if the Cubs could actually be in contention next year… lot of “ifs”, but..

    – Cubs save $10m or so by trading Sori and go out and get Gonzalez (Cuban FA) who comes in as a solid #3 SP next year
    – Vizcaino comes back as a strong setup / closer and adds to a bullpen anchored by Russell / Strop / Villanueva
    – Olt proves he can play in the MLB and posts a .250/.330 line with plus defense and 25 HRs
    – Lake continues to impress and DDJ/Schierholtz play solid ball
    – Rizzo / Castro return to form
    – Alcantara challenges Barney for the 2B job in spring training and the Cubs get more offense out of that position
    – One of Arrietta/Grimm capably fill the #5 spot in the rotation

    Not saying the Cubs would win the division even if ALL of those “ifs” came through (and its a lot of “ifs”), but still, fun to think about, and I think things might be interesting next year even before the Baez/Bryant/Almora/Soler crowd starts to hit…

    More likely tho, the Cubs will continue to test out pieces / play with lineups and flirt with .500 next year. But still, chances are there…

    • 1060Ivy

      Given the improvement identified, it’s still difficult to impossible to see how the Cubs improve by 25 + games that would be required for them to compete in 2014.

      Appears the Cubs are most likely to win 60 – 70 win in 2013 – currently as they are on pace to win 73 games but we should expect a drop off without Garza, Feldman, Marmol, Clevenger and Hairston on the roster.

      Appears it will take a minimum of 90 games to contend while the Cardinals, Reds and Pirates don’t seem like they are planning to fade away next season.

      • Ryan

        Sorry – poor choice of words on my part – should have been “competitive” rather than “in contention.” No way those improvements are going to see them battle the Cardinals. I do think tho that a bullpen with Strop / Russell / Villanueva / Vizcaino would be a huge upgrade over this year, where the ‘pen cost the Cubs 15 games or so in the first half. Add in some improved offense and they could be interesting – in a “competitive” sense tho, not a pennant-winning sense.

        Although of the names you listed, I don’t think we’ll really see a drop off by losing any of them except for Garza.

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  • Norm

    Didn’t read the comments….what’s the verdict for the commenters? 80/20 approve of the Garza haul?

    • Brett

      Probably more like 90/10.

      • Hookers or Cake

        Yeah anyone who thinks we didn’t get a good deal for 12 starts of Garza is insane. 4 real good prospects. Didn’t have to give up any other players and the Rangers pay the tab on remaining?
        Compared to what the Marlins got for Volstad? Compared to what anyone else is gonna get? Garza is a 3 (with #2talent) with injury concerns who wants 5/80
        And its probably a good deal for Texas. The 2 or 3 added wins could be their season. And it could be their playoffs… if they don’t go anywhere and don’t resign Garza it could cost some people their jobs.

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  • http://None Cubbieblue29

    Any idea what the A’s probably would have offered for Garza?

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