Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 4, Diamondbacks 10 – July 23, 2013

Well, Travis Wood didn’t start a second half quality start streak, as he hit a bit of a wall in the sixth after cruising for much of the first five innings. The Diamondbacks then beat up on Hector Rondon and Michael Bowden, and that was that. Dale Sveum wasn’t around to see it, having been ejected earlier in the game when it appeared that he didn’t much care for the way ump handled Cody Ransom’s disappointment about the strike zone.

The game was not without highlights, though. I can’t get over this new guy …

july 23 box

Full box.

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81 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 4, Diamondbacks 10 – July 23, 2013”

  1. MichiganGoat

    Well the Inflated Expectations of Lake continues

    1. Falselife

      Give it another week and the ESPN hype train will start. They will push to replay the All-Star game with Lake in it.

      1. Whiteflag

        Laughing so hard. We all know its true. It almost concerns me he burst on to the scene with a bang. I hope he isn’t using all his magic up.

        1. cking6178

          is ESPN even mentioning him? He’s doing his best Puig impression!

          1. Tim

            Was wondering the same thing? Gotta wonder how long it’s going to take before ESPN jumps on the bandwagon

    2. cub2014

      u should be called grumpy goat. come on
      we all no lake could finish hitting .225 and
      never make it back to the bigs. but his start is
      historic and FUN

      1. cub2014

        what has impressed me about lake the most is
        his ability to bunt and the willingness to do so.
        ability to bunt for a hit is a slump buster plus
        it pulls the corners up a few feet which improves
        your chances of groundball base hits.

        1. cub2014

          i want to see Lake against righties can he consistantly
          get on base against them. he does over swing especially
          on breaking balls down and in from lefties. but so do a lot
          of hitters. He does seem to hit bad pitches pretty well, some
          cant do that.

          1. cub2014

            Cubs problem has been this in a nutshell: your
            leadoff hitter gets on base 4-5 times and only
            scores 1 run and Lake had to knock himself
            in to score that run

            1. cub2014

              IMO Castro Rizzo and Soriano havent been very
              clutch with men on base. i dont know there stats
              in those situations but eye test says not very good.

              1. bbmoney

                Clutchiness, right up there with bellyfire.

                I think the bigger problem than clutchiness is that Castro specifically, and to a lesser extent Rizzo and Soriano just haven’t hit as well as they can yet this year in general.

                1. MichiganGoat

                  but clutchiness + bellyfire + inflated expectations = sCRAP Factor. Right now Lake is building Scrap value that will keep fans loving him if when he slumps. These games will be what fans return to him everytime anyone mentions that he might not be a superstar everyday player. Getting ready for “He plays the game the right way” answers.

                  1. cub2014

                    goat i was replying to others obviously,
                    but definitely too much caffiene this morning.
                    and who is calling Lake a future superstar?

                    1. Eternal Pessemist

                      Lake is a future superstar!!!!!!!!!!

                  2. Jp3

                    Superstar, hell, all time legend. Where is his statue going? Seriously though I think he’s shown enough to find out if he can play passable defense somewhere in the OF. We are trying not to leap on to the hype train but as long as the FO thinks he’s got a chance a CF you know we’ll all give them the benefit of the doubt.

                  3. 70'scub

                    The eye test, speed, arm strength, bat speed, power a type of wild ability that is hard to coach! This equals a path of big hit or big bust a type of player. Cub FO should play him damn his first big league Jack was some serious business, for good measure he bunts twice for hits. You got a kid out their in center with no outfield experience wanting some one to test his arm. This could be a gamer a hungry gamer who sees an opportunity!

            2. baldtaxguy

              Yes. Hopefully Rizzo and Castro and others get the hitting bug as well. There have been signs of life from both since the break, but I would like to see Lake’s energy get the other bats going much more (so he doesn’t have to bat himself in….).

            3. MichiganGoat

              Did you just reply to yourself like 4 times?

              1. Hansman1982

                Arguing with yourself is a lost artform.

        2. MichiganGoat

          Wait, what? So a bunt = a slump buster? Somebody better call Mark Grace. So whenever a player is “slumping” or not being “clutch” you suggestion is the start bunting?

          How did Campana ever slump then?

          1. Oswego chris

            Mark Grace couldn’t beat out a bunt if all the fielders were standing on the warning track…hence he had to come up with that other method…

          2. cub2014

            Goat unfortunately Campana was a pretty
            lousy bunter

  2. Falselife

    Sportsline had Lake’s first at bat as a hit, then it changed to an error. Was that what happened, or was Sportsline just living up to their standard of falling just short of mediocrity?

    1. baldtaxguy

      Yes, the scorer originally indicated it was a hit, but it was clearly not, and was changed to an error. Sportsline reported the events as they happened.

      1. Falselife

        Glad to hear it really wasn’t in question, thanks.

  3. Cory

    I know there is bound to be some/alot of regression, but was this call up the exact kind of motivation Lake needed? I hope so!!!

    1. baldtaxguy

      I would assume that the experience alone is great for him, but having such success is icing. It will be interesting how pitchers adjust to him and vice versa. I noticed that last night’s first at bat, it was clear that Corbin, who is noted for getting ahead of hitters early, wasted the first two pitches to Lake assuming he would continue his trend of sitting on the first pitch, and Lake took them for balls. He is (thus far) noticeably selective, and at the same time aggressive. Fun to watch.

      1. baldtaxguy

        Check that, the first pitch was a called strike, but my point is that Lake took it.

  4. Eric

    It reminds me of the electricity that Sosa brought just after we traded for him. During those days he batted leadoff and played center. Each at bat was exciting to watch, especially if he launched one out.

    Lake is doing exactly what he is capable of. But with every mountain top there is a valley so hopefully his won’t be too deep.

  5. JM

    Disappointing to see Castro went hitless. Didn’t see the at-bats though. When Castro hits, the Cubs win.

    1. willis

      He actually looked good last night. Hit two on the screws that were just good defensive plays/positioning…basically unlucky.

    2. Eternal Pessemist

      Had a couple of solid contact outs.

  6. Josh t

    Not jumping on the Lake bandwagon yet. Show me he can be patient at the plate and when pitchers adjust to him i wanna see make adjustments. Until then I’m not going to get too excited. I mean its ok to get excited but not squeal level excited. When pitchers start pitch him differently and he struggles that will be the real test. Then if he adjusts well, then we can get really excited. I feel pitcher are going to take advantage of his aggressiveness at the plate

    1. cub2014

      Josh T we dont know what we have in Lake. But pitchers
      have made adjustments already, lots of breaking balls
      and first pitch out of the strike zone. So far so good.
      But where will he be at by Sept 1.

      1. fester30

        Just because pitchers are trying different things doesn’t mean they’ve found an adjustment. They’ll throw everything at him for a couple weeks. Once they have some game tape and stats they’ll start seeing what works better, then the league will adjust to him.

        1. cub2014

          fester I agree, but he has made the 1st adjustments
          but he does have a couple of holes in his swing that
          will e exploited

          1. Josh t

            I think Lake’s approach at the plate will be more of a problem then his swing. But I agree his swing needs a little work.

            1. MichiganGoat

              his inconsistency was the major complaint of his minor league career, he show an amazing round of at bats and then have a series of the worst at bats, same with his fielding. We’ve seen a little of the jekyll and hyde both in the field and during his AB.

          2. MichiganGoat

            He has not made “1st adjustments” its not even been a week. After a couple of weeks is when books are written and tape has been fully explored.

            1. cub2014

              goat, well at least this conversation is fun. he may bust
              they usually do. but his start has been historic and he has
              been fun to watch no one can argue that

              1. MichiganGoat

                not arguing that, I’m just use to Cub fans go all Tebow with any prospect that shows a flash of success. He’s not Trout or Harper but yes he could be a decent utility player, but his inconsistencies really concern me.

                1. cub2014

                  my 50 years of cub fandom tells me that success
                  isnt likely for Lake and a career .280 hitter in minors
                  means probably .250 in the bigs at best. But .250
                  would make him an average or above hitter on this

                  1. JB88

                    The difficulty I have is evaluating whether Lake is injury-prone and the last two years are who he really is or whether he is an uber-talented, late-ish developing above-average MLB player whose numbers were hampered last year and this year by early season injuries.

              2. Crazyhorse

                Lake is doing fine ride the wave with enthusiasm while Rizzo wave has come to a poodles a mere trinkle tinkle mild dissappointment.

                1. cub2014

                  the encouraging thing about lake is that
                  his numbers have improved as he has
                  been moving up the last couple of levels,
                  so you dont really know what we have there.

            2. Die hard

              That’s more illuminating than a Grand Haven MI light show

  7. Brian

    If Lake were a Dodger, the national media would be enshrining him already.

    1. bbmoney

      There are some key differences between Lake and Puig. Puig was a high profile international signing just a year ago, Puig hit .500 during spring training, etc.

      That said the Puig love is pretty annoying, even if he is pretty good.

      1. Brian

        Cowherd’s arguments are “Look at the numbers” and “He just looks different”. He was making this argument around 5 games in. By his logic on why Puig is great, he could say the same for Lake (but won’t because he’s not in LA, which was my jab).

        1. bbmoney

          You forgot to put the word ‘logic’ in a sarcastic type face.

          1. Brian

            Sorry, haven’t downloaded the sarcastic font for my tablet yet.

        2. MichiganGoat

          first of all listening to Blowherd is you first mistake, he just a step below Bayless and Smith on that four letter network.

          1. Brian

            It’s either BSPN radio or country music here in Dayton. I take my lumps with BSPN.

  8. Cory

    The bunting ability is nothing short of amazing to me. The fact that he has showed bunt in multiple at bats makes me think this will be a skill we should see a lot of. I can’t remember the last time I saw a guy with a frame his size with this kind of speed attempting to bunt for hits. I’m still skeptical of his D in CF, but he is young and in a lost season what the hell.

    1. cub2014

      Cory, I to am worried about CF defense, but then again
      I believe he has only started half a dozen games in CF
      in the minors that alone is amazing. Usually you dont
      learn a position at the MLB level

      1. mdavis

        i dont think he started any games at CF. I think he only saw about 6 games in RF? i may be wrong.

    2. 70'scub

      After the trade deadline Lake in left Sori on the bench. That’s what I think of his 10-5 trade rights after this week the Cub FO needs to move on. This guy is over playing his hand he is a DH candidate on a good team. Lake-Viters ect. need those AB’s to develop!

  9. Stogie

    If they send Lake down when David returns, I’m gonna run amok.

  10. jh03

    Chris Cotillo‏@ChrisCotillo 4m
    #WhiteSox rejected an offer from the #Cardinals that would send Alexei to STL for Carlos Martinez.

    I’m a little surprised by this… for multiple reasons…

    1. Jp3

      I think there is more to this story. I don’t think the White Sox are THAT stupid. Who knows what else the Cards wanted or visa versa. That doesn’t compute at all.

      1. Brian

        Cards are interested in Peavy. Gotta imagine he was in the deal too, especially if Martinez was offered.

        1. Jp3

          Yeah I could see that, Cards lowball offering Martinez and some fringe prospect for a Ramirez and and Peavy. That’s how trades work, lowball offer is how it begins I’d guess.

          1. Jon

            Martinez for Ramiriez and Peavy isn’t a lowball at all. I take that and run if I am Willams/Hahn.

            1. Jp3

              Seems a bit low to me, especially if the Cards wanted the Sox to pay for Peavy and Alexi’s salary. All this is hypothetical of course seeing that supposed trade proposal never happened anyways.

      2. jh03

        But why would the Cards offer up Martinez, is my question? Are they in the process of trading off farm pieces that they don’t believe will pan out at the big league level? There’s no way that the Cards would offer a top pitching arm for Ramirez.

        There has to be more pieces involved, like you said…

      3. Dustin S

        Yeah I’m thinking we might hear more from the Sox on this today since the reaction has been pretty tough on them. It’s possible that the Cards wanted the Sox to also throw in some of Ramirez’s, salary, or that there’s an issue with Martinez (attitude/health/?), etc.

        1. Rebuilding

          There have been some concerns with Martinez’s durability, but I would think the Sox would jump all over this. Sale and Martinez at the front of your rotation makes rebuilding easier. Anyone calling the Sox asking them to pay any salary should save the long distance charges because that isn’t happening – they would rather take lesser prospects

  11. X the Cubs Fan

    Time for Rondon to get a major “injury”.

    1. willis

      Oh please God. He’s just not ready for this level. He gets stomped when out there and I think it’s been long enough that he can be stashed on the DL.

    2. Jon

      Indeed. That rule 5 pickup was a bit of a headscratcher.

      1. Chris

        The percentage of Rule 5 success must be terrible–difficult for me to recall.

        1. JUICED1

          johan Santana was a rule 5. pick

          1. X the Cubs Fan

            Clemente too.

            1. Jon

              So was Josh “Buy me a drink” Hamilton.

            2. X the Cubs Fan

              Others: Jose Bautista, Jayson Werth, Josh Hamilton, Shane Victorino, Dan Uggla, Alexi Ogando, Joakim Soria and Scott Posednik.

  12. Die hard

    Now I understand why Theo didn’t accept my idea of moving Castro to CF and lead off … Lake earmarked

  13. Fishin Phil

    This actually made me laugh so hard, I peed a little.

    1. Oswego Chris

      Lake can go 0 for 76, and his average will still be higher than the 2012 Josh Vitters experience…

  14. Justin

    I understand completely that there are major faults in Lake’s game, but I hate coming on here and reading nothing but his flaws. This kid has comes on the scene and put up better numbers than Puig in his first 5 games. Yeah, it’s highly unlikely he will continue the kind of production that Puig has, but can we just be happy he has done so well so far? He has been a great spark to a team that has nothing to play for anyway, so let’s just enjoy it while it lasts and than talk about his many flaws whenever he comes back down to earth.

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