junior lake cubsThe Wife is off to a conference, which means I’ve got the kiddos today, tomorrow, and Friday (with some help from The Mother). Hopefully you won’t notice when I am distracted by their adorableness.

  • Dale Sveum told the media that David DeJesus’s rehab is going very well, and that he could be activated soon – as early as today. With Junior Lake tearing the cover off of the ball, it’ll be hard to sit him (let alone send him down), but I also don’t see how you can bench any of Alfonso Soriano, David DeJesus or Nate Schierholtz the week before the Trade Deadline. Lake may just have to be content to be a right-handed platoon-mate for a few days – that is assuming at least one of the outfielders is traded by July 31. I know that he might give the Cubs a slightly better chance to win these games, but you’ve got to take a longer view, given where the Cubs are. Lake can be a full-time starter beginning in August …
  • Speaking of Lake, Sveum continues to gush. “He’s playing as well as anybody can imagine,” Sveum said, per Cubs.com. “Every at-bat has been quality and getting good pitches. Right now, he looks really, really good. He looks like he likes this stuff and performs better at this level.” Get every Lake-related pun out of your system now. I don’t want to hear them after today.
  • When DeJesus does come back, someone’s going to be dropped from the 25-man roster. Because he can be freely optioned to Iowa, your early leader is Dave Sappelt, though Julio Borbon is another possibility.
  • Sveum, who was ejected last night after Cody Ransom struck out, clearly doesn’t like umpires doing any eyeballin’. “I didn’t quite like the way [the umpire] handled staring at Cody and following him,” Sveum said, per Cubs.com. “It was over with. He didn’t need to keep staring at my player and baiting him.” Seriously: don’t eyeball Sveum or his players.
  • The Cubs front office and coaching staff toured the new facilities in Arizona, which are still under construction. The goal is still to have the park open for Cubs’ Spring Training next year.
  • Josh Vitters is keeping a positive attitude in the wake of the Cubs’ acquisition of fellow AAA third baseman Mike Olt, and the drafting of top college third baseman Kris Bryant. “I think, without a doubt in my mind, that I’m going to be the Cubs’ third baseman of the future,” Vitters told Tommy Birch. “I would be worried if I was not confident but I’m actually very confident. I’m going to work my butt off and that’s really I can do.” Rather than that striking you as arrogant, it should strike you as appropriate. That’s the attitude you want Vitters to have. That said, his bat is what’s going to get him back to the majors, rather than his position. Third base, full-time, probably isn’t in his future. But if he can play passably in left field, mixing in some third and first, he could be a bench option, at least. He hasn’t even turned 24 yet.
  • A nice profile on infield prospect Arismendy Alcantara, who is moving up rapidly in the prospect world.
  • Fran Spielman reports that the Cubs want the right to put an advertising arch over Clark Street in place of the pedestrian bridge if they are forced to permanently scratch the bridge. A pedestrian bridge is functional and looks better, even if it has some advertising on it. Why is this such a fight?
  • Scott Baker will make his third rehab start at Kane County today. The first two haven’t gone as well as you’d hope, but it’s just Spring Training for him.
  • In case you missed yesterday’s post on BN shirts around the world, you should check it out not only because it’s fun, but because there’s a special offer that lasts through today, only (free shipping on any order when you use the code “XMASINJULY”). You can get BN shirts here.
  • ISU Birds

    What are Baker’s “hopeful” numbers for velocity when completely healthy again?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      90/91 should be enough for him to be effective.

      • ISU Birds

        I thought I heard at one point they thought he would get to the 95 range?

        • bbmoney

          I think he’s always averaged in the 90-92 range for his career. He’s never been a blow it by you power pitcher.

  • Jp3

    Did you guys see that new body of water? Lake OPS1.429 ok I’m done no more lake jokes

    • Jp3

      Ok one more. Junior Lake is a tall drink of water.

  • Frank

    Lake effect?

    • DaveY

      I think the trib already used the “Lake Effect”

    • Beardface

      I uesd Lake Effect after his first game…

  • DaveY

    I don’t get why they would oppose the pedestrian bridge either. Would it allow public access or would it only allow hotel residents to enter the ballpark? Completely independent of Wrigley Field, Clark and Addison are high traffic streets and even worse when there is a game. Anything that would easy pedestrian traffic should be welcomed.

    • Headscratchin

      Follow the money. All those pedestrians going over the bridge are being funneled into Cubs owned shops and bars and not by Tunney’s contributors ships and bars. My opinion anyway …

      • Headscratchin

        * or shops and bars…

    • ssckelley

      I agree and I wish the Cubs would not concede this.

  • figgelbert

    Lake can rake

    • Elden14

      Lake Rake, home of Cubs fan’s future

  • Jay

    The bridge is a fight because Tunney is throwing everything against the wall hoping some of it sticks. He couldn’t care less about the bridge, but if he makes the Cubs fight him on that, maybe they’ll budge on other things. It’s all posturing.

  • DaveY

    Junior Lake reminds me of this short exchange at 5:00.


  • On The Farm

    Lake Superior (too obvious? already been used?)

    • CubsFaninMS

      Yes, one article released the other day said something to the effect of “Lake superior in Cubs debut.” lol I like it.

  • SirCub

    Junior seems to have a deep reservoir of talent.

  • Jackalope

    Junior Lake drowns Puigmania

  • ssckelley

    Not sure how this affects the Cubs dealing with the Yankees over Soriano but I read an article this morning that ARod could get a lifetime ban. If this happens would the Yankees be getting a huge break in not having to pay the rest of his contract?

  • Mak

    Reserved for his first slump … Cooler by the Lake

    • Mr. B. Patient

      He will NEVER slump. How dare you.

    • Cubbie in NC

      I was thinking that he could not hit a lake if he fell out of a boat.

  • auggie55

    There was a funny little article in The Heckler that the Chicago City Council by a vote of 50-0 has voted to rename the Lincoln Park Lagoon, ‘Junior Lake.’

    • DaveY

      The only thing wrong with this article by the Heckler is that it fails to take into account that some aldermen are sox fans and would vote against it just because.

  • Holden

    Why not make Lake a super utility till the deadline. Little third, little second, some right, left, center. Hell throw a mask on him and let him call a game. He’ll come back down to earth but man its fun to watch right now.

    • Beer Baron

      Junior Lake will end the string of injured Cubs center fielders. Because when Junior Lake runs into the center field wall — the wall goes on the DL.

      • Jp3


  • Nick

    I just hope the Lake doesn’t go dry…

  • Vince

    If Lake can put some more muscle on his frame he’d be a Lake house.

    If Lake starts swinging the bat in a strange manner – Lake Eerie.

    If you wake up early in the morning and immediately read an article about Junior Lake that’s called a Wake N’ Lake.

  • hansman1982

    In sad news, Sean Marshall was put on the 60-day DL last night.

    • jh03

      He wouldn’t have gotten hurt if Theo didn’t make the bonehead move of trading him. We completely lost that trade. Imagine how good this team would be if we had a LOOGY who was on the DL!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

        Yeah well TWood shat the bed last night… soo it was still a stoopid trade 😉

        • Brian

          That was because he shaved his beard though.

        • jh03

          And the scumbag didn’t even pitch in the All-Star game! Saint Marshall would have even stole the show from Mo that night!

          • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

            Mo would have carried him on his shoulder and done a Lion King presentation to the crowd.

            • jh03

              Marshall is good enough that Jim Leyland would have let Marshall pitch the 8th and the 9th, so he could record the save. Then, he would have went to Dave Dombrowksi and requested that they pursue Marshall to close out all their games… and nobody, NOBODY, would be off limits! I can see it now.. Cubs trade Sean Marshall to the Tigers for Miguel Cabrerea…


  • JulioZuleta

    It has always confused me that a Dominican player’s name is Junior Lake. In Spanish that would be pronounced, like, “Who-nee-ore la-KAY.” Strange. (Kind of a random post, there’s no hidden pun in there or anything, just something that has always perplexed me. I’ve lived in Spanish speaking countries and I have never met a “Junior” or someone with the last name “Lake.”)

    • CubFan Paul

      Which is why my girlfriend thought Junior was white/American. Her mind was blown when he made his debut. Between that and Scott Hairston she says she won’t assume anymore

      • On The Farm

        My buddy thought there was an error on the screen in his first AB beacuse he was sure Lake was white, so when he saw someone of Latin decent, he assumed they were wrong.

    • ChrisN324

      I actually thought the same thing for a while. Actually when I first heard about Lake I wasn’t aware he was a Dominican player. Interesting name for sure

  • funkman

    the cubs need the bridge for the rising lake

  • In Theo We Trust

    How about “The Great Lake”

  • Jon

    BTW, did you see where the White Sox turned down a Carlos Martizez(Cards #3 prospect) for Alexi Ramirez deal? LMAO!

    • Featherstone

      They’ve already debunked that rumor.

    • Cedlandrum

      I’m sure there were money issues as Ramirez is on the hook for 22 million or something like that. Cards probably wanted Sox to pay almost all of it for Martinez.

  • Jason

    That god we all like baseball cause there isn’t a comedian among us…..

    • ISU Birds

      What’s the deal with Junior Lake?!

      • Falselife

        He’s a minor god from Asgard. Heimdall saw his awesomeness and let him visit Earth to wreak Cubs justice across the land. Rumors suggest that his indestructible bat is forged from neutron star matter.

        • ISU Birds

          I was going for the Seinfeld but roll with it how you see it I guess.

  • DaveY

    For any spanish speakers out there, is Lake’s name really pronounced the same as in english?

    • ChrisN324

      You could pronounce it similarly based on its spelling, but it really depends on how he himself pronounces his own name. I’ve never met or heard of anyone with a name like his. It’s a unique last name.

  • baseballet

    I disagree regarding benching Lake right now in favor of Sori, DD or NS because of the trade deadline in a week. What would one more week possibly show other teams about those three vets that they don’t already know? If the Cubs are going to force feed us horrible baseball then they can’t bench the only player who’s exciting to watch while he’s in the middle of a crazy hot streak. They can’t do that to us!

  • conmebol

    Maybe they should change the proposal from a bridge to enclosed skywalk

    • dash

      That’s what I was thinking, too. Or put plexiglass walls on the bridge to prevent people from throwing things, if that’s really what they’re worried about.

      • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

        Tunney’s real fear was not throwing bottles, it was the loss of foot traffic local business would have and the impact it would have on those business. I also think he knew it would be an easy win for him and something he can use in the next campaign:


  • funkman

    on Sean Marshall Dusty strikes again

  • Paul

    Junior Lake = pond…. Think about it

  • Louie

    Lake is “lago” in Spanish

  • Jon

    The best part, Junior is doing this all while maintaining a very sustainable .667 BABIP

    • cub2014

      2 HR 2DB 2 Bunt hits 3 ground ball singles 3 line drives
      BABIP doesnt factor in how hard a ball is hit. Again
      Lake will cool substantially but dont use BABIP
      blindly. Many do.

      • Jon

        He’s still not walking at all and striking out at a high rate. I’m not using it blindly at all. He’s going to crash, and crash hard.

    • baseballet

      It’s been fun to watch. It’s been weeks since I did a search on Cubs.com for a particular player’s highlight videos, but I did that this morning for Lake. I did a wake-and-Lake.

    • On The Farm

      Yeah but his wRC+ is 301, he is going to win the MVP hands down.

  • cub2014

    my bad 1 double and 3 bunt hits