junior lake cubsThe Wife is off to a conference, which means I’ve got the kiddos today, tomorrow, and Friday (with some help from The Mother). Hopefully you won’t notice when I am distracted by their adorableness.

  • Dale Sveum told the media that David DeJesus’s rehab is going very well, and that he could be activated soon – as early as today. With Junior Lake tearing the cover off of the ball, it’ll be hard to sit him (let alone send him down), but I also don’t see how you can bench any of Alfonso Soriano, David DeJesus or Nate Schierholtz the week before the Trade Deadline. Lake may just have to be content to be a right-handed platoon-mate for a few days – that is assuming at least one of the outfielders is traded by July 31. I know that he might give the Cubs a slightly better chance to win these games, but you’ve got to take a longer view, given where the Cubs are. Lake can be a full-time starter beginning in August …
  • Speaking of Lake, Sveum continues to gush. “He’s playing as well as anybody can imagine,” Sveum said, per Cubs.com. “Every at-bat has been quality and getting good pitches. Right now, he looks really, really good. He looks like he likes this stuff and performs better at this level.” Get every Lake-related pun out of your system now. I don’t want to hear them after today.
  • When DeJesus does come back, someone’s going to be dropped from the 25-man roster. Because he can be freely optioned to Iowa, your early leader is Dave Sappelt, though Julio Borbon is another possibility.
  • Sveum, who was ejected last night after Cody Ransom struck out, clearly doesn’t like umpires doing any eyeballin’. “I didn’t quite like the way [the umpire] handled staring at Cody and following him,” Sveum said, per Cubs.com. “It was over with. He didn’t need to keep staring at my player and baiting him.” Seriously: don’t eyeball Sveum or his players.
  • The Cubs front office and coaching staff toured the new facilities in Arizona, which are still under construction. The goal is still to have the park open for Cubs’ Spring Training next year.
  • Josh Vitters is keeping a positive attitude in the wake of the Cubs’ acquisition of fellow AAA third baseman Mike Olt, and the drafting of top college third baseman Kris Bryant. “I think, without a doubt in my mind, that I’m going to be the Cubs’ third baseman of the future,” Vitters told Tommy Birch. “I would be worried if I was not confident but I’m actually very confident. I’m going to work my butt off and that’s really I can do.” Rather than that striking you as arrogant, it should strike you as appropriate. That’s the attitude you want Vitters to have. That said, his bat is what’s going to get him back to the majors, rather than his position. Third base, full-time, probably isn’t in his future. But if he can play passably in left field, mixing in some third and first, he could be a bench option, at least. He hasn’t even turned 24 yet.
  • A nice profile on infield prospect Arismendy Alcantara, who is moving up rapidly in the prospect world.
  • Fran Spielman reports that the Cubs want the right to put an advertising arch over Clark Street in place of the pedestrian bridge if they are forced to permanently scratch the bridge. A pedestrian bridge is functional and looks better, even if it has some advertising on it. Why is this such a fight?
  • Scott Baker will make his third rehab start at Kane County today. The first two haven’t gone as well as you’d hope, but it’s just Spring Training for him.
  • In case you missed yesterday’s post on BN shirts around the world, you should check it out not only because it’s fun, but because there’s a special offer that lasts through today, only (free shipping on any order when you use the code “XMASINJULY”). You can get BN shirts here.
  • cub2014

    well K rate of 20% not that bad, walk rate
    of 5% not that good (only has 1).

  • cub2014

    I guess I am stupid I thought reaching
    on an error went towards your OBP?

  • Mr. B. Patient

    So why would anyone complain about a guy who makes his major league debut AND energizes an entire team and it’s fan base? Most exciting debut since Rizzo last year.

    Very soon, Junior Lake is going to do what history says Junior Lake will do. He will excite us, he will frustrate us. He’ll look amazing on one play, bad on the next. So what?
    Have fun with it while it lasts.

    • On The Farm

      I watch a majority of the games to begin with (at least follow on my phone if I can’t watch), but Lake has me glued to the set when he comes up to bat. He has defintiely provided a spark for fan interest.

      • Cody Ransom note

        Can’t wait to see him at Wrigley.

      • Jason

        He’s like Ken Jennings from Jeopardy :)

  • Dustin S

    I will say that Vitters has looked much better at Iowa lately and not just on the stat line. Whether it’s attitude or confidence I’m not sure, but his demeanor seems much improved at the plate and on the bases. His Chicago call-up struggles might have done a number on him but it looks like he’s finally starting to recover from that.

  • cub2014

    IMO the Cubs go after Price in the off season. That gives
    them a very good starting staff. They will still need major
    help in the run scoring department though.

    One of the reason to get Olt because now you can trade
    Baez and play Olt while you wait to see what Bryant is
    capable of.

    • Cub Fan in Hickory(Mike S)

      With adding Olt and Bryant over the past month it really makes me want the NL to finally bring in the DH. All these bats

      1) Almora CF
      2) Baez 3b/DH/SS
      3) Castro SS
      4) Rizzo 1b/DH
      5) Olt 3b/DH/1b
      6) Bryant OF/DH/3b
      7) Soler OF/Dh
      8) Alcantara 2b
      9) Castillo C

      I mean how do you even make a batting order that makes sense with all that talent. But you can get everyone a rest in the field with alot of versatility in their positioning. Maybe Theo knows somethings on the horizon, fingers crossed, so we dont have to discuss trading someone and we can see this lineup before too long.

      • MichiganGoat

        Well because only about 20% of these prospects will likely become solid starters (and sadly that might be a high percentage). The bigger question is how many of our prospects can we trade for quality MLB starters.

        • bbmoney

          I think 20% is a high number for prospects in general. But out of the prospects he has in his lineup above (Almora, Baez, Olt, Bryant, Soler, Alcantara), I think that might be low balling it for the %’s that become solid MLB starters. I’d be disappointed if it isn’t more like 3 out of those 6.

          • MichiganGoat

            I’d be happy if 1-2 of them become Cub starters and the rest get flipped for players like Price or others.

            • Cub Fan in Hickory(Mike S)

              I get the success rate, but my point was that it makes me crave the DH seeing the types of prospects Thoyer has accumulated. Id rather sign garza back and go for Kershaw when hes available then give too much for Price too. Alot would depend on what Price would cost though.

              • Cyranojoe

                I don’t see how we can buy Garza, Kershaw, and Price. Any idea how much that would cost??? It’d be fun to root for, but dayum.

                • Cub Fan in Hickory(Mike S)

                  said id rather get garza back and push for Kershaw then move prospects for Price,

          • Nate

            2 of 6 seems likely. I started looking at old top 100 prospect lists and players that are maybe top 40 prospects have about a 1 in 3 chance of making it and being productive. Also, I’m considering players like Zambrano and Prior as productive. It didn’t really last as long as it should but they were both really good for a while.

            So if two of these guys are really good and Castro and Rizzo work things out and maybe 2 of the other 8 or so guys the cubs have that could rise to this level of prospect status in the next couple of years make it. Then you have a really good team. Plus if you trade the right guys away and get another player or two and spend a little money on a couple free agents this team is really good in 2015 or 16

  • Cub Fan in Hickory(Mike S)

    The Lake Show, the Cubs could be referred to as the Junior Mafia

  • CubsFaninMS

    According to a report at the Dallas News, Neil Ramirez is “likely to be the PTBNL” in the deal but the Cubs were waiting on the assurance that his recent injury was not more of an issue. They also said Roughned Odor was the prospect in the package before the Rangers raised concerns about Garza’s health, replacing Odor with Grimm. I do not like the Grimm-Odor swap, but Grimm still has upside. It is likely that was just posturing by the Rangers, but maybe we were posturing as well?

    • Crockett

      Amusing that the Rangers didn’t raise that flag in the deal Theo torpedo’d.

    • Cub Fan in Hickory(Mike S)

      Im hoping that Odor ends up the PTBNL, i think with the fact that it was Garzas health that caused him to be removed that if Garza were to stay healthy that he could be included. I had read that the Cubs will either get Player A or Players B and C, Maybe Odor is player A and Ramirez is Player B or C along with someone else. Just a though.

      • Cody Ransom note

        Hoyer already said that players A, B and C are pitchers.

        • Cub Fan in Hickory(Mike S)

          ahh, didnt see that report, well that stinks, cause Odor is gonna be a stud, oh well

      • Bilbo161

        Would love to get Odor. Sniff, sniff! Or errr, maybe I already have it?

        • Bilbo161

          Actually like Odor a lot. I read he was who the cubs wanted instead of Grimm. Not sure Texas would put him in as PTBNL.

      • kmr1453

        I read somewhere that Ramirez is player A option.

        • Bilbo161

          Yea I read that too. Doubt Odor would be one of the two lesser options if the Cubs don’t want player A.

          • Cub Fan in Hickory(Mike S)

            Is anyone else hoping that these Suspensions happen before the Cubs move anyone else so we can maximize our return. Soriano could easily be needed by Texas if Cruz gets suspended. And with them having all that communication already, a deal could get done fast.

            • On The Farm

              I thought I saw an article that he could appeal and push the suspension back to 2014

    • DarthHater

      That story has a grim odor.

      • CubsFaninMS

        The odor is Grimm’s current ERA. He’s young, hopefully he pans out.

  • Hatfield

    Has Lake stolen any bases yet?

    Speaking of which, you can never explain puns to a thief, they always take things literally.

    • MichiganGoat

      Yes he has he has also been caught stealing

    • MichiganGoat

      1 SB 2 CS

    • nick

      He had the one after hist first at bat, which he stole 3rd

      • On The Farm

        Yes, doubled on the first pitch he saw, stole third on the next pitch

    • McCoy

      What ?

  • Bilbo161

    That home run, brought to you by Lakeland’s Best.

  • ssckelley

    Put Lake at 2nd once DeJesus returns.

    • MDel

      I think you would be better served moving Valbuena to second and putting Lake at third. However, I think a lot is going to change in the next week.

    • Jed Jam Band

      I’ve said this before, but I’ll repeat it. Lake’s current and future value to this team, whether as a starter, bench player, platoon guy, or trade piece all hinges on being able to shine the light on his most valuable asset, his 80-grade arm. Moving him to 2nd would instantly negate that.

      • ssckelley

        But he has sucked at 3rd base, his fielding percentage in the minors was horrible.

        • Jed Jam Band

          His future is likely not in the infield. He’s more likely a LF or RF long-term.

          • ssckelley

            I agree, but in the meantime find a place for him to keep him in the lineup until another trade is made. Once DeJesus comes back you are not going to start Lake over him, Soriano, or Schierholtz. Which is why I suggested 2nd base for now.

  • North Side Irish

    Not really related, but Panic Stream has the Pearl Jam show from last Saturday on their site now…you can stream the show or download the individual tracks…


  • William

    I want to spend a bi-curious night down by the Lake!

  • Headscratchin

    The whole Situation is still pretty fluid

  • Headscratchin

    Danged UNsmart phones! The whole Lake situation is pretty fluid.

  • Funn Dave

    Advertising arch? Pedestrian bridge with advertising? This corporate bullshit makes me sick.

    • JOE

      That corporate “bullshit” is what brings in revenues which allow organizations to invest in the product they put out there for their customers. I’m all for it.

    • mjhurdle

      Just my opinion, but i find it funny that we as fans want our teams to sign/attract great players, pay lower tickets, and having better/cheaper amenities at the stadium; but want the teams to not take advantage of alternative ways of generating revenue that can enable those desires.

    • MoneyBoy

      As in ‘everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die’

    • Cyranojoe

      Bridges are cool. Also, they save traffic big-time in areas like Wrigley.

  • http://bleachenation Sacko

    my guess is Lake stays in center and everyone else moves accordingly. everyone else is expected to be traded anyway.

  • MaxM1908

    Does that free shipping on the Bleachernation shirts include international shipping?

  • Spriggs

    Lake made a big splash in his first few games.

    Lake looks like a keeper. Don’t throw him back!

    If Junior is too good to be natural, he must be a man-made Lake.

    Lake has a boatload of talent.

    Lake is swimming in talent.

    The fishing expedition for a CFer is over, as the Cubs have hooked a good one.

  • William

    I do not always hit home runs, but when I do, I use my Junior slugger and hit them into a lake.

  • William

    I once seen Lake hit a ball so hard it destroyed Krypton!

  • William

    Lake is so intimidating that hurricanes run the other way!

  • Rafael R

    There’s only 1 Lake Superior…and it’s not in Canada

    Cubs make huge tidal waves with Lake

    This Lake front terrifies opposing pitchers

    Shake and bake with Junior Lake

    Junior Lake ain’t no fake

  • kubphan82

    Now that Junior, is how you make a splash…

    I thought about Anchorman: Attention everyone, I have a very important announcement: Cannonball!!!

    Junior Sori

    I can’t wait for the tandem “Soler Power and Lake Effect”