Pre-Gamin’: Cubs v. Giants (9:15 CT) – Lineups, Broadcast Info, etc. (And Roster Move)

at&t parkAlfonso Soriano is playing in New York already, and replacing him on the roster is Eduardo Sanchez, a waiver wire reliever stash about whom you’d probably already forgotten. Sanchez, 24, has pitched well in relief at AAA this year in every way … except the walks (6.3 per 9). He’s got upside, and it would be nice to see him take this job and roll with it. Otherwise, he’ll just be a temporary fill-in while the Cubs give the rest of the bullpen a break.

Edwin Jackson has been a better pitcher than Matt Cain this year, at least by the advanced stats.

Game Info

Chicago Cubs (45-55) at San Francisco Giants (46-55), 9:15 CT on WGN.

Game Thread and Series Preview

The Game Thread lives here. You should participate in the madness. And, of course, for those who aren’t into message board-style game threads, please feel free to use the comments on this post for your in-game commentary/outbursts.

The Series Preview for this series lives here.

Starting Pitchers

Edwin Jackson (6-11, 5.03 ERA, 3.62 FIP)


Matt Cain (6-6, 5.00 ERA, 4.15 FIP)

San Francisco Giants Lineup

1. Gregor Blanco, CF

2. Tony Abreu, 2B

3. Buster Posey, C

4. Pablo Sandoval, 3B

5. Hunter Pence, RF

6. Brandon Belt, 1B

7. Jeff Francoeur, LF

8. Brandon Crawford, SS

9. Matt Cain, P

Chicago Cubs Lineup

1. David DeJesus, CF

2. Junior Lake, LF

3. Anthony Rizzo, 1B

4. Nate Schierholtz, RF

5. Starlin Castro, SS

6. Luis Valbuena, 3B

7. Darwin Barney, 2B

8. Welington Castillo, C

9. Edwin Jackson, P

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177 responses to “Pre-Gamin’: Cubs v. Giants (9:15 CT) – Lineups, Broadcast Info, etc. (And Roster Move)”

  1. Serious Cubs Fan

    The Cubs over use James Russell. He’s Sveum’s go to guy when ever he’s in a jam.

    1. mudge

      They need a second lefty in the pen. Doesn’t make sense.

      1. Rcleven

        Rusin’s future.

  2. William

    I feel bad for our starting pitchers. Jackson pitched a great game. Our pitchers have to be perfect in order to make up for our tertible offense.

  3. William

    A three hit shut out by Randall Delgado! Thank you Ryan Dempster for being an a-hole. It’s tough being a Cubs fan sometimes.

    1. someday...2015?

      Lets just pray Hendricks is as good as his stats say he is. If he is, all will be fine.

      1. William

        I sure hope so, man.

        1. X the Cubs fan

          He’s an “a-hole” for using his rights?

          1. William

            I do not care that he used his rights. He’s an a-hole for getting our hopes up when he never wanted to go to Atlanta. Do not say you will go somewhere if it’s not true.

            1. mudge

              spilt milk.

      2. Serious Cubs Fan

        The one thing I get nervous about Hendricks is he’s a finesse guy and when he moves up to AAA in the PCL a very hitter friendly league he may get exposed and hit around. Nick Struck 2.0

    2. Ferris

      Dempster earned the right, he even wanted to retire a cub that dont make him an a.hole….

      1. mudge

        Guy was going through a divorce & half nuts. Water under the bridge.

  4. Rcleven

    If the Cubs can win tonight they can pick up a game in the Central. Rest of the teams all lost their games tonight.

    1. Serious Cubs Fan

      No offense but lets not get delusional. This Cubs team has no shot of winning the division or the wildcard. Now if we were in the NL west that be a different story.

      1. Rcleven

        What have we dropped up to the 7th 8th pick in draft next year.
        Hard to catch Miami, CWS, Twins, Brewers and so on.
        Time to make a run.

      2. ssckelley

        I don’t give a crap, GO CUBS!

        1. Serious Cubs Fan

          I always root for the Cubs to win everyday but I’m not sipping kool-aid either.

          I bet Theo/Jed privately hope for a terrible record for a higher draft pick and more draft bonus money. I bet they hope guys like Castro/Rizzo continue to develop but as a whole the record for the record to not be too hot. You have to be terrible before you can be good if you build from the ground up.

          1. ssckelley

            Sorry but I cannot root for the Cubs to lose, I can’t stand it. Next June perhaps I will appreciate the losses, but for now GO CUBS!

          2. Rcleven

            Hope he’s looking at the Washington modle. Took 3 year to become competitive and 4 to become very good.

            1. God

              And five to be back to mediocrity after blowing your once chance by sitting your Ace.

              1. Serious Cubs Fan

                Part me hates being around .500 or a little under .500 because it means were bad and were about middle of the pack in the draft, instead of the top 10. But i love seeing us get these wins.

  5. Serious Cubs Fan

    Interesting: Epstein calls RHP Corey Black a shorter pitcher with a big arm and comps him to White Sox reliever Jesse Crain. So it seems pretty clear the Cubs see him as a mid reliever type instead of a starter

    1. Rcleven

      Theo can spin it any way he wants. He wanted Al out of the Cubs organization.
      Black will never sniff the majors.

  6. ssckelley

    RIZZO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE BASE HIT!

  7. mudge


  8. William

    Yeah! Rizzo! I nearly woke up the house.

    1. ssckelley

      lmao, I about did as well

  9. Serious Cubs Fan

    Belt pulling a Buckner! Nice hard contact by the RIZZ KID!!

  10. mudge

    the 9th. Gregg. strap in.

  11. ssckelley

    Come on Gregg, 1 2 3….increase your trade value!

    1. ssckelley

      Damn, they are hitting him hard…he is leaving his pitches up. Getting lucky so far, hitting them right at people.

      1. Serious Cubs Fan

        Yeah, Gregg got the save but I don’t think he did anything to up his trade value tonight. I held my breath every time they made contact

        1. Scott

          He didn’t decrease his value either.

          1. Serious Cubs Fan

            Yep probably not. I’m really interested in what we get in return for Gregg. Hoping we pack him and Schierholtz together. Pirates?

      2. TOOT

        Doesn’t he have 20 saves?

        1. ssckelley

          Ok but did you see the game? Earlier in the year he was pitching lower in the strike zone, tonight everything was up. He is going to get pounded if he does not get his pitches back down. He got lucky tonight, they hit it right at the outfielders.

          1. TOOT

            Got to remember he was picked up off the scrap pile. I know he is not the Cubs closer in the future, but you have to admire the job he has done.

            Thought for today: Everybody gets lucky, even a blind squirrel can find a nut.

  12. mudge

    a loud save.

    1. ssckelley


  13. someday...2015?

    Great win!

  14. Rcleven

    Phillies sign Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez.

  15. mudge

    Marmol for Guerrier. Ah, better every day. Sure hope Mike Olt’s eyes are good and he comes up soon. We need a slugger.

    1. TOOT

      Rizzo is expected to be that slugger. I hope he is not going to be a bust. I don’t think fans want a .230 hitter at first regardless of 20+ homers.

      1. Bill

        I like Rizzo but I’m wondering if Theo jumped the gun in signing him to a long term deal. I’m not confident he’s a long term solution at 1B.

        1. Serious Cubs Fan

          He’s still young and has time. Plays a great glove at 1st and sluggs. Pretty solid OBP skills. Just give him a little time.

          1. William

            Plus, he has absolutely no protection in the lineup!

            1. KyL3

              Absolutely no protection. We have the most embarrassing cleanup hitters. Lol. Pitchers aren’t afraid of who is behind Rizzo. It would be different if he were struggling with a legit cleanup hitter and more people on base in front of him.

              1. TOOT

                Was’t Rizzo the guy that was gonna be the clean-up?

            2. arta

              what did he do when sori was here? don’t get me wrong, I hope he becomes a 270/30/100 guy. so far it is what it is!

            3. Hansman1982

              So Schierholtz’s .500+ SLG percentage isn’t “protection” enough?

              1. mudge

                Nope. Rizzo needs some Trojans in his back pocket.

                1. Hansman1982

                  Psh, he’s so manly, he busts those every time he uses them.

        2. TOOT

          Here is the thing. We are stuck with Rizzo regardless. Volglebach really can’t handle first base and is be projected as a terrible defensive player.

          1. Hansman1982

            We’re stuck with him? Oh the humanity…(wailing and gnashing of teeth)

  16. Benjamin

    Didn’t see any slow replays, but Rizzo’s hit looked like a hit to me.

    1. Bret Epic

      Well I did see slow replays and to me, it looked like a hit.

      1. William

        He really smoked that ball and deserved a hit.

  17. arta

    next we’ll be giving hits when a ball is dropped cause it was hit so hard! IMO it was an error all the way. just ask Bill Buckner.

  18. Chad78

    How about those cubs!

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