Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 2, Giants 1 – July 28, 2013

Travis Wood was the run prevention and the run scoring, and a Welington Castillo homer was the difference. The Cubs sweep the Giants in San Francisco, each game by just one run.

july 28 box

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171 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 2, Giants 1 – July 28, 2013”

  1. splatstrike

    Wood got a lot of breaks today. Usually giving up 4 walks in 7 innings will not go well for you.

    1. SirCub

      No doubt. But 7 k’s in 7 IP usually does!

    2. Hansman1982

      You can get away with that many walks when you only give up 4 hits in those 7 innings. That’s a 1.143 WHIP and if you can do that all year long, you’re gonna have success.

    3. Eternal Pessimist

      You’ve got to be kidding. Talk about a shortsighted impression of his game today….Jeeeezzzz!!!

      1. splatstrike

        U got me all wrong. I was saying that normally it wouldn’t go well. However, since he did get 7 k’s and limited the offense enough, he managed to control the situation. (although he did have to get himself out of a couple jams partially created by his walks)

        1. Eternal Pessimist

          Ahhh…OK then, but you will be on probation for a week or two…move along, nothing to see here.

  2. tbone

    Strop continues to look dominant. I’m getting more excited about him in our pen in 14

  3. cubchymyst

    Wood could make a good LH pinch hitter if Sveum decide to use him as such on his off days.

    1. UCF

      Wood bats RH.

      1. cubchymyst

        my bad

        1. Eternal Pessimist

          ….that’s just what they’d be expecting though.

  4. Josh t

    It be really interesting to see how this Cubs team would perform with the rotation we had, and if we would have had at least a moderately capable offense? I wonder if we would have been able to make the playoffs? Probably not win the division but maybe be in contention for the wildcard. Amazing rotation, terrible bullpen in the beginning of the year and still we have a terrible offense.

    I’m glad we made the trades we did but it be interesting to see where this team might be

    1. Brent

      No chance. Even after this recent hot streak, we are still 10 games behind the Reds for the 2nd wildcard. Next year we will compete for a wild card spot. 2015 we make the playoffs, possibly win the division. 2016…World Series Champions? haha

      1. Josh t

        I more less was wondering where we’d be if we didn’t have a minor league line up card on the offensive end.

        Dejesus: solid veteran with OBP skills (bench guy on a lot teams at this point in his career)
        Lake: exciting but raw and needs to back down to iowa to refine his plate approach and fielding
        Rizzo: Bright future but struggling terribly
        Schierholtz: solid Veteran bat who can hit righties (bench guy on a lot of teams)
        Castro: 2 time Allstar but tough year at the plate but coming out of a funk
        Valbuena: Solid bat but his bat doesn’t profile at 3rd (more of a second baseman and more of a bench guy on a lot of teams)
        Barney: his bat is a black hole in the lineup. He sucks with the bat…. But his glove makes up for it kinda
        Castillo: young, has tools but not sure his bat will be anything good
        Wood: he’s a better bat then Barney…sad but true

        Soriano was pretty terrible the first part of the season too but really heated up when it started to get warmer. His bat was worth probably a couple wins while he was on his hot streak.

        I know we probably wouldn’t have made the playoffs but it just be interesting to see how this team would have done if Theo/Jed would have put a couple more offensive weapons on it during the offseason. I understand we’re not at that point in the rebuild though. I’m just dying to see a contending cubs baseball team again

  5. Rcleven

    Love the home runs but looking forward to the day when the Cubs can score with more than one hit.

  6. tbone

    Granted he sees some good pitches out of 9 spot but yeah, he’s a hell of an athlete and could definitely PH.

  7. TonyP

    Can they get to 81 wins???? only 7 under now…….. Probably not but its fun to dream…

    1. Jason P

      81 wins isn’t dreaming — I wouldn’t bet on it, but it’s definitely not outlandish.

  8. Hansman1982

    Ummm…the sell off isn’t working.

    1. Eternal Pessimist

      Yeah, I was hoping it would work a little better. I’d like to win a 30 by 10 runs and lose the other 50 by 1 run. Better unload Shierrholtz quickly.

    2. Jonathn

      haha! well said

  9. Josh t

    I think the biggest story of the day is CJ Edwards! First 2 innings as a cub has 6K’s! He goes 5innings 0 runs, 8k, 1BB!! Throwing heat today!!

  10. Kyle

    Some fun facts:

    With three straight 1-run wins, our Pythagorean record and actual record have just about converged. We’re just one or two games behind at this point, depending on how it gets rounded off.

    Cubs are 43-42 since April 22.

    If the Dodgers beat the Reds (tied 0-0 with the Dodgers coming up in the bottom of the 9th), we’re 9.5 games out of the WC, closer than the Cardinals were to the Braves on Aug. 27, 2011. The Cardinals would go on to win the WC from the Braves on the last day of the season.

    I can’t be bothered to work out the tiebreakers, but we may be on the outside of the top 10 in draft position on tiebreakers.

    1. TonyP

      “Cubs are 43-42 since April 22″ :-)

    2. Jason P

      Taking 3 of 4 from MIL would make us 51-56 — and 7 over since we started 18-30. As it stands, we’re already 30-25 since that point.

  11. madisoncub

    Three game win streak each decided by one run. That’s cool…

  12. MichiganGoat

    This game shows why losses are a horrible measurement of a pitchers success. Lincecum gave up two hits and recorded 10 Ks – exactly what anyone would like from a pitcher.

    1. MichiganGoat

      Make that 4 hits but the point still stands

  13. Cubbie Tim

    Lake Flacid. Baba Booey

  14. BlameHendry

    Watching Wood pitch was pretty uncomfortable today. Gregg was even more nerve-racking. Wood got lucky again. But hey, I’m still happy for him. At least his hitting isn’t just luck. I wouldn’t mind seeing him pinch hit like Zambrano used to. .293 with 3HR and 8RBI is damn impressive.

    I think we can attribute this sweep more to the Giants mistakes and horrible RISP performance than the Cubs pitching, but 3 wins is 3 wins, no matter how it gets done, and that’s all that matters.

    Lake is starting to show his true colors. Shame, I was finally feeling a little optimism for him. Now we get to see if he knows how to adjust to scouting reports.

    After watching The Freak pitch today, I still think he’s got a chance to return to form. Like I said earlier today, I’d really like to see the Cubs take a chance on him this offseason and sign him to a 2 year deal heavy with incentives. Seems to fit Theoyer’s MO for taking chances on players that aren’t performing at their full potential, giving them an opportunity to rebound. Lincecum’s last two deals have both been 2 year contracts, so I know he’d at least consider a 2 year offer from the Cubs.

    1. MoneyBoy

      Wood was miserable huh??
      105 pitches in 7 inning … an av of 15
      4 walks, 7 strikeouts … ONE UNearned run
      4 hits, one for extra bases.

      How in the world does that count as uncomfortable … unless you’re a miserable see the glass half empty kind of mope. Which, based on your other comments …

      1. willis

        Right, I’m not sure how anyone could say Wood wasn’t very good today. He wasn’t just off the charts, but he was damn good.

      2. BlameHendry

        Not a mope. Just a realist. I realize almost every player has flaws but I always remember to see those flaws. I dont get caught up in the hype when a player has a hot stretch, and suddenly the flaws become invisible to most people. Then when the player hits a massive regression, people will scratch their heads and ask “where was that flaw when he was playing so well?” It was always there, you just got caught up in the hype.

        The part that worried me about Wood today was the walks. 4 walks usually comes back to bite you in some way or another. And when Wood missed today, he missed bad, and he left a lot of hangers when he did throw strikes. The Giant’s offense is just the easiest line-up to pitch against right now, so he got away with all the mistakes. I realize the bases-loaded no-outs inning was partially Valbuena’s fault but he served up a total meatball to Panda and he’s lucky it wasn’t a Grand Slam. He got extremely lucky on Freak’s base-running error, and lucky again on the fact that Giant’s 3B coach made a mistake in not sending another runner on Panda’s double.

        The main thing that makes me uncomfortable each time I watch Wood pitch is that every strike he throws looks extremely hittable to me. And when he misses the strike zone, you can tell he didn’t mean to throw it outside the zone (it’s clear by his body language). When watching Shark or Strop, and when they’re on their A-game, even their pitches in the strike zone look unhittable, or least likely to generate weak contact. Gregg and Wood throw meatballs all day.

        1. MoneyBoy

          Travis Wood … your “makes me uncomfortable” pitcher … now has 18 of 20 starts that are considered quality.

          So shut UP!

        2. Eternal Pessimist

          Everyone must love to have you in their fantasy leagues. You would give away every quality player and not even know what hit you.

        3. Chef Brian

          Why do pessimists always call themselves “realists”. Like being positive isn’t realistic.

        4. Mvandy524

          He picks spots and he must be getting very lucky over the course of his 20 starts this season and his terrific ending to last. His stuff got him to the all star game and is consistently pumping out quality outings. Over the course of a game every pitcher makes mistake but why choose to cloud the overall great performance with your “realist views” ask the 7 guys he k’d how hittable those pitches you saw were.

    2. DocPeterWimsey

      You only get to attribute the sweep to the Giants being pretty bad if you are a Giants fan: after all, the Cubs aren’t relevant then! As Cubs fans, we get to attribute it to “scrap” and “knowing how to win,” etc. (The Cubs were not exactly looking like Derek Jeter’s propaganda sheets themselves when it came to BAwRiSP this series!)

      Of course, a lot of it seemed to be that a lot of the hits were seeing-eye grounders and flares. When you get a couple of guys on this way, fans demand to see the “clutch” hit: yet often the pitcher has yet to give up a really hard hit. So, the next couple of guys hit grounders without seeing eyes, or flares closer to the fielders, and “they choked.”

      Still, it was fun to hear. The Cubs have another series against a below-average team coming up, so there is a decent chance of some more victories before a good team alters the Cubs’ “momentum.”

  15. Frank

    Is it my imagination or has Castro never swung at the first pitch all year? Ever pitcher throws a fastball down the middle and he stands there. The second pitch is in the dirt and he swings at it. I seem to recall the Cubs have two hitting coaches or did they give them the summer off?
    Barneys average has gone down three years in a row. If it wasn’t for his defense, he’d be at triple a.

    1. BlameHendry

      Agreed. I really don’t remember the last time Castro swung at a first pitch, and every pitcher seems to take advantage of this. It looks like he almost decides ahead of time that he will take the first pitch all the way no matter what it is. The amount of times I’ve watched him just dumbly stare at a meatball right down the heart of the plate can account for a clear outline of my hand on my face from all the facepalms.

      And for Barney, he was never projected to be a major league hitter. I think they’re just holding out until Alcantara gets here, enjoying Barney’s defense in the mean time.

      1. Hansman1982

        Actually, Castro has a first pitch strike percentage that is 5points below league average.

    2. Jed Jam Band

      Actually, the data tells us that his biggest issue is that he swings at too many 2-strike pitches. He becomes convinced that the next one will be a strike regardless of whether or not it is. And it’s not just plain and simple aggression. That being said, Castro has been brilliant since that off day and has looked like the Castro we all know and love (maybe even better).

    3. Brad

      I’m more worried that he’s looked late on 90mph fastballs right down the middle, what is up with that

  16. Matty Ice

    CJ Edwards had a decent debut for Daytona. 5 innings 1 hit 1 walk 8 k’s

    1. Eternal Pessimist

      Yeah, decent, as in “Holy shit that guy can pitch!”

  17. Die hard

    Recipe for disaster relying on pitching

    1. mudge

      Better to use the Sally Lunn cake recipe.

  18. mudge

    5 runs scored in three game sweep. I think Lake is having good at-bats. What Castro can’t do is take a pitch anywhere on 3-2.

    1. Jason P

      Lake seems to be having trouble getting the ball airborne. He’s been hitting the ball hard, but it’s almost always been on the ground.

      1. SirCub

        Fine by me. Hard hit ground balls go for a lot of base hits, especially with a fast runner.

        1. Drew7

          MLB Average OPS on ground balls = .497

          I’d rather him not pound the ball into the ground.

  19. Jp3

    Looks like Baez had a classic Baez day, 1-4 HR and 3 Ks

    1. Josh t

      I really hope Theo/Jed or some one sits Baez down has say, “we get you can hit homers, don’t swing out of your shoes at everything! Take pitches! Be more patient.”

      I love seeing the homers but I’d love to see him take pitches and work counts just as much.

      1. BlameHendry

        Yup. I wont even consider him the #1 prospect until that K rate goes WAY down. Once someone can convince him to reserve that 110% swing for the right counts and appropriate situations, he should be on the path to real success.

      2. Mr. B. Patient

        I’d really like to see a scouting report on what’s going on with him. He is taking more pitches, but a lot of them are for strike three.I wonder if he’s not hearing his new hitting coach. I love the long ball as much as the next guy, but he can’t keep striking out 2/3 times a game.
        Promoted too soon. Should have let the success he was having in Daytona become habit..unless this is in the FO’s master plans.

        1. chirogerg

          At least when I saw him, it wasn’t really a discipline issue. He swung at fastballs in the zone, left fastballs out of the zone and breaking balls. In his debut for Tennessee, he hit a bomb, and then swung out of his shoes through 3 fastballs from Brewers top prospect Taylor Jungmann for a K in his 2nd AB. Seems to me to be more of an actual contact issue than a discipline issue, but I really haven’t seen a lot of him.

        2. Hansman1982

          It all depends on what his actual problem is. If it is 80% approach, an aggressive promotion timeline will be more of a benefit to his development. I have a feeling when he gets called up, he’s gonna mash for a couple weeks and then crash hard before being sent back down after a scouting report gets built on him.

      3. ssckelley

        I will take 2 home runs and 3 strikeouts any game from my starting shortstop.

        1. Hansman1982

          That’s a 300 HR season!!!

          1. someday...2015?

            And 486 strikeouts!!

            1. MoneyBoy

              Wait … do Blame Hendry and someday… 2015? share the same birth mother?

              1. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

                Cousins or maybe even distant relatives?

              2. ssckelley

                If Baez has an OPS of .869 at the MLB level I am not going to give a crap how many strikeouts he had.

                1. someday...2015?

                  Did I say the strikeouts would be a bad thing? Just stating a fact. 162•3=486…

    2. someday...2015?

      Typical is right. He just hit his second HR of the day.

      1. Jp3

        Ha, that’s funny I assumed his day was probably over but apparently not. Still he’s been striking out A LOT since this promotion which hopefully will drop a bit when he settles in a bit or the FO probably has another sit down with him on what they want him to work on.

        1. Jp3

          Also in typical Baez fashion in his last 44 ABs he’s got 10 Hits(7HRs), and 18 Ks…. Tell me he’s not going to the plate every AB thinking about going yard…

          1. someday...2015?

            That’s exactly what he’s thinking. Hopefully that approach can be changed. I was listening to the smokies broadcast and during one of his Ks he apparently guessed on a fastball and took a horribly wild swing. He guessed right and fouled it back but the broadcaster said if that pitch was a breaking ball “he would of been about an hour ahead.”

          2. cubchymyst

            Baez’s walks are actually up a bit in AA (SSS) compared to high A.

          3. Mr. B. Patient

            Not to pile on, but…82 at bats

            10 homers, 9 all other hits combined.
            OPS > .915/

            AA stats only.

        2. another JP

          And if Baez has a .900 OPS in the majors as a SS and plays adequate defense, the Ks won’t matter.

          1. Mr. B. Patient

            Absolutely. I’m a huge fan of his, but even with my rose colored glasses, I’m worried that a 35% strike out rate in the majors would make a +.900 OPS unlikely.
            My guess is he could cut his swing down to 80% and not hurt his HR rate.
            If he gets his K rate down to 20-22%, his numbers will be amazing.

          2. hansman1982

            It depends what story the K’s are telling. If it’s that he has no idea what the strike zone is, pitchers will exploit that. If it’s that he is far too aggressive, pitchers will exploit that. If it’s that he has serious contact issues, pitchers will exploit that.

            1. Kyle

              The story the K’s are telling us right now is that he can’t buy his own beer yet but he’s being given his first taste of true professional breaking pitches.

              This is the “get dominated” phase that most prospects go through at key promotions such as AA. He’s just so insanely talented that he’s managing to hit HRs at like an 80/season pace while being dominated. Imagine what’ll happen when he settles in.

              1. hansman1982

                The HR’s are nice and it simply confirms he has some serious power. Can he consistently make contact as he moves up or is he going to be an IsoD-less version of Carlos Pena?

  20. Chase S.

    Hey remember when some people said trading Marshall was a bad idea?

    1. another JP

      That Marshall trade was flat out highway robbery by Theo.

      1. Tom A.

        Awesome Wood !!!

        1. MoneyBoy

          Wood it be too much tongue-in-cheek to suggest that all wood is good wood?

  21. Lou Brock

    I caught quite a bit of grief on this sight earlier this year when I mentioned that good hitting pitchers like Wood and Feldman are nice assets to have in the NL while poor hitting guys like Garza belonged in tha AL.
    Now everyone is excited about even using Wood as a PH. Let’s just remember it is better to have athletes playing the game and even better when they are pitchers who can hit, field, and pitch.

    1. DocPeterWimsey

      I don’t think that “grief” is the right word. I think that the point is that unless two pitchers are pretty much identical in their pitching stats, the differences in hitting do not mean much. For all that some people want to lump pitchers in with position players as “baseball players,” the simple fact remains that pitching is the only position where you can be the best hitter of your position in the league and still hurt your team more than anyone else playing your position, and also the only position where you can be the worst hitter at your position in the league and still help your team more than anyone else at your position.

      The other issue is: are guys like Wood and Feldman good batters, or just good hitters? The difference is not trivial: pitchers are more apt to try to just bury opposing pitchers with fastballs than they are to add another slider or curveball to their arm if they do not have to throw a slider or curve. However, once a guy like Wood gets known for being able to hit, the opposing pitchers will make him show that he can also bat.

    2. Drew7

      Thanks, but I’ll take 5 Garza’s over 5 Wood/Feldman’s all day long.

      1. spearman

        Then who would you put in the other 3 spots of the rotation. Garza got hurt too much.

  22. Tim

    Kevin LIGHTS OUT Gregg

  23. ssckelley

    Damn tough crowd tonight. Cubs win and everyone complains about how many walks Wood gave up, Baez hits 2 home runs that drove in 4 runs and all people talk about is his 3 strike outs.

    1. BlameHendry

      2 home runs is fantastic. But that rate of homers is absolutely not sustainable with that rate of strikeouts.

      1. ssckelley

        Had he went 0 for 5 then I would understand bitching about his strikeouts, but the 20 year old 2 home runs and drove in 4 runs. Every promotion he has got he started off with a lot of strikeouts before he settled in. In only 88 plate appearances Baez already has 10 home runs and 19 RBIs as a 20 year old playing AA! Yeah I want the strikeouts to go down but I am impressed.

        If you rather have a prototypical shortstop Marco Hernandez is in Kane County. He only has 53 strikeouts in 322 plate appearances to go with his 2 homers.

    2. daveyrosello

      It would be nice if a scout or a frequent Baez observer could comment on why/HOW he is striking out. Taking too many pitches? Swinging at pitches outside the zone? Not catching up with the fastball? Trouble with off-speed pitches? Etc…

      The power though is ridiculous. Baez is the best HR hitter in the minors at this point, no question.

      1. TonyP

        There used to be someone with AA season tickets that commented a lot but I haven’t seen him in a while…..

      2. cubbieblue

        miguel sano says hi

        1. ssckelley

          No way, would not take him he strikes out to much.

        2. hansman1982

          He says hello back and then boasts that his BB rate is double that of Baez.

          1. Drew7

            Wait, so Sano says hello back to himself?

            1. hansman1982

              Ya, there are some voices-in-his-head issues that are keeping him from realizing his ceiling…

        3. Kyle

          Hi Miguel. Javy passed you in HRs this today, I think.

      3. DocPeterWimsey

        The scouts have been pretty clear that Baez’s high K-rate comes from swinging at pitches well outside of his hit zone (and outside the strike zone). However, the stats tell us that on their own. Guys who take too many pitches (or swing through too many pitches while laying off non-strikes) also walk at high rates.

  24. Diesel

    Soriano went 4-5 with a hr and walk off rbi. Happy for that dude

  25. Brent

    The power that Sano and Baez possess is incredible. I know the strikeouts are concerning, but you can’t teach that kind of raw power.

    1. another JP

      Right now Baez HR ability is second to none in the minors. Sano has 10 dingers in 121 AB in AA while Baez has 10 in only 82 AB… Justin Bour has the next best HR % to Baez in the Southern League with 14 in 186 ABs. And Javy is doing this in a pitcher’s league. With only 3 errors to date his defense has been pretty decent since the promotion, hope he keeps it up.

      1. Mr. B. Patient

        Don’t forget Joey Gallo and Courtney Hawkins.

        1. CubsFaninMS

          Those two have “bust” written all over them.

  26. Werner

    Whether or not the two things are related I don’t know but winning in 2013 makes me feel better about 2014. I understand about the draft pick. But they can keep on winning by a single run, by errors, freak injuries, weather anomalies, etc. and I will just have to take it in stride.

  27. Figgelbert

    Just got back from watching a New Hampshire FIsher Cats game with Keith Law.
    Very interesting getting to talk to him about Cubs minor league players,some major league players and the front office.
    Interesting takes on everyone from Theo,Jed and MCCloud to AlmoraVizcaiano,Johnson,BAez,Alcantara,SKulina etc.
    Incredibly nice guy that just enjoyed talking about the Cubs

    1. Mr. B. Patient

      Well…you can’t just leave it there. :-)

    2. Scott

      What did he say?

  28. Figgelbert

    Said he loves Edwards.Thinks he could be a #2. Was the prize of that trade.
    Likes Olt a lot more than when he was in college.Has become great fielder.Thinks he could be a 35 hr hitter ,but doubts it right now because of his average.If he can hit high .250′s he thinks he’be a nice 3b who unfortunately will strike out 180 times..kinda doubts right now he will be that 35 hr a year guy.
    Not big on Junior Lake,but was nice to hear him go into detail why
    Really likes Zastasny,SKulina,and Pag..Sayshe thinks he could be very good
    Not as high on Johnson because of the way he releases all.Said he is already dealt with some forearm issues
    Really likes Baez.Said he might have best bat speed in all of baseball.baezthinks he can hit anything so he chases stuff.Cubs are really pushing working hard with him to fix things.Pushed him to double a because they wanted him to realize he can’t hit everything and struggle ,hoping that might get him to be better in his head
    He is huge on Alcantara,told me he’s that sleeper guy in the organization.Sees him as the second baseman and that he will be the first of young Cubs to be called up.Probably next year.he really likes him

    1. hansman1982

      “Pushed him to double a because they wanted him to realize he can’t hit everything and struggle ,hoping that might get him to be better in his head”

      Mmm, makes me think a Sept. call-up isn’t entirely out of the question.

      1. Figgelbert

        I asked about does he try to hit hrs all the time and he said he ,BAez just believes he can hit everything.So the Cubs are,or were trying to challenge him and LAw they they are really working hard with him.He really likes him.he said a lot more but I think those points were interesting
        He also said he doesn’t see them trading for Price,asked about Stanton he said these guys would take 3 top prospects

        1. hansman1982

          That’s a crazy price on Stanton.

          God, I really do hope the problem is just his approach and once he settles down he can hit for a decent average and an acceptable BB/K ratio.

      2. Kyle

        I love the idea of them just keep pushing Baez up trying to challenge him and he just keeps doubling down hitting more HRs and less OBP. He could put up a .200/200/800 line in the majors next year.

        1. Mr. B. Patient

          Off the top of my head, wouldn’t that be 100 HR’s in 500 PA’s with no walks?

          Kyle, do you know why this is impossible? Because any one who hits that many home runs would probably HBP a lot, so your prediction doesn’t hold water. :-)

  29. Figgelbert

    Asked about organization.He said Cubs are almost done restructuring.He really likes McCloud,and said if McCloud is really high on someone ,even if he doesn’t see him the same way he’ll take a another or different look.
    That was cool to hear,cubs have a solid system and he says they are 3 rd behin Minnesota and ST.Louis,I said ugg and he smiled and said I know,lol.
    He thinks Viscaino should be back end bull pen and even thou he once had him top 20 prospect he is concerned about injuries and trying to make him a starter.
    He just talked about every prospect,the organization and is the nicestguy

    1. Carew

      excellent info, man. Thank you.

      Btw, your name is awesome

    2. Alex S.

      I try not to be such a stickler for certain things, but the spelling is McLeod not “McCloud.” I’m not trying to be rude, but seriously…he’s been with the organization for almost two years now…

      1. mudge

        & the term is nerve wracking, not racking. Bad spelling is contagious. Another site has decided on Dioneer for Navarro’s first name, and now it’s more often than not.

        1. Drew7

          Or, “nerve-wracking”.

  30. Boba Fett

    How about CJ Edwards today!! 5 IP, 1 hit and 8 K’s

    Very nice debut!!

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