Travis Wood was the run prevention and the run scoring, and a Welington Castillo homer was the difference. The Cubs sweep the Giants in San Francisco, each game by just one run.

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  • Figgelbert

    He said he really likes what the Cubs are doing drafting the big power arms.
    Even if they never make the Cubs they are great trade pieces.Teams see a 5 10 guy and often go ehh,but they love big power arms
    He wasn’t high on Underwood or Blackburn.But said with pitchers,as any in system that fits this is,who are finesse take longer to develop and most never make it
    He isn’t high on any of the catchers the Cubs drafted
    But loves the idea of going after guys like Clifford and wonders why more teams don’t

    • someday…2015?

      What did he have to say about Almora?

  • Stevie B

    When are we going to realize Wood is legit?
    I’ve seen enough. Whose coming with me???

    • http://Jplgxk AlwaysNextYear

      Dude I have been with you and Wood for a long time. But people will say he’s been just lucky so far.

      • pookyshow

        I would say he’s unlucky he has a sub 3.00 era and is 7-7 he can easily have a better record with some luck

        • Brad

          Smart man. That’s the irony.

  • Figgelbert

    Really. Likes him. He said he rates him their top prospect
    Thinks he can be perennial all star. Hit 300 hit 20-25 hrs. Said he was a 4 1/2 tool player
    Great instincts,great head,has been that way since he first met him when he was 16 I think he said.
    He is very high on Bryant as well and thinks his hit tool will be solid which is what a lot of scouts questioned.

    • Deacon

      Figgelbert, did he say anything about how Theo and Jed get along? I’ve always been curious who does what in the front office, how much Theo is involved, etc. esp. given Theo was a GM for so long.

    • someday…2015?

      Thanks Figgelbert, appreciate the info.

      • H.A.

        +1 !

  • someday…2015?

    Bryant hit his 2nd HR to tonight.

    • someday…2015?

      HR tonight*

    • ssckelley

      But he also struck out

  • Figgelbert

    I never asked about things like that.
    He did say Theo was the choice all along for cubs and that the other candidates were never in it
    Really likes what Cubs are doing and he likes Theo and really likes the structure in the organization
    Loves McCloud,which Brett has pointed out ,we could lose.Really likes him as an evaluator.
    Likes Johnson the minor league pitching coach who heads that.,said he was great at Vandy and produced a string of really god Friday nite starters

    • Deacon

      Thanks!! BTW, who’s the “Pag” guy that Law said could be a really good prospect?

  • Ash

    Somewhere Dioner Navarro is not impressed by either Wood’s or Castillo’s 3 HR this year.

  • Carmelo

    Let’s keep an eye on Kane County’s Rivero–Cuban relief pitcher now has 10’k in his last 4 innings!!! Fb 93-95 with a wipe-out slider.

    • Kyle

      That’s the guy we gave a $3.1m bonus to recently. That’s an intriguing couple of games.

    • another JP

      Good to see, because Rivero and Paniagua have been less than inspiring since arriving at KC. Hope they’ve adjusted now.

  • Figgelbert

    My bad there,the visa,multi name player we just finally got in the USA
    Didn’t know how to spell his name.
    He really likes him,I mentioned he hasn’t pitched well and he said he hasn’t pitched in 2 years be patient,he has great stuff
    He also said something interesting,he said the Cubs thought they had Appel and were surprised they didn’t get him.And he was in the same mindset that Bryant was the right choice over gray.He thinks the adderall wasabig thing and he only had one big year
    He really likes Bryant

    • Deacon

      Best stuff on this board in months!! Thanks, Figgelbert!!!

  • Figgelbert

    There were a bunch of cool things he just mentioned like he really likes dunston but that the Cubs are not high on him
    I also asked him a kinda fun question.Did he think the Cubs could end up fielding 6 – 7 home grown players of the 8 and he said yes.
    More reason to be excited about what Will be happening in the next couple years

    • Jed Jam Band

      Thanks, Figgelbert! Really great stuff!

  • aCubsFan

    Excellent game. Nice to see the younger players jelling.

    This is off topic but if you didn’t read it today, you need to read the article in the front section of today’s Tribune. The deal to renovate Wrigley is up in the air again, all over a right field ‘patio/party deck’ built over Sheffield that is being proposed in attempt to appease the RTOs, but it’s not going well, the neighborhood doesn’t like it and it would have to go through the whole planning approval process.

    I just can’t see any renovation being started this fall once the season is over, especially when Ricketts what certainty to specific issues.

  • http://None Cubbieblue29

    I feel like nobody really talks about Wellington Castillo. Do we think he is long term or is there somebody coming up. Seems like he has good chemistry with the pitchers.

    • cubsin

      Our best catching prospect is probably Willson Contreras, who’s at Kane County. He’ll rarely if ever make a reputable Top 20 list this winter. Beef Welington has a lot of job security.

  • jmc

    I must have missed something. Who is talking to figgelbert?

    • MichiganGoat

      The bigger question is how can anybody follow those conversations

    • TheDondino

      Keith Law

  • figgelbert


    Sorry it was a bit mix matched there yesterday.
    I was really lucky to sit with Keith Law yesterday as he was scouting the Altoona vs Fisher cats game.
    We were able to talk everything Cubs and some about the scouting .
    Made me be able to really appreciate how fun it must be for Brett to have the sit downs and conversations with all the different people he gets info from for us everyday.

    I think it’s nice to get info from outside people who don’t look at the Cubs the way i do.

    Like Maples for instance .He isn’t very high on him.

    Thanks for all the great work and stuff you give us Brett and Luke

    Time to work