Open Thread: Post All Rumors and News Here Until the 36-Hour Trade Deadline Blogathon Begins (5am CT)

asleep at keyboardIn anticipation of pulling off a 36-hour marathon session here at BN over the next two days, I’m calling it an early night. We’ll have some fun starting at 5am CT tomorrow morning, and you’ll all get to watch to see if I crack in the wee morning hours of Wednesday, or fall apart during the inevitable flurry of activity in the last hour before the Trade Deadline.

In the interim – while I (hopefully) sleep soundly, and dream of top 100 prospects, mystery teams, and leveraging – please feel free to post any and all rumors/news/tidbits/whateves in the comments here. That way, if anything happens later tonight, at least some gracious BN’er will have you covered. Be on high Bro Hug Watch alert and all that.

And, then, when the morning rolls around … we dance. Coverage for 36 hours straight. Prepare by following BN on Twitter and “liking” it on Facebook.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

301 responses to “Open Thread: Post All Rumors and News Here Until the 36-Hour Trade Deadline Blogathon Begins (5am CT)”

  1. TWC

    Anyone want Ace’s cell number to text him all night long?

    1. Carew

      That’s just cruel.

      1. TWC

        AND my outgoing caller ID says “T Epstein”…

    2. Spencer

      haha this is creepy, but I think I actually have it.

      1. MichiganGoat

        And you have my address – geez stalk much ;)

        1. Spencer


          1. MichiganGoat

            Just remember I have you on retainer so when you pass the bar I’ve got confidentiality.

            1. Spencer

              I can’t believe no one has figured out that it’s really just Goat Michigan instead of Michigan Goat.

              1. MichiganGoat

                People are sheep and sheep are dumb.

                1. Carew

                  One of these days I wanna know the story of the how sheep and goats became such great rivals.

          2. MichiganGoat

            Yes you do you are in a very select group of people that know my name… WHAT HAVE I DONE!

            1. Hansman1982

              I has a sad that I’m not in that group

              1. TWC

                It’s really not that hard to figure out.

                1. Hansman1982

                  Are you saying that once you know the name it’s like, well duh or I’m just dumb for being unable to figure it out?

                  1. Drew7

                    When in doubt, go with,

                    C) all of the above.

      2. justinjabs

        I have the Goat’s address too!

    3. Dave

      Methinks a Cat Facts subscription is in order.

  2. MichiganGoat

    Alright everybody quickly nail his door shut bring out the keg – LET’S START THE PRE-BNBLOGATHON PARTY!

    1. Jed Jam Band

      What’s in the keg, eh?

      1. MichiganGoat

        To pace ourselves we’ll start with Founders All Day IPA then move to Shorts Huma Lupa Licious and cap the night with Some Founders Devil Dancer

        1. wvcubsfan

          Neat a 3 compartment keg.

        2. Jed Jam Band


        3. miggy80

          Wooho, I’m gonna grab my mugqGJb4Bw5.jpg

        4. Hansman1982

          Bah, for those wanting to have fun…I’ve got a keg on natty ice

          1. SirCub

            Just one? Well that’ll get 2 or 3 of us drunk.

          2. wvcubsfan

            Why would you store your keg on natty ice, would regular ice keep it colder?

            1. Hansman1982

              The natty ice is on natty ice. The two together create super ice that makes it all so delicious and brings peace to the middle east

  3. cjdubbya

    Sounds like Cliff Lee, or Lee and Michael Young, may be headed to Boston. Middlebrooks possibly in the return.

    1. Jed Jam Band

      Hopefully not the centerpiece…I mean, you would think you could do better for Lee.

      1. X the Cubs fan

        Not if Boston takes on that contract

        1. Jed Jam Band

          Still seems weak for a pitcher of his caliber.

  4. daveyrosello

    If Lorenzo Cain’s groin injury is more serious than first thought, Royals would likely be interested in a return stint for David DeJesus. He’s well-liked in KC and the front office has a soft spot for him. DDJ mentioned as one possible buy-target for the Royals on KC talk radio. FWIW (my own speculation), they would likely have some interest in Luis Valbuena as well. Getz is awful at 2B, Moustakas continues to struggle at 3B, and the Royals lack decent utility IFs. Valbuena would make a lot of sense for them (or Barney for that matter).

    In return, I sure wouldn’t mind taking a chance on Luke Hochevar, he’s been terrific in a bullpen role this year. Can’t believe the Cubs FO wouldn’t like the chance and reviving the starting pitching role for a former #1 overall draft pick. Notably, Hochevar and DeJesus make nearly-identical $$ salaries.

  5. Jason P

    You can’t go to bed until the Brewers hit a hit! Haha, wouldn’t that stink? Going to bed and waking up to find out you missed a Samardzija no-hitter.

    1. miggy80

      first rule of fight club, you don’t talk about fight club!

  6. Greenroom

    Get some rest and good luck. Dream of big moves, Shierholtz, and PTBNL’s. Go Cubs~

  7. Cubsfan2436

    I think I’m going to turn the blogs thin into a drinking game. Need to think of some rules

    1. wvcubsfan

      Rule # 1 : Drink
      Rule # 2: See rule #1

      1. Jed Jam Band

        I’ve got three Two Hearted bottles left. Time to hit it.

        1. wvcubsfan

          rub it in

          Can’t get Bells down here in Arkansas.

          1. Jed Jam Band

            I apologize for that.

          2. MichiganGoat

            I can drive to Bells in 30 min, 5 min to Founders and over 30 amazing breweries in 50 mile radius.

            Sorry for rubbing salt in that wound.

            Michigan is Amazing!

            1. Jed Jam Band

              I have a 5 min drive to FFF. I WIN.

            2. wvcubsfan

              We’ve actually got 5 active micro breweries in the the state right now, with 2 more nano breweries starting up this year. The craft beer movement is here, just a little slower than I’d like.

              Our problem is the distributors here, we get most of the “big” names but there are many beers that I’ve tried while traveling that I’d love to be able to buy on a regular basis.

            3. they're Alouing

              Goat, next time in Michigan I’ll definitely be hitting one of those, which would you recommend first? All Day IPA is my favorite seasonal, until Sierra Nevadas Celebration comes out in November. Have you been to Shorts?

              1. MichiganGoat

                Shorts is amazing it’s up on the west side near the UP but worth the drive. They make so many brews that can only be found in the taproom and thier entire menu is based on Ween lyrics so that makes it even more enjoyable for me.

          3. JungleDrew

            The started having it here in Florida,, so I’m set now… And the Drinking game needs a little more than just drink, that’s the game I play everyday…

    2. ssckelley

      Every stupid, lopsided, trade suggestion. I will start.

      Barney to the Orioles for Bundy!!!

      Everybody drink.

    3. Cubsfan2436

      -every time you hear a rumor 1 drink
      -if an allstar gets traded kill your beer in his honor
      -every time a top 100 guy gets traded 5 drinks
      -after every cub gets traded kill your beer in his honor
      -If the Shark gets traded kill the rest of your case
      -every time Jim Bowden falsely reports something 4 drinks
      -if you see bro hugs in the dugout 6 drinks
      -every time you see a babe on the Budweiser fan cam you take a drink
      -everytime Brett mentions what type of caffeinated drink his drinking during the blogathon you must take 2 drinks

      1. ssckelley

        Every Assman post drink

        1. Cubsfan2436

          That is a great one

      2. Carew

        Good god, we dont want anybody going to the hospital

        1. Cubsfan2436

          I’m young, stupid, in college and blessed with a liver of steel and I love the cubs so I’m set. We all got to make sacrifices and I’ve chosen to sacrifice my liver in honor of the trade deadline

          1. MoneyBoy

            to be clear … in college = young and stupid

            Only vaguely remember …

      3. wvcubsfan

        drink really needs to be defined. This appears to be a recipe for alcohol poisoning.

        1. MichiganGoat

          Only one rule to follow… Drink good craft Michigan beer and all will be okay.

          1. MoneyBoy

            Michigan – where men are men and goats are *very* afraid … craft beer or not

    4. MichiganGoat

      I don’t need no stinking rules to drink beer

    5. cubchymyst

      One thing I’ve learned is drinking should never be a game. The only question is in what style will you be drinking that day. Styles range from shit face to refine, at this point my drinking is mostly refine with a coupe shots of whiskey on the rocks at night.

      1. MichiganGoat

        ^^^THIS^^^ enjoy quality drinks vs quantity drinks. You have a better time.

        1. cubchymyst

          I only learned that after a few years of college and grad school. The night is so much more enjoyable with a few quality drinks. Not to mention the morning is a lot better if you go quality over quantity.

        2. MoneyBoy

          There are sippin beers and drinkin beers!!

          It’s bad beer etiquette (if there is such a beast) to drink a sippin beer at a drinkin beer blog a palooza … I believe!!

          Does a 36 hr festivus count as such a beast??

        3. Cubsfan2436

          Haha I’d love to drink quality but can’t afford to too yet. Paying off college tuition, does leave much of budget for quality beers.

          Top cheap beers:
          1. Old style
          2. pbr
          3. Hams

          Top 3 quality beers:
          1. 312
          2. surly (micro brew in Chicago, excellent. You guys to try it)
          3. basically any quality IPA. Ranger pale ale s pretty good

          1. Jed Jam Band

            SNPA is my stand-by.

          2. Hansman1982

            You, sir, have no taste in either good or bad beers.

            Shitty beers:
            1. Natty Ice
            2. Old Milwaukee
            3. Coors Light

            Quality Beers:
            1. Spaten Optimator Draught
            2. Warsteiner Dunkel
            3. Any other German import

  8. ssckelley

    Going to bed before the Cub game is over?

    1. MichiganGoat

      Yes Brett is out from now until 5am

  9. JungleDrew

    So is there any kind of a betting pool on if Brett makes it? What’s the over/under? Prop bet, how many red bull/energy drinks?

    1. wvcubsfan

      I’m not going to bet against him and I don’t think any “smart money” would.

  10. Jp3

    So anyone else think because Brett is going to bed early to get rest for the big day we trade all our assets tonight jinx sort of thing happens? Shark, Schier, Gregg, and Barney will be gone by 5a.m. You heard it here first😝

    1. JayPaul

      If that happens we could most likely keep one post going strong for at least 36 hours lol.

  11. Abe Froman

    Shark gets traded 5 min before deadline. Brett writes one sentence listing names, period, three day slumber.

  12. Kubphan82

    Unspoken influence of trading Schierholtz:

    If the Cubs trade Schierholtz, it could take a potential suitor away from Choo/Ellsbury, some may say “what’s one suitor, if at all” well someone crazy enough to overpay for Schierholtz now would probably be crazy enough to overpay in FA… Just a small thought that might be in the FO’s mind.

  13. MichiganGoat

    Bring on the BN TANK

    1. Jed Jam Band

      To the front lines!

  14. @cubsfantroy

    Damn, I just heard about Frank Castillo. I liked him back in the day. Shame. :(


    1. Ferris

      I know second former cub to pass in freak accident in past few years,so sad….rip

  15. SirCub

    You know what this means. No moderator! Let’s troll!

  16. MichiganGoat

    Right now enjoying an over looked Grand Rapids, MI brew

    Big Red Coq by Brewery Vivant
    Basically a Red Pale Ale… very unique

    1. Jed Jam Band

      Hmmmmmmm….looks pretty good. Consensus looks good on BeerAdvocate.

      1. MichiganGoat

        It is Vivant brews are quite impressive but they are smaller than than the others and often get forgotten. Now take a look at Short’s Huma Lupa Licious on BA and see why I love that brew- and you can only get it in Michigan!

      2. MichiganGoat
  17. Adam

    Gotta admit, I love Kevin Gregg’s attitude.

  18. Bob Camp

    Has anybody else ever noticed that the last time the cubs went to the World Series was in 1945? If you were a history buff like me you would also know that world war-2 ended in 1945 as well. Why am I connecting the two? Because theres something awfully fishy about the MLB that connects to WWII. The legendary Adolph Hitler was known to brainwash children in a project known as “Hitler’s young tigers”. You’re probably still wondering ‘what’s the big deal?’, I’ll tell you what the big deal is. In the 1945 world series the cubs faced the Detriot TIGERS. “Hitler’s young tigers”-“Detriot tigers” , “1945”-“1945”. Think that’s weird? It gets weirder. As history buffs like myself know, world war 1 ended in 1918. Want to know another year the cubs won the NL pennant? 1918. Another interesting thing to note, when the cubs won the world series in 1908 there was an infamous play now know as “merkel’s boner” or “The bone-head merkel play”. The player who made this infamous error was a german-“American” who later died in Daytona beach florida, the current home of the cubs A+ team the Daytona cubs. He died in 1956 just 11 years after WWII ended, why so soon? My theory is that he is a huge factor into all of the cubs woes and that his death may not have been an accident. Why do I think that? Because Dwight D. Eisenhower was the president in 1956 and could have easily ordered Merkel’s death, It’s not like presidents haven’t done anything suspicious before (I’m looking at you Obama). All these facts strung together make it obvious that the MLB is corrupt, and the cubs have been wrongfully denied access to the world series for decades. Also that the detriot tigers are a racist franchise that I would recommend the government look into, if they weren’t in on this the entire time. I am boycotting the cubs and tigers baseball until bud selig or the U.S. government makes a statement on this.

    1. TWC

      This is my favorite comment that’s ever been posted on this site.

      1. SirCub

        I didn’t get past the opening sentence, but I agree.

      2. MichiganGoat

        Godwin’s Law at its finest

    2. Jed Jam Band

      You have no idea how hard I just laughed.

    3. Cubbie Blues

      Too. Much. Awesome.

    4. daveyrosello


    5. baldtaxguy

      This post delivers. Solid stuff.

    6. Lance

      this is a keeper post. it needs its own bulletts

    7. Jim L

      Top notch! Tell Al Gore to shut down the internets.

  19. macpete22
    1. SirCub

      Love this.

  20. SirCub

    “Has anybody else ever noticed that the last time the cubs went to the World Series was in 1945?”

    haha, that’s my favorite opening sentence to a tldr post of alltime.

  21. SirCub

    Oh man, Shark’s heater is good tonight.

    1. SirCub

      His splitter has been kinda lackluster though…

  22. macpete22
    1. cubchymyst

      Love the fact that all of these guys are saying they like to be back. Speaks of highly of how the front office is treating players.

  23. waffle

    As for good beer, I win

    I live in Oregon. Our state Microbe is the beer yeast.

    I am drinking a Ninkasi Total Domination right now which is the good life in a bottle

    1. MichiganGoat

      Yeah Oregon and California are quite impressive

    2. TWC

      Ninkasi’s got some good brews. That Total Domination is good if sliiiiightly to the malty side for my taste. I like my hops a shade crisper.

  24. Cheese Chad

    Oh no, they are intentionally walking big papi. He’s gonna charge the mound for taking his at bat away.

  25. waffle

    and to cap it off a Hop Venom from Boneyard in Bend, or. yum.

    go cubs.

  26. Jed Jam Band

    Bro Hug Watch is dwindling. We are in the late stages of the watch.

    1. Cubsfan2436

      I think The bro hug stage will be more tomorrow with the double header

      1. Jed Jam Band

        That’s gonna be one hell of a day.

  27. Cubsfan2436

    The bullpen arms Sveum ever uses are Russell, strop and Gregg. And ocassinally bake Parker. Hope he doesn’t over tax them.

    1. Cubsfan2436

      First time in a while I remember Russell facing a righty

      1. turn two

        Guerrier had had good use too, that’s five. Sounds like a lot of guys getting work, not sure what the complaint is here. Despite popular belief sveum is doing very well with a roster overtaken by trades and injuries.

        1. baldtaxguy

          There should not be a complaint on Sveum’s bullpen mgmt since the other members are Bowden, Rondon, and Sanchez.. My guess is that if Bowden was used Sunday instead of Strop, we would also be complaining about Sveum’s bullpen mgmt.

  28. Cubsfan2436

    I really like JJ but the one thing I miss about Bob Brenly was how brutally honest he was. He would have rip junior lake for all of his mental mistakes. JJ is more of a guy who is like oh well he’s young he’ll learn. It just sounds more like excuses. I just miss it when Brenly would call players out and wouldn’t make excuses.

    1. SirCub

      That’s one thing I do NOT miss about Brenly. I loved that he was honest and willing to criticize his own team. But it felt like he got preachy a lot of times. Plus I think he picked on certain guys more than others, which felt like favoritism. I don’t like that style of old school stuff.

      Not speaking facts here, just mo.

      1. Cubsfan2436

        Yeah for sure, color commentators definitely have to pick their spots. I thought Brenly was fair criticizing soriano’s fielding and effort in the field back in 07′ and 08′. Because soriano was god awful pain in left field and had that damn stupid hop everytime he caught the ball for style points.

        But Brenly was pretty unfair to soriano in his later yrs when he became a better fielder and I believe he unfairly picked on him at times.

  29. Brent

    Shark, Schierholtz, and Gregg/Navarro for Tailon, Polanco, Glasnow, and Kingham.

    1. TJ

      Nice call. Would love to see that trade happen. Trade for ALL the prospects.

      1. X the Cubs fan

        That would be a decent return.

    2. Jed Jam Band

      Add Sanchez as a throw-in because, why not?

    3. Jim L

      Throw in the Bucs competitive balance pick for good measure.

    4. shaun

      and a PTBNL as MEADOWSSSSS

    5. Brent

      Even if the Pirates did this deal, they would still have guys like Hanson, Meadows, Heredia, Bell, McGuire (18 year old catcher) left in their system. All Top 100 guys. Crazy how much depth they have.

      It would be different if they were trading away the farm for a rental but they aren’t. They’d be trading a lot of assets for cost controlled players who can’t help them win it all the next few years.

  30. nkniacc

    Well if shark is basically pick the players I’d like herida as well

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