Open Thread: Post All Rumors and News Here Until the 36-Hour Trade Deadline Blogathon Begins (5am CT)

asleep at keyboardIn anticipation of pulling off a 36-hour marathon session here at BN over the next two days, I’m calling it an early night. We’ll have some fun starting at 5am CT tomorrow morning, and you’ll all get to watch to see if I crack in the wee morning hours of Wednesday, or fall apart during the inevitable flurry of activity in the last hour before the Trade Deadline.

In the interim – while I (hopefully) sleep soundly, and dream of top 100 prospects, mystery teams, and leveraging – please feel free to post any and all rumors/news/tidbits/whateves in the comments here. That way, if anything happens later tonight, at least some gracious BN’er will have you covered. Be on high Bro Hug Watch alert and all that.

And, then, when the morning rolls around … we dance. Coverage for 36 hours straight. Prepare by following BN on Twitter and “liking” it on Facebook.

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301 responses to “Open Thread: Post All Rumors and News Here Until the 36-Hour Trade Deadline Blogathon Begins (5am CT)”

  1. YourResidentJag

    So, anyone know what the best brewery is in Iowa? Still looking.

    1. Hansman1982

      Some of the best beer I’ve had here was when High Life had their Jimmy Carter Happy Hour.

    2. cubs2003

      I moved from Chicago to Iowa not too long ago and I’m still trying to find a good one. Schlafly is all over and from St. Louis, but I’m not really impressed. I pretty much stick to New Belgium, Bell’s, or Stone stuff. Haven’t found a local one I really like. My brother visited recently and I made him bring a bunch of Half Acre Daisy Cutter and Lagunitas Censored.

      1. cubs2003

        If you’re in to IPA’s try Golden Nugget from Toppling Goliath out of Decorah. I don’t think you can get it in the store. I’ve never seen it, anyway. I’m in Iowa City and I don’t know how far their distribution goes. Excellent IPA. I always get it when I’m at The Sanctuary here or Red’s in North Liberty.

        1. Try Hard

          Or Shorts, that place is great too.

          1. cubs2003

            Good call! Forgot about that. I wish they put their burgers on a pretzel bun, though.

      2. Internet Random

        Stone = Nummy

        1. cubs2003

          I’m convinced Stone Imperial Russian Stout is the finest American made beer. I don’t get why they only release it in spring. To me, it screams winter.

      3. James Gillmeister

        I don’t know if you can get it in Iowa, but look around for New Glarus out of WI. Their product is really good. Whenever I’m in Madison I pick some up to bring back.

        They don’t like dealing with the screwy IL liquor distribution system here, so they just don’t ship to IL

        1. Fishin Phil

          Heck, I love driving up to New Glarus. Cool Swiss town, and I have a lot of Swiss in my background.

        2. Smitty

          The way I understand it is that New Glarus doesn’t export out of Wisconsin period.
          It is good beer.

    3. Melrosepad

      I’ve heard good things about Olde Main Brewing in Ames. Don’t like the taste of beer myself, but my friends seem to like it.

    4. Try Hard

      I got two for you.

      I think the two best breweries in Iowa are Toppling Goliath and Peace Tree. Toppling Goliath is by far my favorite. They don’t bottle too often though, so you will have to find a tap. The IPAs are great. Some people like the Dorothy if they are into pils. The gold nugget is their standard beer. It is good, but nothing great. Most their IPAs and almost all their specialty brews are great.

      Peacetree is great as well. Chicks dig the Blonde Fatale. They make some great specialty brews as well. Unfortunately, most can only be had at beer tasting festivals. One such beer is the Cornucopia, their brett beer.

      Cedar Ridge distillery has an okay bourbon as well.

      1. cubs2003

        I have to search out more Toppling Goliath stuff. Definitely my favorite local brewery. I’ve had Blonde Fatale, too. Great afternoon beer.

  2. YourResidentJag

    Tim Dirkes of MLBTradeRumors will be on 670theScore at 10:40 CST.

  3. ssckelley

    Brett is going to hate going to bed early and missing all this beer discussion.

    1. Cubsfan2436

      Where’s sahadev when you need him? He’s always up for a great beer debate

  4. SirCub

    friggin bloop hits, man.

  5. Cubsfan2436

    Well Kane county really shit the bed tonight

    1. Adventurecizin' Justin

      I was there…and They did! However, they did pull off s triple play. And, Vogs went oppo!

  6. Brad

    Keith Law just mentioned on Baseball tonight that it is highly unlikely that Jake Peavy gets moved and that the price for Downs was really low. That doesn’t sound good for the Cubs’ quest to trade Gregg — although who was really expecting much?

    1. Cubsfan2436

      If he doesn’t get dealt now then he gets dealt in the offseason probably. White sox don’t want to run into a garza 2 month trade situation

    2. BlameHendry

      The Cubs wont get any offer for Gregg worth taking. Might as well just let him ride out the rest of the season with us so we at least have some sense of a closer…

  7. mudge

    Well… if you’re looking for the best coffee in Iowa, Cafe Paradiso in Fairfield.

  8. Cubsfan2436

    I know it’s early but damn, mike olt looks terrible at the plate.

  9. NotAssman22

    The Cubs, according to several close sources, are seriously discussing a trade that would send Jeff Samardzija to the Diamondbacks for 3 high-level prospects.

    1. Cubsfan2436

      Please say Bradley is in the deal please!?!?

    2. socalicubsfan

      Assman rocks!!! Make ‘me three great ones!

    3. Crockett


    4. MichiganGoat

      Ah the Blogathon just got interesting

      1. Jimmy James

        Just when I think I’m out, you pull me back in…..argh

    5. someday...2015?

      Wow! Please tell me it’s Bradley, Davidson, and Holmberg.

    6. The Show

      You would think Bradley or Skaggs would have to be in it to get the Cubs interest to trade Shark.

      1. Cubsfan2436

        Would much rather have Bradley over Skaggs. Skaggs is a very good lefty but Bradley’s rm is special

      2. Crockett

        It’d have to be Bradley.

    7. BlameHendry

      whatever the return, I’d still be sad to see Jeff in any other uniform than a Cub uniform =(

    8. Adam

      Wouldn’t do it unless Bradley is involved.

      In fact, I’d trade Samardzija for Bradley straight up.

  10. Josh t

    Travis Wood/valbuena for Dylan Bundy? Fair trade? Too much?

    1. Adam

      Even with the arm surgery for Bundy thats not even in the same ballpark. Our front office wouldn’t propose that as a serious trade and the Orioles wouldn’t listen.

  11. NotAssman22

    Bradley’s name has been thrown around as the centerpiece of the Samardzija trade. Reports coming in rapidly. More to come.

    1. someday...2015?

      Yes. Please. More.

    2. BlameHendry

      I’d want Bradley + Skaggs. I’d call it good at that, no need for a 3rd guy. But if Theo could work his magic, Bradley + Skaggs + Holmberg would be one of the biggest overpayments in MLB history

    3. Luke

      Probably a fake guys. The syntax and punctuation pattern don’t match the real one.

      While Brett is off the board, I’d suggest you ignore any Assman postings. The trolls who run fakes will no doubt try to take advantage. Brett will clean up the damage in the morning.

      1. Adventurecizin' Justin

        If anyone needs an avatar, it is the real Assman!

  12. Cory

    Can we verify that’s the real Assman and not someone just trolling?

    1. Crockett

      Yeah…I’m already feeling trolled.

      1. someday...2015?

        Anything from your Minnesota connect Crockett?

        1. Crockett

          Not this late, no. If, in the AM, this feels possible…I’ll text him about it.

          1. LWeb23

            It does seem kind of late for something like this. But I guess it isn’t that late out on the west coast. I wonder if Theo or Jed stayed out west when they went to talk to Soriano.

      2. Cubsfan2436

        What’s assman22 name on PSD’s site? Check out if he posted over there and see if this is a troll

        1. Jimmy James

          Haven’t seen anything on psd, last thing Ty posted was a shark deal was not going to happen.

          1. Cubsfan2436

            Damn, probably a troll again. I don’t want to deal with this all over again over the next 36 hrs.

            1. Jimmy James

              Probably, being a little more specific than I expect from him ;)

              1. Crockett

                Has Assman EVER actually broken a story? Or just commented on talks that were already public? I think the latter…therefore I think this is bunk.

                1. JulioZuleta

                  Yup, what’s the point in trying to figure out whether or not this is the “real” Assman, when he pretty much throws stuff at the wall and hopes it sticks. It realllly wasn’t that hard to predict that Tex was going to the team that won the Garza derby…

                  1. Jimmy James

                    I was never sure if he was Ty from psd or just came in here after readying Ty’s posts over ther

                    1. JulioZuleta

                      Noo, Assman is not TY. Assman is on PSD. His name there is the same.

                2. The Dude Abides

                  Assman’s sources are very solid but he can’t give you any details until the trade is officially agreed upon by both teams, must be a stipulation of his connections leaking him inside information…

    2. DarthAssman


      1. AssManZuleta

        DarthAssman sounds like the name of the lead character in a highly entertaining adult film.

  13. LWeb23

    Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.

  14. Brian

    Fella’s, I live in the craft beer capital of the world…Bell’s is good but come on out to Colorado for some real craft beer!!

  15. NotAssman22

    Trade talks continuing to heat up into the night. Cubs want both Bradley AND Skaggs. Diamondbacks are hesitant to make a deal.

    1. Luke

      Again, syntax and punctuation pattern do not match the real thing. Assume this is a fake until Brett proves otherwise.

      Back to your previously engaging beer-versation.

      1. Jed Jam Band

        “beer-versation”….I’m stealing that

      2. Wester

        That is way too specific to be an authentic assman post. Also, I don’t think assman gives a hootenanny about being called a troll. Would probably just say “to hell with these guys” and stop posting, instead of “speculating” every 15 minutes. Luke’s right on this one.

      3. DarthAssman

        According to my R-squared linear regression analysis, there is only a 16.4% chance this is the real Assman.

      4. Bilbo161

        There really should be some way to know you are talking to the same person. When will this be fixed?

        1. DarthHater

          These kinds of things never seem to get “fixed.” Avatars reduce the problem, though.

    2. Vulcan


      1. Crockett

        I think it’s Timmy.

        1. Jed Jam Band

          Timmy’s not that articulate. Gotta be someone else.

    3. Cubsfan2436

      I can no longer get excited. Troll till proven wrong

    4. Blublud

      Assman has never cited sourses before. He has never needed them. This guy is a fake and a troll.

  16. Cory

    Yeah this is bullshit too many posts to close together and sounds to much like a reporter

  17. another JP

    Heyman reporting Cubs want choice of what a team has for prospects for Shark. If that’s the case then I can’t see anything getting done… also, if the FO wants such a high package in return how can they justify a EJax type offer if they were to negotiate a contract? Seems to be a little disconnect there-

    1. Scotti

      Don’t get the disconnect.

  18. Assman22

    Test. Not Assman.

    1. Anusmale22


  19. Scotti

    So, anyone can use their own email and say they’re anyone else… Yuck.

    1. JulioZuleta

      That’s why we recommend people set up a picture at Makes it much harder to fake.

      1. JulioZuleta

        That way as long as you type in your correct e-mail address (which no one knows), people will know it’s you based on your unique picture.

        1. JulioZuleta

          That was still me, just changed 1 letter from my email so you could see what I mean. Moral of the story people. Take 60 seconds and set up a gravatar.

          1. Scotti

            I personally set one up. It worked once and never again. I’m doubting folks will be pretending they’re me any time soon, though. And who could match my wit and intellect anyway?

            1. DarthHater

              Nobody. You’re safe there, man.

        2. JulioZuleta


          1. DarthJulio


            1. DarthHater

              I knew that was coming. (mostly because I thought about doing it to you first).

              1. DarthHater


                1. JulioZuleta


                  1. DarthHater


                  2. JulioZuleta


                    1. JulioZuleta

                      Ugh, light saber still cut off. You remind me more of the Rick Moranis version than the James Earl Jones version.

                    2. DarthHater


                  3. DarthHater

                    Most impressive. But you are not a Jedi yet. :-P

  20. mudge

    Brett, can you program so each user establishes a unique name and people can’t impersonate? You know, in your spare time and all.

    1. Crockett

      Assuming this deadline will be as slow as I think it will be for the Cubs, Brett should have time during the blog a thon.

  21. Brent

    What is PSD? Another site? Please advise.

    1. HomoRectum22

      Pro Sports Daily

  22. NotAssman22

    No truth to these rumors. Talks broke down earlier today

    1. Asswipe22

      You don’t say.

    2. Scotti


    3. Scotti

      I’ve often wondered what goes on in the mind of a troll… Tell is, why did you do it? What jollies do you get?

      1. NotAssman22

        No troll. Just checked in a few minutes ago. No progress because price is too high. Wanted to squash the rumor

        1. DarthHater


          1. Jed Jam Band

            I have a feeling that this is the real assman and the previous posts were not.

    4. BlameHendry

      welp, that was fun while it lasted. thanks for the entertainment at least. I can go to sleep now, and I’ll just dream about the Cubs getting Skaggs, Bradley, and Holmberg for Shark.

  23. mudge

    A bit of harmless evil at the end of the day. Ugh.

  24. NotAssman22

    Cubs and Diamondbacks are finished talking for the night. Bradley still heavily favored by Cubs.

    1. Vulcan


  25. Scotti

    Next time Brett takes a nap maybe he gives a grownup the keys to the shop. And maybe 20 bucks for pizza.

  26. Ballgame

    I don’t always post, but BN is the 1st thing I check in the morning. Occasionally I’ll be hoping for super early posts, then I realize…..Brett and Luke actually have lives outside of BN. I have a job where also, people have no idea how busy I am and that I’m not always
    “on call”. Your consistent and continuous coverage is really appreciated and most importantly, to create a following that has been able to raise $12,000+ towards a great cause is remarkable. With that being said, get some rest because I FULLY expect an early post to greet me in the morning. Keep up the fantastic work and just know, you guys are appreciated!!!

    1. Scotti


  27. Cubsfan2436

    Well if there’s any teeth to these rumors great but we’ll just have to wait and see

    1. Scotti

      Grandpa has no teeth. Just a troll. Probably Anthony Weiner looking for something to do. Really fascinating what goes on in the mind of a DB.

      1. DarthHater

        Carlos Danger.

        1. Scotti

          He’s so dangerous…

  28. Crockett

    I was just reminiscing and reading about the Prior for Tejada blockbuster that never occurred. Would have been interesting for sure.

  29. adamae24

    I think a forgotten discussion is whether or not we receive IFA

  30. Mr. Cubster

    Wonder if there is a website called Troll Nation?

    1. mudge

      Conster Nation

    2. DarthHater
      1. mudge

        Or you can read about snaps and pins at Fasten Nation.

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