Report: Nate Schierholtz “Most Likely” the Next Cub to Be Moved

nate schierholtz cubsIf there were a senior superlative for “Most Likely to Be Traded By the Chicago Cubs This Week,” it would go to Nate Schierholtz.

That according to an ESPN Chicago report, citing a “league source” who says Schierholtz is likely to be the next Cub to go. The report includes thoughts from Schierholtz about being traded, and how he deals with rumor season.

Rumors about Schierholtz have been swirling for some time now, and, in a very thin outfield trade market, he’s gotta be a mighty attractive trade piece to a number of teams. The report cites the Rangers, who’ve been looking for a bat for some time (and whose system the Cubs are obviously familiar with), as well as “two or three other teams.” We’ve heard about the Pirates’ interest in Schierholtz for a few weeks.

Of course, Schierholtz holds a great deal of value to the Cubs, not just to trade partners. Not only is he hitting .278/.339/.530 on the year while making just $2.25 million, he has one more year of arbitration left. Without an obvious replacement in the waiting at AAA, the Cubs might be content to hang onto the 29-year-old in the hopes of added respectability – nay, competitiveness! – in 2014.

The asking price on Schierholtz, who plays solid defense and runs the bases well, should be quite healthy. There are few quality bats on the market, and Schierholtz provides as much value as just about any bat who will change teams this trade season. We’ll see what happens over the next few days.

A parting thought on ESPN’s source on this one: a league source. As in, not a Cubs source. That suggests to me that ESPN is hearing this from a team that has spoken with the Cubs. If other teams are getting a sense that the Cubs are likely to move Schierholtz, then maybe there’s something to it.

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103 responses to “Report: Nate Schierholtz “Most Likely” the Next Cub to Be Moved”

  1. nkniacc13

    Hope Gregg gets moved as well. Hope they get atleast 1 intriguing arm back

  2. heybails91

    Any speculation as to what it would take for a team to get Schieholtz?

    1. heybails91


  3. Blublud

    Coming from the guy who hated that signing, I hope we keep him.

    1. MichiganGoat

      Yes you were you really hated this move hopefully next year you can put a little faith into the ability of the FO to sign the right players.

      1. Die hard

        If to Angels should be for 2 top AA pitchers given Pujols being replaced… FO would earn kudos for this move

        1. TWC

          If to Angels should be for Trout. FO would earn kudos for that, too.

          1. Die hard

            Morin and Alverez ?

          2. MichiganGoat

            I know right and them they can throw in Hamilton and Pujols for free… a change of scenery is just what they need to ignite the BellyFire.

            1. Die hard

              Serious posters only please

              1. TWC

                Pot, meet kettle.

                1. MichiganGoat

                  Wait there is pot in the kettle? ***running to kitchen***

                  1. mudge

                    spittin’ my dr pepper

                  2. miggy80

                    hey wait, what are we talking about?

                2. DarthHater

                  You don’t understand, TWC. To be a serious poster, one has to be completely devoid of any capacity for rational discernment. Only then, can one post the most inane idiocy and seriously believe it. Sarcastic posts, like yours, demonstrate a plain intellectual content that deprives them of true seriousness, in this sense.

                  1. TWC

                    I’m a total failure.

                    1. wvcubsfan

                      Isn’t that the first step in recovery?

                  2. Ivy Walls

                    this is from Colorado where pot is legal;

                    pot meet match…now think deeply about your dreams or trout and catches, flyers and going deep with waiters who are out into left field.

              2. Jed Jam Band

                Oh, the irony.

              3. DarthHater


                1. MichiganGoat

                  I think it’s both and not even he knows which one it is.

      2. Rcleven

        Think Lillybridge.

  4. Corey

    It’ll take a pretty nice package to move Schier, so trade him or not, I am happy.

  5. Adam

    I’m tired of dealing with the Rangers. We currently have six Rangers’ prospects in our farm system and that’ll grow to either 7 or 8 by the end of the year.

    1. turn two

      Ill second, though it makes no sense if they are good prospects.

      1. Eternal Pessimist

        Makes no sense. I think we did well with Garza and they have a few more pieces we could covet. Our remaining tradable pieces would get us small pieces, and Ranges have enough to trade with us and seem anxious to compete this year.

  6. DarthHater

    The Cubs need to field a team next season that is better than this year’s team. Right now, it seems like keeping Schierholtz would be necessary to achieve that goal. So the return on a trade would have to be pretty high to justify pulling the trigger.

    1. nkniacc13

      Be very interesting to see what the Cubs do if they move him you would think they have to get a bat this offseason

    2. Steve Ontiveros' Mustache

      I don’t want to see Schierholtz traded unless its for someone who makes the Cubs better in 2014 and beyond. I think he’s too valuable to trade for organizational depth that won’t be ready until the frontline prospects should be breaking in during 2015 and 2016.

  7. Abe Froman

    Brett, I really enjoy your writing and how you mix in some playful nuggets “nay, competitiveness!” I wish we could take up a collection for a bloggathon nap.

  8. Kyle

    I don’t particularly want to trade Schierholtz because of his ability to help in 2014, but the chance that we might go after two OF acquisitions while getting an overpay from Schierholtz will keep me from completely wigging out of they do.

    1. JayPaul

      Mentioned earlier, I think Pence could be an Edwin Jackson type signing( in terms of length of contract) this offseason if the Cubs have a protected 1st round pick or he is not given a QO.

      1. YourResidentJag

        I like McCann.

    2. Eternal Pessimist

      I agree completely. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Cubs offered him a club friendly extension as he provides some long term value.

  9. Jay

    Seems to me this is one guy who’s value to us is much higher than he’d bring back in any trade. I understand what the plan is and I’m fine with trading just about everyone else but I’d be hesitant to move this guy given his ability, low cost, and club control.

  10. Robert Johnson

    I think we should keep him. It would be bad timing for the fan base & there’s no guarantee that any of those young outfielders will be ready in 2015

    1. TWC

      I KNOW! Just think of the six or seven Nate Schierholtz jersey-wearing fans that would be in tears!

      1. DocPeterWimsey

        I gave up after getting my 4th straight try misspelled. (I now root for “Jones.”)

  11. turn two

    This one screams of not adding a good prospect as much as making sure we lose enough to get a draft pick

    1. Blublud

      Get lost

      1. turn two


    2. Chef Brian

      Here comes the conspiracy theorists…

      1. Kev

        Look out! Here they comes! I are one of them.

    3. nkniacc13

      you mean to get a top 10 protected pick?

  12. Rebuilding

    The Pirates put their backup catcher Michael McKenry on the DL today so Navarro would also make sense for them

    1. Jed Jam Band

      Schierholtz/Russell/Navarro for Glasnow, Sanchez, and +? Just spitballing here.

      1. Grant

        Schierholtz/Gregg/Navarro for Glasnow and Kingham.

  13. another JP

    I love Nate as a Cub but with a good prospect package we need to deal him… Sweeney makes him totally expendable once he’s back from his injury.

    1. Jimmy James

      Not sure how long til Sweeney and bogusevic are back but don’t think an outfield of lake, dejesus and Nate wins too many more games over two months than lake, Sweeney, bogusevic….

      1. nkniacc13

        Bogie maybe back soon I think Sweeney is closer to Sept

      2. Arrieta'sUncle


      3. Jono

        Good point

  14. Steve123

    Cubs get Jin De Jhang, Kyle McPherson
    Pirates get Navarro, Schierholtz

    Gives good perimeter for a trade. Cubs get a catcher finally(although young), and McPherson has risk but a lot of upside

    1. Jed Jam Band

      We can probably do better than that. Maybe not, but I still expect the Cubs to go after Kingham or Glasnow.

  15. CubFan Paul

    He’s a 4th outfielder and platoon bat. Trade him before he realizes he’s Nate Schierholtz.

  16. Aaron

    Suggest the Cubs keep Schierholtz who is a good player at a great price. However, if a team like the Pirates, would be willing to trade some of their highly rated young pitchers, the Cubs would be foolish not to try to work out a deal.

    1. Jed Jam Band

      The exact sentiments of pretty much everyone here. You nailed it.

  17. BlameHendry

    Oh God… Rizzo will have literally no line-up protection once Schierholtz gone…

    But then again, with the career year he’s having, the crazy-low salary he’s getting for his performance, the team control, and the state of the trade market, the Cubs can command a very solid return. I guess trading and keeping him are both good options.

    1. Josh t

      I actually think Rizzo will become a better player for not having lineup protection. He needs to learn how to deal with pitchers pitching around you. I think he’ll learn from it or at least learn how deal with a better approach at the plate that could help him.

      1. DocPeterWimsey

        Except that pitching does not work that way anymore. They will keep aiming for the blue parts of Rizzo’s heat chart, regardless of who is batting behind him.

        1. turn two

          I think your partially accurate, but your not taking account for pitching around someone rather than intentionally walking them. There are definitely still managers out there that tell their pitchers in given situations to not throw someone a strike. That’s what lineup protection affords you.

        2. Hansman1982

          Well, to be fair, pitchers will pitch around “protection-less” batters. Just they need to be surrounded by 8 guys with sub-.700 OPS, as is the case with Stanton.

          1. turn two


        3. mudge

          And people will keep talking about lineup protection regardless of how often you explain this.

  18. nkniacc13

    Interesting 5 game set for Pittsburgh and STL

  19. Sacko

    I think he should play all the time, since Dale will only use him against righties, might as well trade em.

  20. Lou Brock

    Pirates have a decent LH hitting catcher at AA named Cutler who along with Kingham would work for me in a Schierholtz and Navarro deal.

  21. miggy80

    WHAT!? Frank Castillo died

    I remember when he took a no-hitter into the 9th vs. Atlanta only to have Deion Sanders get a hit with two outs. My dad said Steve Stone jinxed him for announcing from the dugout in the 9th

    1. Jimmy james

      Thought Comcast said it was lankford

      1. Jimmy james

        My bad, gilkey……knew it was ex cardinal

        1. miggy80

          I don’t know why I thought it was Deion Sanders

          1. miggy80

            and I could of swore that it was Atlanta. I’m I thinking of another game?

            1. Northside Neuman

              Miggy, yes you are thinking of the Atlanta/ Cubs season opening series in 1993. Maddux pitched his first game as a Brave against the Cubs in the season opener against Mike Morgan. The Cubs game 2 starter was Jose Guzman who had a no hitter broken up in the ninth with 2 out by Otis Nixon. The Cubs won the game 1-0 with Nixons hit being the total tally for the Bravo’s.

  22. Johnny

    I cant believe how many people wanna keep him based on a win/loss record… we arent making the playoffs this year… or next year… so why bother? Stick to the plan. Hes 29 not 25. Milk his solid year for everything u can. I wanna be competitive in 2 years and be ready to go after it in 3. While we are at it… trade shark. I honestly don’t think he will re-sign. I dunno. Just a feeling I get. If you can bring back a top of the rotation prospect that “should” be ready in 2-3 years. Do itttttt. Please. For 22 years ive watched a terrible team. Can we please do this right.

    1. Jono

      I totally agree with you up until samardzija. They’d have to get a HUGE return for him, a complete over payment. But everything has its price, I guess.

    2. Northside Neuman

      Wow, for 22 years? You poor guy….

  23. Chad

    Trade high on NS. FO did a great job on finding another low-cost major leaguer they could flip. I don’t see why so many people are worried about losing him. Keep your eye on the prize, which is a championship in 15 or 16. Competitiveness in the early part of 14 is inconsequential.

    1. wvcubsfan

      I don’t think 14 is inconsequential. I think it’s very important that they have a good year. By good year I mean above .500 most of the year and not out of the playoff race by June. It will be much easier to take small steps than trying to go from a top 10 pick to a top 8 team.

    2. Jono

      i agree that ’14 is inconsequential, but I dont think ’15 will be championship capable. If a round of top prospects comes up for 2015, they’ll still need a year to get it together and go through their adjustments. Of course, forecasting this stuff is bordline ridiculous, but it’s fun, right!

  24. Chad

    A better way I should say it is the first half of 14 is less important in my mind than the second half. The second half should see the arrival of Baez (June) and Soler (June if we are lucky).

    1. wvcubsfan

      I can see where you are coming from, but I really doubt that Baez in in the show in June. I really don’t think he’ll be on the 40 man roster until the end of 2014 and more likely 2015.

  25. Chad

    How does this team go from where they are now to a winning team in 2014, as you (wvcubsfan) seem to think we should be at. It’s going to take a lot… 1) Olt to have success at 3b, 2) Lake to be the answer (until Soler and Almora arrive in late 14 or 15), 3) a big free agent upgrade in cf OR rf (Choo or Ellsbury are on my wish list), Wellington Castillo to raise his game a huge notch and Barney to start hitting or be replaced (I think Alcantrara replaces him in September 2014). And I have nt even mentioned the multitude of holes in the bullpen and replacing Garza. As fun as it will be to watch these pieces come together a month at a time in 2014, I do not see us winning the first half of 2014 without multiple free agent upgrades.

    1. MichiganGoat

      Well we had really bad luck this season and with a better bullpen, more consistency from Castro & Rizzo, a couple of good FA signings and a pitching staff that is like this year we should be better and flirt with .500 baseball and a Wild Card chance. This team if the bullpen was better to start the season could be a couple games out of .500 and the WC.

      1. Jono

        Winning 82 or 83 won’t get you into the playoffs. They might indeed improve over the offseason and reach .500, though. That wouldn’t shock me. But ill make a bet right now that they don’t make the playoffs. Ill even give someone odds

        1. Jono

          Just looked it up. The second wild card in 2012, cardinals, won 88 games. Id happily take bet on the cubs missing the playoffs next years.

          1. Jono

            I do grammar good

    2. wvcubsfan

      I just don’t think we are that far off from being a winning (above 500) team. I think that a few well scouted low level free agent signings, and a couple of pleasant surprises from the farm (maybe bull pen help) could put us right there.

      I don’t think 3rd needs to be worried about, the platoon seems to be fine until one player can unseat them.

      I think the outfield will take care of itself; this is assuming that no other outfielder is traded. If that happens I reserve the right to reevaluate this comment.

      Barney needs to hit more I agree. i think Barney will be a pro for a long time, but I think that is going to be as a bench player.

      I also agree that Castillo needs to improve both at the plate and behind the plate.

      1. Chad

        You are right about the bullpen. The bullpen seems to be the key to reaching .500. Strop looks like a great add. I would argue that we should keep Russell and re-sign Gregg (just because I don’t think either would get above a top 20 organizational prospect on their own).

        1. wvcubsfan

          I’m in the sell high camp on both Russell and Gregg. I’m not sure how much either will bring, but it will be more now than in anytime in the future.

  26. Cheryl

    They’ve traded for depth in pitching. Why not go after someone like McCann to shore up the catching area?

    1. Chad

      He is a lefty, which would compliment Castillo. I guess it comes down to how They view Castillo. As much as Sveum was playing Navarro, it feels as if they are souring on him slightly.

  27. Chad

    I wanted to see one or two things happen this year that did not. To bridge the gap to The now super four prospects, I was hoping Brett Jackson or Josh Vitters become a quality major leaguer. Also, I was hoping Wellington Castillo would look more like A future Yadier Molina that a Geo Soto. Jury’s still out these of course, but none look great right now. Sorry to sound like Johnny Raincloud. I love everything the FO has done! Just was hoping to win by 2014 without the super prospects. Not looking likely.

  28. Brian R

    Accelerating our race to the bottom. Check back in 5 years gentleman, when we’re only 3 games under 500 and phase 17 of Theo’s master plan means our 6th salary dump.

    1. Jono

      If the cubs win the world series 20 years from now, ill be a very happy 48 year old. I just want them to do it while im alive

      1. Brian R

        With you on this one. I hope some of these minor leaguers work out or we’re going to have a lot of pie in our faces in 5 years after waiting so long to develop the farm without attending to the barn.

        1. Jono

          Yea, like the royals. It happens.

          1. Johnny

            Difference is we are a big market team. We just need a couple of these prospects to become legit starters in the mlb. We can buy anyone we want.. that will never be an issue. Its a matter of buying at the right time. We dont wanna be like the idiot royals and trade our best prospect ever for an old overrated starter .. (seriously worst trade ive seen in many years)

            1. Jono

              Well, yea, but that would mean Epstein’s entire strategy is a failure. Relying on free agency to build a team is something that no knowledgeable Cubs fan wants. Obviously the Cubs are a larger market than the Royals, but if Epstein’s plan doesn’t work, the it’ll look similiar to how the royals look now. Obviously, it would be easier for the Cubs to fix that with free agent signings, but none-the-less, that’s how it’ll look until they make those big signings (one could argue that those signings could make things even worse, but that’s a difference discussion)

  29. J.F.Edwards

    Hmm…beginning to wonder if FO is playing big boy games in negotiations with Shark. I.e. if they don’t get him to sign an extension closer to the price they prefer, they’re showing they will move him to obtain more value whether he likes it or not.

    If Shark wants to stay and be part of a winner in Chicago, maybe the rumors might have him thinking twice about his asking price?

    This whole thing might be a lot more, uh, complex–it might not be such a simple, uh, uh, uh…you know?

    1. Jono

      If I were Samardzija, I wouldn’t let that reduce my asking price. But everyone’s different.

      1. davidalanu

        I think more than anything it’s Samardzija truly believing that he’s going to grow into an ace-quality pitcher, and he’s simply betting on himself.

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