musclesWe keep waiting for those Biogenesis suspensions to come down so that teams can properly address the ramifications before the Trade Deadline. But Jayson Stark doesn’t sound optimistic that it will happen before 3pm CT Wednesday (the deadline), and teams are holding back because of it. On the flip side, Dave Kaplan cites a Major League source who says that trade talks are ramping up right now because those suspensions are coming soon.

Mostly unrelatedly, Kaplan also reports that the Pirates and White Sox are getting close on a deal for outfielder Alex Rios, with only the cash to be settled (of course, that’s an awfully sticky wicket when you’re talking about tens of millions of dollars). If the Pirates land Rios, you can count them out of any Nate Schierholtz market, should one be developing.

The Pirates may also be trying to get Jake Peavy and Alexei Ramirez from the White Sox, according to John Perrotto. A specific return is mentioned – Jameson Taillon, Alex Dickerson, and another prospect – which tells me these talks are fairly legitimate. Can you imagine if the White Sox and Pirates paired up on a Peavy, Rios, Ramirez deal? The prospect package would be huge.

(Then again, Gordon Edes just now reports that the Diamondbacks – previously reported to be out on Peavy – are now the favorites to land Peavy. Hooray Trade Deadline madness!)

The Cubs will have to stay in the weeds for now. Stark’s piece mentions that Kevin Gregg and Schierholtz are the two Cubs most likely to be dealt, with James Russell “extremely unlikely” to be moved. Jeff Samardzija is given almost zero chance.

  • Rebuilding

    Brian Wilson to the Dodgers

  • Carew

    I sort of expect the white sox to get not-so-good prospects because, well, they’re the white soc

    • Carew


  • Roger

    Any Chance Castro gets moved???

    • Mike Taylor (no relation)

      Shark’s chances of being moved – 7%
      Castro’s chances of being moved – 5%

      • Cubbie Blues

        You are 4-6% off on those percentages.

        • bbmoney

          or 6.95% and 5% off. If we’re referring to being traded in the next 25 hours.

    • Cubs Fan in STL

      No way Castro is moved before the deadline. Come this offseason, that could be a different story with more teams able to be buyers.

  • Bigj2197

    i didn’t give you permission to use my picture for this blog haha i kid i kid

  • Jason Powers

    I guess Peavy will take over for AJ Burnett role as high priced old talent, loose term talent. I suspect the Pirates want about 60 percent of that salary ate to give up Taillon. Hed be the best best prospect movved so far, by rankings?

  • afinch

    Hanging in there, Brett?

  • Patrick G

    Wouldn’t teams wanting rotation bullpen help want someone like Villanueva? Being versatile for a team like the Pirates where they can put him in bullpen when Burnett returns

    • kmr1453

      Burnett is back. He pitches in an hour against the Cards.

    • taits06

      I think the direct answer to this is yes. However, when you consider how valuable he is to the Cubs having that 2nd year on the contract, the Cubs have the right to ask for more and they most likely are asking for a better return. My guess is that teams are inquiring, only to find out that the Cubs want more than those teams are willing to give up…

  • Jed Jam Band

    What use would the Pirates have for Ramirez? They’ve already got Jordy Mercer. Makes no sense to me.

    • Mike Taylor (no relation)

      Mercer would platoon vs LHP. Dude mashes. Alexei has 0 power this year. Harrison would play 2B vs. LHP (cause Walker is batting .190).

  • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

    My guess if Reinsdorf has to approve Sox paying any salary in moving players like Peavey and Rios that deal for significant prospects will not get done.

  • Jason Powers

    Sox GM Hahn seems positioned badly. Pirates i bet are driving a hard bargain…good.

    • kmr1453

      They should be driving a hard bargain. It took a lot of losing season to get the strong farm system they have.

  • North Side Irish

    If anyone is interested in complete made up and bogus rumors, Scott Swaim is back on Twitter…

    • gocatsgo2003

      And, as would be appropos, he already had to retract a tweet:

      Scott Swaim‏@MLBinsidenews12h
      Okok. Cliff Lee is on the move. Former team of his likely, not the Expos is all I’ll give you now, though. #sources #hotstove

      Scott Swaim‏@MLBinsidenews1h
      Bad info on Lee. #sources misled me. #hotstove


      • Jp3

        He left out he’s sure it’s not the Florida marlins or Washington senators

  • South&Wave

    Brett, it’s nice of you to use your own picture for this article. How many clap pushups can you do in a minute?

  • ETS

    All these brett vines are begging for bad lip reading – too bad I can’t read lips.

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  • kmr1453

    I’m not sure where the name Alex ranks in most popular names, but with (Alex)Rios, (Alexei) Ramirez and (Alex) Dickerson being thrown around, in one rumor, it’s got to be near the top. Crazy times

  • North Side Irish

    From Jon Heyman’s latest article…”Word is, though, that three players on the Biogenesis dockets — Athletics pitcher Bartolo Colon, Blue Jays outfielder Melky Cabrera and Padres catcher Yasmani Grandal — aren’t expected to be punished further as they are apparently considered to have done their time with suspensions served for failed tests in 2012.”