Report: Biogenesis Suspensions Being “Finalized,” Some Players Taking Deals

muscle-bound-steroidsTick tock, tick tock.

No, that’s not just the sound of the BN Blogathon clock incessantly reminding me that the tough overnight hours will soon be arriving. It’s the sound of the Biogenesis clock.

According to Jeff Passan, the Biogenesis suspensions are coming within the next 72 hours, and the vast majority will come in the form of an agreed plea deal (like the one Ryan Braun took). Although 72 hours spans past the Trade Deadline tomorrow, if players are agreeing to suspensions, there may be an opportunity for their teams to be alerted before that deadline passes. Indeed, if this is now a cooperative process, maybe those teams have already been informed.

The implications here, as we’ve discussed, are enormous. If the Rangers lose Nelson Cruz for the rest of the year, their need for an outfield bat explodes. If the Tigers lose Jhonny Peralta, perhaps they become desperate for an infielder. If the A’s lose Bartolo Colon, maybe the dip back into the market for a starter.

On that last one, there’s an interesting twist: a few days ago, I noticed reports that the A’s – who’d been hot on Matt Garza and Jake Peavy, if you’ll recall – were backing out of the trade market for a pitcher. Had they perhaps received word that Colon’s Biogenesis connection was related to his earlier PED suspension, and that he would not be suspended again? Passan’s source tells him Colon is not being suspended, so that could be the case. And if that is the case, it’s fair to wonder if other teams have similarly been tipped off to the status of their players. Do all teams know? Do they have suspicions?

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out over the next 18 hours or so. It could be that the teams with implicated players – some of which have not been publicly identified yet – know where they’re going to be hit, but possible trading partners don’t know. If so, you can bet that those teams with soon-to-be-suspended players will fight tooth and nail to keep the suspension news under wraps until after the Trade Deadline, for fear that they will appear desperate (especially if an implicated player has not yet been publicly identified).

I love last minute intrigue.

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33 responses to “Report: Biogenesis Suspensions Being “Finalized,” Some Players Taking Deals”

  1. nkniacc13

    Yeah more intrigue into the deadline

  2. MikeW

    Wonder if this ties in to the sudden explosion of “value” with Schierholtz. Maybe some big name OF on contenders really are going down this week.

    1. themusicbox

      I like Sheirholtz?? I hate that nearly everyone wants to trade him. Plenty offensive value next year, cheap this year…. leave well enough alone. As far as A rod is concerned… banned fir life!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jon

    Odds are, Nelson Cruz is on that list. The Rangers are clinging to playoff life. Their pitching is decent, but really could use another bat. Let the Cubs wet their beak and give us Martin Perez for Shierholtz and we will toss in Villenueva to take the spot of Perez. It just makes too much sense!

    1. nkniacc13

      that could be why Rangers are willing to listen on all players

    2. Jed Jam Band

      Not getting Perez. We’ve been over this.

      1. Jon

        It’s like trying to get in “that” girls pants. You don’t want to give it up…

        1. Jed Jam Band

          Hey, man, I’m going to call you out on this one. I, for one, don’t have any room in my life for that kind of sexist stuff. Think about how you talk about this stuff, man. I mean The Series She-View is pushing it, but this is just over the top.

  4. VegasGoat

    If the Tigers lose Johnny Peralta could we possibly deal Castro to them for nick castellanos and (fill in the blank)

    1. Jon

      & Porcello

    2. MikeW


      1. VegasGoat

        Of course we’d get more the just castellanos, hence the AND (fill in the blank)……

    3. X the Cubs Fan

      … And their entire minor league system.

    4. MichiganGoat

      Castro is not going anywhere

  5. Rebuilding

    This really couldn’t have worked out better for the Cubs. Losing Pheralta would be a huge blow to the Tigers as they really have no one else to play SS. Barney and Russell for Smyly would make me happy

    1. Mike Taylor (no relation)

      Infante can play SS while Kelly plays 2B. Hernan Perez has done a sufficient job (although less steroidy one) at SS in the 12 games he’s played.

      1. Rebuilding

        Well, Infante is hurt and left his rehab game the other day with no return timetable. He hasn’t played SS since 2010 and played it sparingly and badly then. And Kelly isn’t the answer at any position

    2. VegasGoat

      The tigers are not going to give up one of their main setup men in, just to get another set up guy and black hole offensive SS. IMO.

      Is Barney a gold glove caliber SS? He is at 2nd but SS is a different animal and Barney’s arm profiles better at 2nd. But he is a natural SS so I’m not sure

      1. Jon

        That’s a good point, unless Barney is playing GG defense at his position, he useless, shit he’s almost useless as it stands.

      2. Rebuilding

        In a world where the Cardinals are thinking about giving up Carlos Martinez for Erick Aybar I wouldn’t be so sure

  6. spearman

    Curious, if any of the whitesox players are on the list. Hadn’t heard much info lately.

  7. X the Cubs Fan

    Robert Murray ‏@RobertMurrayMLB 16m
    The #Cubs almost dealt James Russell to the #Braves last week, according to @ESPNChiCubs.

    1. VegasGoat

      I’d be curious what a Russell to the braves deal would have net us

  8. MichiganGoat

    I actually think that if Peralta is out this season Barney might be an interesting option for them. His defense will be a nice addition to a weak infield defense and he won’t cost the Tigers anything major. They are I the win now right now and they will scramble to fill that void if Peralta is suspended look for Barney rumors to start.

    1. nkniacc13

      Looking like it may only be a 50 game suspension for Peralta so a barney pickup would be good in the fact that they would have their true SS back for playoffs

      1. MichiganGoat

        Exactly and give them a major defensive replacement without giving up anything really valuable. We could get a high potential arm that isn’t living up to expectations right now.

  9. Jason Powers

    Texas w/o Berman and Cruz, they need left/right bats. Last night they had AJ and Soto both in the lineup. They won because of it, but, if either got hurt, that would put a crimp in their style.

    Course they are trying to dump Nathan to NL contender – at least use him to get a bat – but AZ and PIT have their own offense issues. Could we satisfy all their dreams with DeJesus, Schierholtz et. al?

    We have the cheaper bats around compared to Rios.

    1. Jason Powers


  10. another JP

    It looks like Cruz, Peralta, and Cervelli from the Yanks are all about to get 50 games. Schierholtz, Barney/Ransom, and Navarro are fixes for every one of those teams, and the Cubs might see some great offers from the Rangers, Tigers, & Yanks.

    1. Jason Powers

      I think the Yankees would probably call up a catcher Austin Romine before looking for a trade for one. 3B- we could flip them Valbuena – and recoup some $$$ via prospects on the Sori deal.

      Definitely like putting the Pirates and Texas in bids for a cost controllable bat.

      We could turn this whole roster over – like a Bill Veeckian trader – in one season.

  11. Jp3

    We could flip em, flipp’em for real…

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  13. MichiganGoat

    The Biogenisis saga is the story I’m really looking forward to hearing more about, we should start hearing these plea deals leak out before the deadline ends.

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