kevin gregg cubsAs the Colorado Rockies continue to tread water in the eminently winnable NL West, they’ve set their sights on trying to improve at the margins. That is to say, they probably aren’t looking to make a major move, but would like to improve their bullpen.

Enter Kevin Gregg, a pitcher in whom the Rockies have had interest, according to Troy Renck. The Rockies stand 6.5 games behind the Dodgers in the West, alone in third place. Improving the bullpen would undoubtedly help, but I’m not sure they believe that a Gregg rental will be the difference between a playoff run and a middling finish. They are, after all, five gamesĀ underĀ .500. Then again, the Rockies have reportedly had interest in Gregg dating back to early July, so maybe there’s something here.

Either way, it’s a reminder that, as the relief market thinned out considerably yesterday, Gregg’s name is likely to pop up. He’s not likely to be considered as a closer for a playoff contender, but he offers a quality veteran arm with closing experience. Slot him into the later innings, and have him at the ready if your closer breaks down. That has value, even if it isn’t quite as much as what the Astros got yesterday for Jose Veras, for example.

As an impending free agent, and as a closer on a team that probably doesn’t need a closer, Gregg is expected to be dealt by tomorrow’s Trade Deadline. He’s got a 2.68 ERA on the year and is striking out 8 per 9, but he’s walking 4.5 per 9 and has had a couple really rough outings over the last few weeks.

  • MichiganGoat

    If its Gregg alone the return is going to be quite thin

    • mudge

      like cj edwards?

      • Brett


        • CubsFaninMS

          In a physical sense, yes, C.J. Edwards thin.

          I would expect a Rafael Lopez-type return. A blip on the radar.

    • Cubbie Blues

      Even if what we send over isn’t.

    • LWeb23

      Agreed. But at the same time, I dk what else they would want. Unless it’s organization depth of some sort. Or almost like a Ronald torreyes type throw in to boost the return just a bit.

    • Coop

      Maybe we can trade him for Tyler Colvin…?

  • Jay

    Doesn’t matter. He’s of no use to us this year, and he’s already turning back into a pumpkin.

  • H.A.

    Joel Youngblood is the only player in MLB history to get hits for two different teams in two different cities on the same day.

    How long does it take to get from Chicago to Pittsburgh these days?

  • macpete22

    Dale Sveum was on Intentional Talk:

    • Carew

      Honestly, I love that show

      • MichiganGoat

        I find that show absolutely annoying… Millar just tries to hard and it’s way too ESPN for my taste.

        • Carew

          I agree about Millar, but its a more fun annoying, ya know? They seem to have a job that they can goof off and still do their thing. I would love that

  • madisoncub

    Does it make any sense to trade for depth and/or international pool money or is that moot at this point?

    • Greg

      International Pool Slots would save the Cubs the amount of money equal to the slot value.

  • ABK

    Gregg for Jonathan Gray, obvi.

    • CubbiesOHCubbies

      Grey can’t be traded for 1 year. Other than that I don’t see anything wrong with this deal……er……well……..ALMOST nothing.

    • pete

      Only if they throw in Colvin.

  • Cheryl

    Any predictions on the next move? I’d say a move on McCann then some kind of deal with Pitt, Tampa may e invilvedin some deal and the Yankees may try for Vogelbach.

    • Chad

      Cheryl, why are you so high on McCann and what makes you think the Braves will part with him? Because of Gattis? Are you thinking a trade deadline deal because that won’t happen. The Braves are way ahead in the east. With your other ideas, are they just spit balling ideas or are they actual substantial rumors, or just what you would like to see? The other question is what would the Yankees give the cubs for a A ball DH/1B? I just don’t see why any of this would make sense

      • Cheryl

        One its speculation. The cubs need a catcher. It might not be McCann but he was talked about the other day. Pitt has also been mentioned but I don’t think they’ll pay the price that the FO wants for Shark. I didn’t name anybody specific for Pitt because I think a deal might take place, They’ve also been mentioned in some rumors.. Why Vogelbach? He would be a player the Yankees might want for the future. He might be a memory of their past. I’m not sure what they have in their minor league system, maybe a catcher but they will have to beef it up. Tampa is a question mark in my mind, call that a feeling that there’s something that may come about. But to further answer your comments there have been a lot of rumors regarding Pitt and McCann. Vogelbach is blocked here by Rizzo so somewhere along the line he may be dealt.

  • macpete22

    Maybe Josh Outman for Gregg?

  • steve123

    Is there any chance we could get their Competitve balance pick?

    • Coop

      I like this idea. Don’t think the Rockies would, though.

  • Brian R

    The one we really have to trade is Starlin Castro, while is value is high. He might be a hit machine but he’s not a leader and he’s not consistent. We could get a big return for him. We should also trade Soler.

    • ABK

      What? His value is not nearly as high as it has been in the past, he hasn’t been having a good year.

    • X The Cubs Fan

      Why would we trade either?

      • Feeney

        Trade everyone!!

        • ETS

          I know!!! We need to get back into the top 5 pick overall next year and the way this team is built we just aren’t going to make it!

  • mak

    Hoping the Cubs can ship off Gregg, Ransom and Navarro together to get at least a B- return. Takes 2 to tango though.

    • Mat B

      Who is your backup catcher if you trade Navarro?

      • Mat B

        Not to mention they’ve played the entire year with only one infield sub and you want to trade him, too. I guess Watkins could perform as well as Ransom has, but I do like the way Ransom runs the bases. He is very aware of where all the fielders are and has advanced to third more than once when he realized it wasn’t being covered.

      • steve123

        There is no reason to hold on to players that will not help us next year.. such as Navarro and Ransom

        • Carew

          Navarro could be useful. Only 29 and has showed that he is a very capable backup? I think he stays

          • Mat B

            Bat has been pretty useful. He doesn’t move very well behind the plate anymore.

        • Mat B

          Absolutely, but you still have to put 9 players on the field, and you have to have someone who can fill in too.

      • Mvandy524

        We will bring back koyie hill duhhhhhhhhh!


        • Mat B


  • ncsujuri

    Gregg for International Pool money?

  • another JP

    Gregg for anything is asking for more than the Cubs deserve because we picked him up for nothing, and he’s saved 21 of 24 games. Marmol was being $9.8M to do that and he couldn’t. I have nothing but admiration for the way Gregg has handled himself and come back to a place that he wasn’t much appreciated in 2009. And he said he’d be open to come back again even if he were traded this season. This guy appreciates what he has, takes the ball when given to him, and never bitches.

  • johnny chess Aka 2much2say

    Tank the season for 1 top pick with no guarantee of success? How does the top earner of all MLB clubs justify that? Pitiful! Way too much negativity. The fans want to go to games to see the team win.

    • Mat B

      Right there with you. I hate the feeling that all the losing has been on purpose.

      • Scott

        I don’t think the Cubs tank on purpose. They just haven’t been very good.

  • davidalanu

    That’s seems like an odd way to look at it. The Cubs signed him and gave him an opportunity. He’s excelled, but they put him in that position when no one else would. So they shouldn’t receive anything in return because they don’t “deserve” to?

  • Derrick

    The Cubs can’t trade for any more Pool money. No sense in trading Castro value is low and he is coming back around. I always see so many people on here so quick to say hey trade Castro he isnt a leader etc but never any Rizzo scenarios who is struggling just as much..hmmmmm

    • Ricky

      One thing is for sure, Castro’s value is anything but ‘low’.

      • Derrick

        I meant low as in what it could be. Why trade a guy who is having a down year. The other teams accross baseball will point to that immeadiately.

  • Frank

    Per A Rod has been offer a 2 year suspension by MLB. If he doesn’t take, it’s a lifetime ban.

    • Carew

      Man, he should have retired a year ago

      • ssckelley

        He has over 20 million reasons not to.

        • Edwin

          Isn’t that just 1 reason repeated 20 million times?

    • DarthHater

      Does “lifetime ban” mean the full Pete Rose treatment?

      • Frank

        As far as I know…Yes

    • ssckelley

      If they only give ARod a 2 year suspension for cheating (twice), then Pete Rose needs to be reinstated.

  • Eric

    The best return we’ll get from now til the deadline is if we trade Scheirholtz and/or Russel. Those will be the 2 most interesting names to follow. Gregg return will be super young lottery ticket at most.

  • RoughRiider

    Not likely but If Gregg is going to the Rockies I’d like to see the Cubs get Edwar Cabrera LHP.

  • johnny chess Aka 2much2say

    There are keepers and there are trade chips. Schierholtz is a keeper only if his success is guaranteed for 3-4 years otherwise move him.

  • Justin

    Not trying to be negative but do playoff contendors really want Kevin Gregg taking up a roster spot on their team down the stretch? Don’t get me wrong, what Gregg did the first couple months he was signed was amazing.. And shocking to see the least. But he’s looking closer and closer to the old Kevin Gregg with each passing week.

  • johnny chess Aka 2much2say

    The bar should be can they make a difference in 2014. My belief is a guy like Russell can be the crafty veteran like Scott Downs, age 37. We should keep and sign long term.

  • WiscoCub

    Totally just throwing something on the wall to see what sticks but without having the scouting background to back this up I would like the Cubs to take a close look at some of the Rockies minor league relievers. If they could get one of Leuris Gomez, Kraig Sitton, Scott Oberg, and/or Kenny Roberts I would deem the trade a success. At least give the 2014 or 2015 Cubs another bullpen option if healthy.

    On a similar note, any update on Trey McNutt’s status? I noticed he hasn’t pitched in over a month. May sadly be a candidate to deroster come September and give someone like Rosscup, Zych, Batista, or Schlitter a chance to audition this season or next spring.

  • Chef Brian

    Gregg for Colvin and LeMathieu…;)

    • ssckelley

      No thanks, I will pass.

      • Cyranojoe

        LMAO, aww, but it’s funny!

        • ssckelley

          Funny but I think the Cubs can make better use of their 40 man roster.

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