The Sox – Red and White – Are Close to a Jake Peavy Deal (UPDATES: Might Be Done, Might Involve Tigers)

red-sox-logoRumors of a Jake Peavy trade escalated quickly on Twitter this hour, with both Ken Rosenthal and Buster Olney suggesting something is close between the Red Sox and White Sox, after Jon Heyman said serious talks were happening. Medical records are being reviewed, per Olney, and Red Sox shortstop Jose Iglesias was pulled under curious circumstances in the Red Sox game late tonight. Given the Red Sox’s left side infield depth, you could certainly see how Iglesias could be dealt.

It’s hard to project how a big deal like Peavy to the Red Sox can shift the landscape on other trades. No, there isn’t any obvious direct impact (the Red Sox aren’t really in on any Cubs targets, and the Cubs don’t really have a comparable piece to offer at this point). But, just by way of example, perhaps losing out of Peavy forces the Diamondbacks to move on to a backup plan – grabbing a bullpen arm like James Russell, again, for example (and making other moves).

Big moves tend to force big shifts. We’ll see.

UPDATE: David Schuster says it’s happening, with Peavy (and maybe others) going to Red Sox for Iglesias and others. The deal won’t be announced until tomorrow, according to Schuster.

UPDATE 2 (9:45pm CT): Jon Heyman also says it’s a done deal, though the players are unknown.

UPDATE 3 (9:47pm CT): Oh my. WEEI is reporting that this could be a three-way deal involving the Tigers. Jackie Bradley, Jr. is not in the deal, per WEEI. If the Tigers pick up another reliever in this deal, then they’re definitely out on Gregg or Russell, who they may have been still scouting this week (even after picking up Jose Veras). Could also be that the Tigers are looking to pick up an infielder as Jhonny Peralta suspension insurance.

UPDATE 4 (9:49pm CT): And Danny Knobler says it looks like Iglesias is actually going to the Tigers (which tells me they know Peralta is going to be suspended).

UPDATE 5 (9:51pm CT): A number of folks are speculating that Tigers outfield prospect Avisail Garcia could be going to the White Sox, which would be a very nice first piece in a Peavy return. Garcia was pulled earlier tonight in his game at AAA.

UPDATE 6 (9:58pm CT): I suppose the other possible implication here is that, if the Diamondbacks’ shopping of Ian Kennedy (see Cubs-related post here) was predicated on a desire to shed salary in advance of taking on Peavy’s contract, they now may stop shopping Kennedy.

UPDATE 7 (10:29pm CT): The White Sox are also getting three low-level prospects from the Red Sox, per Jon Heyman. The Red Sox are also reportedly getting reliever Brayan Villareal from the Tigers.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

167 responses to “The Sox – Red and White – Are Close to a Jake Peavy Deal (UPDATES: Might Be Done, Might Involve Tigers)”

  1. Chad

    Sveum didn’t pinch run for Navarro last inning or pinch hit for Barney this inning with a lefty off the bench. He just sits on his hands in tight games.

  2. Joe

    Dbacks renewed interest in Samardzija now that they lost out on Peavy.

    1. Crockett

      Hope so!

    2. YourResidentJag

      Me too!

  3. mudge


    1. Internet Random


  4. Cory

    Lake may take the hardest hacks I have ever seen calm down kid

  5. Chad

    Losing three straight to the Brewers is painful. Trade someone Thed just so I feel better.

  6. ramy16

    Fucking Cubs suck…how many games have our piece of shit closers blown games like 22??…shit if we had a decent closer or middle relief wed have a decent team!! Trade piece of shit gregg russell and anybody else that doesn’t want to perform

    1. DocPeterWimsey

      On the plus side, the Cubs do lead the league in wins in blown-save games…..

    2. Danny Ballgame

      We would have to trade the whole team. Nobody is producing

  7. Joey

    Painful double header to watch, the late game miscues are embarrassing at this point.

  8. ramy16

    Svuem ….looks lost in the dugout! Like egg all over his face! FO needs to make changes and soon

    1. BT

      I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!! The pennant is slipping away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. fortyonenorth

      Stand down, dude. If you’re pinning this on Kevin Gregg, then you obviously didn’t watch the game. In any event, the game means absolutely nothing. Just chill.

      1. Funn Dave

        Did you perhaps intend to respond to Ramy16?

        1. fortyonenorth

          Yep. Not sure how that reply went awry.

  9. johnny chess Aka 2much2say

    On the bright side ARRIETA

    1. Sammy's boombox

      I missed his start, saw the rest of the game though. Was he impressive or the Brewers clueless>?

  10. Funn Dave

    I’m still trynda calm down after all that. Man, do I hate losing to the Brewers.

    I might be over-analyzing here, but it seems like Castillo is a little bit slow and over-exaggerating in his post-catch glove movement. That is, when a pitch is thrown outside the strike zone & the catcher moves his glove into the strike zone immediately afterword to trick the umpire, he’s supposed to do so quickly and subtly so the ump doesn’t notice. I think Wellie’s movement is sometimes a little slow and overdone, and the umps sometimes catch on. I almost wish he wouldn’t even do it when the pitch is completely borderline (counterintuitive, I know), because then the ump has to call it for what it is, instead of thinking, “oh, the catcher moved his glove; it must’ve been a ball.” I dunno.

    1. cas-castro

      The umpire wouldn’t call the pitch on the black to end the game but he would call the first two pitches to the next batter that were 2 inches outside strikes. I thought Wellington was catching the pitches just fine. He’s gotten better receiving pitches.

  11. Brian Peters

    Cubs just punk’d themselves.

  12. TulaneCubs

    Man… I really hate this trade for the White Sox if it’s Garcia and 3 lesser prospects as their haul.

    And it seems like the Red Sox may have pantsed the other two in this deal.

    1. YourResidentJag

      Rick Hahn is getting absolutely killed over at MLBTradeRumors.

    2. Jed Jam Band

      I’ll reserve my judgement, but my first instinct is to laugh.

    3. TulaneCubs

      Yep. Now that it’s official, this seems like a terrible deal for the Sox.

      1. YourResidentJag

        Yeah, doesn’t seem to good, does it?

        1. matty ice

          Really? They just saved 20 mill too

          1. YourResidentJag

            Salary relief for your top trading chip….barring a trade of Rios. I don’t know. Meh.

          2. TulaneCubs

            Jerry? Is that you?

            1. YourResidentJag


  13. Mr. Cubster

    As Harry would say, Ahhhhhhhhh, ya can’t beat fun at the ole ballpark… NOT!!!

  14. Jason Powers

    Jeffrey Wendelken, Cleuluis Rondon , Francellis Montas are the prospects.

  15. Gregorius

    It doesn’t matter. It hasn’t mattered. Baseball ends for me tomorrow when Brett gets to sleep.
    Losses are Wins. Go-go Gadget Draft Picks! It’s rebuilding. It is what it is.

  16. VegasGoat

    The Red Sox have officially announced the trade via press release. Boston will receive Villarreal and Peavy, while Iglesias will go to Detroit. The White Sox will receive Garcia and Rondon as well as minor league right-handers J.B. Wendelken and Francellis Montas.

    1. ssckelley

      Very good haul for the W’Sox.

      1. VegasGoat

        Garcia is the prize other guys are more logos. Rondon not much bat but great fielder and the 2 lefties are nice additional pieces

        1. ssckelley

          I agree, Garcia alone would have been a good deal the others are gravy. Next year at this time I would not be surprised if they don’t entertain offers for Sale. It will be awhile before the Sox are competitive again.

        2. YourResidentJag

          Not from what I’m reading….Montas doesn’t look like much. Poor mechanics and low velocity.

          1. matty ice

            The scouting report I read said he had the best velocity in the red sox system and touches triple digits

            1. YourResidentJag

              Umm…no. There were MANY more SP they could have gotten that were MUCH, MUCH better.

              1. matty ice
                1. YourResidentJag

                  Look, maybe what I read was wrong. It still doesn’t change the fact that the Sox could have picked up more of Peavy’s salary and got a near ready SP, instead of what others on the blogsite are calling “three lotto tickets.”

                  1. Cub Fan in Hickory(Mike S)

                    seems like if they pick up half the salary they should be able to get Barnes or Owens, I would think, But then again im not a GM either.

                    1. YourResidentJag

                      Yeah, you’d think.

                    2. matty ice

                      That obviously wasn’t there main motivation in trading peavy. Picking up a top 75 prospect along with 3 “lotto tickets” while shedding 20 million dollars in payroll is a pretty good deal.

                  2. YourResidentJag


                    1. YourResidentJag

                      That reply was to Matty Ice.

      2. JulioZuleta

        I think that’s a pretty, pretty poor trade for the White Sox. That’s considerably less than what the Cubs got for Garza. Considerably less. The 3 prospects are all low level guys that have reliever/bench player ceilings. Garcia is a solid prospect, but he has some significant flaws too. I can’t believe they didn’t get a near-ready pitcher.

        1. YourResidentJag


        2. ssckelley

          Peavy is 32 years old, has struggled to stay healthy the past 5 seasons, and is owed 30 million over the next 2 seasons. I think the Sox did fine.

          1. JulioZuleta

            He threw 219 Innings last year and had a 3.37 ERA in a hitters park. His injury this year kind of a flukey rib thing. And he’s owed just under $20M the next two years (might be $24M, can’t remember the details of the buyout). I think the WSox’ return really took a hit by not being willing to pay any of the contract.

      3. TulaneCubs

        Looks pretty awful to me.

    2. VegasGoat

      I think this deal makes the Garza deal look even better, especially wit garza with only 2 months of control left. Bravo theo and jed

      1. another JP

        I agree Vegas– Garcia is a nice piece to have but I don’t think the prospects will amount to much… maybe Wendelken has a chance to make it as a reliever. Edwards & Olt should both receive significant playing time in Chicago some day, maybe Grimm can get it together and help in the pen. Peavy’s contract must have been an issue, even though the Red Sox will have him next season and Garza is purely a rental.

        1. JulioZuleta

          The fact that the Tigers were willing to trade a “top prospect” within the division tells you something about what they think he will end up being.

          1. another JP

            Maybe. I’m sure the Reds didn’t think Travis Wood could amount to much when dealing him for Marshall and look how that turned out. Such is life when trading with rivals- you never know when if your team will have a Broglio-Brock experience.

  17. Joey

    The Tigers gave up a ML bullpen arm and their top prospect who has hit .350 in AAA this year for Jose Iglesias? Lord knows what Castro would’ve netted, hell or even Barney

    1. Jason Powers

      An overrated prospect, and a guy that blew up this year as a BP arm.

      Red Sox – winners – get another couple of arms, SP that might work out good.
      Detroit – managed the Biogenesis issue. Got a glove for cheap.
      White Sox – Jeffrey Wendelken, Cleuluis Rondon , Francellis Montas and Garcia.
      They got 3 lotto tickets – how bout those names because no one will remember them.

      1. Joey

        “Jose Iglesias’ final 18 games with the Red Sox produced this staggering slash line; .167/.167/.167. 11-66, 0 extra base hits, 0 walks.”

        There is no way even an “overrated prospect” nets them that and only that. And they traded Garcia to a division rival, really tough to see what DET is doing here. They could’ve pulled off a deal with the WhiteSox for Alexi Ramirez with Garcia as the centerpiece.

        1. Jason Powers

          Do prospects always work out? Detroit made a realistic deal for themselves for a glove that is young and cheap.

          Dave Dombrowski been at this for 30 years. He worked for Reinsdorf in the early 80s. If Boston is taking on all the cash for Peavy contract, they did make out. I’ll be curious to see if that holds.

          Alexei Ramirez makes 7M, 9.5M, 10M going forward. Who wants that contract? Not Detroit.

          1. Joey

            No they definitely don’t but the idea of trading your #1 prospect to a division rival while getting back a glove first light hitting middle infielder is crazy.

            Ramirez’s contract is awful, yes but Detroit is not afraid to spend and will be saving $2+ mil from the Peralta suspension. I feel they wasted Garcia’s value in this trade, they could’ve moved him for a better SS/value. It seems they panicked.

            Now, Iglesias works for them because their offense is great already and their starting pitching is nasty. Just weird to trade a ML-Level reliever and your #1 prospect for him.

            1. Jason Powers

              Could be because of Nick Castellanos is their no.1 prospect whose an OF.

              Just because you can take on a contract, what if he aint what you want. He’s overpriced. And those millions GOING forward are not what I would want either if I ran their operation.

  18. jeff1969

    Hopefully for the White Sox’ sake, Boston is picking up all the money owed Peavy. If it had been Garcia & Middlebrooks instead of the 3 minor leaguers Sox fans would be happy. I think Reinsdorf’s policy of not paying players on other teams might have handcuffed the return for the Sox.

  19. VegasGoat

    Yeah the Red Sox really got a steal here. They flat out got a great deal. They gave up no major pieces for peavy! They gave solid piece but no top prospects for a top rotation arm with an additional year of control!!!

    1. matty ice

      That’s because they also took all of peavy’s contract. Why do people only look at prospects? Its 20 million dollars in payroll over the next two years.

      1. YourResidentJag

        Because Boston’s farm system was loaded due to Theo and Co previously being there?

        1. matty ice

          That literally has nothing to do with the package that the white sox got back. And if you can’t understand that then I’m sorry your parents repeatedly dropped you on your head as a child

          1. YourResidentJag

            It doesn’t. Really? So you wouldn’t want to select from the top of that system, getting at least one near-ready MLB player plus a couple of the lesser prospects the White Sox already obtained. What about the Tigers? Sure seems like they were ok with Garcia going to a divisional rival.

      2. TulaneCubs

        You keep acting like that number is terrifying. It’s market value for Peavy, perhaps a slight discount. No long term commitment too.

  20. Lou Brock

    I know it’s still too early but Olt struck out 3 more times tonight and has yet to get an XBH in 7 games thus far in Iowa. Let’s just hope Edwards continues his fine pitching and breezes thru the system quickly.

    1. matty ice

      I couldn’t have disagreed more with brett when he tried arguing that cj edwards was not the clear centerpiece of that deal

      1. Lou Brock

        I heard cubs would not do the deal without Edwards.

        1. BT

          CJ Edwards wasn’t the centerpiece of the deal. I guarantee you the Cubs wouldn’t have done the deal without Olt either. You guys are comparing a top 100 prospect (borderline at worst) struggling in AAA vs. a very good prospect we are dreaming on in high A ball.

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  22. Rebuilding

    This deal is an absolute steal for the Red Sox – made possible because they are one of the few teams that can eat Peavy’s salary if he gets hurt and the fact the White Sox are so cheap. As an also White Sox fan this deal has me livid. The Cubs got back 3 prospects for Garza who are arguably better than Garcia. As for Detroit – the SS market must be so overpriced at this point it’s ridiculous for them to settle for Iglesias in return for their #2 prospect. That bodes well if we ever do decide to trade Castro or Baez

    1. Crockett

      This deal has me stunned for sure. Tigers…wtf? White Sox do ok. Red Sox clean house.

      1. Jason Powers

        Tigers took what they felt worked. They did not get hosed, like the White Sox did. He’s only 23, has played 3B/SS – SS much better. No pop, no walk. Sorry, but he does have a 1.5 WAR for 2013. Plus control through 2018. Peralta is a FA anyways.

        Garcia has a negative WAR as an OF, so far. So, that might have motivated.

        1. Cub Fan in Hickory(Mike S)

          not to mention the fact that Castellanos is beating down the door to play in that OF anyways and Garcia was very expendable.

          1. Jason Powers


    2. YourResidentJag

      Yeah, what are White Sox thinking? They also had AZ interested in Peavy.

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