Wakey Wakey: The BN Trade Deadline Blogathon Has Begun

airhorn2You all donated more than $12,000 to Make-A-Wish, and you didn’t do it just because it’s a nice thing to do and makes a difference in the lives of kids who need a positive experience. Oh, well, maybe you did.

But, even if you did, you’re getting something else out of the deal: Me. Lots and lots of me. Today and tomorrow, leading up to the July 31 non-waiver Trade Deadline (and a little bit past, in case there’s some analysis to do).

So, consider this your official air horn blast, marking the beginning of the 2013 BN Trade Deadline Blogathon. May caffeine do me proper today, tonight, and tomorrow.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

60 responses to “Wakey Wakey: The BN Trade Deadline Blogathon Has Begun”

  1. Brian Peters

    Lead us to the Promised Land!

  2. cjdubbya

    Hands off snakey?

  3. Scombs

    Best of luck staying awake, Brett! Just pretend you’re in law school again, and you’ll be just fine haha. The bar exam starts today, so I’ll unfortunately have to miss parts of this, but i’ll be catching up this and tomorrow evening!

  4. tomb

    Go cubs go

  5. Rizastro

    Good luck Brett. May many cold showers keep you fresh and energized, oh, and lots of caffeine. Hopefully a couple of big cubs related stories will break for you.

  6. Blublud

    Good Luck Brett

  7. LondonCub

    Good luck Brett, I’ll be following from London (so at least you’ll know someone will be following in the wee hours of the American morning!)

  8. J.F. Edwards

    At least there’s a doubleheader to keep us all busy in case the Cubs have more smoke than fire left until the deadline.

  9. jpeck

    Good Luck Brett. Lets hope the Cubbies can get someone to actually drive in a run. 7 runs in 5 games just doesnt cut it.

  10. Stockholm Cubs

    God morgon from Stockholm! Stay strong – I’m wearing my BN t-shirt in your honor today !

  11. spearman

    Well, tonights my turn around night. So I’ll be working 7am- 3pm then comeback to work 11pm-7am. So you will not be the only zombie.

  12. MichiganGoat

    Well Jr just told me he plans on having a sleepless night so hopefully ill be around in the early stages of insanity hours.

  13. Jack Weiland

    God save ye.

  14. Eric

    Godspeed, Brett! I’ll be night-shifting tonight and will keep the refresh button on point! Thanks for all your hypothetical analyses and your never ceasing maybe-yes-maybe-noes.

  15. Fishin Phil

    Good Morning Ace! I am ready for you to fill my little puppet head with Cubs knowledge.


  16. Oswego chris

    I like that one rumor is the equivalent of 5 coffees…here is hoping for lots of action, or it’s gonna be:

    All blog and no trades makes Brett a dull boy

    Try to avoid talking to the former caretaker and stay away from room 237

    1. Fishin Phil


  17. cb

    In solidarity for your blogathon, I’m heading back to Columbus.

    That, and the place I got my oil changed put my oil filter cap on wrong and my engine blew in Dayton. Hopefully I don’t need a former colleague of yours and they make this right.

  18. Sammy's boombox

    I love all this talk about an Assman. Glad I haven’t been reading this at work!

    1. Cubbie Blues

      He is a never ending story.

  19. Idaho Razorback

    I was off last nite so I slept in until 1:16 AM PT. I had a liquid breakfast, 7 Natty Ice’s so it’s time for a nap. On a serious but sad note, RIP Frank Castillo former Cub pitcher. He drowned in Arizona yesterday.

  20. Brunsmk

    Let the fun begin. Thanks Brett for doing this. The shark rumors will be the big ones to finish off the deadline. The nice thing is the FO can really focus on that if they want too since the big chips they basically had to trade are already gone.

  21. Wick

    The Cub faithful here in the 27th Engineer Battalion outta Fort Bragg, NC will be watching this site closely today, Brett. And, of course, doing.. other… soldier.. stuff! Here’s to a hopeful day full of Cubs action!

  22. Die hard

    Garza is one curve ball away from DL and Sorianos next double will land him on DL too.. So keeping team under 25 yrs old is good strategy and also saves $$$… Theo wants team modeled after this yrs Oakland Athletics IMO

    1. MichiganGoat

      That might be the most coherent and intelligent comment you’ve made on here in quite some time… especially if you ignore the injury conspiracy at the beginning. And you added a IMO- I’m impressed.

      The Blogathon is a magical time.

      1. Coop

        Maybe it was really Not Die Hard?

        1. Cyranojoe

          It… can’t be… is it the End Times?

      2. jpeck

        What is the protocol for IMO’s? I really dislike them. Whoever is posting is the one with “opinion” obviously. Why do we need to clarify who’s opinion it is? IMO, we should stop using IMO.

        1. Cubbie Blues

          Because with Die Hard, we have no idea which voice in his head is talking. With everyone else, the protocol is never ever ever use it.

        2. Danny Ballgame

          Good call (Obviously just MO)

        3. DarthHater

          What does the International Maritime Organization have to do with baseball?

          1. Die hard

            Nothing added as usual … IMO

  23. DarthHater


  24. ncsujuri

    Good luck Brett, will be refreshing quite often over the next day and a half…should you put a counter somewhere for the hours/minutes left until the deadline and then a separate one for your sanity?

  25. TampaCubsFan

    Just waking up…lol, let the fun begin!!!!!

  26. Dan

    I still think you are crazy

  27. PR Cajun

    Good luck, Brett. Don’t forget to post pictures every 12hrs or so.

  28. FastBall

    Here’s to real rumors and productive trades !! Solute. Now everyone have a really nice bloody mary and a PBR as a side car. Good Luck Brett !! the BM and PBR might help at some point.

  29. The Dude

    Good morning, from San Diego! Have my coffee in hand and ready to catch up on all things Cubs. Good luck, Brett!

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