kid-watching-tvI have nothing clever to offer in this space.

  • Although there’s an expectation that, for now, temporary 6th starter Jake Arrieta will head back to AAA Iowa after his doubleheader start last night, I was impressed by his performance. Not only did he put up good numbers, but he looked good to those of us watching – well, good stuff, anyway. He didn’t miss as many bats as you’d expect with that stuff, but that may just be a matter of what he’s always struggled with: hitting his spots. All in all, a nice debut.
  • You can read up on the Game One loss here, and the Game Two loss here. Both losses were of the giving-up-the-lead variety, and both losses came late. They sucked.
  • It sounds like Junior Lake is going to see a lot of time in the outfield the rest of the way, regardless of what happens with other outfielders on the team or in the infield. That’s mostly as expected, if the scouting reports about his inability to stick as a starter in the infield are accurate. I’m not sure that his bat is going to carry him as a starter anywhere but center field, so we’ll see what happens with David DeJesus. If he sticks around, Lake may not get consistent starts in center field until offseason ball.
  • Dale Sveum said, per ESPN, that pitching prospect Arodys Vizcaino – last year’s deadline prize – is getting ready to throw, as he recovers from a clean-up procedure in his elbow (which came as he rehabbed from 2012 Tommy John surgery). Sveum cautioned that Vizcaino was a long way from pitching. I wouldn’t expect to see him in a minor league game until 2014. Hopefully he can throw in instructionals this Fall.
  • Although Sveum, per, expressed concern over the number of pitches Scott Baker has been needing to get through innings in his minor league rehab starts, Sveum is not worried about Baker’s slow progress, mostly because the Cubs don’t absolutely need him to fill in after the Trade Deadline.
  • Ed Sherman put together a fantastic read in the Tribune on the Cubs’ current TV situation, which merits much more attention and discussion than a Bullet, but today is Trade Deadline day, and I’ve been working on a comprehensive TV piece for months. I’m not going to get to it today, so, for now, check out Sherman’s piece. The WGN portion of the Cubs’ TV rights will be available for the Cubs to sell after 2014, and the CSN portion of the rights will be up after 2019.
  • ETS

    “I have nothing clever to offer in this space.” – someone needs more caffeine.

    • ETS

      Also, I slept really well last night #BNBlogathon.

  • mdavis

    really liked what i saw out of Arrieta. I’d prefer to plug him in, bump Villanueva back to the pen and have Rondon come down with a “hamstring” injury.

    • TulaneCubs

      He’ll be up soon. They’re just waiting so that they have an extra year of control on him. I believe that cut off was sometime in August, by that time Chris Rusin should turn back into Chris Rusin and you’ll see Arrieta up.

  • Jp3

    “Getting ready to throw”. Great. “alert medical bay”- capt Kirk

  • Edwin

    Jake’s start seemed ok. It’s strange that he has such great velocity and movement on his fastball, yet he could only muster 2 strikeouts. Is he just not getting ahead of hitters enough?

    • JeffR

      While I sort of get the concern for only 2 strike outs, is it really that important. An out is an out. Not to mention it’s an extremely small sample size. I would bet Arrieta will be in the top 1/3 of baseball in K’s/9 if he ever sticks as a regular.

      • Cubbie Blues

        His career k/9 is 6.9. No bad, but not what I would expect with his stuff. Samardzija as a comparison for his career is 8.63 and has been in the 9s the last two years. The K’s are important because it shows that he is missing bats. In turn when the bats do find the ball the expectancy is a weakly hit ball that also turns into an out.

    • spearman

      He may have been pitching to contact. Although I didn’t watch the game.

      • mdavis

        another thing was he doesnt seem to throw the breaking pitch much. and looked like he had a pretty filthy one (when he could control it). i think he threw about 60 fastballs out of 95ish pitches. doesnt matter how hard you throw, if you dont mix it more that’ll limit your k’s over the course of a ball game imho.

  • papabear

    Baker fastball in the high 80’s right now – not in the mid 90 as advertised – My prediction, Baker is close to be being shut down for the year. Baker will prob pitch out the minor league season on a pitch-count.

    I don’t think the cubs will invest as heavily in him another time – pretty pricey. 5.5 mil

    • baldtaxguy

      Body language through the media indicates he will sign for a bargain for 2014 and try to compensate the Cub, and also try and boost his value.

  • Spoda17

    I can’t get myself to say I am “okay” with the losing, but I sure would like a top 5 draft pick next June… if ya smell what I’m steppin in…

    • baldtaxguy

      “I am ok with not winning now….”

  • Jp3

    Def want it in the top 10 for obvious reasons. One being the talent that’s normally available then, Austin Meadows was 9th right? Almora was around there, a little sooner I think but it’s nice at the top that one day out of the year.

    • Cubbie Blues

      We are currently in 7th place and FG projects us to finish at 5th. Here’s keeping our fingers crossed?

    • On The Farm

      Looks like the Brewers are going to make sure we stay in that top ten territory, not too mention the red hot Dodgers, I think I saw they have won 10 of their last 11 (maybe?). Either way it doesn’t look well for the Cubs this weekend (or maybe it does if you want them to lose).

  • Daniel

    Next year I may take a pto day and stay up all night also…that’d be fun.

  • On The Farm

    Arrieta has some pretty filthy stuff. His fastball movement had me licking my chops, and when he is on his slider, look out. Another thing to mention about the lack of strikeouts has to do with the ump. I thought Wolf did an awful job with the bottom of the strike zone last night, wasn’t making consistent calls all night long.

    • taits06

      Agreed. Wolf was making the bottom of the zone impossible to pitch. If you can’t get that call, then what are you supposed to do?! Also, we have to consider the possibility that the Cubs’ staff was coaching him to pitch to contact. Arrieta has great stuff, and he has some control issues, so maybe they want to show him that pitching to contact can be extremely effective when you have the movement that Arrieta has on those pitches. Idk. Just something to consider.

  • Gretchen

    The Wife is impressed that you are 1. awake and 2. COHERENT.

    • ssckelley

      You might need to grab him another Red Bull Red. Those energy drinks usually only last about 3 or 4 hours. About noon he may need another to get him through the deadline.

    • Brett

      You’re too kind – I’m better in print right now than I am on the phone, as you can attest from earlier this morning, when I suspect I sounded like I was overly medicated.

  • Jono

    Is anyone else having trouble with the tribune website about the TV deal? There’s this overlapping pop up ad that can’t close. Anyway I try closing it simply redirects me to another tribune web page. Does anyone know how to actually read the article?

    • H.A.

      You have to have subscribed to the Trib to read the article. I hear if you turn off javascript you can get around that.

      • Jono


  • pete

    Brett, do you think all of Lake’s playing time this year will be in the outfield, or do you think he will get some time at 2nd or 3rd?

    • Scotti

      Lake is a butcher at 3rd and they haven’t played him at 2nd in some time so I really doubt he sees anything but OF (likely for the rest of his career). 2nd isn’t exactly something you can just hop into after not playing it for some time. There’s a physical risk involved.

  • Kevin

    A full week without any comments on the Wrigley Field renovation. I guess there’s nothing to report.

    • Brett

      There is, but I’ll write about it tomorrow. Would seem kind of tone deaf today.

    • ssckelley

      Did you have to bring this up? The break from the renovation discussions has been nice.

  • Kevin

    Thanks Brett and my apologies to SS, didn’t mean any harm.