This isn’t my usual style, but given the time constraints and the relative thin-ness of the involved content (at least I’m honest – I just didn’t want you think I’d stopped covering), I’m just going to dump a whole lot of Twitterz on you.

There’s such an obvious fit there, assuming you can get past the idea that the Cubs are desperate to hold on to an impending free agent back-up catcher (albeit one that has provided good value this year). If the Cardinals want to make a good offer (by which I mean a non-nothing prospect), the Cubs can sort out the question of who backs up Welington Castillo later.

Despite that last tweet from Gammons, reading the others together, I’d say the Rangers have decided they really need another bat regardless of Cruz. The obvious options here from the Cubs are Nate Schierholtz and David DeJesus. Given how long the two sides spoke about Matt Garza, and given how public the Rangers’ need has been, I’d say these two teams have spoken about outfielders. That nothing has been done suggests that the Rangers don’t like the price, don’t like one or both of the players, or the Cubs are holding out for a different trading partner with a particular prospect or two that they’re eyeballin’.

Speaking of those outfielders, there’s a chance the Pirates might not grab one of them:

Maybe they just don’t like the price on Schierholtz:

Everyone says this is an exceptionally quiet deadline.

And a whopper from Ken Rosenthal, even if it has no direct bearing on the Cubs:

  • Cubbie Blues

    We could always trade Navarro and sign Koyie Hill. ::ducks::

    • Jp3

      Don’t sign Koye Hill please, Castillo will be doomed for injury the minute Koye is sent to Iowa…. Think Final Destination style injury for Castillo.

    • ssckelley

      You mean trade for him, he still has a job playing for the Miami AAA team.

  • davidalanu

    Even if the Rangers are willing to listen on virtually everyone, I find it hard to believe that, with them still in the race, they would trade a guy they just went through so much trouble to get. Just seems like that would make them look very amateurish and chaotic.

  • North Side Irish

    Buster Olney ‏@Buster_ESPN 29s
    Cubs are talking Schierholtz, but feeling is that if they don’t get what they want now, they can hold him because the FA market is so bad.

    One more…

  • Vulcan

    Hands off Navarro, Cards. He’s ours.

  • CubFan Paul

    I expect a flurry of trades before 4pm (est). I’m not buying the “not buying today” lines.

    • Jed Jam Band

      Yeah, sorta feels like a game of baseball GM chicken.

      • jaslhill

        Could not agree more. I think it’s a powder keg just waiting to be ignited by one deal.

  • North Side Irish

    K Sean Packard, CPA ‏@AthleteTax 16m
    MLB players traded in-season get $850, $1,150 or $1,450 moving reimbursement depending on distance. Traded NHLers get $4K/mo for up to 6 mos

    • JB88

      Probably the first and only time that an NHL player has a better gig than an MLB player.

    • ncsujuri

      Like these guys need extra cash to move?!?! What’s the average MLB salary?

  • King Jeff

    It’s been a very strange trading season. It seems like a few teams are running around like headless chickens and think that their team is going to win as many games in the next two months as they did in the previous 4 and make a playoff run.

    • YourResidentJag

      I wonder how much that can be equated to clueless ownership groups.

  • Mrcub1958

    If I were a Pirates fan, I would be disappointed if my team did nothing to improve by 3pm CST and offered August waiver deals as hope.

    • Jed Jam Band

      I’d be more than disappointed, I’d be pissed. Especially if we had to hand out more PA’s to someone like Snider or Jones.

    • CubFan Paul

      If the Pirates don’t make a move and then don’t make the playoffs or make the playoffs and get swept, that Front Office has to be fired. They’ve clearly moved into a window of competitiveness talent wise (that I envy) and would be fools to stand pat.

      • SalukiHawk

        I hate to simply say I agree, but I agree. I like what the Pirates have done but think they need a few more pieces. One of the things that a trade does is not only make your team better, but it shows the base that you’re serious about contending. Standing pat hurts the Bucs in both regards. Besides, if my choices are rooting for the Cards or the Bucs in the NL Central race, it’s the Bucs hands down.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/sdkluber sdkluber

    So, on the scale of euphemisms, how does “shaking the trees” compare to “kicking the tires”?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Slightly better (less overused), but not as good as checking the dipstick.

      • Abe Froman

        Putting it on the stoop to see if the cats lick it up.

    • Mr. B. Patient

      They’re equally bad. Last time a shoock a tree, a bird crapped on my head. the last time I kicked a tire, I broke a toe.

      • Coop

        What happened the last time you “checked the dipstick?”

  • ssckelley

    I can’t wait to see JC Boscan in the lineup!

  • ncsujuri

    Rangers change their mind and thinking about selling?

  • Required

    I don’t see us trading Navarro. We traded Steve Clevinger. We don’t really have any game ready catchers do we?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I don’t want to be glib, but … who cares? If the Cubs can get value for Navarro, why stop because the back-up catcher might suddenly become some AAAA scrap-heap type?

      • CubFan Paul

        The Cards have some intriguing ML ready arms in the rotation, the bullpen and upper minors that we should be interested in.

        • gocatsgo2003

          … as would be pretty much any team in baseball. The depth of the Cards’ system is pretty widely recognized.

          • CubFan Paul

            … but is every other team in baseball below .500 and selling off veterans for prospects?

      • Jp3

        We have a tons of scrap-heap types being shuffled from Iowa and back all the time… What’s one more?

      • Required

        You have every right to be glib.

      • Required

        I don’t really care either. He’s been a nice surprise this season and is the only one with power to all fields. So I say trade em all!

      • SalukiHawk

        Nothing, and I mean nothing we have in the minors could be worse than Koyie Hill. Jody Davis’ arm on Rick Wilkens’ body today would be better than Hill.

    • gocatsgo2003


    • Jed Jam Band

      Kelly Shoppach is a free agent, haha.

    • mudge

      puts cubs back to AAA team. not worth trading Navarro.

      • gocatsgo2003

        The back-up catcher is the lynchpin that will send us careening toward playing at an AAA level? That makes sense… no it doesn’t.

    • ssckelley

      The Cubs have a catcher in AAA, JC Boscan, who has played sparingly for the Braves. Granted he is in the Koyie Hill mold but could be a short term backup until the Cubs made another move.

      If the Cubs can get value in return for Navarro then they would be stupid to not trade him. He will be a free agent after this season so you can sign him again if you want.

    • On The Farm

      Um Barney is the emergency catcher, why not just suit him up and put him behind the plate? Problem solved.

  • Jp3

    Why the hell are the rangers selling everyone? I’m sure impending FAs will love to see them handle players like Garza…. Trade for them then sell him off minutes later.

    • Abe Froman

      Maybe its a smokescreen to see what the price of poker is/distract others down a rabbit hole.

    • cking6178

      you misunderstood the posts….the Rangers are not “selling everyone off”, they are desperately attempting to get a bat to replace Cruz….that being said, they are, potentially, willing to trade Garza to make that happen…I can’t imagine they want to have to go down that road, but I assume if the return is great enough, they will…I agree with the other posters who have said it will make their FO look foolish and amateurish if they turn around and “sell” Garza less than 2 weeks after getting him – especially after they worked so hard to get him….it’s probably a smoke screen though

  • johnny chess Aka 2much2say

    Only thing missing is the tumbleweeds

  • johnny chess Aka 2much2say

    Que the spaghetti western music

  • SalukiHawk

    Perhaps the Rangers would send Odor, Sardinas or Jackson to the Cubs in exchange for Schierholtz, and the Cubs waiving their right to the PTBNL from the Garza trade. If this has been previously discussed, I apologize. No time to read the whole thread.

    Is this far fetched?

    • http://www.survivingthalia.com Mike Taylor (no relation)

      If they didn’t send their #1 for Garza, they are not going to do it for Schierholtz. Perez for Schierholtz + PTBNL sounds good to me. Cruz and his defensive liabilities in RF go to the DH and Schierholtz takes over in RF.

      • jh03

        In what world are the Rangers going to trade Perez for Nate Schierholtz and a PTNBL? Seriously.

      • SalukiHawk

        Their #1 what Mike? None of the players listed is the #1 player in their organization. Sardinas is #2, Odor #5, and Jackson #9. My point is we would forgo receiving the P(s)TBNL from the Garza deal, and get a higher prospect for Schierholtz. Given the player rumored at the PTBNL was Ramirez (#14 prospect), it doesn’t seem crazy that that value plus Schierholtz could net you a higher prospect.

        BTW, I like how you tear down my trade idea (which I think you misunderstood in the first place) and then proceed to make an entirely outlandish trade proposal. Stay classy.

        • http://www.survivingthalia.com Mike Taylor (no relation)

          #1 Prospect… Luis Sardinas came into the preseason, the Rangers’ #1 prospect.

          They weren’t budging on Odor and I was agreeing that those P(s)TBNL could be included when we send Schierholtz over there.

          • SalukiHawk

            I saw nowhere where Sardinas was their #1 prospect. Highest I saw him preseason was 7. Profar, Perez and Olt were 1-3 on most lists.

            • SalukiHawk

              I would also add…MLB.com has him a lot higher than most others. In many rankings, he’s not in the top 5. Sickles and some others aren’t nearly as high on him.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Yes, that’s too much.

      • CubbiesOHCubbies

        What the hell. We should trade Schierholtz to the rangers for Matt Garza. Problem solved. BOOM.

  • Dustin S

    A lot of GMs definitely playing hardball, but it’s been like that all season. They are all afraid to give up the next (Archer/Andrus/etc.) and either look like a fool or lose their job. We’ll see a fair number come down 2-3 today I think just out of neccessity, but the total number is looking like it will be lower than expected.

  • http://www.shadowsofwrigley.com Tommy (TC)

    Oh man, how I have missed that lukewarm stove picture

    • TWC

      Indeed. Feels like old times.

  • Cyranojoe

    Trade Schierholtz for Garza!

    • Vulcan

      The Cubs would be giving up way too much. Try Josh Vitters and Brett Jackson.

    • Featherstone

      And the Garza to the Pirates!

  • Adventurecizin’ Justin

    Is Navarro a free agent to be? If not, I sure like having his pop filling in for Castillo and off the bench. If he is…I’d still want an overpay!

  • Mick

    The Cubs should just trade Gregg and Navarro for International pool money. If we can’t get a decent prospect then we might as well save a ton of money on penalties and remove any limitations for the next International spending season.

  • CubbieBubba

    I was actually wondering about the international pool money. There has to be plenty of teams just sitting around with that left over. Is there a deadline when that can be traded/shifted?

  • On The Farm

    Has there been a Crockett sighting lately?

  • Required

    Molina on 15 day DL

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