lou piniella sleepingI am currently blogging – here, on Facebook, and on Twitter (hash tag #BNBlogathon for those who want to jump into the fray themselves) – for 36 hours straight, until slightly past MLB’s July 31 non-waiver Trade Deadline, thanks to your generous donations to Make-A-Wish. I’ll be doing recaps on the process throughout the day, but you’ll also see normal posting (Bullets, Series Preview, Pre-Gamin’, EBS), as well as an uptick in rumor/trade posts.

That was certainly a frustrating loss, which came after a frustrating loss, and led to a frustrating doubleheader.

But hey, tomorrow is here (in the East, anyway)!

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News and Rumors Since the Last Recap:

Jake Peavy is headed to the Red Sox in a three-team deal involving the Tigers. That could shake loose some reactive movement. I also did a little prospect update, because there’s other stuff going on, you know?

Most Interesting Tidbit Since the Last Recap:

The Peavy trade, naturally. It comes with Jose Iglesias going to the Tigers, which tells me they know Jhonny Peralta is going to be suspended soon. Does that mean the Rangers know the same thing about Nelson Cruz?

Current Thoughts About the Chicago Cubs’ Trade Deadline Strategy/Execution:

Not much update here. The Cubs are likely discussing many, many possibilities, but it’s quiet for now.

Current Beverage/Stimulant of Choice:

Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino from my fridge. Ooh la la.

Strangest Thought Passing Through My Mind:

I hate all of you that are soon going to sleep. Or those of you who already have, but you’re not seeing this. Until tomorrow, anyway.

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  • http://Www.w2wn.net Cerambam

    3rd blogathon in a row… Still no tweet mention. I think something is just wrong with me

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I’m not sure if your tweets are showing up for me …

      • http://www.w2wn.net Cerambam

        Though I have been following and reading every post, I’ve only tweeted once so it’s definitely me. My strategy this year is to wait everyone out and focus all of my tweeting energy to the wee hours of the morning. At that point you’ll post anything (or so I hope)

  • Dylan Mondi

    I’m still up. Then again its only 1130

  • The Dude

    Soriano up in top of 9th for Yankees at Dodgers

  • ISU Birds

    Usually this is when your posts start entering that epic wtf is he talking about stage.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Fingers crossed that I can pull off the next Vine as I’ve envisioned it …

      • scorecardpaul

        I have really enjoyed the vine thingies. Just so you aren’t the poison fruit from the vine??

    • http://www.w2wn.net Cerambam

      Will the Yankees trade Alfonso Soriano to the cubs? Sources say bananas are possible return says many sources power bat outfield #blogathon

  • Sweetjamesjones

    My fruit loopies meme got a mention. Yesssssss. Thanks Brett.

  • Mike

    I sincerely appreciate your efforts in doing the 36-hour blog-a-thon, as I’m a die hard trade-deadline fanatic.

  • Abe32

    Who’s awake?[img]Tho[/img]

  • MichiganGoat

    Heading to sleep for a couple hours until Jr wakes me up… Enjoy the evening I shall return.

  • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

    Mountain Dew + Orange Juice. 50/50 blend.

    A surprisingly potent and lasting energy drink.

    Not that I lived on the stuff during finals week in college a decade ago or anything…

    • ChrisN324

      At first glance this doesn’t sound like it would taste that great, but I may give it a try during finals week this semester. Anything to power through.

      Thanks for this Luke and good luck Brett!
      Keep the baseball feed rolling.

    • Funn Dave

      That’s funny–Mountain Dew actually sells an energy drink that’s advertised as essentially just that. It’s not really, though–I think it’s only 12% juice, tops. And it has a ridiculous amount of sugar and calories, even for an energy drink. Yours sounds better.

  • waittilthisyear

    alright brett, my sleep schedule has been totally effed as of late, so i am gonna start drinking heavily in hopes of passing out before 2 am. im with ya for a bit tho bud

    • Scott

      I’m with you. Shots?

      • Funn Dave

        I’m having Pepsi & Fireball (cinnamon whiskey). It tastes pretty amazing.

        • willis

          Shooting chilled fireball is pretty awesome.

          • Funn Dave

            Yeah that sounds good; I wish I had chilled it. Tomorrow.

            • willis

              It’s been around these parts for a few years. We keep it in our deep freeze at home and at our BBQ tent. It’s a happy treat for about everyone. But make sure to shoot chilled, shooting that shit warm is kinda gross. Still doable, but chilled is an impressive quick buzz.

    • Funn Dave

      If you’re trynda get to sleep, the last word of your post is the key.

      • ChrisN324

        ^^this 😀

      • waittilthisyear

        o, ive got that covered as well

      • Cizzle

        Cheers from Colorado!

  • Rob

    Very surprised there have not been more Cubs rumors today….was convinced all of Shierholtz, Gregg, Russell would go, and maybe even Dejesus – now I think 2 moves, max? We shall see!

    Thanks for the blog-a-thon!

  • Jones

    Until tomorrow!

  • johnny chess Aka 2much2say

    You’re alf way home Mr. Crabby Pants

  • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

    The Daily is ready for you Brett.

    Enjoy the overnight hours. I’m off to sleep.

    • http://www.w2wn.net Cerambam

      Hah just give it to us now ! We want more we want more

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Enjoy it, friend.

  • DrReiCow

    I’m still here and rocking away with you (and MST3K), Brett!


    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett


  • The Dude

    Soriano struck out in the top of 9th at a ball low and away, in the dirt. Dodgers just walked off and are now 10-1 after the ASB.

  • Brian Peters


  • curt

    sleep well Gretchen yr sleeping for two lol.

  • Josh t

    Nelson Cruz left the game with left quad injury. More cause on top of suspension for Texas trade am OF. Schierholtz? Dejesus? We are open for business rangers. Odor or sardinas for Schierholtz?

    • iowacubs

      If Cruz goes to DL and is then suspended, do days on the DL count toward the suspension days?

  • Steve klovanish

    It’s only 10 pm in San Diego, so let your mind focus on that, and after awhile, switch to east coast time. Things will start happening tomorrow, and its all downhill from there.

  • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

    If no deal decent enough for Russell is proposed I think Cubs should 60 day DL the kid and bring up Rosscup from AA to see if he has the stuff to get guys out in the majors.

  • Brian Peters

    do SOMETHING, Theo/Jed!!!!!!!!

  • http://cubsdailyrecaps.blogspot.com Jason P

    I tend to stay up until about 3 AM everyday anyway, so I’ve at least got a few more hours of post-reading before I crash. Can’t imagine too many rumors pop up at this time of night though. Seems like a good time to listen to the podcast.

  • LWeb23

    Hope the night isn’t too slow for ya Brett. I’m callin it quits. This has been a great distraction from spending the night at a friends apartment (because I’m homeless til Thursday) and from studying for my Thermodynamics final exam tomorrow. Thanks again Brett!

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      No worries – and good luck.

  • 7eleven

    man that vine is begging for an auto-tune remix

    • Jed Jam Band

      Somebody get on this.

  • Josh

    If you want something to watch from now until like 6 am check out ESPNU for the top 3 college football games of 2012

  • J.F.Edwards

    West Coaster here listening to end of Padres/Reds and following the blogathon. It’s early out here–we got lots to discuss!

    If Schierholtz goes to Pirates, what’s the likely return? What if Russell or Gregg is added to that deal, then what?

    • Josh

      Russel and schierholtz for Glasnow

    • Cub Fan in Hickory(Mike S)

      Nick Kingham would be nice, but Id think it would take more then just Nate to get him back

  • Cizzle

    Not to hate on the love-a-thon Bert, but I hope we don’t trade DJJ/Schier or Valbi. A BP arm of Russell and/or Gregg I’m fine with…much easier to replace the productivity.

  • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

    A late night Lukewarm Stove coming soon …

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      And by “soon,” I mean just now. Hooray confusion!

      • Cizzle

        Hooray Mountain Time Zone!!!

  • Rcleven