travis wood beardThis year, Travis Wood is hitting¬†.293/.326/.537 with three homers. We need to contextualize how good that is …

  • His .863 OPS leads all Cubs regulars (Nate Schierholtz is at .850). Dioner Navarro would have him beat at .881, and so would Ryan Sweeney at .868.
  • His three homers are good for 10th on the team, tied with Welington Castillo.
  • Carlos Zambrano only once matched the 130 OPS+ that Travis Wood sports this year.
  • If he qualified, he’d have the 10th(!!!) best slugging percentage in baseball.
  • His wOBA would be 20th, tied with Andrew McCutchen. His OPS would also be 20th, tied with Evan Longoria.
  • In just 44 plate appearances, he’s accumulated 0.8 offensive WAR. For reference, the similarly-wOBA’d Andrew McCutchen has been worth 4.5 offensive WAR in his 434 plate appearances.
  • If we ignored the pitching value Wood has provided this year, and compared Wood’s 0.8 offensive WAR, alone, to the total value of various positional players, Wood has been as valuable this year as Prince Fielder (0.8 total WAR), and more valuable than Albert Pujols (0.7), ¬†Raul Ibanez (0.6), Josh Hamilton (0.5), Justin Morneau (0.5), David Freese (0.4), and Starlin Castro (-0.2), to name but a handful.
  • DB

    Can he play 2B or SS? Let’s get his bat in the lineup.

    • waittilthisyear

      seeing as he throws with that pesky left hand, he may be better suited for OF or 1B. but he ain’t bad on the bump

      • DB

        I forgot he’s left handed. Put him in RF or LF then.

        I must be getting tired. Don’t want to fall asleep yet.

    • fromthemitten

      I know this was probably in jest, but as a lefty it’s a pain in the ass to throw across your body to first.

  • Jason

    And there’s STILL Cub fans that want the DH…

  • DrReiCow

    Small sample size, but.. WOW!


  • Austin5596

    The timing of the post is amazing! I was just about to reply about keeping Wood’s bat in the lineup to a comment on another post about the DH coming to the NL to eventually get Vogelbach’s bat in the lineup! Great minds think alike, I guess!

  • Scotti

    “Carlos Zambrano only once matched the 130 OPS+ that Travis Wood sports this year.”

    Now THAT’s the impressive part.

  • 5RunHomerun

    I’ve often wondered why we don’t try using him as a pinch hitter sometimes. I mean, it’s very likely that his good stats are due to some small sample size voodoo and that more plate appearances would cause him to regress some. However, when your best bench options are Cody Ransom and Cole Gillespie, I think it’s worth giving him a shot.

  • Frank

    Brett, Your getting sleepy… real sleepy. A nice comfy bed sounds pretty nice about now.

  • Good Captain


    After the blogathon, do you plan on a best of series the next day? Keep chugging along my friend!

    • Brett

      Ha. Given that there will be 40-some posts by the time this is all said and done, I totally could.

  • cubsin

    You’ll need to be up early on Thursday to cover the Eloy Jiminez signing, and perhaps the signing of the prospect who turns 16 on August 1 (Molina or Encarnacion).

    • VegasGoat

      This IFA class already amazing but if we really blow the budget and sign one or both of Molina or Enncarnacion i think I’ll lose my mind. Luis Enncarnacion is widely thought to be the best pure right handed hitter in this IFA class add the plus raw power and we have a great power hitting 3rd base lotto ticket

      • Coop

        This would be so full of awesome. I hope it happens.

  • Hahdom

    More biogenesis info related to who is expecting suspension as reported to the union.

    • Brett

      Yup. Important stuff.

  • SirCub

    Pooholes and Hamilton. Smh…

  • The Dude

    More valuable than Pujols and Hamilton. Awesome!

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