Lukewarm Stove: Peavy, Kennedy, Gregg, Villanueva, More

stoveA late night look at some of the later-developing bits on Tuesday …

  • That Jake Peavy deal is official, with Peavy and reliever Brayan Villarreal going to Boston, shortstop Jose Iglesias going to Detroit, outfield prospect Avisail Garcia, minor league pitchers J.B. Wendelken and Francellis Montas, and minor league shortstop Cleuluis Rondon going to the White Sox. Gut says that was a steep price for Detroit to pay for Iglesias, and a so-so return for the White Sox on Peavy. The Red Sox gave up no top prospects and a superfluous infield glove for a big pitching upgrade. They win this round.
  • Peavy not going to the Diamondbacks has apparently not cooled their interest in moving Ian Kennedy, which Bob Nightengale says has to do with a crowded rotation (and, presumably, Kennedy’s rough go this year and impending arbitration raises). A Danny Knobler report makes it sound as though the Padres and Angels are the primary suitors for Kennedy, though. We learned of possible Cubs interest earlier this evening.
  • We touched on this a bit earlier, and query whether his blown save tonight will have any impact, but Phil Rogers suggests there’s a rather robust market for Kevin Gregg, including the Tigers, Indians, Red Sox, Rockies, and a mystery team (because then it’s really just every team). The Tigers might still be interested, but the Indians and Red Sox each picked up a reliever today.
  • Patrick Mooney offers an all-purpose round-up of where things stand with the Cubs right now. Good deals done, further deals explored.
  • Jesse Rogers wonders why Carlos Villanueva, who pitched well earlier today, isn’t being included in more rumors. (If I had to guess? He’s a nice swing piece, but very few playoff-bound teams or contenders are looking for a swing guy right now. They want a sure-fire bullpen piece, or a clear starter upgrade. I’m not sure Villanueva offers those things, or, if he does, that the value in trade exceeds his value to the Cubs.)
  • The Angels and A’s swapped Alberto Callaspo and prospect Grant Green, which is moderately interesting deal with very little visible impact on the Cubs, even tangential.
  • The Rangers are apparently willing to listen “on anyone,” which is probably not surprising. Smart organizations listen on anyone. Jon Morosi mentions Elvis Andrus by name … he of the .250/.310/.289 line this year, and recently-signed $118 million extension that doesn’t kick in for another year and a half.
  • Some of you will sleep tonight, obviously, so I don’t mean this literally … but don’t sleep on late-night rumors. Last year around this time is when word broke that Alfonso Soriano was close to being dealt to the Giants, but ultimately nixed the deal.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

86 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: Peavy, Kennedy, Gregg, Villanueva, More”

  1. JulioZuleta

    I have to wonder if reporters feel childish/silly when typing the words “mystery team.” Just seems kind of ridiculous.

    Also: Wow, did not realize how awful Elvis Andrus was.

    1. Cizzle

      .289 Slugging is something I struggle to compare to. My referential punching bag, Barney, is slugging .327

    2. themusicbox

      Nearly every player has a bad year or two. There are only a small handfull of cubs with a better line.

  2. Josh

    Anyone think its possible smardzjia is moved tomorrow? Like even a .000000001 chance

    1. Josh

      Technically today my bad

      1. Crockett


        1. X the Cubs Fan

          No such thing as zero percent chance.

          1. Chopstick Fooey

            There is a zero percent chance that 2+2 will not equal 4…

    2. J.F.Edwards

      I think it’s fascinating that the rumors of his departure continue to persist, if greatly exaggerated. I guess there must be some level of conversation that piqued the Cubs interest…

      1. Josh

        Dude it’s 130 am got to try and spark a debate

        1. Cizzle

          I just don’t see a “buyer” with THAT BAD of a need for a Shark-type trade. Only team I see *possibly* fitting is the Bucs, just because they’d at least be getting some control (and an obligatory extension) for what they’d give up.

          1. YourResidentJag

            The Orioles were listening on Bundy…so there’s that.

            1. Cizzle

              Most organizations listen on “top” prospects that just underwent TJS. I don’t want to start a TJS war, but every prospects’ value declines with elbow surgery.

    3. Kyle

      It is not literally impossible, sure. But it’s not happening.

  3. H.A.

    Any rumors of Navarro to the Cardinals?

    1. waittilthisyear

      slugging .290 is…unimpressive.

      1. Josh

        But he’s so fluffy I’m going to die

      2. H.A.


        .510 slugging

        1. X the Cubs Fan

          Think he means Andrus.

          1. H.A.

            My bad for not saying Dioner Navarro and not mentioning Yadier Molina’s knee injury.

            1. waittilthisyear

              i did not mean for my statement to be a reply to your speculation. lo siento holmes

  4. tony

    Brett, I support everything you are doing, keep it up. leas than 15 hours to go, you can do this! I will be on this website more than I’d be on Kate Upton at this hour, (theoretically, not physically off course.) Any new trade rumors of Barney or Scheirholtzington recently??

  5. YourResidentJag

    Nelson Cruz will be suspended according to Jeff Wilson Fort Worth Star. He’s decided whether or not to appeal.

  6. Cubbie Tim

    I’ll be up with you Brett. I’ve been up since 4:45am. Still going strong.
    Baba Booey

  7. Griff

    Long time reader first time poster. Really appreciate you Brett. I would really like to see us get Kennedy. I believe he can be a strong 2 or 3 starter with Bosio’s help and change of scenery. A rotation of Shark, Wood, Kennedy, Jackson, Villanueva or fill in the blank would be a strong rotation for 2014. I would also like to see if we can sign Ellsbury to a shorter contract (3 years 45 mil?) and have an outfield of Ellsbury, Dejesus, Schierholtz, Lake and Sweeney. Sign Saltamachia and go with Olt and Alcantera at 2nd and 3rd. Just some random thoughts as I’m in the midst of a 16 hour day at work. Stay awake my friend!

    1. Cizzle

      From a mostly-unknown…welcome!! I think finding a replacement for Kennedy could be found in a similar FA deal to Villanueva, no trade needed. I don’t see Ellsbury singing a 3 year $15/per deal, though I’m a HUGE supporter of signing Cano for WHATEVER it takes for a 4 year deal ($110M+/4yrs).

      1. Griff

        I agree Ellsbury wouldn’t sign for that but that’s the absolute most I would want to pay him..I’d pay Cano 80 million for 4 years

    2. sven-erik312

      Welcome Griff!

  8. Eric

    Brett if you had some of my tramadol you wouldn’t have one bit of trouble staying up.

  9. Vulcan

    I’m pretty exhausted (and frustrated) after not one but TWO Cubs losses in an entire day. I’ll try to hang in there as long as I can considering this is my favorite baseball-related event of the year. Keep it up, Brett!

    1. JulioZuleta

      As of this minute the Cubs have the 7th pick in the draft next year. Had they won both of those games, they’d be tied with 3 other teams for the 12th-15th picks (though the Cubs would have the tie breaker and thus, the 12th pick). Anyways my point is, losses in meaningless games aren’t all bad.

      1. Cerambam

        Reminded myself the very same thing. For a money I was caught up in well were only 9 games out of the second wild card. This series was a refreshing slap in the face

      2. Bilbo161

        My mind agrees but my emotions want to win!

      3. Vulcan

        I know. It’s just frustrating to try and find a “silver lining” after every loss. I know its in their best interests to get a higher draft pick for next year but it still pains me as a Cubs fan to watch them lose these close games on such an exciting day.

  10. Crockett

    Was just looking back at the Peavy-to-Cubs rumors of 2008. Marshall, Mitch Atkins, Ronny Cedeno, and Felix Pie for Peavy. Cubs eventually walked away.

    Pretty good example of why a known MLB’er has so much value.

    1. Vulcan

      Felix Pie. Haven’t heard that name in awhile.

    2. Coop

      Now I am sad. I lived in SD, and was a big Peavy fan. He has the belly fire.

  11. another JP

    Well Brett, if you’re pulling out words like “tangential” at this late hour you have plenty of mojo left. In the meantime, I’m looking for a Cub trade with Pittsburgh to be announced right before the end of the trade deadline and perhaps after. What the Red Sox acquisition of Peavy shows is that getting help early like Bmore did with Feldman or NY with Soriano can always be trumped by the competition if they have time to act. I’m sure that the Bucs are gauging the Cardinals activities carefully to see what they might need to bolster the roster and keep ahead of any potential moves by St. Louis.

    1. Bilbo161

      It would be nice of St. Louis to incentivize the Bucks for us. Would really like a pitcher or two of theirs.

  12. cubzfan

    Still here with you, Brett. I just got home after a 2-hour drive back to Central Illinois from a horrible day at Wrigley. Well, there was that nice start by Arrieta, and the weather was beautiful (for those of us under the roof), but two disappointing losses. I even made your special drink at the Pilot station to stay awake on my way home…Which I guess is why I’m typing this rather than putting head to pillow right this moment.

    Keep up the updates! I’m betting on Schierholtz, Navarro, Gregg, and one other player being traded later today.

    1. Drew7

      Back to C-U?


  13. Alex


    Here’s some Rodney Dangerfield inspiration for you.

    RAGE, RAGE against the dying of the light!

  14. Bay510Area

    Is there any chance that the cubs trade for a player, For example Stanton or some another player ?

    1. X the Cubs Fan

      I doubt it but its not impossible.

    2. JulioZuleta

      I think there is a very high chance the Cubs trade for a player tomorrow. Multiple players, in fact. Stanton? No way.

      1. Rcleven

        Hope it’s a bat.
        Sure could use it.

        1. Jed Jam Band

          That had better be a good bat if we’re trading for it. *rimshot*

  15. JulioZuleta

    A White Sox fan just had a very #Cubes-ish moment on twitter. Some guy responded to a reporter’s tweet that Garcia can perform in the bigs because he went “5-11 in the alcs last year.” I pointed out that, while he’s done well in AAA this year, he’s something like .240 is 88 ABS with Detroit. I said I think 88 ABs this year is more relevant than 11 ABs last year. He responded very angrily and started comparing Garcia to Olt for some reason… The best part was when he said….

    “gracias played in the playoffs already and performed at least he can see he’s played in MLB Orts done shit”

    In case you need a key to understand that: “gracias”= Garcia “Orts”= Olt, and his “played in the MLB is 11 ABs in the playoffs that he is referring to.

    We need a #Cubes equivalent for the Sox.

    1. Crockett

      #HawkSox or #bleepinme

  16. Drew7

    OT: just finished A Clash of Kings.

    Mind = Blown

  17. Drew7

    Oops: meant, A Storm of Swords.

  18. JulioZuleta

    Brett, care to make any predictions for the next 14.5 hours? Who will be traded (and if you’re feeling extra saucy, where they will be traded)? I’ll go with Schierholtz, Navarro, Gregg, and Russell. I’d love to see Barney go. Ransom I think they’ll keep because his value is next to nothing and they need some warm bodies. I don’t think Dejesus will go, especially if Schierholtz goes. Also think Villanueva probly stays.

    My bold prediction is that we will see a prospect that we didn’t expect to see traded go. I’m thinking one of the teams we trade with takes a flyer on Vitters or Jackson to see if they can fix them. Maybe Olt, even.

  19. cubsin

    Brett, since you’re up anyway and no trades will happen in the next several hours, you might think about how the Cubs can get their Winter roster at or below 40 this winter. They have five players on the 60-day DL (Fujikawa, Vizcaino, Sweeney, Baker and Putnam), and will need to add Alcantara, almost certainly Amaya, Contreras and Rosscup, and perhaps Ha, Rhee, Henry Rodriguez and Paniagua (but only if they use his original signing date – even Arizona Phil isn’t sure if he’s Rule 5 eligible or not).

    They can probably wait until after the Rule 5 draft to re-sign Sweeney and Baker (if they do), but they would still need roster spots for them. I’m assuming Putnam won’t be rostered.

    1. JulioZuleta

      I don’t think they’ll have to protect Amaya. He’s at Low-A (regular A, I guess) and not exactly doing that well. Can’t imagine someone taking him. I think it was sorted out that Paniagua does not have to be protected. I don’t see Rhee or Ha being selected, but it’s possible. Rodriguez wouldn’t be worth de-rostering anyone.

      Anyways, with how active this front office is, you’d drive yourself nuts trying to figure out what the roster might look like in November.

      1. Jed Jam Band

        Amaya might not have to be rostered, but you should check out his last month+ of numbers. He’s turned it on for sure.

      2. Scotti

        I doubt they have to roster him as well but Amaya is hitting .312/.396/.488/.884 in 125 second half AB.

    2. Jason P

      I’m thinking no way Henry Rodriguez is rostered, and unlikely Contreras or Rhee (unless he continues the pace he’s been on since returning). Contreras is toolsy, but he’s just so, so far from being a big league contributor — and the overall stat line at Low-A this year isn’t all that great. I think you’re right on Putnam too.

      I’m going to guess either Vitters or Jackson is traded this offseason — just a hunch, though — and McNutt probably gets the boot. Gillespie, Ransom, and Sappelt are probably expendable along with Eduardo Sanchez.

      I sure hope they keep Sweeney.

      1. Scotti

        “or Rhee (unless he continues the pace he’s been on since returning).”

        Rhee would be a great story.

      2. VegasGoat

        Guys left off the 40:
        -Henry Rodriguez (power arm, can’t throw strikes, but I think a team would take a chance on him. He’s been DFA’d twice and cubs have bigger fish to protect)
        -contreras (you can’t keep a catcher whose only in A ball on 25 man roster, just not realistic)
        -Amaya (theirs little risk leaving him off but it’s tough keep A ball 2nd baseman stashed in the bigs. Plus I actually don’t think he’s eligible he’s awfully young)
        -Rhee (team could try to stash him but his velocity isn’t as high as it use to be so he doesn’t have the huge upside)

        Have to protect:
        -vitters (maybe traded, but he’s advanced enough to keep him in the bigs and has enough upside for teams to take a risk taking him)
        -paniagua (perfect candidate to have a team try and stash and put on the DL wit a mystery injury. The guy throws really hard and needs to be polish and time. Highly at risk if left unprotected)
        -ha (I’m not sure if I’d protect him. Great defensive 5th outfielder are always needed so he has shot to be taken)

  20. Jim L

    Catching up on Twitter and I’m sure this has been mentioned, this is pretty cool:

    Chicago Cubs ‏@Cubs 2h

    @BleacherNation Good luck tonight during the Blogathon, and nice work fundraising for @MakeAWish. We look forward to helping those kids.

    Great job, Brett!

  21. Gil T

    Awake in San Antonio,TX. Go Cubs!

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  23. Bilbo161

    Any inkling of interest in Navarro from the Cardinals? Saw that Molina’s knee is giving him problems.

    1. Jed Jam Band

      We’ll probably hear about that in the morning. I mean, later in the morning.

    2. CubsFaninMS

      Sounds like Navarropotamus would be a good fit.

  24. Gil T

    Random questions. If the cubs had signed Puig or Cespedes do you think they would be in our minor league system or majors? Do you think Soler would be in the majors had another team singed him instead of the cubs?

    1. Jason P

      Puig would probably still be in the minors, but no way Cespedes. I think Soler would still be in the minors for any organization.

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