San_diego_padres_logoIt was a fun rumor for a few hours, but the Cubs were quickly dismissed as a legitimate suitor for Ian Kennedy, at least as of this Trade Deadline. The Padres wanted Kennedy for reasons similar to why the Cubs would have wanted him, and they have gotten the deal done, according to multiple reports.

In exchange, the Diamondbacks will get a very good lefty reliever in Joe Thatcher, as well as as pitching prospect Matt Stites and a competitive balance pick after the second round. Not only does the deal take Kennedy off of the market, but it also gives the Diamondbacks the reliever they’ve been desperately seeking. They might now be done.

  • JoshO

    Or they may just be getting started. Now maybe a hole in the rotation that they could plug Jeff Samardzija into… maybe….

    • Jp3

      I think losing Kennedy may be addition by subtraction. But yeah I’m hoping for some kind of ripple effect too.

  • ssckelley

    Yay, a trade has finally been made! Was this the quiet before the storm?

  • itzscott

    Until the Pirates or Rangers do something about an OF.

    I’d have to think a Cub trade is still in play.

  • ssckelley

    Damn, that is a pretty weak haul for Kennedy. Couldn’t the Cubs have made a better offer with Russell?

    • gocatsgo2003

      … that’s presuming that there was anything to the rumors of the Cubs’ interest, which seemed to be short-lived.

      • ssckelley

        True, at the price the Padres just acquired Kennedy for makes me wonder if the interest in Kennedy was limited. The rumors of the Cubs being involved may have been a ploy to try and drive the price up.

      • mjhurdle

        i was thinking the same thing. maybe this was just a case of the Front Office not liking Kennedy as much as we thought they might.

      • Cubman23

        True, but if there wasn’t any interest, there should have been. Very weak haul – Russell’s been a more valuable pitcher, so they likely would have needed to offer even less.

    • ripiceman

      i was thinking the same thing. i think Theo/Jed missed an opportunity to move Russell and a couple of spare pieces at ML or minor league level to acquire a legit starter who is controllable and entering his prime. He may not be as good as his 2011 number but i dont think he’s as bad as he’s been this year.. He can be a #3-4 guy.

      • Jason Powers

        Not all opportunities are mutual. AZ may not like russell.

      • Edwin

        Ehh. Kennedy is in his age 28-29 season right now, and I think only has one more year of control left. He’s not bad, but I wouldn’t give up much for him. I think the Cubs can do better.

    • Edwin

      Thatcher is probably a better reliever than Russell, and he’s still pretty cheap. Matt Stites seems like a decent RP prospect. I think the Cubs would have had to give more than just Russell.

      • ssckelley

        Not from what I am seeing. Russell is a decent reliever that can pitch against both righties and lefties. Thatcher is a left handed specialist, he has pitched in 30 innings spread out in 50 games. The bullpen prospect they got looks promising but nothing that the Cubs could not match.

        Perhaps Kennedy is someone they were not interested in pursuing.

        • Edwin

          I think it’s close, but I’d give the nod to Thatcher. For his career, Thatcher has actually been better against RH than Russell, and much better vs LH. Since most of the situations either of these guys will be called on will be LOOGY situations anyways, I’d prefer Thatcher.

        • Geo

          We seen last night what he did with one pitch to a righty. And how many saves & holds has he blown this year?? Russel is the new Shawn camp, 1 descent year last year & starting to turn into a pumpkin again this year. Send him back down to aaa with his 88 mpg heater.

    • MichiganGoat

      Going to assume that the FO and other teams really didn’t like Kennedy

      • DarthHater

        Going to assume that Jason McLeod & Co. know more about evaluating baseball players than people who comment on blogs.

        • On The Farm

          Not possible, blog commenters is where they derive their formula’s to make moves.

          • turn two

            Pot meet kettle

            • TWC

              Pro tip: learn what that phrase means before you use it.

              • danimal8

                “When in Rome…” I still don’t understand it

                • TWC

                  Obviously, you’re not a golfer.

              • Edwin

                Well, when in Rome.

  • Jason Powers

    So much for in division trading taboo…idk AZ still has a lot to do to make it to playoffs. Dodgers and Tampa….got frontline pitching better than competitors at present.

    • On The Farm

      Apparently its a cool thing to do on the West coast, off the top of my head: Kennedy, Callapso to the A’s, Cliff Lee to Texas a few years back.

      • Jason Powers

        I think it has to do with GMs this time. Byrnes has a crush for Kennedy. KT an old reliever ge likes. Do the Cubs get one more trade?

  • CubsFaninMS

    The “Rangers open to trading anyone (including Garza)” tweet makes me wonder if the Entertainment channel should hire a few of these guys to develop a “sports gossip” show. Either the Rangers front office is clinically bi-polar or that rumor is simply not true.

  • Bigg J

    Talk of Navarro going to Cards?

    • Justin Koehneke

      listening to espn 1000… they said possible but not close

  • Jason Powers

    Navarro…wonder which a ball SP we can pry away frm STL?

    • DarthHater

      I know that if the Cubs can get something that helps them, they should do so, but it still bugs me that we might do anything to help the Cardinals win the division.

  • North Side Irish

    Cliff Lippert ‏@Cliffy46405 2m
    Internet rumor: Dbacks offered Ian Kennedy to the Cubs for Russell, Watkins and Taylor Scott. The Cubs declined.