nate schierholtz cubsThere’s still an hour – plus spillage time – to go before the Trade Deadline, but we’re not hearing much on Nate Schierholtz all of a sudden, after previously being described as the most likely Cub to be traded.

Now, Nick Cafardo reports that it looks like Schierholtz is staying with the Cubs. We’ll see what happens, but, either way, there’s not really disappointment here. Schierholtz is plenty valuable to the Cubs going forward, and it could be that the overwhelming trade offer just wasn’t there. That’s ok.

That said, it would be a surprise – though not necessarily a disappointment – if neither Schierholtz nor David DeJesus is traded today.

UPDATE: Well that’s interesting. Jon Heyman reports that the Pirates made a play earlier today for Mark Trumbo from the Angels. Perhaps they backed away from any Schierholtz talks in favor of trying to get Trumbo. Since that didn’t work out, maybe they come back to the table at the last minute?

UPDATE 2: Multiple folks reporting the Rangers won’t be doing anything, and Bob Nightengale says the Pirates were unwilling to meet the Cubs’ price on Schierholtz and David DeJesus. No deal appears likely to happen.

  • Justin Koehneke

    FINAL 15 mins!!!!!!!!!!!! DOOOOOOOOOO SOMETHING. I’m having deja vu w/ the dempster trade last year

  • Ken

    Keep Nate with that beautiful smile and bubbling personality.

  • cking6178

    13 minutes and counting & pretty much zero activity (for Cubs) :(

    Navarro is apparently the only player we will move by the deadline & his return will not be very exciting…

    • Noah

      Except, you know, for the trades the Cubs made earlier in the month.

      • cking6178

        Yes, I know, but I was still hoping we’d pull off some sort of blockbuster – you know package Shark & Schierholtz for some ridiculous prospects…

        • Noah

          You almost never do as well packaging two MLB players with value.

      • JOE

        Not to mention the possible post-deadline moves next month

    • MichiganGoat

      I think it’s safe to say the moves are done… Unless panic takes over in the next ten minutes.

      • Jason Powers

        Boy, what a let down. Oh well, Cubs got their class project done well before the deadline.

  • Rebuilding

    Royals trade Kyle Smith for Justin Maxwell. Not sure how Dayton Moore evaluates players or has a job

  • Jason Powers

    Well, a Hader and a Hoe for a Norris. Haters gotta hate dem hoes!

    • Jason Powers

      Houston lands a Hoe and Hader – consonance anyone? Did Houston trade for guys that H was the key element?

      • Billy

        You mean alliteration?

      • Vulcan

        Isn’t a consonance a reoccurance of consonants in a single sentence? I think you mean an alliteration.

        • Jason Powers

          Well, I flunked Adv. Eng 3 times in HS. So, my foggy memory of the right word to use is covered by a sophomoric mist of alcohol bliss then had.

  • Crockett

    I’m a bit disappointed the Cubs didn’t move at least one OFer.

    • Jason Powers

      Pirates shot for Trumbo. At least give em credit for asking – outside the box.

    • On The Farm

      Why does your Minnesota friend always gotta get me all excited…

  • Eternal Pessimist

    May be a good time to trade some of our useful pieces to any team that stands in the way of the Cardinals succeeding this year…except anyone we have under a good contract for 2014.

  • X the Cubs Fan

    Chris De Luca ‏@ChrisDeLuca 47s
    BREAKING: #Cubs and #StLCardinals discussing deal for catcher Navarro minutes before deadline Voices | Voices

  • Jason Powers

    Lame Cardinals – wont pay prospects for our backup catcher. 😉

  • X the Cubs Fan

    Bob Nightengale ‏@BNightengale 1m
    The #Pirates aren’t meeting the #Cubs demands for their outfielders and doubt trade will be made in waning minutes

  • Coop

    Bud Norris to Baltimore.

  • someday…2015?

    And it’s over!

  • Eternal Pessimist

    Times up. Put your pencils down.

  • DReese

    36 hours are up and nothing was accomplished. I’m sad I was thinking to day was going to be exciting.

  • Mike Taylor (no relation)

    Wow. BORING.


    • Coop


    • Internet Random

      BUT WE STILL HAVE CAPSLOCK!!!!!1!!!eleven!!

      • Coop

        LOUD NOISES!!!

      • Cubbie Blues

        I loved the eleven.

  • Jp3


  • cubbie blue

    At least it was for a good cause, since there were no trades.

  • Ken

    Theo and Jed fell asleep 6 hours ago. Damn.

  • cubsfanforever

    Would be nice to see the Cardinals fall on their ass. Maybe Navarro will crack a game winning homer against them when they play again.

    • Cubman23

      I don’t think that they’ll fall on their asses, but that offense is likely to slow down and the rotation is made out of duct tape on the back end. Sure enough, they’ve looked very mediocre lately and have a pretty tough schedule in the second half.

      To consider, compare the Cards pre and post ASB numbers in the NL:
      Runs: 1st / 11th
      OPS: 1st / 13th
      ERA: 3rd / 7th

      They are the Cardinals though, so I’m sure someone we’ve never heard of will step in, have monster numbers, and win the WS MVP award.

  • clark addison

    Sometimes the best deals are the ones you don’t make. Good on Hoystein for holding out for significant returns on DDJ, Schierholtz, and Navarro.

  • OregonCubsFan

    Feel bad for Brett – 36 hours with very little movement. But thanks for the coverage, Brett. Take a long summer time nap now.

  • Jp3

    My Internet is still broken otherwise I would be posting a GIF of Will Ferrell in Talledaga Nights saying “that just happened!”

  • Harry Ramirez

    It’s not over yet. GMs on the phone can still negotiate after the deadline.

  • Jason Powers

    Too bad – Rangers, Pirates, for all their sabermetric analysis and understanding, you still gotta make moves/take risks to get to the promise land. A squirrel sitting on a nut, still has to forage for more nuts.

    But that’s my fan side talking. They weighed the options – and saw the price too high.

    • VegasGoat

      I think the pirates made the short term mistake of not doing anything, but it probably at least in the long term was a good decision to not move any good pieces

      • Jason Powers

        Just wonder how much Theo/Jed wanted back for Scheirholtz? Must of been a top 5 prospect the Pirates refused to part with.

  • Ralph

    Nice work as always Brett. Barring any last minute deals, get some good sleep.

  • VegasGoat

    Terrible trade deadline for all around baseball. Very boring trade deadline this year

  • mudge

    “Too much of nothing makes a man ill at ease.” Well, a great trading season anyway for the Cubs, brilliant to jump the market on Feldman & Garza.

  • Eternal Pessimist

    Not too disappointed that we didn’t trade Schierholtz, but I was hoping we could get something for “goggles”. There is always the waiver-wire.

  • Jp3

    Good news Brett, at least trade recaps and analysis of the players we’re getting back won’t hold you up from getting to bed sooner

  • RIPAtticusFinch

    Nicely done, Brett – your efforts are appreciated!