nate schierholtz cubsThere’s still an hour – plus spillage time – to go before the Trade Deadline, but we’re not hearing much on Nate Schierholtz all of a sudden, after previously being described as the most likely Cub to be traded.

Now, Nick Cafardo reports that it looks like Schierholtz is staying with the Cubs. We’ll see what happens, but, either way, there’s not really disappointment here. Schierholtz is plenty valuable to the Cubs going forward, and it could be that the overwhelming trade offer just wasn’t there. That’s ok.

That said, it would be a surprise – though not necessarily a disappointment – if neither Schierholtz nor David DeJesus is traded today.

UPDATE: Well that’s interesting. Jon Heyman reports that the Pirates made a play earlier today for Mark Trumbo from the Angels. Perhaps they backed away from any Schierholtz talks in favor of trying to get Trumbo. Since that didn’t work out, maybe they come back to the table at the last minute?

UPDATE 2: Multiple folks reporting the Rangers won’t be doing anything, and Bob Nightengale says the Pirates were unwilling to meet the Cubs’ price on Schierholtz and David DeJesus. No deal appears likely to happen.

  • Die hard

    With Soriano gone there is no pressure to trade any OF and veteran presence good for kids… Let them plus 3 kids play OF rest of season … Waive Sweeney

    • Drew7

      What 3 kids?

  • Die hard

    With Kennedy gone maybe Cubs could dangle Jackson to contender?

    • Drew7


  • mudge

    Listening to Moreland. Every HR call comes with “He got great extension.” No one yet has hit one despite not getting great extension.

  • Ken

    Stand up comedians –sign in.

  • Dustin S

    The market is pretty out of whack right now with prospects being severely overvalued by GMs. So that is due for a correction. Maybe when a borderline team that wouldn’t give up a #20 org prospect for help misses the playoffs by 1 game, that will adjust the market closer to where things should be.

    I would have liked to have seen Gregg go at least, for his sake and the Cubs both. That was probably the one disappointing non-move. Picking up a guy who’s 37, who they lose at the end of the year, with the sole hope of turning him around and flipping him, but then you don’t…it makes you scratch your head a bit. Maybe it’s just that they really got no takers at all for him after his recent struggles.

    The crappy part now unfortunately is that it’s going to be a longshot for waiver deals for the Cubs. The main instance where those work is when you have a guy who is under- performing with a large contract that can sneak through waivers. The Cubs really don’t have many/any players left in that category that I think will get through. If they do pull one off, it would be a very minor move like a fringe roster guy for a flyer or something. I would have to also think the lack of trades seals the deal on blasting through the int’l cap.