The Cubs salvaged the final game of the four-game set with the Brewers last night, despite a rain delay. Edwin Jackson was brilliant, as he has been all of July. Anthony Rizzo hit a bomb, Starlin Castro hit a bomb, and David DeJesus stayed hot.

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  • Cubbie Blues

    Welcome back to the land of the living Brett. Hope you got enough sleep to catch up.

    • Brett

      Thanks. Almost 12 hours. I feel a little groggy, but sooooooo much better than I felt for most of yesterday.

  • mdavis

    good to see EJax righting the ship. Get some momentum here towards the ned of the season. Rizzo swinging the bat a little better again, i think he’s just going to be one of those streaky guys. interesting they let jackson go back out there after the rain delay though

  • Jon

    “I’m sorry Ed Jackson, you are FO REAAAAL!”

    • Brett

      Nicely played.

  • Justin H

    The records for each pitcher are sponsored by 7-Eleven.

    • Adventurecizin’ Justin

      Hey, I’m a Justin H, too!

  • Adventurecizin’ Justin

    We’ve seen some great things from our pitchers. Of course, the bullpen has been volatile. With that said, how would you all rate Bosio? Thus far, I really like what I’ve seen and think guys like Arrieta will improve under his tutelage.

    • mdavis

      see: Shark, Wood.

      I’m pretty confident he could do some good things with Arrietta rest of this season and next spring. Bosio seems to be a real strong guy on the staff.

  • Canadian Cubs Fan

    I’ll admit that Jackson has been waaaaay better the last 6 weeks or so. Next year it would be nice to see some of this in the first two months of the season as well?

    The win is good, but this should have been 3 out of 4 or a sweep, instead it was a salvage job. Strop, Russell and Gregg (assist to Castro & ump) all took their turns. They’ll finish the season 10 games under .500, because they can’t seem to break away from it.

    • mdavis

      in Strop’s defense i dont think he should of even been out there that day. With the amount of pitches he threw in the Giants series he should of had a day off. agreed otherwise. could of easily been a sweep. such is life in the rebuild

      • OregonCubsFan

        Such is life even when the team is good. I know it has been a while, but even in ’07 and ’08 they had some series like this when their pitching staff was stretched. Though 3 of 4 or a sweep would have been nice, after 10 close road games on the west coast, a split in 4 games in three days when you come back is a victory. But alas – they did not do that either…

    • MichiganGoat

      Jackson’s advanced stats has always said he’s been good, it’s just now showing itself in the W/L and ERA stats.

  • jt

    Last 6 games Jackson’s K rate per 9 has fallen from 8.1 to 6.3 while his BB per 9 has fallen from 3.7 to 1.6
    His BAbip has dropped .099 points to 0.248.
    He is getting outs from contact and allowing fewer base-runners.
    Location, location, location

    • SirCub

      I don’t know that the drop in babip is necessarily due to him hitting his locations. But I’ll trade 2 fewer k’s per 9 for 2 fewer bb’s per 9 any day.

  • Diesel

    I liked the fact he went 8 and only threw 94 pitches

  • willis

    Outstanding effort from Jackson. As I said in the pre game thread, I loved seeing him step up and take the ball to spare the bullpen and finish his outing strong after the rain. You won’t see that out of most pitchers.

    Dejesus is hot right now. Very hot.

  • Funn Dave

    Lucroy at first, huh? Man, those guys must be missing Prince.