Chris Rusin fared reasonably well against a solid offense tonight, but Michael Bowden couldn’t hold ’em. Junior Lake and Anthony Rizzo each went deep twice, but it wasn’t enough, because all four homers came with empty bases. The Cubs scored just those four runs.

The Cubs lost the battle, but they’re totally winning the war …

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  • Hansman1982

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Bowden with the BS in the 6th.

    • Drew7

      Baez didn’t strikeout tonight!


      • Scotti


  • PcB

    It’s fun being excited about watching the Cubs again.

  • Jason P

    Nice to see Rizzo getting the home run swing back. If he ends the year with 25 home runs and an .800+ OPS, you have to feel pretty good about his year.

  • waittilthisyear

    unusual seeing the sp get the loss when a rp blows the save

  • Tim

    So unbelievably impressed with Rizzo’s walk rate recently

  • Moises Canchola

    I said it all along Lake reminds me of a young Hunter Pence. Its fun seeing some power what isnt fun is how the bullpen has reverted back to the beginning of the year, by blowing more games then Mel Rojas

  • Drew7

    Hollandsworth is bitching about the lack of hitting wRISP. Someone may want to let him know the Cubs had all of *1* PA in that situation.


    • Josh t

      It’s going yo be interesting to see if the dodgers make a play to sign cano this season. I really hope bot

  • Josh t

    It’s good see that Rizzo might be heating up and seeing the ball better.

  • Matty Ice

    The Dodgers strategy of “sign all the players” seems to be working.

    • DavidC

      They’ve signed Greinke, Puig, and Ryu, that’s it. The myth that they just outbid the rest of baseball for any talent they choose is a wild myth.

      • DavidC

        “That myth is a wild myth”. I feel silly.

        • mudge

          It’s hit or myth sometimes.

      • X the Cubs Fan

        I mean they also signed Ethier to a ridiculous extension and acquired what 270 million in Red Sox salary (Beckett, Crawford, Gonzalez and Punto).

      • Brett

        When people talk about the Dodgers’ spending proclivities, they’re referring also to their willingness to take on Gonzalez, Crawford, and H. Ramirez’s large contracts.

        It is not a myth. It’s just that “SIGN ALL THE PLAYERS” fits with a meme, and “SIGN OR TAKE ON THE BIG CONTRACTS FOR ALL THE PLAYERS” doesn’t really.

  • Kyle

    I’m still not a Junior Lake believer, but I’ll keep my skepticism a little quieter for now.

    • Rebuilding

      There’s a 98% chance you’ll be proven right because of 19:109 and 35:105 which are his BB/K rates his previous 2 years in the minors. But the other 2% is intriguing

      • CubsWSchamps2016

        If Junior Lake could ever learn to walk at a respectable rate and limit the K rate, I think a pretty darn good player.

        • BlameHendry

          you could say that about almost all of the Cubs prospects right now. “Walk more, K less”. It’ll be a frustrating future for people like you and me.

          • CubsWSchamps2016

            Yes you could say that about any player but specifically Lake because with his tools he is a lot more gifted then most players. If he could get on base more and started 162 games a year with his speed he could steal 30-40 bases a year

          • DocPeterWimsey

            Indeed, the road to prospect hell is paved with markers saying variants of: “if he ever had developed a batting eye…”. Lake looks to be a really good example of why the first team to figure out a way to develop that tool is going to generate an offensive dynamo that all the rats in the Biogenesis labs could not hope to equal.

            • wilbur

              Actually the rats are way ahead of you. By increasing strength and fast twitch muscle response ped’s can increase the number of balls you get a bat on. This leads of course to more hits and higher batting average, but also, and less obviously, to fewer strikeouts and a better walk to k ratio. There were times when it appeared impossible for a pitcher to get a pitch past barry bonds without him hitting it, or at least fouling it off. Didn’t add to his walks to any great extent, but did lower his k rate. Rats 1, Coaching 0. Ration of strikeouts to some index of basehits/pitches seen would show this too.

  • Steve

    I gotta say this is a team with a lotta youth, with a lot more to come. No one expected this team to remotely play as well as it has, after a rough start to the year, we’ve played .500 or better ball. This team isn’t ready to contend just yet, but with the young kids developing and learning, with a few good, shrewd signings, we should be a pretty tough team next year. We can’t expect to win every game, but we’ve been winning a decent amount, while being in almost every game we’ve lost, next year we should win a good amount of those we’ve lost this year.

    • PRcajun

      Agreed. This has been more fun to watch than last year. More so recently. And even in some recent games we’ve lost (although I think this is in large part due to a lack of the Carlos Marmol effect – remember that feeling?).

  • Required

    The play when Lake hit the wall was all out hustle! I thought he broke his hip. Scary for a minute. We may have lost the game but definitely some bright spots.

    • caryatid62

      I would prefer any player that we hope will become a major contributor to this team show a little less hustle and a little more concern for his body.

      It’s all fun and enjoyable until a guy’s career becomes much less productive because he can’t move well.

      • Required

        I tend to agree the slow motion playback on my DVR made it look like he separated his upper torso from his lower.

  • mudge

    Ivy’s ivy but in general they could pad walls better in mlb.

    • Required

      Ya those safer barriers they use in NASCAR would be great!

  • William

    Lake and Rizzo both outplayed Puig and it’s a shame he gets the headline because our bullpen blows.

  • X the Cubs Fan

    Jiminez looks like someone but I can’t think of who. [img][/img]

    • hookersocake

      Doc Gooden

      • Required

        Mr. Cub?

    • DocPeterWimsey

      He looks like one of my son’s preschool classmates…..

    • ShootTheGoat

      Doug Glanville

  • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

    Looks like a young Hank Aaron from pictures I just referenced on google

    • sven-erik312

      Yes, Aaron. I grew up watching him play

  • CubsWSchamps2016

    I f@#king hate ESPN. I was just watching sportcenter and they showed the higlights of the game and didn’t show either Junior Lake or Darwin Barney’s amazing defensive plays. F the ESPN for their LA, Yankee, Red sox baise. All they showed was the Dodgers offensive highlights and Yaiel Puig’s damn homerun. Call me bitter (I AM) but ESPN needs to get their heads out of their asses and realize that there are more then 3 teams in the MLB

    • CubsWSchamps2016

      Not to mention they didn’t even mention that Junior Lake or Rizzo homer twice in the Game.

    • Jason P

      Hey, usually they don’t even show the Cubs highlights (and I assume if they weren’t playing the Dodgers, they wouldn’t be…).

      It seems like the only time they ever show highlights anymore is when it leads them into some bigger debate/segment.

      I’m guessing they’ll waste at least 5 minutes tonight talking about that no-name Eagles receiver “WHO MUTTERED A RACIAL SLUR AT A CONCERT AND CAN NO LONGER BE RESPECTED BY HIS OTHER INSIGNIFICANT EAGLE TEAMMATES” before there nightly Geno Smith-Mark Sanchez debate.

      The sad part is ESPN actually employs a lot of smart baseball minds — Keith Law, Buster Olney, Curt Schilling, etc. — they just choose to mostly not use them and breeze through baseball highlights with the bad Sportscenter anchors.

      • Jed Jam Band

        I have many problems with calling Curt Schilling a “smart baseball mind.” I should mention here that tools like Tim Kurkjian and John Kruk are the crux of Baseball Tonight. If it were just Olney, Law, and a far more permanent presence (instead of his occasional appearances) for Jonah Keri, then I would like it far more.

        • iowacubs

          “tools like Tim Kurkjian”..huh? That man is one of the welll respected sports writers in baseball.

        • Jason P

          Smart baseball mind for Curt Schilling might have been the wrong term, but he’s at least likeable and fun to listen to.

    • Bails17

      That’s why I watch MLB Network! Much, much better.

      • Cleanup Poster

        Not by much, them are on the Yankee/Red Sox/Dodger teet as much as ESPN is.

  • baldtaxguy

    12 K’s, 5 hits out of 32 at bats, 4 of these hits are home runs….like a typical week Rob Deer would have had.

  • On The Farm

    Though the box score reflects differently, Rusin threw a pretty game last night. The guy just goes out there and lives on the corners, I love it.

  • cavemencubbie

    CubsWs is an astute individual. Was’t, isn’t Keith Law down on Junior as a prospect? Can’t show evidence on major TV, that he is just another blowhard. Can’t destroy the image of being God, all knowing. Wouldn’t be able to demand a big raise with his next contract.

  • http://msn Sacko

    ESPN don’t forget, how can you forget talking ARod every 10 minutes.
    Please kick the Dodgers ass today and see what they say.

  • http://msn Sacko

    What is the comparison on Lake/Pence, Lake is stronger, faster, and has a better arm?
    His hitting on a consistent ML level is yet to be seen. What did I miss? No knocks on Pence, I just don’t see it.