Miscellaneous Prospect Notes: Baez, Hendricks, Olt, Almora, Prospect List, International Signings

javier baez aflIn the post-Trade Deadline window before the offseason – and until the Cubs are actually good in August and September and the playoffs are the story – the winding down of the minor league seasons are always one of the most interesting things going on.

  • To that end, after playing well at High-A, and then playing well (at least in the power department, though the K/BB stuff is trending in the right directions) at AA, is Javier Baez on his way to Chicago this September? No. Jed Hoyer confirmed that in an interview with Waddle and Silvy, suggesting that the 20-year-old shortstop still needs to work on some things before coming up to the Cubs. Presumably, that will include working on some things next year, perhaps starting out at AA again, with an eventual stop at AAA before coming up to the big team. The fact that there’s no need to put him on the 40-man roster yet, however, is probably among the biggest reasons not to call him up in September. Those 40-man spots are going to be precious this Winter, I expect.
  • In the same interview, Hoyer discussed new Cubs third base prospect Mike Olt at length, including the possibility that he – already on the 40-man – could get a look in Chicago in September. He’ll need to turn around his rough season in the next month, though.
  • Pitching prospect Kyle Hendricks – low on the scouting hype, high on the performance – has been tearing up AA all year, and could be poised for a promotion. At his start last night, Tennessee manager Buddy Bailey told Michael Wottreng that a promotion for Hendricks was probably “on the horizon.” Indeed, a cursory review of Hendricks’ Twitter (if that’s really him), suggests his friends and family believe he’s already earned the promotion to AAA Iowa. A few starts there to round out his year would make for a mighty successful season for the polished, control pitcher. (Which is not intended as an insult – after all, the guy is also striking out 7.2 per 9 this year.) If he looks good at Iowa, and continues that success into next year, Hendricks is definitely on your radar for mid-2014. If nothing else, Hendricks is far and away the current favorite to win the organization’s Pitcher of the Year honors.
  • In case you missed it last night, the Cubs officially inked top Dominican prospect Eloy Jimenez to a $2.8 million deal (plus $250,000 for college), thus officially exploding their international signing pool in the extreme. (That may have always been the plan.) Carrie Muskat with a picture of the excited signee (and proud parents, it appears) here.
  • Speaking of the blowing the budget strategy, the Cubs won’t be adding one of the last few remaining top names – Leonardo Molina, who just turned 16 yesterday (thus making him eligible to sign), is signing with the Yankees for $1.4 million. That’s no surprise, as Molina had been linked to the Yankees for a long time – and those arrangements tend to stick.
  • John Sickels looks back on his pre-season top 20 Cubs prospect list, which is worth a read. His conclusion: “As with any rebuilding organization, fans are tired of being told to have patience, but the trend line is clearly positive here. The foundation of a terrific lineup has been laid, the Cubs are certainly aware of the need for more pitching to go with it, and they’ve shown no hesitation at all about spending cash on the farm system, even if it means exceeding their allotted international bonus pool and facing penalties.”
  • A lengthy profile on Albert Almora.
  • Dan Vogelach was named the Cubs’ Player of the Month for July, and Matt Loosen got the Pitcher of the Month honors.

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119 responses to “Miscellaneous Prospect Notes: Baez, Hendricks, Olt, Almora, Prospect List, International Signings”

  1. JUICED1

    when does almora make it to Daytona

    1. Josh t

      The reason Almora might not get called up is bc all the canceled games do to rain down in Daytona which stunt his development. Better off letting him play everyday in Kane county then have to experience the rainy season down in florida

      1. JUICED1

        It’s been raining a ton in Kane county too.

        1. Josh t

          In terms of rainouts there is a huge despairity between the of rain outs in each league

          1. hansman1982

            So why do they play, roughly, the same number of games each year?

            1. On The Farm

              Because the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain

    2. ABK

      Also Vogelbach, he’s been performing really well. I’d love to see him get promoted to Daytona.

  2. Nate

    I know a player is a FA after 3 years of rookie contract and 3 arbitration years. But does the clock start when a player plays in the majors or when he’s put on the 40 man roster?

    1. Patrick G

      pretty sure it’s when they reach the majors, but could be wrong

    2. bbmoney

      It starts ticking and is based on time spent on the active 25 man roster.

    3. Kyle

      “clock starting” is kind of a misconception.

      Your arbitration and free agent status is based on service time. Every day that you spend on the 25-man roster (or DL’d from the 25-man roster) gives you 1 day of service time. A certain amount of service time (175 days, I think?) equals one year. When you get sent back down, you stop accruing service time.

      1. JUICED1

        And then there is the whole running out of options thing. You can only be on the 40 man roster so long before you need to be on the 25 man roster.

        1. Nate

          I assume that’s in place so you can’t have rule 5 protection for, well, ever and it make sense but a quick (15m) search and I can’t find out how long that is. Anyone know?

          1. On The Farm

            I am pretty sure you only get three option years, and a possible fourth if you are really long (not sure on this, but I feel like that’s how the fourth option year works). If a player who is on the 40 man but not on the 25 man is not called up to the 25 man after the option years they can be claimed. Someone feel free to correct me if I am off on this.

            1. hansman1982

              Basically, Once you have spent part of 3 (or 4 if you are a young 40-man rosteree) seasons in the minors while on the 40 man roster, in order to be optioned to the minors you have to clear waivers.

              I believe Soler gets 4 years.

              1. On The Farm


      2. On The Farm

        I know I should know this, but does it still count as an option year (For Vitters for example) if you are on the 40 man, but never get called up during the season. (Back to my example, would this count as Vitter’s 2nd option year [or third, can't remember if he is young enough to qualify for 4 option years])

  3. hansman1982

    Those parents of Jiminez REALLY need to control their emotions. God, just bouncing off the walls.

    1. Josh t

      If you were poor as dirt and living in a shack in the Dominican Republic and your sons dreams came true and got a 2.8M bonus I think you’d be pretty happy too

      1. Grant

        Did you look at the picture?

      2. hansman1982

        I forgot the /sarcasm tag.

        The Mom seems to be not bored and the Dad is scoping out the exits.

        1. On The Farm

          Maybe they are rich Dominicans and $2.8 mil is like “meh” to them.

  4. Nate

    Ok, then what about a guy like Soler? He signed a 9 year deal. Does that start right away or not until he reaches the majors?

    1. Kyle

      That deal starts immediately.

      However, he still doesn’t accrue service time until he reaches the 25-man roster in the majors.

      So if his 9-year contract runs out and he does not have enough service time for free agency, he still belongs to the Cubs (unless his contract has a clause that guarantees his release after those nine years, which I don’t recall it having).

      1. Eternal pessemist

        But i believe his contrCt also allowed him to opt out after three years in the majors making him someone the cubs will just need to bid on like everyone else.

        1. On The Farm

          I thought that once he gets to his arbirtration years he has the option to take the money on the contract or opt for arbitration amount. Otherwise it would be a pretty crappy deal for the Cubs to devleop him and only gaurentee themselves three years of his MLB services.

          1. Eternal Pessimist

            Yep, you are correct. Just looked it up. Absolutely looked like a horrendous deal for the Cubs the way I had heard it originally. He can opt out of his contract, and into arbitration after accumulating 3 years of service time. Otherwise he will just collect his 30 million over 9 years.

        2. hansman1982

          He has the ability to opt into arbitration. The Cubs have him for a minimum of 9 years.

        3. frank

          You might be thinking of the contract the As gave Cespedes–I think he has an option of some sort that allows him into free agency earlier than would otherwise normally be the case.

          1. Kyle

            Older international free agents usually have it written into their contracts that they must be released at the end of them. Fujikawa had it, Cespedes has it, I think Darvish has it.

  5. cubsin

    Brett or Luke, is Jefferson Mejia playing anywhere? I haven’t seen his name in any DSL box scores, but could have missed it. He’s 18 years old, so he should have been able to sign a 2013 contract rather than a 2014 contract.

  6. Josh t

    I’d keep Baez in the minors as long as could to prevent his “clock” from starting. As long as cubs r clearly not playoff contender leave him down in the minors develop his plate approach and defense.

    Ideally hopefully were competing for the playoffs in 2015 and if midseason if we’re still in the race and Baez could help then make sure we don’t bring him up too early to avoid super 2 status and then call him up

    1. Dan

      Call him up when he’s ready. If the Cubs can use him, and he’s ready, call him up regardless of the time. Super 2 isn’t going to hurt a team like the Cubs.

      1. Mr. B. Patient

        Thank You, Dan. This is what you should do with all prospects. Plus, if most prospects need a year or two to settle in, and you think these prospects are what’s going to carry you, you bring them up when they are ready (and they get to play regularly).

        If, for example, they felt Baez was ready by Sept, 1st, and they could play him, bring him up. If they couldn’t play him regularly, don’t waste the 40 man slot. (IMO, Baez is nowhere nea rready, just using him as an example).

        1. Eternal Pessimist

          Maybe a little foot dragging to extend team control in the case of some prospect would be a good idea. While it was generous to bring Castro up in the lost season, he would have been under an additional year control if they had only waited two more weeks.

          On the other hand, storing him in the minors for an extra year while he is clearly dominating triple A because the big league team sucks would be pretty unethical in my book. I don’t think the Cubs want that reputation while they are trying to “sign all the players”.

    2. Zachary

      When that day comes where Baez Soler Almora come up the cubs will still not be that good. Teams dont have three rookies that come up in a year and help the team win. Their service time only benefits the organization for financial reasons. When those three come up it is prolly going to take a year or two for them to develop their real potential

      1. Josh t

        Not sure Baez will ever make it to the big leagues with the cubs. I think it can’t be ruled out that he gets traded in the next year or so as part of a deal for top arm or top bat. Maybe Stanton or price deal. I’d rather have Stanton but I’m thoroughly convince now that whenever the marlins trade Giancarlo Stanton, if the cubs are interested (which they will be) it will take 3 of the big 4 prospects to get a deal done

        1. praying the cubs get ready to win

          Would a package of Vogelbach who is blocked by Rizzo, Russell and Barney who are major league ready and Pierce or Maples be enough for Stanton. This gets you Stanton and keeps the Fab 4?

          1. ChicagoMike702

            No top 100 prospects for Stanton? I can’t imagine that happening.

          2. Jason P

            Not a chance.

          3. Kyle

            That might get you a signed picture of Stanton with a personalized message.

    3. Evenbetternewsv2.0

      Not worried about that in the least. He will have an adjustment period to MLB just like every stop. No reason to hold him down just for that reason. There are major issues that come from holding them back as well as bringing them up early.

  7. MikeW

    I doubt blowing the budget was always the plan. Else we wouldn’t have traded for IFA money

    1. Dan

      From what I read I think they always assumed they’d go over, it was just a matter of how much. By acquiring slot money, they gave themselves a shot at getting lesser penalties. The big deal Tseng got kind of ruined that.

  8. jeff1969

    I know I might get roasted for suggesting this, but considering the building depth of the Cubs system & the inability of the White Sox to develop position players, what about a Cubs-White Sox trade that would net the Cubs Chris Sale and maybe other arms the Sox have like Addison Reed or Jose Quintana? A player like Baez, if he continues to progress, would surely tempt the Sox to trade their ace. I know David Price is the gold standard of future possibly available pitchers, but I think the Sox would trade Sale and maybe the others I mentioned. What would it take to get say, Sale & Quintana from the Sox? The only commodity the White Sox have is pitching, and they have a number of very decent looking prospects (Erik Johnson, Scott Snodgress, Chris Beck, Chris Bassitt, Andre Rienzo, Spencer Arroyo) coming up that may make it seem possible to them to trade Sale, etc. Would Baez, Vogelbach, Szczur, Villanueva net them two 24 year old lefties Sale & Quintana? I bet all four Cubs mentioned would make the Top 7 of White Sox prospects. Any thoughts?

    1. Norm

      Sox won’t trade Sale.

    2. Josh t

      I wouldn’t give up the farm for Chris sale. Great pitcher but his throw motion is terrible and is an elbow injury waiting to happen. And the cubs and six are always reluctant to trade with one another bc if one side is the clear winner in the trade then the team that gave up too much will get crush and reminded of how bad that trade was for the next decade.

      1. mudge

        If he becomes available, I’m sure the front office with be on Sale.

        1. Jason Powers

          Sox have him through 2019. 2017 + 2 option years. He isn’t going anywhere unless, he’s hurt (then comes back from DL) or starts to pitch crappy. Like him, but the White Sox would drive up a price for sure on that trade.


          1. ssckelley

            Sox are rebuilding and Sale is a an unnecessary luxury for a rebuiding team. If the Sox were smart they would trade him for whatever prospects they can get. They have a crappy farm system and they need to gut the mlb roster.

            1. On The Farm

              “crappy farm system” is being generous

            2. Jason Powers

              But are they smart?

          2. Josh t

            I’m sure Theo/Jed would love to have sale but not for asking price. He’s not their type of pitcher. He’s slight of frame and a TJ surgery waiting to happen. I don’t see them shelling out multiple top prospects to land him regardless of his contract situation. This front office likes tall and beefier pitchers who don’t look like their arms are going to fall off. Like Juice 1 said his his velocity fluctuates heavily. Great pitcher though I just don’t see this FO being the one to shell out multiple top prospects to land him

      2. JUICED1

        I’ve seen him lose velocity to many times already in his young career.

        1. mudge

          He’s risky and such a move would be a least a year away anyhow. We may see CJ Edwards moving up fast.

      3. Chris

        A pitching motion only an orthopedic needing pts. would enjoy.

    3. Diamond Don

      Way too much to give up for Sale. I would give Sox Vogelbach, Vitters and Barney for him and no more. Keep Baez and Almora as these guys are going to be special.

      1. Dudeski

        I think such a proposal would cause Rick Hahn to die of laughter

    4. JB88

      This is sort of an exercise in the silly. Given the very team-friendly contract Sale just signed, there is absolutely ZERO chance that the Sox are trading him, let alone trading him to the Cubs.

  9. Dan

    I may have missed it, but is Soler officially done for the year?

  10. Josh t

    I can’t get excited about Kyle Hendricks bc of what’s happening to Struck this year at triple A. There are going to very similar at years end. Struck won pitcher of the year pitching for the smokies last year and Hendricks is almost certainly the favorite to win it this year. This year struck has been unbearably terrible!

    Both pitcher rely on control and changing speeds to get hitters out and both have below average stuff. If Hendricks ever loses his great command once he gets to the big leagues he’ll be throwing BP to big leaguers with his stuff. Don’t get me wrong a guy like him can survive with his type of stuff but usually aren’t anything more then a back end of the rotation guy who lives and dies with his command.

    1. TWC

      But Struck will stick!

      Right, Die hard?!

      1. Evenbetternewsv2.0


      2. frank

        Only if he has the bellyfire . . .

    2. JB88

      I guess the one thing you can say that is different is that Hendricks appears to miss more bats than Struck even did at Tennessee. It isn’t a huge difference, but couple that with the huge difference in their collective WHIPs and perhaps it suggests that Hendricks will fare better than Struck has in Iowa.




      1. ssckelley

        Struck’s drop off at Iowa is strange, especially considering there is not a huge gap in talent between AA and AAA. His strikeouts have dropped considerably, walks are up, home runs are getting hit off him, and his whip has skyrocketed. His increase in walks suggest control issues but is his velocity down as well? Something has to be going on.

        It really is not fair to Hendricks to suggest that he will have the same lack of success in AAA. Hendricks has been good, consistently, across the board while Struck has had his ups and downs. What has impressed me in Hendricks is he has only given up 3 home runs so far this season, if you want to compare Struck gave up 14.

        1. Josh t

          Going to the homer friendly PCL will tell a lot about Hendricks. I think he’s a better pitcher the struck but are similar. The up for Triple A wont be the huge test for Hendricks. The real test will be going to the bigs and having his below average stuff try to get out big leaguers. He is really going to need his great control to survive or else big leaguers tee off on him. I’m fairly confident though he can be a back end of the rotation guy but not much else. If he can give the cubs a consistent back end starter then the cubs got a win in Hendricks

  11. DaveY


    I wouldn’t worry too much about Baez’s low average at AA. Take a look at his stats.


    Now look towards the bottom of the splits. When he bats with no one on base he is hitting .183/.246/.450 but with runners on base he jumps to .282/.349/.795 and with runners in scoring position .269/.367/.769. Thats why he has 21 RBI in 24 games at AA and 78 in 100 total games this year. He raises his level of focus and concentration when it matters most when runners are on base and he is beating pitchers who are trying to do the same thing and get out of a jam. Now all he has to do is become more consistent and use at least a better if not same level of focus and concentration all the time.

    1. Mr. B. Patient

      That stat may NOT have anything to do with Baez’s approach. It could just be that with runners on base, AA pitchers aren’t confident enough to hit the edges of the strike zone, thus hitting more of the plate. I don’t know the answer to that, but we need more than stats to find out why he k’s so much and why his BABIP is so low.

      1. Luke

        This is more likely the case.

        Regardless, the sample sizes in both cases are so small as to make it difficult to draw any strong conclusions.

        1. Eternal Pessimist

          Maybe he is just a “clutch” hitter…but I know we already had that debate a couple of threads earlier. And yes, I am confident those numbers will even themselves out somewhat, if not completely, over time.

    2. JB88

      At this point, I’m not worried about Baez period. His BABIP is basically unsustainably low at this point and honesty, his overall play 100% his play at a new level throughout his minor league career, where he shows a very significant slow start with a tremendous rebound. His ISO% is crazy high right now and his BB% is actually higher than he’s posted since AZ league. Given all that (even with a K% 10 points higher than his career averages), I think this is just initial growing pains.


      1. JB88

        “100% MIRRORS his play at a new level” — that’s what I get for thinking faster than I type.

    3. TWC

      What a load of crap. He “raises his level of focus”? Do tell us how you know that, please. I suppose the entire St Louis Cardinals team, with their incomprehensible BARISP success this year, are just “concentrating” more with guys on 2nd & 3rd? Riiiight.

      1. Mr. B. Patient

        How do you explain the Cardinals then?

        1. TWC

          Statistical outlier, which has begun to regress since June or so.

      2. DaveY

        So…. do you think the Cardinals are just having a lucky year?

        1. TWC

          No, Davey, I think they’re just concentrating harder than everyone else. No one in baseball had ever tried that before.

          1. wvcubsfan


          2. DaveY

            Most if not all players try but just like everything else, some are better at it than others. Some are more consistent than others and some just plain suck at it. They are known as chokers. Why do you think teams bother with designating a closer in the bullpen? If hitters can’t raise their level of focus in the ninth inning then why bother having a bullpen ace to shut them down?

            1. DarthHater

              “Some are more consistent than others”

              You should try reading some of the 10,000 articles which prove that this is a false statement.

            2. MichiganGoat

              Why don’t we just call this what it is… SCRAPPY FACTOR.

            3. TWC

              See, Davey, all those words and platitudes sound good but are really pretty meaningless when faced with the statistical reality of decades of baseball research. Unfortunately, all too often players and managers (and front offices) make the same “get feeling” mistakes as you are.

            4. Hansman1982

              Typically, the closer is the best guy in the bullpen; however, I agree with you, why do teams bother with a designated closer?

            5. Kyle

              Because relief pitchers can only pitch a small number of innings, so it makes sense to focus them on the most important innings, even if they would pitch the same in any inning.

            6. Internet Random

              True story: My lack of concentration kept me out of the major leagues.

              For some reason, I could concentrate just fine on fastballs, but not at all on even mediocre curveballs.

        2. DarthHater


          1. DaveY

            Aliens are sooo clutch…

  12. Tom G

    Brett, Just wanted to say I love the site. I have been following since the 2012 blogathon, and this year what you and the readers of this site did for make-a-wish was fantastic! Great job! also gotta give props to Luke, I always look forward to reading the minor league report, very insightful. Keep up the good work both of you, and Thanks again for a great site!

  13. Michael

    Do you think if the Phillies put Pappelbon on waivers the cubs would pick him up? They definitely could see this as a buy low candidate! But the maybe saw something that wasn’t fixable his last year at Boston so maybe they wouldn’t even think about it? Any opinions?

    1. JB88

      With his salary and the remaining commitment (and with what I suspect is an organizational plan to build the bullpen organically), I don’t see the Cubs picking him up.

  14. marc

    Honestly we can try to figure what the cubs fo will do, but as they proved with the past offseason(sanchez, ejaxx), the draft this year, international free agency(blowing the budget) etc… we really no idea what strategy they will employ. I have been wondering all season if the cubs would perhaps get into the cano game, because he think he would be a great fit(i understand the age/years/cash issue as well) But I honestly have no idea what theo/jed will do. Theo has shown in the past that he will spend on big name guys like crawford and daisuke(sp?) but those deals didnt go exactly to plan. Does this mean that he wont sign any position players over the aav of 6 mil, i doubt it. One of the better parts of the past two seasons has been watching with amazement as the fo continues to surprise me with their strategies taken. Always trying to take advantage of market inefficiencies. Obviously they have not all worked out(ian stewart and baker come to mind) but their success rate still seems to be very high. I think its entertaining watching the cub fans trying to figure out what the fo is going to do. Especially with our prospects and when they are going to hit the majors.

    1. cms0101

      Given the ramifications of losing slot money in the draft pool if they lose a pick, I think it’s pretty safe to assume they won’t target guys that are tagged with draft compensation again. That will probably rule out Cano and Ellsbury. At least that’s my prediction.

      1. marc

        i think if they want cano or elsbury bad enough to meet their contract demands that the draft pick will be a very minor issue by that point. anyone think beltran will be tied to draft pick compensation or do the cards just let him walk? he would look good batting third for a couple years till soler almora bryant are ready to take over lf.

        1. cms0101

          It’s not the draft pick that would cause them pause, it’s the pool dollars decrease. Being able to maximize the money spent in the draft goes beyond the lost pick itself. They were able to get a couple of nice over-slot prospects too, with their entire pool this season. Next year they’ll have less to spend, if they stay on their current course. Overpaying for 2 30-plus year old veterans is not something they’ll do anyway, but the pool money is a factor now, where it wasn’t before the current CBA.

          1. Kyle

            The first-round pick is orders of magnitude better than the overslot money.

            Your first-round pick your paycheck. Overslots in later rounds are finding money in the pocket of your pants.

    2. Kyle

      Both of those things you mentioned were covered under the heavy speculation we all did leading up to those events.

      1. marc

        They may have been speculated but i believe the consensus was that we were leaning towards whichever of gray or appel were left. I dont remember the consensus being that we were going to sign both jackson and sanchez plus feldman, baker, villanueva but i could easily be mistaken on that. Not trying to be argumentative, i very well may have misremembered these things.

  15. On The Farm

    Just saw from Daytona Cubs that tonights probable pitchers are Corey Black/Ben Wells. I point this out because one poster said earlier that he thought Wells might be released due to a contract issue. Just wanted to mention it.

    1. cms0101

      Black was supposed to pitch last night. I think maybe they listed it that way due to a double-header, assuming there was a rain-out yesterday. Wells has had a decent season. It would be disappointing to see him released. I must have missed the earlier comment.

      1. Kyle

        Not a doubleheader. Wells is piggybacking.

  16. jj

    What is the reason for the fixation some have with Ellsbury? He turns 30, so the contract will extend into his decline years (which may start earlier given health and player type). He has had an OPS above .800 once, and had been bad/injured two of the last four years.

    1. Jono

      I just hope they wouldn’t give him more than 3 years, or a 4th year team option. Id kind of like to see that, now that I think about it.

    2. Mr. B. Patient

      Sports fans love name recognition,

  17. LWeb23

    How long are we stuck with this Daytona Affiliation? I would think it would be highly beneficial to look for a High-A affiliate elsewhere. It is kind of frustrating to think that frequent rain-outs are affecting the development of some of our most important assets in the organization.

    1. On The Farm

      Over the past 10 years Daytona has averaged 134.7 games a season (Pulled W-L #s from Wikipedia from 2003-2012). I don’t see how that many games is “hurting” our player development.

      1. LWeb23

        Okay, I haven’t personally sat down and looked at it, but I often hear about Daytona rain-outs as an excuse for not calling up from KC. Whether or not that is a valid excuse, I’m not completely sure. As commentor’s have noted, the only other options are Carolina and Cali. And those have their own setbacks as well apparently.

    2. TheDondino

      Contract with Daytona runs through 2014.

    3. Kyle

      There are only two other A+ leagues. The Carolina league also has a rainout problem and the California league has a bunch of notorious bandbox parks that screw with your prospects’ approaches and makes it hard to evaluate.

    4. JeffR

      Are there better options for our high A affiliate? It’s not like there are 5 or 6 to choose from.

    5. MichaelD

      While the weather is worse this time of year, it is generally better in April than in some other areas. I generally think that this factor is being overstated. Some teams have both a rookie team and a high-A team in Florida.

      Having said that, I would not be surprised to see the Cubs affiliation switch. The Cubs are the only team with an Arizona spring-training site and a Florida State League team.

      1. TheDondino

        Milwaukee also has a FSL team and an Arizona ST site.

        1. MichaelD

          You are right and the affiliations have been together for a while, so I’m not sure how I missed that one.

  18. Chris

    The Arz S.T. site in Maryvale is in an area that resembles Afghanistan. They are wanting to get out of their lease. Until you get back on I-10 drive quickly and ignore traffic lights when you can. Not joking.

  19. Josh

    How does that Jimenez deal work? What is the length of the deal?

    1. Kyle

      He gets a $2.9 million signing bonus and signs a minor-league contract for 2014.

      Each year, the Cubs can renew his contract at the standard minor league rates until he is either released, promoted to the majors or becomes a minor league free agent (can’t remember how many years that takes, but it’s a lot).

      There’s no length to the deal. They can just renew him every year until he earns the right to become a free agent, which is quite a ways away.

      1. Josh

        Ok great. Thanks a lot

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