theo epstein about thatI’m still feeling intermittent residual effects from the Blogathon. A healthy headache and some grogginess today. I think my body got used to the sharp increase in caffeine very quickly, and now it’s howling at me for shutting off the supply …

  • Not that you would expect him to think otherwise, but Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein is pleased with what the organization was able to accomplish in July. “I thought it was really a productive month of July,” Epstein said, per “We acquired a lot of young talent. A few buy-low guys, a few upside prospects, a few complementary type players. Obviously, it was quiet right at the Deadline, but looking at the month as a whole, we were really pleased. We’ll see how it plays out, but all in all, I think things went well.” You can read more of Epstein’s positive thoughts in that article. I think that’s just about right. Draft signings? Great. International signings? Great. Trades for good, young pieces? Great. Wrigley renovation (political) approval? Great. Hell, the Cubs even had a winning record in July!
  • In a separate piece on Junior Lake, Epstein offered a fantastic summation (per “I told Dale when he came up here, ‘He’s going to do things on the baseball field you haven’t seen before – both good and bad – until he fully develops and matures. But it’s going to be fun to watch and it’s great to see this ball of clay being formed before your eyes.” After his four-hit day yesterday – already the second of his career – Lake is hitting .358/.377/.582. The good news is that his BABIP continues to creep downward to a more reasonable range, though it remains an unsustainably high .408.
  • More from Epstein on the progress of prospects, and how, even if they all start emerging at the big league level at the same time, that doesn’t mean the team will be winning just yet.
  • Reflections on Travis Wood’s rare bad day yesterday.
  • The Cubs have been inducted into the inaugural class at the National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame. The Cubs have had a long-standing positive relationship with LGBT community, even before the Ricketts Family took over. Today’s game will be the “Out at Wrigley” game, which will include rainbow flags flying, and special tickets that will also get you into the Hall of Fame induction ceremony later tonight.
  • nkniacc13

    July was a good month especially for restocking farm system. Now Aug is promotion month hope we gets some minor league teams into playoffs and then its on to getting dead weight off the roster and the winter meetings

  • ThompsonLives

    I’ve had some White Sox acquaintances of mine make fun of the Cubs’ positive relationship with the LGBT community. Yeah, ha, ha, Cubs love the gays. Cool story, you South Side homophobe douchebags.

  • Walter Sobchak

    I’m coming out …. I want the world to know …..yay

    • Matt

      So we’d better get this party started?

  • jacob w

    Why is it a big deal that they have a good relationship with the gay and lesbian community? It shouldn’t Matter if you’re gay lesbian straight bi-sexual. black white red pink orange or green if you love the cubs and are at Wrigley lets party.

    • Mak

      I mean, whether or not you consider it a “big deal,” you can’t really deny that it’s a positive thing to embrace diversity and acceptance, especially given the institutional refusal to do so in the history of sports/the world.

      • Mak

        I meant to say, it’s also clearly notable and worth mentioning and celebrating.

      • D.G.Lang

        For a person of faith it is NOT a positive thing to embrace anything one’s religion says is wrong or harmful.

        I am very strong in my faith and I would never say that gay behavior is ok, good, or acceptable because the bible teaches otherwise.

        That doesn’t mean that I can’t or don’t have a friend or two who doesn’t believe what I believe, it just means that I will remain faithful to what I believe and not partake of what the bible says is wrong behavior.

        My closest friend until he died from complications of AIDS was an ex gay who suffered greatly for his past lifestyle.

        He didn’t suffer from discrimination against his life style but due to the disease caused by it. He actually died SEVEN times due to AIDS, esophageal cancer, and pneumonia and was certified dead by the doctors after being dead for over a half hour. After he returned, he was hospitalized for almost a full year unable to even take care of himself.

        Yet the Lord saw fit to bring him back and restore him to a picture of health for a few years. Unfortunately he backslid into his previous habits and finally did die from Congestive Heart Failure.

        During the years I knew him, he was for the most part in good health although his feet were permanently black due to the damage from all the AIDS and other medications he was given while hospitalized.

        I don’t see how it is reasonable to accept or find agreeable any BEHAVIOR which exposes anyone to such great harm.

        • Cyranojoe

          I agree. I’ll never drive a car again.

          Now take your bullshit somewhere else.

          • another JP

            Same with you big boy.

          • waittilthisyear

            what is an ex-gay?

            • wvcubsfan

              You know it’s one of those folks that got cured at one of those miracle shops.

        • Scott

          Is it Sunday already? Feels a little preachy and judgemental.

          I dont see how it is reasonable to put your “Faith” in a being that doesn’t exist.

          Maybe you should take your bible and f off.

          • Matt

            As someone who isn’t religious myself, no need to disrespect those who are. I have my doubts to the accuracy of what he’s said, and don’t care for the judgmental tone, but at the same time there’s no reason to trash anyone’s religion as long as they’re not pushing it on you. He didn’t say anywhere that his religion is how it is, he simply said that he is a person of faith.

            • Scott

              Your right.

              • Scott


            • Benjamin

              Um, you want to talk about accurate and judgemental? He clearly said that 1) being gay is a lifestyle choice and 2) AIDS was god’s punishment for said choice.

              I don’t really give 2 shits what your religion teaches you (especially one that is based on a book that is thousands of years old). If you actually believe the above stated things, you can fuck right off.

              • Funn Dave

                Hear, hear.

        • wvcubsfan

          How do you decide which part of the bible you want to believe (take literally) and which parts you don’t?

          • Ivy Walls

            Since literal biblical researchers have stated that what we know is the Bible, has had between 300,000 and 500,000 literal changes from what was considered original texts….

            just pick any place or passage and not believe anything literally.

            • wvcubsfan

              I was just wondering if he thought a person lived inside a fish, or if a bush could talk, or if every known animal could be fit on a single boat.

              • Michael

                Lets not forget it was a pretty big boat.

            • mudge

              There is no literal interpretation possible.

        • vB

          Maybe your God killed him for becoming an “ex-Gay”. god hates quitters.

      • Pat

        “you can’t really deny that it’s a positive thing to embrace diversity and acceptance”

        The problem is that what is being flouted as diversity in this country these days is actually multi-culturalism. Diversity is great and is the basis behind the idea of E Pluribus Unum, or one from many. Multi-culturalism is pretty much a disaster wherever it is attempted, because it divides people into groups based on their differences, rather than uniting them based on their commonalities.

        • Trueblue

          Well said Pat.

    • jt

      They are 2 blocks west of Halsted St.

    • Cleanup Poster


    • Stevie B

      Well said Jacob. As long as you’re not a Sox or Cardinal fan, I’m buying the next round.

    • Matt

      What Mak said. On top of that, it’s a group that is still not given acceptance everywhere in society and denied rights (rather you agree or disagree with their lifestyle, there are still rights they’re denied (like the right to marry the person they truly love in most states) as well as hatred and discrimination that they face). In my opinion, whenever someone shows acceptance of them it should be complimented to encourage further acceptance. It doesn’t mean you have to drool all over them, but just accept what they are and not treat them differently than you would anyone else.

      It really should not be a big deal at all, and hopefully in the next decade or so it’s no longer a big deal. However, with the resistance there is in society to accept them, and the way people still want to treat them differently than everyone else, there’s still a long way to go.

  • cubchymyst

    Reading Epstein’s quotes about prospects coming up and trying to time the roster with so many young players makes me wonder what promotion schedule the front office has. I’d be surprised if they see starting more than 2 rookies at different positions in a season.

    • nkniacc13

      I understand what your saying. But with promotions I think your going to see Arrieta in rotation, Cabrera in bullpen and Im sure they want Olt in at 3rd

      • cubchymyst

        I really wan’t counting the pitching staff, I was thinking more the everyday players. People like to talk the addition of Baez, Bryant, Soler, Almora, and Alcantara to the line up, but it might take 3 years before all of them are on the Cubs together (if all of them are still cubs). Next year I don’t see any of them starting with the Cubs, that means their might be a year where the Cubs have 3 rookies starting at various positions (not counting pitchers). I’m trying to recall a time when a team was starting 3 or more rookies at different positions and made a playoff push. I can not recall one but I’m sure there is an example some where.

  • Jp3

    If theo was honest he’d say that going 14-13 in the month was the one dark spot… That’s no way to get a protected top 10 pick

    • gocatsgo2003

      Worry not! August arrived with a thud and we are right back in the race to the bottom. I feel fairly confident that we will be top ten protected — the Marlins seem to be playing OK of late and the Mets have the pitching to stay steady throughout the remainder of the year. With inconsistent guys like Rusin slotting into the back half of our rotation and Gregg losing much of his early-season luster, I’m not exactly optimistic about the depth of our pitching staff at this point.

  • Patrick G

    This is off-topic, but what determines a player for rule 5 draft eligible? I know players who aren’t on the 40-man can’t be chosen, but what other things make players eligible?

    • H.A.

      hansman posted a link in the Borbon thread.

    • cubchymyst

      Players on the 40 man roster are rule 5 draft ineligible, so they can not be taken. That is why this winter the Cubs will add a few minor league guys to the 40 man to protect them from the rule 5. All questions about rule 5 can be answered at this link.

    • Nate

      Every player signed or drafted that is 18 or under is protected for four years then has to be on the 40-man. Everyone 19 or older has three years of protection until they need to be on the 40-man.

  • billy

    I think that it should be named “The Hall Of Flame”, not fame

    • Cleanup Poster

      The hall of fabulous

  • Ham

    Castro doesn’t have fundamental down yet. To long. Time to trade him if possible. We have better shortstops in minors.

    • DavidC

      No we don’t

      • TOOT

        I would bet Baez takes his position.

    • AB

      It’s also clear Ham doesn’t have fundamental grammer skills. To long.

      Ugga ugga me ham

    • Trueblue

      I’m still amazed about so many people wanting to get rid of Castro. He is a special player and very talented. Not to mention very young. Hopefully the Cubs don’t mess him up and bat him in every spot in the lineup. Put him at the 2 spot and leave him alone.

  • mudge

    Rick Hahn has it all over Epstein & Hoyer when it comes to saying “Uhhh…” Two tones sliding down to a gutteral hold with a subtle lift at the end.

  • Deacon

    Off topic but where do you think Hannemann plays next year? At 23-years-old wouldn’t he be a little old for Kane County? But by having him in Short Season Boise would they really start him in Daytona?

    • Jason P

      If they start him at KC, he’ll probably move up fast. Or possibly he may get a brief look there this year and then start in Daytona in 2013. Either way, it seems unlikely they’d have him skip Low-A, given how long he was away from baseball as an amateur.

    • svazcub

      I expect them to be conservative with Hannemann. Because of his unusual amateur history, he can’t really be held to the same age/development expectations of a normal prospect. He’ll probably start at KC with the hope that he takes off and can be promoted.

      Hannemann has great tools, is a power/speed threat, and it could be a blessing for the Cubs that he didn’t have a normal college career, because if he did, he may have wound up as a first rounder. The Cubs seem to like him a lot, and for good reason. He is a high ceiling/high risk guy–potential for a huge payoff there.

      • mudge

        Well Hanneman is a Mormon, so a conservative approach is appropriate.

  • mudge

    Donnie Murphy called up.

  • Bg Joe

    I’m in Clinton, IA. Going to the Kane County/Clinton game on Sunday. Very much looking forward to it.
    Also, a question. LGBT Hall of Fame? I had no idea there was one. I think it’s ridiculous, but still, I had no idea. I’m not trying to be insensitive, either. For a group that wants to be viewed as people, or average citizens — not recognized for their sexual orientation, the LGBT community sure seems to spend a lot of time whittling itself down to “the LGBT community”, by having things like this. Being gay, someday, won’t be a huge deal. It would probably help if the “gay community” started that line of thinking, today.

    • 1908 Blues

      I’m late to the reply but I just wanted to say that I couldn’t agree more at the ridiculousness of the LGBT HOF. They purport to “honor persons and entities who have made significant contributions to the quality of life or well-being of the LGBT community in Chicago.” Whatever. While we’re at it here are some other groups, with HOF’s, that should just focus on becoming average citizens: African Americans, Women, Jews, Italians, Irish, Japanese, Veterans, American Indians . . .

      Actually it’s pretty important that they (all of them AND the ones not mentioned) have a HOF so that maybe people will learn a little bit about them and not forget all of the s@#t they’ve had to suffer through to become thought of as “average citizens” when all they want is to be respected for who they are.

      Hey Bg Joe, and the rest of you that think it’s “ridiculous” that they have a HOF, get how kooky these LBGT’s are. They don’t even have a physical structure to house their HOF, it’s strictly online. They can’t even get that right. They’ve got a long way to go to become “average”.

      • Big Joe

        First, I’d like to know who is prohibiting the LBGT HoF from having a “physical structure”. I would guess that the only holdup is financial…or, lack of interest from anyone not in the “community”.
        Second, you took my point, and raaaaaaaaaaaan a little with it. It’s only my opinion, but I don’t view race, sexual orientation, or ethnic background when I view person. I see a person. There’s no need to complain about not being treated equally, and then turn around and have a LBGT HoF. At that point, the “community” is isolating ITSELF. At that point, the “community” is defining ITSELF by one characteristic: sexual orientation.
        At what point do we all just become, ummmm…Americans?
        I see your point. I really do.
        I also see the hypocrisy in demanding the “recognition of diversity”, and then, having a “LBGT HoF”. It seems to me, that it separates itself from every other person, but LGBTs.
        Not very diverse to me….

    • bret epic

      Made the trip as well. Over in section X. Spiky haired dude with my blonde girlfriend.

  • Joycedaddy

    You gotta live the direction the organization is moving in. Better farm, better facilities, maybe even one day I won’t have to piss in a trough at Wrigley! But seriously, I’m finally excited about the future of this team. I’m big on Junior Lake so I hope he makes it!

    • wassup

      Nothing says classic comfort like the troughs at Wrigley.

      • wilbur

        If they add feeding troughs in the wrigley remodel the cubs organisation can complete the barnyard experience for their fans. If you can’t manage bathroom facilities no surprise you can’t manage winning. If the troughs were in a publicly owned facility, like a school, the outrage and humiliation for the management would be swift. Just curious, do they have troughs in the skybox club level and the club office spaces too.

    • Njriv

      I don’t have a problem with the troughs. Just keep dem eyes forward!

  • Chris

    Man, wish Ron Santo was announcing today. I could see a train wreck somewhere during the game.

  • Cheryl

    A positive recognition or Vogelbach – IF player of the month for July for the Cubs.

  • Chris

    Vog can hit and hit and hit. But we do not have roving infielder or roving outfielder position in the bigs. I wish he could hang at a position though.

    • Cheryl

      Manager of the Cougars said a while back that his defense has improved, but he may still eventually end up in the American league imo..

    • Scotti

      Vogelbach is fine defensively. Like any minor leaguer he has some work to do but all the video I’ve watched of him shows him getting the job done. The DH thing is WAY overblown. Vogelbach is leagues better as a 1B than Lake will EVER be at 3B yet folks have been clamoring for him at third all season.

  • Mick

    Tommy Boy is not fine defensively. Sure wish he was—