alfonso soriano hittingThe Cubs head to Philadelphia for a three-game set this week, as my vacation continues. I say that not to brag about vacationing, but as a reminder to those who’ve missed it: I’m on vacation this week, and will be doing just one catch-all post like this one per day (absent earth-shattering news popping up).

  • Yesterday, the Cubs picked up outfielder Thomas Neal off of waivers from the Yankees. The 25-year-old was a top prospect with the Giants earlier in his career before injuries (and a lack of pop or speed) held him back after coming to the Indians. In the minors, Neal has been a guy who doesn’t strike out much, gets on base (.377 OBP) and hits well (.301 BA). But he doesn’t offer speed or much power, and it sounds like Yankees folks weren’t too bummed about losing him, because they say he wasn’t much defensively, either. Still, as the right-handed half of an outfield platoon – he’s played primarily in the corners, but played a handful of games in center field in 2012 – Neal could be productive (though he hasn’t yet shown it in the bigs in limited opportunities).
  • Although Neal’s expected to come to the big club today, the real difficulty is going to be in sticking on the Cubs’ 40-man roster all offseason. He’s a fringy type, no matter how much he shows in the next couple months, and it’s hard to imagine the Cubs devoting a spot to him when they’ve already got to make decisions on outfielders like Ryan Sweeney, Brian Bogusevic and Cole Gillespie. As with some of those guys, if the Cubs like Neal, they may simply try to sell him on the idea of returning next year on a minor league deal.
  • Side note on Neal: he was sent down by the Yankees to make room for Alfonso Soriano.
  • To make room on the 40-man for Neal, the Cubs transferred Rafael Dolis to the 60-day DL. He hasn’t pitched since early June with a forearm strain.
  • A great background piece from Carrie Muskat on the Cubs signing Junior Lake and Starlin Castro. The former was the favored son for the first couple of years, and it’s fascinating to read about how their signings/development played out.
  • Ryne Sandberg on leaving the Cubs’ organization, joining the Phillies, selling his place in Chicago, and on his time with the Cubs. Sandberg says he’s not bitter about how things played out, but you do get the sense that he was very disappointed to have been passed over in favor of Mike Quade for the managerial job in 2011. To my mind, all the Cubs did was spare Sandberg the indignity of managing a train wreck or two, and having the city’s meatballs turn on him, before he was ultimately fired for things out of his control.
  • Alfonso Soriano, who is back in Chicago as the Yankees (and Alex Rodriguez, in case you hadn’t heard) play the White Sox. Soriano spoke with ESPN Chicago and CSN about his time in Chicago and PED stuff, and noted that he might be willing to return as a coach with the Cubs after his playing days are over. Soriano would be a pretty great coach/ambassador for the Cubs.
  • Marty

    Nothing better than mlb benefits. By Logan Watkins playing one game he will receive lifetime health care benefits.

    • Jed Jam Band

      Considering how difficult it is just to make it to the major leagues and how little minor league players truly get paid…I’d say that’s only fair.

  • Carmelo

    Interesting stat from today’s game—both Olt and Baez had a total of 6 at bats each during their game—-total pitches seen, Olt 31, Baez 12.

    • BlameHendry

      funny how their intention with the AA promotion was to make him struggle, and while he technically still is struggling with impatience at the plate and strikeouts, even that can’t slow him down, hitting a ridiculous amount of homers and a not-too-shabby .273 consider how low his BA was at first. And only 20 years old. Kid is plowing through the farm like a freight train

      • William

        If Baez were to stick at short, I would be more than satisfied with that average and 30 bombs considering most shortstops struggle at the plate.

        • Danny Ballgame

          30 from any position is more than welcome on any team

    • Danny Ballgame


      Baez is rolling. Get mad when he stops improving.

  • Rizastro

    I would really love to see olt figure it out and get back to his old self. hopefully this year can be attributed to post concussion symptoms. Having him at third next year would be a boost to the offense im so tired of watching barney at 2nd and valbuena at 3rd they would be decent backups but not everyday players. I know im getting ahead of myself but a infield of olt,castro,baez,rizzo with Bryant,almora,soler playing in the ivy would be fantastic hope they all can make it

    • Cubman23

      Barney makes no sense as a backup because his only value is defense. If he were really fast and could play all over the field it might make sense, but he should be either starting every day or playing somewhere else.

      • Rizastro

        I disagree. Barney would be a quality backup considering he can play 2nd, SS, and I’m assuming he would be at least decent at 3rd. His hit tool is terrible for an everyday player but as a backup with less ab’s he would be at least serviceable.

        • Cubbie Blues

          Actually, he has a great hit tool. It’s his eye that is crap, but he can definitely make contact with most everything. That’s a big reason he puts them into play weakly. He makes contact with 84% of the balls outside of the strike zone.

          • Rizastro

            True as in contact alone but when I said hit tool it was a generalization as overall hitting, which takes into account contact skills,batting eye, and power. Which by what I meant his hitting tool is below average.

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