Edwin Jackson gave up a lot of hits early, and the Cardinals did the whole hitting-out-of-their-minds-with-runners-in-scoring-position thing. Still, the Cubs scored enough to tie the game up in the middle innings before it slipped away into something not quite resembling a close game by the end.

Starlin Castro had three hits, Darwin Barney and Welington Castillo had another nice game each, and that was about it.

aug 11 box

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  • wvcubsfan

    2 out of 3 has to be more than any realistic fan was expecting in this series.

  • wvcubsfan

    Oh, and welcome back. This place has been dead lately, funny that it happened at the same time you went on vacation.

  • DarthHater

    I think the Cubs were 3-3 during your vacation. Not strong enough evidence to justify getting rid of you just yet.

  • Vulcan

    I missed these box scores.

    • Roggan

      Me too, it took me a couple days to remember where to go to find a box score at all lol.
      WB Brett!

  • statesvillenccub

    Next year can you give us advanced notice about when you are taking your vacation so we can plan our vacation week accordingly?
    Welcome back.

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    Anyone have any ideas who were going to be dumping off the 40 man roster this offseason to make room for the likes of Alcantara and other?

    I think Dave Sappelt could pass through waivers. I was look and did you guys know JC Boscan is on the 40man? Boscan for sure is getting the boot. Bowden would probably pass threw waivers.

    Hoping they don’t expose Trey McNutt or Vitters yet. I think if we don’t trade Vitters I think we should still hold onto him and let him have 1 more year at Iowa. This year is a mulligan do to injuries in my opinion. He’s hit well when he’s healthy. If he got exposed he would be snatched up in the Rule 5.

    • Austin

      Boscan was just added to provide some Catcher depth when Navarro went down for a game or two. He will probably stay on just in case of another injury.

    • ssckelley

      No way Vitters gets DFA, he would get snatched up quickly if they did. McNutt could get removed though if the Cubs feel another pitcher is more valuable that needs protected. There will be plenty of 40 man openings though as some of the players are free agents and others may only get offered minor league deals next season if anything.

  • jon

    So I don’t know what’s up with Edwin again. Maybe Dale needs to have another chat…see if he can whip some more “conviction” into that boy.

    • waittilthisyear

      tread carefully when using the words “whip” and “boy” in such close proximity when discussing edwin. (perhaps my mind went there too quickly because i am watching django unchained)

  • http://Isa Voice of reason

    Edwin Jackson could be the worst free agent signing of the past offseason. He has been absolutely worthless.

    And, the cubs should have never signed him.

    Reminds me of signing Milton bradley to more than a year after nobody else would give him more than a year. Nobody wanted to give Jackson more than a year…. Except the lovable losers!

    Dejavu all over again!!

    Out of all the solid moves the new front office this one makes you wonder what they were thinking.

    • Carew

      complaining about it ain’t going change a thing, so just deal with it.

    • DarthHater

      “Nobody wanted to give Jackson more than a year…. Except the lovable losers!”

      That is BS. The Padres negotiated with Jackson on a 3-year deal and the Rangers on a 3 or 4-year deal. See: http://www.bleachernation.com/2012/12/18/report-edwin-jackson-down-to-cubs-and-rangers/

      • splatstrike

        i feel like the cubs and rangers are secretly conspiring to face each other in the 2016 WS by helping each other all too often…(not that i’m complaining)

    • ssckelley

      Voice of reason does not fit you.

    • John S.

      Don’t compare Jackson to that nut job Bradley. Bradley was useless and one of Hendry’s biggest mistakes. Jackson will be effective as a #4 or 5 once the Cubs are ready to make a serious run.

    • http://bleachernation Ferris

      Edwin is no where near bradly hes a number four paid like a two,thats why it looks bad,he eats alot of innings an stays healthy,he jjus got off to a very bad start,hes been solid last cpl months…bradly was a richard crainium frm the start horrible in the clubhouse as well.

    • wilbur

      Jackson didn’t get a qualifying offer and didn’t cost the cubs a draft pick to sign. Enjoy having him and the prospects the cubs got with him.

  • Canadian Cubs Fan

    Anyone that thought Edwin Jackson would provide a quality start against one of the most discipline offenses in baseball needs to have their heads examined. He is mediocre at best. The only thing you can really say about him is that he takes the ball every five days. Apparently that gets you big $$ on the open market.

    • DarthHater

      On July 11, Jackson faced the same team and went 7 innings, giving up 3 hits, no walks, and no runs, in a 3-0 Cubs victory.

      • Drew7


      • http://bleachernation Ferris

        Right on

      • wilbur

        He is also a stand up guy and takes questions from the media win or lose. More than some of the other favorite cubs have done. I think he is the kind of veteran who sets a good example for the young players on how to keep going at it even when the losing can get a little tough. On a rebuilding team with the loses piling up that counts too.

  • James

    Edwin Jackson bad season dosn’t mean its a bad contract. How many players have a bad season. This season was just a rebuilding season same with next. Rizzo and Castro also had bad seasons to. I would be more worried if Jackson, Rizzo, and Castro put up the same numbers next year.

    • DarthHater

      Can we maybe just call this guy “Voice of reason?” 😉

  • DocWimsey

    Well, I guess that Hrbosky was right: the Cards did get to show the world what they could do when the Cubs came to town! (I.e., win occasionally….)


  • Mr. B. Patient

    Good news. Bryant is no longer being challenged in Boise. Time to move up. (the Vancouver radio announcer is saying this is Bryant’s last game there (is he hearing rumors or making it up? I don’t know)).
    So where does he go? Kane County? Daytona? Tennessee? Hmm.

    • Dustin S

      Well today was the Boise Hawks last game of the season vs. Vancouver, so it’s possible that’s what he meant by the comment rather than an actual promotion (although I would imagine it’s not far off).

      • Mr. B. Patient

        He specifically said it would be Bryant’s last game with Boise. Don’t know where he heard that.

        • ssckelley

          It should be, after a rough start he has destroyed NWL pitching. My guess is it would be Daytona since Jeimer is not ready to move up from KC. Bryant is older and needs to leap frog Jeimer at some point anyway.

          • DarthHater

            Bryant’s stat line at Boise: .310/.382/.638/1.020

            Shit, it felt good typing that!

            • ssckelley

              Check it tomorrow after his 3-4 that includes a double and a triple are added to those numbers. He is going to bat at least 1 more time and as of now his BA is .354. I guess he does more than just hit home runs.

          • Mick

            Tim Welken said Saturday Bryant may go to High A as he could get a few more bats than Kane County. Sounds about right for him as he gets ready for the tough Arizona Fall League.

            • ssckelley

              I agree, Carhart is the third baseman at Daytona and he has struggled this year (.246 .297 .333 .631). From the numbers it looks like Bryant has played well at 3rd base so to me moving him to Daytona makes the most sense.

            • Scotti

              “I think we’re going to discuss that sometime next week and see what we think is probably the best plan for him,” Wilken told listeners.


              • wilbur

                I hope Wilken is getting used to self scout the Cubs own system and help make the decisions that will help improve player development. I don’t think anyone was doing this very seriously under hendry. The more the depth of talent improves the more important and difficult this gets.

          • Scotti

            Daytona makes more sense because he’d get more AB during the playoffs but Jeimer could easily shift to DH for the rest of the season.

            • Scotti

              (Especially if Vogelbach is promoted)…

            • Serious Cubs Fan

              I think jeimer candelario needs to stay in Kane County and play 3rd everyday still to refine his fielding. He has improved a ton but is still needs work and game reps. I’d just promote Bryant to Daytona and challenge him the rest of the season. And just start both Jeimer and Bryant both back in Kane and Daytona next year.

              • SenorGato

                Not just his fielding but his bat too. He’s interesting but there’s no need to rush him right now. Offensively he has a good base for the higher levels of the minors but would probably not be hurt by extra A ball PAs. If he “only” hits High A in June of his age 20 season he’s still at a fine pace.

  • August

    Jackson the worst Cubs free agent signing? I think Milton Bradley, Danny Jackson and Jeff Blauser were far worse.

  • Mick

    Success has many fathers but failure is an orphan.

  • August

    For whatever reason, it seems FA’s don’t have success their first years with the Cubs. I remember Moises Alou struggled initially, Jacque Jones did too. I think Jackson will be fine in the long run.

    • ssckelley

      Jones sucked his 2nd year as a Cub, his first season was one of the best ones he had in his career.

      Jackson has had some good games this year and some unlucky ones.

  • Future Mr. Ashley Chavez

    Apparently Jose Dariel Abreu defected from Cuba. According to MLBTR he is an offensive machine “The 26-year-old hit .453/.597/.986 in Cuba’s Serie Nacional in 2010-2011 before hitting .394/.542/.837 in 2011-2012 and .382/.535/.735 in 2012-2013. Also in 2013, he hit .360/.385/.760 in six games for Cuba in the World Baseball Classic.” I don’t care if he plays first base, stick him in the OF!

  • Jones

    The Cubs should lock up Abreu for 10yrs and the Cubs need a 3b and 1st and 3rd is swappable and if it takes moving him to 3rd or Moving Rizz to 3rd………You do it, Its a no brainer

    • Future Mr. Ashley Chavez

      It’d be difficult for Rizzo to play 3rd, he’s left handed.

    • Mick

      Jonsey–football may be your game.

  • Bill

    Slugging first baseman Jose Dariel Abreu has escaped from Cuba and is elsewhere in the Caribbean, Jorge Ebro of El Nuevo Herald reports. It is unclear where Abreu is now (Ebro notes that various reports have placed Abreu in the Dominican Republic and in Haiti), but one agent with whom Abreu has had contact confirms that he is not in Cuba.

    If in fact Abreu can make his way into the MLB free agent market, he’d have an enormous impact, likely earning the largest contract ever given to a Cuban player. The 26-year-old hit .453/.597/.986 in Cuba’s Serie Nacional in 2010-2011 before hitting .394/.542/.837 in 2011-2012 and .382/.535/.735 in 2012-2013. Also in 2013, he hit .360/.385/.760 in six games for Cuba in the World Baseball Classic.

    Those are, of course, stunning numbers, and ESPN Deportes’ Jorge Morejon notes that Abreu will likely also benefit from a rising tide of good play by Cuban defectors like Yasiel Puig and Yoenis Cespedes. Grantland’s Jonah Keri wrote in 2012 that Abreu “just might be the best hitter in the world,” and Abreu’s entry into the free agent market would surely be accompanied by a tidal wave of hype. Major League teams may not think quite the same way — Keri notes that Abreu isn’t particularly athletic, which might dampen teams’ enthusiasm somewhat. But he quotes Athletics assistant GM David Forst comparing Abreu to Ryan Howard, which would still make Abreu a very valuable commodity.

    Since Abreu is over 23 and has played Cuban professional baseball for more than three years, he would enter the market as an unrestricted free agent. He would appear to be in excellent position to receive more than Puig, who got seven years and $42MM from the Dodgers last June.

    • Jon

      Another Cuban the Cubs can NOT sign

      • Serious Cubs Fan

        Why can’t the cubs sign a cuban player? Do you mean you think he’ll be over priced or what? If the cubs think he has talent and could get him in deal without over paying him then I’m all on board. I’m not going go lie, I have no clue about this guy but if he has clear big league impact talent then I’m all for signing him as long as we don’t over pay for a player with no big league experience

      • Tobias

        Like Jorge Soler, Gerardo Conception, Armando Rivero, Ruby Silva, and Yaniel Cabezas?

        • Jon

          No, like Cespedes and Puig

          • Jon

            Sans Soler, we only seem to sign the crappy Cubans

  • Bill

    Pirates GM Neal Huntington says that he believes fewer players are being placed on waivers than last August, and that more players are being picked up.

    • Bill

      Hey Neal Huntington Schierholtz and dejesus are available! But for a price. They NEED another bat badly. They were too cheap to pay the price for Schierholtz July 31 hope Huntington ponys up and realizes his team hasn’t made the playoffs for decades! Don’t be a cheap bastard

      • ssckelley

        Do we know if they cleared waivers?

  • papabear

    Because he throws three above average pitches

    Cubs thought they could fix him since he is only 28