Kris BryantOn the final hole of the miniature golf course last night I just missed a hole in one when my ball circled the inside of the hole and rolled out. My wife then nailed the shot that I just missed as I went on to hit par on that final hole.

And then I added up the score and discovered that had I actually hit that hole in one, it would not have mattered what she did with her shot; I would have won. Instead, because she sunk it while I shot par, I lost by two strokes. It appears we are almost equally bad at that sport.

On the good side, I have gotten to watch two thunderstorms break over the mountains since I got here, and I am particularly fond of the one that I watched last night. That storm caused the Tennessee Smokies game to be suspended in the third inning. It will be concluded tonight prior to the start of the scheduled Monday game. That means I (sort of) get to see a doubleheader tonight. If neither game goes into extras I’ll be watching eleven innings of baseball instead of the expected nine (minor league doubleheaders last seven innings per game), but that’s still a doubleheader. And that’s awesome.

Scores From The Weekend

I’m operating with limited computing resources on this trip. Rather than linking eighteen separate games, which would take me roughly forever, I’m going to just link a single page for each day that includes all the scores for the entire farm system. Links to all the box scores and game recaps can be found on that page.

Friday’s games, including an impressive late come back by Boise, can be found here.
Saturday’s games, featuring a two hitter pitched by Iowa, can be found here.
And the games from Sunday are awaiting you right here.

Other News

  • There is no “Performances of Note” section while I am on vacation. It will return in the usual spot once I return home later in the week.
  • Promotion speculation is picking up around Boise’s Kris Bryant. I would not be surprised at all to see Bryant moved up the system, but I am not sure where he would land. Jeimer Candelario is the every day third baseman in Kane County and is a solid prospect in his own right. I don’t think the Cubs will want to force Candelario to change positions just to make room for Bryant. The Cubs could promote Candelario to Daytona, but I think the smarter move might be to vault Bryant over the younger Candelario now and see if he can handle High A. If he can, then that opens the door to starting Bryant in Tennessee next spring, effectively eliminating a collision of third base prospects in the Florida State League in the process.
  • Less substantiated speculation is also kicking up around Dillon Maples in some circles. Whatever the source, the control problems that plagued Maples in Kane County appear to have been harnessed. He has pitched several quite good games for the Hawks lately. I can see some merit to moving Maples right back to where he was, but I can also see some good reasons for leaving him in Boise. Odds are better, I think, that he moves back to Kane County later this month if only so that the front office staff can have the opportunity to see firsthand the changes he has made. Maples still has the potential to be a key piece of the Cubs’ future, and I suspect the planners at the top of the organizational tree will be keeping a close eye him.
  • I’ll be wearing Bleacher Nation black in Section 104 at tonight’s Smokies games. Feel welcome to stop by and introduce yourself. I’m always happy to talk baseball with the Bleacher Nation community.
  • Idaho Razorback

    When is Kris Byant going to be promoted? And as far as thunderstorms, the last three nites have been crazy here in North Idaho!

  • jason

    Bryant is raking it and needs to be at Daytona asap! would like to see what he can do there to end the year.

  • JM

    Loving the idea of having a guy so good, they have no choice but to move him up the chain. The elite players are capable of that, so it may give us a good idea of how good this guy is.

  • Coldneck

    It’s definitely nice that Maples has improved his command, but lets temper our excitement since he is 21 and facing 18 and 19 year-old kids at Boise.

    • On The Farm

      Well I think the reason people are excited because he didn’t have his command while he was at Kane County, so the fact that he may have rediscovered it, even against “18 and 19 year-old kids”, is very encouraging.

    • bcb

      what does facing 18-19 year old have to do with him harnessing his control? your theory really holds no weight.

      • hansman1982

        The 18- and 19-year olds will be more likely to swing at pitches a hair further out of the zone than kids another year or two older, more likely to miss on pitches in the zone and generally be overpowered.

        All of this means an easier path to success which would hide failings.

    • JoeCub

      If you look at the rosters of the other teams in the NWL, you will find very few 18-19 year olds. Not that it makes a big difference, most are 21-22. Just saying……

      • ssckelley

        Great point, the average age of Boise is 21. For comparison the average age of Kane County is also 21.

        • JoeCub

          Boise, traditionally has one of the youngest teams in the NWL. Last year, during the championship series, the Hawk’s oldest player was younger than Vancouver’s youngest player.

  • Bilbo161

    Since Daytona is in the thick of a playoff push better to pass up Kane County. That experience would be preferred for KB.

    • On The Farm

      Daytona is pretty stacked in terms of SP with Johnson, Edwards, Wells, and Black. If they were to add Bryant, Almora, and Vogelbach it could be the first of many post season victories for that group.

  • Cubbie Blues

    Luke, I hope it was Hillbilly Golf, that place is a blast. I think it is right on the strip.

  • JoyceDaddy

    I agree; let’s ship Bryant out to Daytona. He doesn’t need to make a stop in Kane County. I’m dreaming about a scenario in which next season we see Bryant, Baez, and Soler all in Tennessee at the same time.

    • bcb

      i dont think you need to dream about that happening, the way things look now its almost a given that they’ll all be up there together at some point

    • ssckelley

      It would be fun to see all those players in the same lineup but I doubt it happens next year in Tennessee. I would guess Baez ends up at Iowa next season.

  • Jon

    So Jon Hymen reporting this AM that Shatk is looking for a 100 million ? See Ya!!!

    • Bilbo161

      Well, that seems a bit optimistic for Shark. Maybe he doesn’t want to stick around? A price like that would definitely give the FO reason to look for a trade partner.

      • Chad

        An offseason trade would be ideal for the cubs if Samardzija really does want that much money. I could see 5 or 6/75, but I don’t think this FO is giving away 100 million to anybody. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few young arms come into the system at the cost of losing samardzija. I like him, but he’s a #2 on good teams. He could turn into a #1 sure, but I don’t see it right now. His value is very high right now and I could see the cubs capitalizing on it. The FA market is going to be very weak and could really drive up his price.

  • abe

    What are the cubs going to do about the 3rd base/infield glut at the top of the minor league levals?

    • jaslhill

      Fancy problem to have. I’m thinking it’s going to work itself out accordingly. Just let ’em play it out.

  • jeff1969

    I know a lot of fans really like Samardzija, but I think all this huge contract talk is going to get him traded. 28 years old, & not a #1 or even a #2 on a contending team, imo. I hope he turns it around in what is left of the season so the FO can get more out of him in a trade.

  • willis

    Bryant to Daytona makes sense. Just have to hope the rains play nice. That pitching staff is already intriguing, add Bryant into that…fun team to watch.

    Good to hear about Maples, but I almost like the idea of keeping him where he is succeeding to finish things out, then let him start off next season in KC or Daytona.

  • Cedlandrum

    So at what point do you become concerned that Almora might be made out of glass? 3 injuries in one year. I probably would rank him #4 right now of the top guys.

    • Rebuilding

      If it happens again next year then talk like that might be justified. I have a hard time putting him behind Soler just because he doesn’t have to hit much to be a 3-4 WAR player

  • Aaron

    Samardzija appears to be waiting out the next two years with the Cubs to hit it big as a free agent. I’m sure he’s looking for at least a 5 year, $75 million deal. There may be teams out there that will pay that…Dodgers, Yankees, etc. All he needs is 1 team.

    The issue for me is that Shark isn’t quite as good, or at least consistently good, as he might think he is. Confidence is important to have as a major league player. But is he overconfident? Only time will tell if he improves as a front line starter. He has only two more seasons after this one to prove that…and for him to get the money he believes he deserves.

    • CubFan Paul

      Samardzija and his agent would be smart to take 75-80% of that 5/$75M in an extension now. Invested right, the $20M he leaves on the table will be a drop in the bucket.

    • FullCountTommy

      Jon Heyman was on the Score this morning and suggested that if Samardzija hit the open market, he could definitely command north of 100 million. Not saying I agree with him, but just thought I’d share

      • Jon

        I’d give him 100 million, only if it was spread across six years.

        • Jon

          It’s tough to judge context of “100 million” without knowing the terms(years, etc). I’d don’t think a 6-7 year deal would be a bad thing with Shark, as I think he will be durable. I”m guessing though, he wants 100/4 or something.

          • cub2014

            100 million for 6 years would be a good deal for the
            cubs. Thats 16 million in 2020 that will probably be
            pretty cheap for a solid starter by then. But I dont think
            FO wants 6 year deals to many things can happen.
            Its easy to sign the 2 year deals with average or better

        • FullCountTommy

          Ya no idea, he didn’t mention years, just said that’s what it seems like he would get on the open market. With the consistency level he has shown, at this point, I’d be comfortable giving him something in the range of what Anibal Sanchez got, maybe a bit higher. That can definitely change in the next year though

  • another JP

    No way does Shark deserve a contract with an AAV of $16M… not at this point. Only if he becomes a 3.5 WAR player over the next several seasons would that be a reasonable amount to pay him, and with the prospects coming through the pipeline in the next couple years that can put up better results than Samarzjida we should try to deal him. Problem is, what team out there is going to want a #3 pitcher that’s demanding a $100M contract?

    • Scotti

      The plus pitching prospects in the system are few and far between.

  • X the Cubs Fan

    To think Soler, Baez, Bryant, Johnson, Edwards, Pineyro, Loosen, Black, Bruno, Geiger and Rademacher could all start the year at AA is pretty ridiculous and means we are very close to being good again.

    • Mr. B. Patient

      I don’t think it’s possible, but I’d love to see the Big 4 playing together in the AFL. I see that as the only time until they’re all playing in Wrigley they will be together.

  • FastBall

    I would never sign a 6 or 7 year deal with Shark. He is 28. that leaves him at an age which is highly unpredictable for results at 34 or 35. I would pass and trade him. Or let him pitch out to the end of his contract and trade him at the deadline if we aren’t in it. We would still get good value for him. If he doesn’t want to do a reasonable deal make him pitch Chicago again next year.

    • Scotti

      Pitchers hitting the market who are 30+ are getting 5-year deals. Giving a 28-y/o a year or two extra makes sense. Especially one who is healthy and has low usage. If you don’t spend to get Samardzija then you’re going to have to spend to get someone else and very few quality guys reach the market.

      Personally, I believe that it’s Samardzija who is holding up the Cubs because he wants to see the commitment to winning before signing.

      • gocatsgo2003

        … or he just wants to see dollar figures, though I suppose that is a big “commitment to winning” in Jeff’s eyes as well.

        • Scotti

          He’s going to see dollar signs either way.