Travis Wood pitched exceptionally well tonight, allowing just four hits and a walk in eight innings, while striking out five. Unfortunately, one of those hits was a two-run homer by Brandon Phillips, and that was all it took to give the Reds the game.

The game marked the third straight at Wrigley in which the Cubs were shut out. Oof.

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  • StillCubsFan

    And the race for the 1st pick in next year’s draft begins…

  • Funn Dave

    If we still had Tony C he woulda bunted and stolen home. Thrice.

  • abe

    A loss is a victory. It is a tight race for the top 5 picks in the draft.

    • Cubbie Blues


      • Cubbie Blues


  • Vulcan

    Hats off to Latos. He deserved that win.

  • Rebuilding

    First time the Cubs have been shut out at home for 3 straight games since 1924

  • willis

    Latos was on tonight and the one real chance to score was run into hell. Literally. Wood was nails as well, just made one dumb pitch with an 0-2 count against a great hitter.

    At least Vogelbomb and Bryant are heading to Daytona for their playoff push. Can’t wait to follow that.

    • Jp3

      That will make for quit the middle of that order. I’d imagine Bryant 3rd vogs4th and Geiger 5th. Then the rotation having Pierce, Edwards and pinyeiro is not too shabby either.

      • willis

        I agree with that lineup prediction. And I wouldn’t like to be a pitcher throwing to that 3-4-5.

  • Cheese Chad

    Is it true that Vogelbach is headed to Daytona too?

    • willis

      Would I lie to you?

      That roster all of the sudden is way stacked.

  • http://Yes Dude


  • William

    Wow, what a night! The Cubs get shut out and my best friend stopped talking to me because her boyfriend made her. :-(

    • Carew

      Dont take no for an answer

    • willis

      Elaborate please…

  • RY

    Wow shut out three times in a row at Wrigley for the first time since 1924. We are the best at pathetic stats.

  • cub2014

    Wow if we get almora to daytona we will have some
    Studs between there and tennessee. Lets see? Bryant
    Vogelbach almora soler geiger villanueva baez
    Alcantera szczur and andreoli!

  • udbrky

    Wow, was sitting about 15 rows up from where DeJesus grabbed that ball and threw to 2nd – that was such a great play.

    Pitching was great, and after the rain, balls just weren’t moving. HR was legit, other than that, Wood was really good.

    What happened on Castillo’s “throw” to “second”? That was the worst thing I’ve seen north of little league.