daytona cubs logoAccording to a variety of reports that appear to have originated with Ryan Larrondo out of Boise (later confirmed by Wayne Randazzo as well as Jesse Rogers), the Cubs’ top pick in the 2013 Draft, and one of the top prospects in the system, Kris Bryant is headed to the Daytona Cubs. For their part, the Cubs aren’t confirming the move just yet, per Bruce Miles. (UPDATE: Cubs have confirmed.)

The promotion will take him from short season low-A to High-A, skipping the Kane County Cougars in the process. I’m sure that’s a bummer for locals who wanted to get a look at Bryant, but organizationally, it’s the right move. First, Bryant is so clearly not challenged at Boise (.354/.416/.692) that it’s hard to see the college slugger being challenged at Kane County, either. Second, Jeimer Candelario is currently starting at third base for KC, and he’s a legitimate prospect in his own right. Because Candelario probably isn’t ready for High-A, this allows both players to keep getting regular starts.

Bryant will get a few weeks in Daytona – and play in the playoffs – to round out the season and prepare for 2014. Fall or Winter ball remains a possibility, but, either way, we’ll likely see him come to Spring Training with the Cubs. Next year, starting out at High-A with an eye toward a midseason AA promotion seems like a reasonable expectation for Bryant.

Hopefully he hits well in his High-A cup of coffee.

  • Pat

    Any chance he gets an invite for spring training?

    • mak

      sure. wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

    • spearman

      That’ll be a given.

    • MichiganGoat

      I think that’s a reasonable and likely expectation, with Baez and Bryant at ST it will add excitement and generate press on just how great a player we all hope he will be.

      • X the Cubs fan

        Don’t forget Soler and Alcantra

  • Jon

    Poor Ben Carhart :(

  • Chris S

    Dag nabbit.. was hoping to see him with KC in Cedar Rapids later this month!

  • Jon

    How about some Soler news?

    Mark Gonzales ‏@MDGonzales 12m
    Soler exam tonight in AZ, results to be sent to Chicago for evaluation and to determine if he goes to Daytona or wait till fall

    • Jon

      A Soler/Bryant combo would sure be fun to follow the last couple weeks of the season @ Daytona (inserts rainout joke)

      • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/653cc0c5f0eded621ab13b4f631de7da.png Cizzle

        Any chance all of Baez/Alcantara/Bryant/Soler/Almora are sent to the Fall league?

        • Mr. B. Patient

          The rules on who qualifies for the AFL are a bit ‘foggy’, but they say each team must select 7 players, 4 of which must be pitchers, and at least of the pitchers must be a starter. With that, it seems only 3 position payers can make the team. There is a taxi squad type of thing, also, where other players can be selected, but they can only pay Thurs and Sat.

          • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/653cc0c5f0eded621ab13b4f631de7da.png Cizzle

            Yeah, I read Bert’s post this morning, doesn’t seem like anyone really knows who will be eligible this year yet.

  • cubsin

    Brett, do you think Almora and Vogelbach will get promoted to Daytona in time for the playoffs?

    • On The Farm

      I would say Almora is dependent on his injury time table (which doesn’t appear serious, but a set back may lead to him just finishing the year in KC). Vogelbach could use the experience

      • ssckelley

        I agree, I think Almora may be dependent on how soon he can come back. Daytona has a DH so I think it would be good to call up Vogelbach.

  • cerambam

    AHHH! I love how our top 5 are moving up and getting closer together. Barring injuries, it would have been very likely that Soler, Baez and Alcantara would be at AA while Almora and Bryant would be at Daytona.

    That sentence makes me feel like they are somehow so close yet so far all at the same time.

  • Ivy Walls

    Cubs legitimate 3B prospects internal ranks

    AAA Olt (5)
    AA Villanueva (14)
    A+ Bryant (4)
    A Candelerio (15)

    • wilbur

      somewhere Ronnie is smiling.

  • On The Farm

    But, but, but, the rainouts!

    • Seth

      So that’s 12 homeruns in how many at-bats at Double A?

      • Seth

        Whoops… meant to reply below this one.

      • Kyle

        138. He’s just shredding the league that was supposed to be his wake-up call. *drooooool*

        • willis

          Yep. He’s just toying with AA. Kid is just so damn talented. What a great year for him.

          • Aaron

            40 errors and counting but what bat speed. A joy to watch in the cages.

          • Kyle

            I’m pretty sure that after a brief, inevitable adjustment period, he could be an above-average MLB 3b or maybe 2b right now, offense and defense combined.

            • Aaron

              But he loves shortstop. Last fall in afl he was placed at 3rd and he threw a fit–Theo was here and had to talk to him. He will be just fine there eventually. Likes to make fancy plays with one hand or throw when he should just hold the ball etc. Our next Cub All-Star.

              • Kyle

                I think if it’s a choice between 3b in the majors and SS in Iowa, he’ll make the right choice.

          • Kyle

            Baez is one homer short of tying for ninth in the league, which he joined three months into the season.

            I haven’t calculated his OPS to the decimal point after that HR, but I believe it would be second in the Southern League for players with at least 100 PAs this season, to Yasiel Puig.

        • Mr. B. Patient

          Yeah, he sure did throw a monkey wrench into that whole ‘make him struggle’ idea. Good for him.
          I know this will make some cringe, but Javy Baez just may have……TWTS…..

          The Will To Succeed.

      • Danny Ballgame

        138 PAs. He is good

  • Danny Ballgame

    3-0 count and Baez goes yard. F’ing stud!!!

    • Jon

      Good, it had been a few games since his last HR. I was about to drop him out of my “5”

    • willis

      Was just about to comment on that. I love him. He’s pretty damn good at baseball. Just a stud like you said.

      • Danny Ballgame

        His adjustment period is over at AA. He has been killing the ball over the last two weeks or so. Cant wait for ST next year

        • Serious Cubs Fan

          Baez is doing great and has made his first round of adjustments at AA but he still has a lot to work on and pitchers will make more adjustments and he’ll have to adjust once again. Crazy talent. I can’t wait to see him at wrigley in the near future

      • Mr. B. Patient

        Last week, during his post no-hitter interview, Eric Jokisch called Baez a freak of nature. He may be right.

    • boomindanny
      • Serious Cubs Fan

        OMG Baez’s follow through in his swing just remind me of Gary Shefflied. Crazy bat speed

        • Danny Ballgame

          Just a straight rip. I love how the announcer says “And the game is tied” as soon as the ball comes off his bat.

        • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

          I think I threw my back out watching that swing. Good lord. That may be more violent than Sheffield.

          • Scotti

            Funny clip in two ways: first, there are literally only three fans watching. You get more fans for BP than that. Second, the ball lands near the “hot dog” ad…

      • http://Bleachernation Jay

        OMG, boys! I just fell in love with this kid!! Please continue to grow…

  • http://www.survivingthalia.com Mike Taylor (no relation)

    Good to hear, can’t wait to see him tear it up at the MLB level.

    • Kyle

      When I’m doing the rough sketches of projections for 2014, I’m pretty much assuming at least a month or two of Baez on the infield, maybe more.

      • Danny Ballgame

        I hope so.

      • Rebuilding

        I would add a couple of months of Bryant to that as well. I don’t think the minors will challenge him for long. I personally thinks he starts in AA next year

        • Kyle

          I wouldn’t rule it out.

          With Baez and Bryant, I think we have two guys who are likely to provide plus power at their positions at the MLB level. I love how we are about to be rolling in power right as it hits a major trough league-wide.

          • Corey

            Ay, do you have a future lineup Kyle? I love everything you say.

            • Kyle

              I do not. I barely have a 2014 lineup in mind.

  • Rebuilding

    Have we had any more 1st hand accounts of Bryant’s defense at Boise. I think ultimately where they transition Baez will probably have more to do with whether Bryant can stick at 3rd than anything. Castro has been playing a very good SS lately although Baez has more range based on the numbers

    • Jackalope

      John Sickels recently commented that Bryant’s glove is better than most prospecters give him credit for, for what it’s worth. I kind of envision Bryant moving to a corner OF with Baez sliding in at 3B. We’ll see.

  • Josh

    So keeping our excitement to a dull roar…..could we possibly see a Cubs lineup that’s includes Baez, Bryant and Alcantara by the end of next year? I think two of those three are legit shots…..not sure if Bryant will be that quick though. Could be mid-season 2015 for him.

    • Kyle

      I don’t think Alcantara’s anywhere near close to ready for that. That’d be the hard part. Not to mention that there’s three infielders there and we already have two that probably aren’t moving.

      • Jason P

        Why don’t you think Alcantara will be ready by next September? I’m sure he’ll start in AAA next year, and if he has a year similar to this one, it would seem very likely he gets a September call-up.

        • Kyle

          Because I don’t think that by September of next year, he’ll be one of our four best infielders.

          I can’t say that there’s no chance that he’ll be ready to be above replacement level in the majors by that time, but I’m not ready to start planning to hand jobs out like candy in 2014.

          • Josh

            Well if you aren’t ready then I guess Epstein and Hoyer should wait until you are more comfortable before making that call.

            • Drew7

              What does that mean?

              • Josh

                Well obviously kyle is in the meetings with them and they hold his opinions in high esteem……when kyle is ready to “start planning to hand out jobs like candy” then I am sure that that’s when it will happen.

            • Kyle

              If you wanted their answer, direct your questions to them. It’s pretty silly to ask opinions and then get huffy about someone answering your question.

          • JayPaul

            I’m also willing to give Olt some slack for this season. If he can return to form and play his above average defense, he may be entrenched at 3rd by the time Baez and Alcantara would get the call. If Olt does this Bryant problably starts getting groomed for RF in Chicago for 2015/ or 2016. I can see Alcantara being the piece used to acquire pitching for 2015 if he can repeat performance of this year in Iowa next season. That would most likely push him to top 25-30 prospects in baseball. If the stars align Cubs have some interesting decisions to make.

      • http://Bleachernation Jay

        Kyle, I respect you & your thoughts but I may have to disagree with you on this one. I really like Alcantara. I see him as the future 2B.

    • Dustin S

      A lot of if’s, but Alcantara is the one guy that Theo and Hoyer tend to mention as much as anyone when asked about the farm. So I think he’s closer than 2 years away for sure if all goes well. But it’s moot if he doesn’t hit at Iowa next year. If he does hit there next season and the Cubs are basically out of it by July again, IMO there is a good chance we’d see Barney traded by next year’s deadline and Alcantara moved up.

      Wil Wheaton at tonight’s game btw. Any fellow BBT fans (or Trekkies ftm) will appreciate that.

      • JayPaul

        I think it comes down to who is playing themselves in more between Alcantara and Olt by this time next season that will ultimately decide what position Baez would start his MLB career at. Who knows by then he may have shown enough to make Castro expendable or at least unseat him as the future SS. My money would say Baez works his butt off on defense this offseason. (FWIW- I’m not a Castro hater and would love for him to solidify himself just as much)

        • Scotti

          Neither Olt, nor Alcantara, will decide Baez’ fate. Castro may move him off short but, after that, where he plays is decided on where his talent best fits.

          • Baseball24/7

            I’m thinking either Castro or Baez are getting traded within the next 2 years. Baez has more upside and value then castro so I really could see him being dealt for a star like Price or Giancarlo.

  • another JP

    Just a thought- what happens if Olt starts raking again next year? I know it sounds preposterous now but by ST in 2015 we could have a middle of the order of Baez, Rizzo, Bryant, and Olt. Two guys will have to switch positions. Add in Soler and that’s five players that could hit 25 homers. Yowza.

    • Danny Ballgame

      It would be a great problem to have. Baez to 2B, Bryant to left, Olt @ 3rd would be my guess

    • Mr. B. Patient

      In 2016, Baez, Bryant, Rizzo , and Soler will all hit at least 30 hrs. Olt 25, and Castro and Lake 20 each. The question is, will they all be with the Cubs?

      If so. it would be ‘Holy Yowza!

      • Aaron

        Mr. B. I refuse to read any other comments but yours today. A calmness has come over me and a real reason to stay alive. Bless you sir!

        • Mr. B. Patient

          Aaron. Thank you sir. If you’re going to dream, dream BIG.

          • JayPaul

            This….a thousand times over.

      • Baseball24/7

        That is a very bold statement. I agree with you that a few will get trade or may not pan out. Hopefully they all work but I feel like people are just expect these guys to be stars. I’m not so sure or confident they will be

        • Mr. B. Patient

          Well, first of all, it’s a dream big or go home scenario I laid out. 2016 may not be the year. All these players may not be stars. All those players have the skill set to reach those hr numbers.
          Would I bet the mortgage ON it? No
          Would I bet the mortgage AGAINST it? No.

          • Aaron

            We at last have some talented prospects. But as I live here in the valley near the Giants, Athletics, Angels, Brewers, and just across town are the Rangers, Dodgers, Redlegs, Padres, Seattle, down the street are the Rockies and Diamonbacks. Each team plays 6 games a week and when the vans un-load or the buses and each team has some great looking prospects–then you see up close and personal what the Cubs must compete with every year. It is so damn competitive trying to out-develop some of these organizations. But finally we seem to be competitive.

  • THEOlogical

    Are you kidding me!!!??? I was just down there yesterday! If it weren’t for bad luck and so on and so forth….

  • North Side Irish

    Don’t know if this was covered earlier, but someone posted an article showing each team’s “All Homegrown Roster”. Basically, only players in the majors that were drafted by the team. The Cubs roster is especially sad. The Cardinals roster is sadly similar to their actual roster.


    • Jimmy James

      There be thunder in that there outfield

  • Baseball24/7

    Rizzo can not hit breaking balls. Most of his put out are off of break pitches that he just whiffs at. Hopefully this is the sign of the future for him

    • hansman1982

      According to FanGraphs and Pitch F/X, he can hit breaking balls just fine.

  • Justin Koehneke
  • Kyle

    Josh Vitters now has 11 BBs in 97 PAs this season.

    • Jimmy James

      He and lot both with hrs, good to see vitters back in lineup…..I was expecting some big numbers at iowa this year…..silly nagging injuries

      • Jimmy James

        Olt curse you autocorrect

    • Scotti

      Folks have given up way too early on Vitters…

      • Edwin

        Vitters is a hard prospect to get a real handle on. He’s struggled upon reaching almost any level, but then he’s made adjustments and gotten better, which is obviously what you want to see in a prospect. And he’s definitely hit better since reaching AAA.

        At the same time, he’s never really ripped the cover off the ball at any level, and his MLB debut was historically terrible. It sounds like there are enough questions about his defense where scouts are wondering if he might need to change positions, which could mean problems if his bat isn’t enough to play at 1B or LF. His baserunning seems average to below average.

        I probably wouldn’t give up on Vitters at this point, but for now he seems pretty similar to a Luis Valbeuna, except without the defense.

  • http://Yes Dude

    Fact: not all of Cubs top 10 will make it. I’d be happy to get 50-60% of them on the mlb roster and contribute.

    • jon


  • Chad

    One thing the people have forgotten is Vitters. What happens to him? Change of scenery? Same question for BJax (though due to depth I could see him sticking around)

    • Chad

      Just saw Kyle’s statement above, guess I’m not the only one thinking about it.

  • ari gold

    Vogelbomb is headed to Daytona also

    • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

      I really hope Almora gets promoted and Soler gets healthy too. Who’s beating Daytona in the playoffs if both happen?

      Almora, Bryant, Vogelbach, and Soler in the middle of the lineup. Johnson, Edwards, and Pineyro heading the rotation. That’s an amazing amount of talent and potential on one minor league team!

  • graham

    is there any chance that the cubs trade their former hendry picks like vitters jackson and candelerio for a mid level pitcher

    • Jed Jam Band

      No way you trade a 19-year-old who is already at Full-season A ball. Just no way you do that.

      • X the Cubs Fan

        He’s 19 in Low A ball and he’s preforming well I agree we should definitely keep him unless we get real value.

  • graham

    even though you have villanueva olt bryant and baez in your system as it is. jackson is 25 and there are plenty of young outfielders in the cubs system.

  • jt

    Christian Villanueva had a horrible April 2013.
    Since then he has had 26 2B’s, 2 2B’s and 15 HR’s in his last 339 AB’s.
    His OPS since the around May 1 eyeballs to around 0.820
    This is a glove only guy?

    • ssckelley

      Well last year he was a top 100 prospect. I have been a Cub fan all my life and I cannot ever remember a time the Cubs have been this strong at 3rd base. Come next year the Cubs could have as many as 4 in the BA top 20 prospects at 3rd. Villanueva is a guy that could force Bryant to another position if they both reach the majors. We always knew the glove was there but the offense is coming along as well.

      • Kyle

        One publication, one time, put him at no. 100, iirc. Calling him a “top 100 prospect” is not technically incorrect, but it is probably misleading. The consensus had him outside the top 100.

        • ssckelley

          That one publication was Baseball America, had it been any other I would not have even mentioned it.

          Not sure what point you are trying to make but, IMO, Villanueva is a legit 3rd base prospect and was highly regarded in the Rangers organization.

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