cubs social media nightThe Chicago Cubs’ annual Social Media Night is Wednesday, August 21 – a week from Wednesday – and they’ve added another top guest to the lineup: ESPN’s (and Chicago’s) Michael Wilbon. Together with Darren Rovell, the pre-game panel is going to have an interestingly national feel. I’m also not sure that Wilbon and Rovell use Twitter in quite the same way, so it will be interesting to hear how they each regard its utility.

That pre-game panel takes place at the Captain Morgan Club, and is part of an overall pre-game social event where folks can meet up, chat, have a beer, etc. More importantly than the Wilbon news – or maybe just as importantly? or considerably less importantly? yeah, probably that one – I will be there for Social Media Night as well. I hope to meet up with some of you, as it’s a fun event, and I like meeting you crazy people.

After the pre-game stuff, there’s the game – in the bleachers, naturally – so it makes for a good night all around. There are prizes, and goodies, and that kind of thing, too. If you want to attend, you have to get your special Social Media Night ticket via the Cubs’ promotion page.

No, this is not an advertisement. I just wanted to put it on your radar, since I enjoy the event and would love to see some of you there.

  • Mikelach13

    Glad you’re back! I was way to productive for my own good last week, don’t need to be setting those kinds of expectations with my boss!

  • MichiganGoat

    Now I need to decide what to do on twitter for this years Cubs Social.

  • DarthHater

    “I enjoy the event and would love to see some of you there.”

    Hey, are you implying that there are some of us that you would NOT love to see there? 😛

  • Mr. B. Patient

    Wilbon will be late…

  • Jon

    Thanks for the heads up! It gives us fans a jump start so we can ignore Wilbon.

  • pondorotravis

    Brett – we are just glad you’re back talk about all of us going through some serious withdrawls……Hope you enjoyed the vacation

  • FullCountTommy

    Brett you forget to mention that I’ll be there!! I want to troll Rovell, but I’m sure my gf will frown upon me doing that haha

  • Funn Dave

    What does it have to do with social media?

  • http://odu Greenroom

    Does you “being there” mean you are on the panel? If yes, ignore this post. If no, I am curious why you are not invited to the panel? Second, what can we (bleacher nation, etc) do to get you on the panel? I can think of no other person better qualified to discuss Social Media and the Cubs. Go Cubs~

    • http://odu Greenroom

      Ok, I read it on my computer vs my phone. Questions do apply.

    • Brett

      Well thank you for the compliment. No, I will not be on the panel, though I do think having someone *like* me on there (I am not going to campaign for myself, specifically) could be useful and interesting to those in attendance, given what social media is. But it’s not like the panel isn’t very good otherwise.

      That said, I think it would require a sea change in sentiment for someone like me to be on an official Cubs panel. That’s just not where things are right now for alternative media like BN, which I understand and accept.

      • Brett

        I should say, in case it isn’t clear, that none of this is a criticism of the Cubs. I’m just making a very general comment about the industry and MLB as a whole. For now, I am happily just another fan in attendance.

        • http://odu Greenroom

          I would think you would offer a very grass-roots level of analysis vs. the national media guys. Not to completely down play their contributions, but just another point of view. I completely understand your comment. I can see the Cubs benefitting from you being apart of the dialogue. Perhaps it will be something they will consider in future events such as these. enjoy your time at the event.

  • cb

    I think I might have to go. I work just a couple stops down on the red line. Going to the game tonight.

  • justinjabs

    Hey Brett, once again I am excited to attend Social Media Night and meet you and other #Cubs tweeters. Question, though – my 20 year old girlfriend got us the tickets, do you think she will be able to attend the panel in the Captain Morgan club?

    Also I am excited about the inclusion of Wilbon, I’ve enjoyed watching him on PTI and I have heard that Rovell is nothing to get excited for.

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