BN’ers Keep Wearing Their Shirts Around the World, and It’s Awesome (Also: Special Offer)

I’ve said in the past that if you sent me pictures of yourself wearing a BN shirt at a notable location, I’d give you an e-high five, and you folks keep coming through – in fact, there were so many shot my way over the late-July/early-August craziness that I believe I’ve lost track of several of them. Many apologies if that’s the case, and definitely hit me back up on Twitter or over email if you don’t see yourself below and you want to claim your extremely valuable e-high five.

For those of you who don’t yet have a BN shirt, let me suggest that now is as good of a time as any to pick one up – we’ve got a special running today through August 19, where you can get FREE shipping on ANY order from the BN shop. You just have to use the coupon code “BNSHIP,” and you’re good to go. The shop also has a fancy, more BN-like look, in case the old, bizarrely-colored version turned you off.

Then you, too, can show off your duds at Coors Field like BN’er Miggy (high five!):

Or you can show them off – with a Tigers hat – at Yankee Stadium like BN’er Thomas (high five! better to wear Tigers gear than Yankees gear):

Or you can take them abroad like BN’er Niklas, and make us all lust after a trip to beautiful Sweden (hög fem!):

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

17 responses to “BN’ers Keep Wearing Their Shirts Around the World, and It’s Awesome (Also: Special Offer)”

  1. TWC

    Whoa! Miggy’s a babe! (She oughta ditch the goofy-looking guy in the BN shirt.)

    1. miggy80

      I know he’s a loser. Talks too much, drinks too much and when there is not a Cubs game on he watches the White Sox and those homers they call announcers.

  2. Niklas

    Nice translation, Brett! Although we do say high five in Sweden as well.

    1. miggy80

      Niklas, play any Kubb out there?

      1. Niklas

        Not so much anymore. 10-15 years ago everyone was playing kubb all summer long. How do you know about this silly little game?

        1. miggy80

          I got a friend who’s family played the game and we would play when we would take breaks from jammin. Then about 3 years ago there was a Kubb league that started and we took 2nd in the state in 2010. Now it’s getting pretty popular in Central Iowa and there is usually 40+ teams in the tourney. A team from Iowa won the National tourney last year. This year they got third.

          1. Niklas

            Haha, that’s crazy. There is a world championship arranged here every year but mostly it is played among friends during barbacues (while drunk).

    2. sven-erik312

      Tjena Niklas, var bor du, jag är I Strängnäs.

      1. Niklas


  3. Cizzle

    Brett, what’s your sizing like. I seem to always be right between a Medium & Large.

  4. Polar Bear

    You can be expecting a photo of me in the near future while I’m in Las Vegas. I’ll be out there shooting in the National 8-Ball Team Championship!

  5. Cubs123

    Just Put my order in Brett!

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