Chris Rusin pitched well again, but it didn’t matter, since the offense managed just two singles off of Bronson Arroyo today. The shutout was the Cubs’ fourth in their last five games at Wrigley, and gave the Reds a sweep.


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  • cubs2003

    Went to the game today and that was easily the worst lineup I’ve seen play live. I get rebuilding but ugh.

    • Bails17

      Yeah…I was at the game too…that really sucked! LOL

  • GoCubsGo

    Anyone think Jeimer Candelario could possibly convert to catcher? With the log jam at 3rd maybe he could be apart of the future at catcher.

    Strong arm, pretty athletic and has pretty quick feet. Maybe he could learn to play 3rd. He’s only 19 so he’s still young enough. I think his bat would terrific there. But I get the position switch is tough and not likely to happen

  • Mike

    Be prepared for the same thing next year unless the Cubs upgrade via free agency. $106m payroll is ridiculous. I like the young guys in the minors, but lets he realistic about the kind of immediate impact they are going to make. If they don’t have some veteran impact pieces around them I think it will be a more difficult transition. Cano and Ellsbury should be targeted. It’s not going to handcuff the teams payroll or their ability to add pitching via free agency down the road. I’m not concerned with potentially blocking Almora or Alcantara. Those things will work themselves out. Sori comes off next year so that gives you a baseline payroll in the mid 80s. The Cubs have nobody of significance on their roster due a big payday. Sorry about Shark, but he has a way to go to be considered someone of significance.

    • Chad

      Soriano is still on the books for one more year. But why spend a ton of money on Cano? Even with his acquisition will the cubs compete next year? Doubtful. When will they compete? When they have cheap home grown talent that contributes and can allow them to pick up an expensive piece here and there. You make it sound like they should go back to Hendry/Yankees and try to buy a good team. Can’t do it. Not only would Cano block Alcantra, but I think he’ll start to decline very soon. Theo has said he will not reward past performance unless it is likely to continue. I know it will for Cano, but for how long? I think Ellsbury would be a better option. I do agree with you on Shark. I say trade him, get some pieces, and let someone else sign him to his huge deal.

    • 1060Ivy

      What you mean? It’s not like the Cubs play in a major media market or the Cubs are expecting increase in the revenue base any time in the near future.

      • Chad

        What I mean is that in order to be successful you need to have a majority of your team be cost controlled and young players. Going to a $150 payroll on a few players when you don’t have the young players in place seems like a waste of money because it will cause you to be better but not make you good enough to compete continuously. I hope that in a few years the cubs are able to be at a much higher payroll, but hoping that means extending more young guys and picking up a FA here and there. In my mind Cano would be like the Soriano deal. I think he will be good for a few more years, but as someone said he probably gets 6 years. How good will he be in year 4, 5 and 6?

        • 1060Ivy

          It’s impossible for a new baseball owner to come in a sweep house by throwing money around in big name free agent signings and trades with the new CBA rules and today’s economic environment.

          Name one team that operates in a major media market that’s showing success with that type of strategy.


          • Chad

            Are you trying to argue or agree with me? I don’t think the cubs should throw money around because I don’t think it works. I think Cano would be a bad signing.

            • Bails17

              I think Cano would be a great signing for the reason that you get that type of production out of 2B. Now…there is a limit as to how far you go, but getting that type of player/hitter out of 2B is huge.

              • Eternal Pessimist

                …but getting that kind of production out of a cost controlled asset (Baez??) is much better. Just a little more patience…

                • Mike

                  Why not both. I love Baez, but lets have a little sense of urgency. It’s about managing risk. The Cubs have the financial capacity to do both. What happens if Baez gets hurt or his development slows? I agree that you don’t go overboard on the signing, but the combination of a veteran presence, winning culture and production it would appear to be a no brainer to seriously consider. Everyone knew Sori was not going to live up to his contract the last years of it. What Hendry failed to do was develop the minor leagues to have a ready replacement for his production that was cost controlled. You dont want to go crazy and have a bunch of overpaid veterans, but I think a large market team can strike a balance between paying for someone who is not “worth it”and having a cost controlled guy out producing his contract.

    • ssckelley

      I am sure the FO will inquire into some of the big names that are available in the free agent market this off season. But unless one of these players will take a 2/3 year deal with option years I doubt it will happen.

      This FO has been public about their strategy concerning the free agent market, they look for value and refuse to over pay for past performance. The bidding war for Cano is going to be steep and I am sure he is going to demand up to a 6-10 year deal and some team will be dumb enough to give it to him. Ellsbury might make the most sense for the Cubs, especially if they decide not to pick up DeJesus option year but with the shortage of good players in the free agent market the price on Ellsbury is going to be steep. So don’t be surprised to see the Cubs try to find more value players like Schierholtz, players they can sign at a discount that can play over their contract. I can see the Cubs going after a right handed bat like Mike Morse who can platoon in the outfield and back up first base.

      • http://deepcenterfield.blogspot.com Jason Powers

        I guess it depends.

        Can we:
        1) Find a FA that will do a 3-4 year deal that has attractiveness for both the player and ownership.
        2) Can be apart of a 2016 move to win? (By then, one hopes renovations, TV deal, and talent in the minors hits all at once.)
        3) Who fits? And does prior GM/player relationship matter? (It does more so than we think – as many GMs bring in guys they drafted at their new regime.)

        I’ve said before, getting a high OBP player is one thing this team has to get, even at a slight premium. I think there is enough flexibility to acquire 1-2 FAs that can meet this function and keep near 80-85M for a projected payroll.

  • Chad

    Of topic but here is a quote from Soriano after driving in 13 RBIs in 2 days:

    “Here it’s like, more motivation,” Soriano said. “All the players, they want to win.”

    Not sure what that says about the cubs.

    • Jp3

      This shouldn’t be a surprise. Soriano knew looking at our lineups like yesterday we definitely weren’t trying to win

      • Chad

        True, but he didn’t say FO, he said the players want to win? that part was what got me. Probably over analyzing it.

        • Jp3

          Sure the players want to win, I also would WANT to beat Lebron at basketball but my lack of talent limits me from doing that.😃

  • Cheese Chad

    Agreed, no Cano. Not only will he be too expensive but he’ll want at least 6 years. Ellsbury I’d take for 3-4.

  • Cheese Chad

    I know some people have negative feelings about Scott Boras, myself included, but this is a good article. http://insider.espn.go.com/blog/buster-olney/post/_/id/2825/fixes-for-the-draft-and-free-agency

    • Cheese Chad

      Oh, sorry. It cost the moneys to read too.

      • Cheese Chad

        But a good time for a free trial.

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