Enhanced Box Score: Reds 5, Cubs 0 – August 14, 2013

Chris Rusin pitched well again, but it didn’t matter, since the offense managed just two singles off of Bronson Arroyo today. The shutout was the Cubs’ fourth in their last five games at Wrigley, and gave the Reds a sweep.


august 14 box

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195 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Reds 5, Cubs 0 – August 14, 2013”

  1. Stogie

    This is the worst stretch of play I’ve ever seen the Cubs have at home. They’ve lost 10 of 11, and been shutout 5 times. You gotta expect poor offense when you have a lineup that includes Darnell McDonald and Cody Ransom.

    I’d release Ransom and call up Olt. I know he’s struggling at Iowa, but so was McDonald, and he was brought up. The Cubs are the only rebuilding team I’ve ever seen that won’t let the kids play.

    1. RY

      just one big cluster “F” after another. Ransom, Gillespie, McDonald have no business playing right now; let the kids play, hell we have already given up and are just tanking games away or so it seems.

      1. Mr. B. Patient

        Other than to peak our interest, would bringing up kids who aren’t near ready be in the best interest of the organization?
        If they thought any kids were ready, I’m sure they would consider it, like with Arrieta.
        Keep in mind, there will be a lot of 40 man roster decisions to make, so adding a Baez or Bryant to the 40 man may not be in the best interest of the franchise.

        Bears season starts soon.

        1. Cubbie Blues

          PiquΓ© not peak.

          1. TWC


            PiquΓ© (“pee-kay”) is a type of fabric. Pique (from the French word for thorn or spine), pronounced “peek”, means to arouse interest.

            1. Cubbie Blues

              Oops, didn’t see the autocorrect. Why would it automatically place that thingy up there that I don’t even know the name of? It makes it hard to criticize spelling when that happens.

              1. TWC

                accent aigu

                1. Cubbie Blues


                  1. frank

                    Well, if we’re going to correct grammar, spelling, word usage and all that, it’s “gesundheit.”

            2. MoneyBoy

              From Dictionary.com …

              1. irritated feeling
              2. corded cotton fabric

              (transitive verb)
              1. to arouse resentment in
              2. to excite (interest, curiosity, etc.)

              And to be honest, I’d never heard of it used as a noun!! Live and learn.

              1. Ian Afterbirth

                “In a fit of pique”

                1. P Hertz

                  I hear that routinely. I have aunts in their 90s.

            3. Internet Random

              While we’re at it, “puh-KAHN” is the only civilized way to pronounce the word “pecan”.

              If you say “PEE-KANN”, you’re evil and I hate your guts.

              1. TWC

                A couple years ago I almost threw my iPhone out the window and into traffic trying to get Siri to translate “pecan” into a text for my wife.

                Her: “I’m at Costco, buying things for Thanksgiving. Do we need anything?”

                Me: “Pecans”

                Siri: “Pensions”

                Wife: “What?!”

                Me: “puh-KAHN”

                Siri: “Botch can”

                Wife: “What the hell?”

                Me: “PEE-KAN”

                Siri: “Peek in”

                Wife: “I’m done with you.”

                This went on for at least 10 tries. Seriously. Siri never got it right.

              2. Hansman1982

                What if i say puh-kann?

              3. P Hertz

                I’m from rural South Carolina. PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECAN.

                1. P Hertz

                  1 C, long E

                  1. Internet Random

                    Brett, please ban this savage.

          2. Ian Afterbirth

            Hoist by his own petard!

        2. ssckelley

          No I would not but Watkins is here so let’s put him out there every day, I have seen enough of Barney’s good glove but no bat. I would have much rather seen the Cubs award an organization guy like Ty Wright a trip to Chicago than a 34 year old has been in McDonald. I also see no need to bench Lake at this point, he should get the at bats over Gillespie.

      2. Mitch

        News Bulletin: 10 fans who drove from Southern Ill. to see game have rioted at the ticket booths. 3 Ladies are nursing their babies in protest.

    2. ssckelley

      Don’t knock McDonald, he got 1 of the 2 hits the Cubs got today!

      I love all the strikeouts against a pitcher that averages 5 per 9 innings.

    3. Jon

      There is no point to bringing up Olt, I wish people would stop bringing this up.

      1. frank


  2. Kyle

    That lineup was tough to watch

  3. baseballet

    Ten strikeouts and no walks for the Cubs. They used three position players who are now at or below the Mendoza line.

  4. someday...2015?

    Kris Bryant HR on a first pitch fastball.

    1. Mr. B. Patient

      Is Jesse Rogers right? (Just kidding).

      Hey, if Mike Zunino, 2012′s best college hitter, made it to the bigs in the middle of 2013, can Kris Bryant, 2013′s best college hitter, make it to the bigs in the middle of 2014?

      1. Kyle

        I don’t think it’s going to happen, and it’s kind of meatbally to write an article calling for it, but I don’t think it would be completely insane either.

        Bryant is an elite college bat drafted No. 2 overall. Three months of minor league PT and a spring training (not even including a possible AFL stint) wouldn’t be the shortest transition in history or anything.

        1. Mr. B. Patient

          I love the word ‘meatbally’. Fits that article well.
          Yes, it could happen, but if it does, I hope it’s because he is actually ready, and not just to put fans in the seats.

          1. Cheese Chad

            This organizations seems significantly more concerned with progress and winning than putting butts in the seats. Have you seen the lineups the last couple weeks?

        2. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

          Agree with Kyle on this. He would have to do something crazy good in a short amount of time to get that. He has an elite bat. More elite tools than Zunino has. The M’s were just convinced from the time they drafted him, they needed him ASAP at the ML level.

        3. Die hard

          If the Cubs can’t find room on a 100 loss team for Kris Bryant the wheels will have truly come off the 🚚

          1. Jed Jam Band

            Your box has wheels? So, you live in a box on wheels?

      2. Jon

        And Zuino has been terrible in the big leagues, so that’s not rally a success story now is it?

        1. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

          That is the thing though. Zunino wasn’t great at any one thing. He was solid across the board. Nothing special, but would get to MLB quickly. Everyone knew that. Seattle seems to be like the Cubs about 10 years ago. All of the top prospects in the world, but not one seems to be panning out like you think it should.

          1. Timothy Scarbrough

            Or the Kansas City Royals for the past 20 years consecutively.

          2. chirogerg

            His glove and arm are special

      3. King Jeff

        I think Zunino was rushed by a year at least, and don’t want to see the Cubs make that mistake with Bryant.

      4. someday...2015?

        Im hoping Bryant and Baez get called up together in September next year. That would be ideal.

        1. Kyle

          I’m hoping Baez is a starting infielder by June of next year. (I’m kind of hoping he breaks camp with the team, but I know that’s probably a pipe dream).

          1. Corey

            Unless he cuts his errors by a 1/3. Won’t happen.

  5. Walter Sobchak

    My god u can’t tell me Baez and Bryant aren’t already better than most of that trash that was marched out there today

    1. Mr. B. Patient

      Can’t say better, but I’m sure it would be more interesting. (and less embarrassing).

      1. Kyle

        I’m pretty sure Javier Baez is a better hitter right now than Donnie Murphy. Could go either way on Bryant vs. Ransom, but leaning toward Bryant.

        1. Featherstone

          I’m curious Kyle, do you think Baez has gotten to that point as a prospect where you absolutely have to see how he turns out as a player or do you still include him in packages for major league talent now?

          1. Kyle

            I’m pretty close to that point. It’d have to be one *hell* of a major leaguer.

            Crushing AA with improved defense at his age is a lot different than being pretty good at A+. My opinion of him has soared in the last two months.

            1. Featherstone

              Yeah I’ve noticed your opinion on him has really turned given his performance over the last few months, i’m starting to get there myself. I just wonder if Stanton became available and Baez was the linchpin of the deal would you still pull the trigger.

              1. Kyle

                I’d have some sleepless nights over that choice.

                I’m honestly beginning to wonder if Baez can’t be Stanton, but playing the infield and with all his pre-FA years left.

                I want to say no to Stanton for Baez straight-up, but I think I’m being a bit of a homer when I say that.

                1. Mitch

                  I beg you guys who even remotely hint at trading Baez to come watch him play. Come down to Phoenix and watch him practice and hit in the indoor cages and on our 4 outdoor cages. Come watch him again this year in Arz Fall League against all the top prospects. Tv clips and written opinions do not do him justice. You can meet him and talk to him–nice kid off the field. Take a few days off and fly or drive and stand 20 feet away from him in our 2 hr, batting practice and watch him mash. All the older scouts say he is the next Alex Rodriguez.

                2. Featherstone

                  Yeah there is definitely some hardcore prospect love there (not that its totally unwarranted in this case)

                  I’m getting to be the same way. Watching Baez crush, ascend to the next level, adjust, and then crush again has me absolutely salivating at sticking him at 2B for the next decade.

                  Last question, is there any realistic trade scenario left (i.e. no trout/harper) where you trade Baez?

                  1. Jon

                    Maybe Stanton, but I would do anything in my power to get Stanton without giving up Baez.

                    1. Featherstone

                      I love Stanton, but his nagging injuries this year have me more worried than I should be for a 24 year old baseball obliterator.

                  2. Kyle

                    I’m sure there is. Like I said though, it’d have to be one *hell* of a deal.

                3. Stevie B

                  How about Baez and Solar??

                  I do that deal…. yup. I do it and don’t look back.

                  1. Featherstone

                    I’m not saying it’s a bad deal but man the sour grapes in that deal if Baez pans out.

                  2. Mr. B. Patient

                    Eddie, would you look back, in say 5 years, when Baez and Soler are each hitting 30 HR’s a year, and Stanton is avg 125 games a year?

                    Not saying it’s not a good trade, just believe you have to REALLY think before you make it.

                    1. Mr. B. Patient

                      (sorry, no disrespect intended)

  6. Kyle

    I just can’t get over how this season has gone at the MLB level. We did a fantastic job of finding peripheral pieces, but our core collectively (and to different degrees) pooped all over the sheets.

    If Samardzija, Rizzo and Castro were having the seasons we’d hoped, and the bullpen was “bad” instead of “awful,” this series with the Reds would have had playoff implications.

    1. Jason P

      Big “ifs”, but very true. I think if we even had the bullpen we had now when we broke camp, the record would look a lot better. Strop, Parker, and Gregg have been very pleasant surprises, while Russell has also been good.

    2. jkppkj

      Big “ifs” indeed. I think the problem with lamenting those “ifs” is forgetting about the “ifs” that worked out.

      If Scott Feldman pitches about a run below his career ERA for us.

      If we get decent production from C and 3B: Castillo puts up respectable offensive numbers (102 OPS+) and Navarro hits 10 HRs, 20+ HR so far from the mix of Ransom, Valbuena and Murphy at 3rd.

      If Nate Schierholtz has a career year

      If Travis Wood improves vastly

      I’m not saying everything went right by any means, but you kind of have to take the good with the bad, and I think that for just about every team if everything went right, they could at least be talking about being within a few games of the wild card, well maybe except the Astros.

  7. The Dude Abides

    33k suckers showed up to watch the annual August dive.

    Wouldn’t baseball be great if EVERY team had the Cubs Way philosophy and started tanking games for a better draft pick?

    Genius, pure genius, has does Team Theo keep coming up with these ideas???

    1. Mr. B. Patient

      You would think at some point the Ricketts family will be embarrassed too, but you can’t go back now. The worst thing that can happen is get yourself over committed to free agents, and end up like the 2009-2010 teams.

      1. Kyle

        At this point, we’re committed. I can argue all day about whether this was the best course of action beginning in Oct. 2011, but right now we’ve got the first waves on the doorstep and the FA market is brutal. Nothing to do now but see what all these prospects can do or get us.

        1. caryatid62

          This makes it even more inexplicable that they’re not more active (and take more risks) in the international free agent market. Domestic free agency is dead in the short-term; the only place where high upside (and players younger than 30) exists is in the international realm. That was the market inefficiency of the last 2 years, and continues to be today. That the Cubs are not all-in in that market indicates that they have serious financial limitations.

          1. Kyle

            I wonder if the next market inefficiency will be trading excess prospects for MLB talent. I think we can clean up there in the next two years. Teams have gotten really prospect-crazy.

            1. caryatid62

              It’s certainly possible. Given the number of fans across baseball who overvalue prospects these days, a GM can trade fairly productive major league players for prospects with barely the upside of that major league player and fans will champion that GM. There’s much less pressure on GMs today to avoid prospect deals because fans are slightly more informed about the minor leagues.

  8. Walter Sobchak

    I hope Baez continues his play and he can make the jump to mlb club early next season…..I understand the rebuild but this is something else…….hopefully Bryant closes well too and jumps AA for the start next year, Rakes and can join mlb sometime next year…you have seen Rizzo plummet with absolutey no protection in that lineup…..

    1. Cubbie Blues

      Ugh, this protection thing again …

      1. Kevin

        A GOOD batter would hit for a decent avg & OBP regardless if he’s protected or unprotected in the lineup. There are way too many excuses for Rizzo, he’s protected in the sense he’s Theo’s boy.

        1. DarthHater

          Ugh, this Theo’s boy thing again.

          1. Die hard

            Shill alert πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»

    2. ssckelley

      So would having someone like Bryant hitting behind Rizzo help him hit a lefty?

      1. Cubbie Blues

        No, but it’s not because of the lefty.

      2. Michael

        No but if its late in a game and your best right handed reliever is pitching to Castro then the manager has a decision to make? He could use a lefty reliever (which Bryant mashes) vs rizzo then use another reliever vs Bryant or use the first reliever the whole time because your worried about Bryant. The second scenario would help rizzo so protection is definitely real!

        1. ssckelley

          It is not real, the opposing pitchers are not pitching around Rizzo. If they were he would have a heck of a lot more walks. They are going right after Rizzo and if the game is on the line they simply bring in a lefty to shut him down. Having Bryant or anyone else in the lineup will not change that fact until Rizzo proves that he can be that dominate hitter.

          1. Michael

            So basically your saying mike trout and Miguel Cabrera bating in front of and behind Rizzo doesn’t make a pitcher pitch differently to him then if Brent Lilibridge and James Russell are?

            1. Kyle

              Not much differently. You want to get him out in both situations.

            2. ssckelley

              No, Rizzo has not earned that level of respect yet from opposing teams or managers. When he gets hot opposing pitchers may pitch around him but that is no different than anybody else in the lineup. Rizzo is getting pitches to hit.

  9. Kyle

    Also, Bryant just hit his 2nd HR in 4 Daytona at-bats.

    1. TWC

      Yeah, but he’s got a 25% K rate and a 0% walk rate.

      1. ssckelley

        oh good points, nope…don’t want.

      2. Mr. B. Patient

        But he has an unsustainable BABIP .of 0

        1. TWC

          He just needs some more luck.

      3. Featherstone

        But when you hit a home run 50% of your at bats do you really need to take walks?

        1. Mr. B. Patient

          Let me see. In a full season, a payer has about 650 PA’s, or so. Without any walks, that would be 650 AB’s. At a HR rate of 50%, that would be, what, 325 HR’s. So, to answer your question, no he would not need to walk.

          However, if he hit 100 HR’s and walked 10 times, I do believe his WAR would be higher.

          1. Featherstone

            Wait are you saying that his WAR would be higher with 100 HRs and 10 walks than with 325 HRs?

            1. Mr. B. Patient

              Just a joke.

              I like the concept of offensive WAR, I’m just not sure the formula’s are perfected yet.

              1. Featherstone

                Oh ok, I couldn’t tell if serious or not because I was scratching my head at that one.

                Let’s settle for 40HRs with a 10% walk rate.

                1. Mr. B. Patient

                  Can I also ask for a .333 avg and 130 RBI? Or am I not allowed to use baseball card stats?

                  1. roz

                    Absolutely, if he gets 130 RBI that means we’re getting people on base in front of him and scoring a lot of runs, regardless of how little RBI totals tell about a player’s production.

        2. Justin

          Best thread ever…

      4. ssckelley

        He struck out in the same inning he hit his homer!

        I am jealous of the fans in Daytona, at least when they watch a game they get to watch a team that can score some runs.

    2. willis

      WANT. He and Baez are the real deal. I don’t think there is any question about that. Almora has been a little bit of a china doll and Soler hurt a lot of the season so it’s hard to know too much about them. Almora gives me hope because when he’s healthy, he’s awesome. But Baez and Bryant are off the hook. Just special talents that I hope race up the ladder quickly because this team needs some offense.

      1. X the Cubs Fan

        Soler is my favorite prospect in our system.

  10. Jon

    Whatever they do, please, please keep Kris Bryant at third base.

    1. ssckelley

      Due to his size moving Bryant to the outfield at some point may help his longevity. But I am hoping he comes up as a 3rd baseman.

      1. arta

        is Rizzo another Carlos Pena? good glove, power, low average. one day Bryant could end up at 1B.

        1. jon

          If Rizzo is another Pena, I think you take that, though I’m pretty sure Pena ‘Roided’

          1. willis

            Lord I don’t want Rizzo to be another Pena. Sorry I don’t know how to do the squiggle thingy. But I expect much more from Rizzo than that.

  11. This old cub

    Was excited to see Arieta today for Icubs. instead, saw Casey Coleman throw five shutout innings in his first start of the year….Cubs win 2-1.

  12. Jon

    WAR, what is it good for?

    1. BABIP (MichCubFan)

      Quantifying value, ughhh.

  13. Lou Brock

    Let us also judge the manager as well as the players he is provided. I am convinced more every day I watch this team play at Wrigley that Sveum has no clue or at the very least cannot coach this team on how to manufacture runs. They never bunt for a hit, with the exception of The new arrival Lake, and he never tries to hit and run. At least he should find out if his roster is capable of this type of offense when they play half of their games in a stadium where the wind plays such a significant factor in your ability to score runs.

    1. Jon

      I’m neutral on Svuem, but, Chris Bosio is stud in my book. I want him around when that pipleline of pitchers start to come up. I woudn’t want Svuem to leave if that means Bosio goes as well.

      1. chirogerg

        And Derek Johnson

      2. Kyle

        I really like the synergy that comes with Bosio’s ability to coax out more ground balls from pitchers and Sveum’s defensive shifts.

    2. willis

      I think Lake does that on his own.

    3. Rizastro

      you need speed to bunt for a hit and as I watch the cubs nobody has the speed to do it, Lake every now and then but usually the bunts he beats out are almost perfect bunts that results in tough plays. He does not have the speed to be able to lay a so-so bunt down and beat it out, nobody on the club does. As far as hit and runs go, you need hits first. After that you need somebody up with good contact skills. Not many in the line-up have these. I think sveum has done a fine job, given the fact that he is trying to win the race with a pack of mules

    4. chirogerg

      Hit-and-run is the worst play in baseball. Should almost never be used unless the pitcher is piping every pitch, the hitter never swings and misses, the catcher blows, and the middle infielders are slow, and the runner is Lou Brock

  14. Andrew

    Almost another shot for Vogs. Hit one off the wall.

  15. MadMaz

    It obvious the cubs big need hitters and Bryant, Baez, Soler and the rest of prospects are still a couple of years away. So in order to get hitters for 2014 what positions do you guys think the Cubs should invest for free agency.

    1. Jimmy James

      I don’t expect much free agency help next year…..maybe a guy or two if the price/years work

  16. Die hard

    My prediction of 100 losses may be realized 😞

    1. DarthHater

      Slightly less improbable than all your other predictions, but still improbable.

  17. cub2014

    10-32 they should do better then that with the
    pitching they have.

  18. Headscratchin

    Suppose this was Ransom’s last hurrah and he gets cut tomorrow?

    1. TWC

      Fingers crossed…


      1. Headscratchin

        Please don’t try this at home, kids. It hurts like hell!

  19. Joey

    Soriano has 6 RBIs tonight…it’s the second inning. He also had 6 last night

    1. Mush

      I love it. He can carry a team when he gets hot.

      1. Joey

        Another HR, 3-3 2 HR 7 RBIs tonight. 6-9, 4 HRs, 13 RBIs the last two games. Insane

        1. DarthHater

          The all-time ML record for most RBIs in 2 consecutive games is 15 by Tony Lazzeri in 1936. Soriano needs 2 more to tie the record…

          1. Gutshot5820

            I’m lovin this. All of the sudden I’ve become a part time Yankee fan.

  20. Gabe Athouse

    Time to solidify that Top 5 2014 Draft pick!! That lineup today looks awful, just awful.

    Put remember folks, this is all part of the plan. We expected them to suck and this helps for the future.

    1. Gabe Athouse

      Of course I say that as someone who is 2000 miles away and not paying to see them play. I’d be pissed if I had spend $$ on season tix.

  21. Kramden

    It’s all good….

    Next draft we get a top 3 to 5 and choose the pitching or catching equivalent of Baez, Bryant or Almora (without the injuries).

    Just lose, baby!

    1. Kyle

      IIRC, there’s supposed to be an insanely talented prep catcher that McLeod and half of baseball is in love with. No idea where he’d go.

      1. Jp3

        Who are you talking about Kyle? Sorry for the stupid question but what is IIRC?

        1. Kyle

          IIRC = If I recall correctly.

          I’m being lazy right now, but I’ll look him up later tonight. It’s some high school catcher that all the scouting world is drooling over, and there was a report that McLeod wanted to adopt him or something.

          1. Jp3

            Ohhhhh…. Sorry, sometimes I don’t know the abbreviations. I think I read who your talking about. Maybe Alex Jackson

          2. X the Cubs Fan

            Yeah I think it’s Alex Jackson.

            1. Kyle

              Yeah, that’s who I meant.

            2. chirogerg

              Quick scouting report:
              Big time power
              60: 6.83 (grade 55 = very good for a catcher)
              Pop: 1.73 (absolutely insane, like Pudge territory insane)
              Clocked at 91 from C, 98 from OF

              6-9 with 2 2B, 3B, HR in Area Codes last year

      2. TWC

        Another McLeod?! But there can be only one!

        1. Jp3

          My high school football coach was names McLeod… That saying never got old, for us;)

        2. Cubbie Blues

          No more?

          1. Cubbie Blues

            Oops, missed the McLeod part. I assumed Star Wars Sith and you ent with the end around to Highlander.

          2. Jp3

            Not in high school now for about a decade and a half so I don’t get the opportunity at that jab anymore. Don’t think he’s there anymore anyways after going 0-30 in his 3n year career there

  22. BlameHendry

    I really am not even upset when we lose right now. This season was obviously never going to be anything special anyways, and I’d rather finish the season with the worst record than finish within 5 games of a playoff spot. You either go home in Octoboer with an average draft pick next year, or you go home with another Kris Bryant. After your a certain number of games out of a race for a playoff spot, losses really aren’t that painful.

    1. Jimmy James

      Exactly…it’s sort of win win at this point…..if they win, great….if they lose, oh well little bit better pick. I know a lot of fans don’t want to hear that but it is a way to take solace in a loss. It doesn’t make losing ok, just less painful.

      1. Eternal Pessimist

        I definitely don’t like the way they are losing lately. As I’ve said before, I have no problem tanking the rest of the season, but am disturbed by how our ‘key pieces’ are performing, and hope that they can get it going again.

    2. Dr. Leroy Quackenbush

      What I find depressing and confounding is when the Cubs run out there a line-up that does not provide any organizational value. What good is it that Cody Ransom, McDonald and Murphy are on the field. These guys should not be starting for any major league team. Especially all 3 on any given day. The should be giving money back to ticket holders when line-ups like this are run out there.

      1. roz

        So you would rather have them call up the young kids who aren’t ready for the majors yet? Brilliant plan.

    3. farmerjon

      I’m pretty well braced for the losing, if we win? Meh, whatever. If we can play spoiler here and there (our version of the “playoff race” ;-) )? Great. Some encouraging perfomances from players that are going to be part of the 2014 Chicago Cubs would be really great. I’m a little torn between wanting to see some of the kids play and arbitration clock concerns. But heck, I’m excited about the kids coming up, I’m excited about the direction of the organization and I’m excited about the future of being a Cubs fan. Be patient boys n girls, better times are on their way

  23. Wester

    Just got my milb.tv subscription at the perfect time to watch Baez tearing it up, the only out he’s made was a lazer line drive that missed being a home run by a foot, then he flew out to deep center. Two RBI doubles, scoring three runs, and the next pitch Alcatraz stole home. This is awesome!

    1. Wester


      1. X the Cubs Fan


      2. chirogerg

        best autocorrect ever?

        1. willis

          I’d say if not it’s damn close. That was hilarious.

          1. X the Cubs Fan

            Im still laughing over that.

  24. Timothy Scarbrough

    If the Brewers beat the Rangers tonight, and they are currently tied 1-1, the Cubs will be a game behind them, and sitting with the fourth worst record in baseball.

  25. Barroof

    Yes… Barroof is in the house. OK all you happy smart guys, I sure hope you’re all happy about trading Soriano and getting a player who’ll never sniff our roster. This is total bullshit that we as Cubs fans have to watch the crap on the field. So FO can save a few million of OUR MONEY. I’m all for the rebuilding but come on. At least lower the price of beer so I won’t remember what I’m seeing. This sucks is an understatement !!!

    1. college_of_coaches

      You’re sure that “happy smart guys” are happy? What else would they be?

  26. Ferris

    Looks like another top three pic, no one is hitting.best starting pitchin weve had in years an we are this far under…..no one in this org. Should be untouchable..no one

  27. Jeff

    Looks like we got fleeced on that Soriano trade……

  28. Die hard

    Soriano is playing up to the moment— he wouldn’t be doing this if nothing to play for-/ that’s why he had to go and to a contender — πŸŽ“πŸŽ“πŸŽ“πŸŽ“

    1. X the Cubs Fan

      Soriano always played hard for the Cubs 20+hrs every season with them.

    2. chirogerg

      the Yankees are not a contender, and everyone knows that

  29. Chris

    So it’s looking like a top 4 pick. Doesn’t look like Houston and Miami is catchable. Anyone know what next years draft picks are and what are some possibilities to be looking forward too? I heard a couple people say next years draft is suppose to be awesome. Not sure how much better you can get than Bryant tho…

    1. Kramden

      If it’s an awesome draft then some prospect with Bryant’s level of talent would be available lower in the draft.

      1. Kyle

        It would have to be an *insanely* awesome draft.

    2. Mr. B. Patient

      Top heavy with college pitching and a college SS.

      Rodon LHP, Beede RHP, Cederoth RHP, and Trea Turner SS.

      My guess one of the pitchers could make it to #4.

      1. X the Cubs Fan

        … And possibly the best prospect in the draft, prep arm Touki Toussaint

        1. chirogerg

          tough to beat Rodon in that right. 2 70-grade pitches (FB,SL), 2 other average ones (CH, Cutter)

      2. Mr. B. Patient

        Just for fun (this will change about 200 times between now and draft day).


      3. Good Captain

        Based on the FO’s past drafting record, I think they’d lean towards a position player at 4 and 5 unless the position players on the Board were clearly inferior in quality to the pitching.

  30. Chris

    Any idea how good these pitchers are? Better than Appel and grey?

    1. Mr. B. Patient

      There is a link above you may be interested in.
      Quick takes on each pitcher
      Rodon: Most people have him as better than Appel.
      Beede: Amazing fastball, Vandy pedigree, and questionable control.
      Cederoth: Crazy good stuff, did not perform well last year, minor injury concerns.

      1. X the Cubs Fan

        Rondons floor is about where Appels is and his ceiling is a true ace. I think Beede is better due too his all around arsenal but his control isn’t great. Cederoth has great stuff… And Touki Toussaint is the best pitching prospect in this draft.

        1. X the Cubs Fan

          He can get his FB up to 97 already and has a possible plus curveball and slider.

        2. chirogerg

          I’m a Vandy guy, but I don’t want Beede unless he shows that his control/command issues are behind him. Stuff is there (mid nineties FB, plus-plus changeup), but needs to figure control out. I will watch every one of his home starts this year. Hey, maybe I’ll get to meet McJedstein.

          1. X the Cubs Fan

            If Beede fell to 3/4 id take him im pretty sure anything he has wrong with his delivery we can fix. Tyler Beede = Chris Sale with better mechanics.

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