gods-wrathNot to double-dip into the Wrath, but …

Mark Gonzales just reported that Jacob Hannemann, the Cubs’ third round pick out of BYU, has a slight tear in his right (non-throwing) elbow. Hannemann missed most of July at short season low-A Boise with an undisclosed injury, came back for a few games at the end of the month, and hasn’t played since July 25. I am wondering if this elbow injury is new (since July 25, anyway), or if it was the issue all along. The 22-year-old center fielder was hitting .290/.313/.468 for Boise over just 14 games.

The injury, which will not require surgery (but still figures to keep Hannemann out for the better part of the rest of the year), is particularly ill-timed, not unlike Jorge Soler’s injury. Like Soler, Hannemann hasn’t played a whole lot of baseball in the last few years, having served a Mormon mission before starting at BYU. He hit quite well there this year as a freshman, but, because of the layoff, you’d like to see him getting in as much action as possible right now. Further, because he’s already 22, you’d also probably have preferred to see him reach full season ball by the end of this year.

The Cubs clearly liked Hannemann a great deal, taking him at the start of the third round this year, and paying him well over slot ($1 million) to sign. Hopefully he can play in instructional ball this Fall, or maybe even a Winter League. Either way, he’ll remain a prospect to watch next year.

(UPDATE: I don’t have it in my heart to blast you with three consecutive bits of Wrath, but Josh Vitters reinjured his woeful hamstring, per Tommy Birch, and may have to go back on the DL. Again again again.)

  • King Jeff

    As fun as July was, August is turning out to be the opposite.

  • JM

    Are you kidding me? Why does He hate the Cubs so badly?

  • North Side Irish

    Soler, Hannemann, Vitters injured…Arrieta scratched from his start…been a very wrathful morning.

    • jh03

      I wonder why Arrieta was scratched… That will be interesting to see how that plays out.

      • Jon

        @TommyBirch: Pevey said that Arrieta is still here and that the plan is to stretch out Coleman a bit. #IowaCubs #Cubs #PCL

        • North Side Irish

          Gordon Wittenmyer ‏@GDubCub 3m
          Arrieta to pitch Friday and stay in rotation rest of way. Villanueva to pen.

          • jh03

            Saw that. Awesome!

  • Jon

    You’re going to need a 3rd “Gods Wrath” thread as Vitters is going back on the DL. With all these hamstrings w/ Vitters you have to question PED use.

    • Mr. B. Patient

      Why would you make that accusation? Do you have proof?

      • Jon

        As baseball fans, we don’t owe any player the “benefit of the doubt”. They lost that privilege a long time ago. You have to wonder why he keeps re-aggravating his hamstring time after time.

        • jh03

          Maybe not players who have already been connected to PED’s.. but to say “we don’t owe any player the “benefit of the doubt”” is just insane. The players in today’s game, especially Vitters, had no impact on the choices that the players who scarred baseball fans made.

          Maybe he just has a bad hamstring?

          I’m not saying every player is clean.. but to assume they all use, without proof, is asinine.

          • waittilthisyear

            if vitters is as big a bust as it seems he is destined to be while using PED’s, than he must truly stink.

            that being said, just because a guy has problems with injuries, it is not right to blindy fire accusations in his direction

            • Jon

              He actually has been quite productive this year(I know extreme SSS). If he had a large sample of games to associate those numbers to, we would have legit reason to get uber excited.

              • waittilthisyear

                he has had a nice, albeit slow-paced, minor league career. watching him last year in the majors though, i saw two things; why people were excited about him (he does have a pretty stroke from the right side), and he stinks. Never seen anyone take so many called third strikes on fastballs that split the plate in half (in such a short period of time)

                • Jon

                  K rate was never his problem.

                • waittilthisyear

                  im aware Jon (same name and spelling by the way). but he k’d looking on fastballs right down the middle on several occassions, which was maddening

        • mdavis

          right…but also not fair to just automatically throw someones name in the mud like that with literally no proof or anything to back it up except he’s injured his hamstring. the fact its the same one probably means its not fully healing before he comes back.

          ask Jack Clark how it’s going throwing accusations around about PED use. Its irresponsible, regardless of the fact that its apart of the game.

        • Mr. B. Patient

          So, since you’re such a baseball fan, have you ever seen a player that has a muscular problem, let’s say a quad pull, that for some reason continues to have muscular problems all year? I’ve seen it. it’s hard, with muscular problems, to stay in shape, you compensate for one strain, and it causes another. You’re in a pressure situation and lie about your health so you get back on the field too soon. It happens. Purely speculating, I know, but at least I didn’t accuse him of illegal activity without proof.

          BTW, who ‘s your favorite team? It can’t be the Cubs, because NO Cub fan is happy when their players fail. You seem to take great pleasure in it.

          • Jon

            I didn’t say “Vitters is using PEDs” , I said (with his extreme rash of hamstring pulls) one could question it. There is a big difference between outright accusing someone and saying “You know, the though crossed my mind”. It’s also possible, he could just have a nagging injury or bad luck.

            I also don’t know why you think I want him to fail, I’d love he could actual be a productive player for the Cubs..Mr. “Strawman”.

            • http://Jplgxk AlwaysNextYear

              This is just idiotic at best.

            • jh03

              “You can continue to keep your head buried in the sand and assume this new generation of players are “clean”. I’ll just assume they all found better “chemists”.”

              That’s in reference to me about Vitters using PED’s…. Take that, along with everything else you’ve said, and I’d say it’s pretty easy to infer you were accusing Vitters of PED’s.

            • bbmoney

              That’s not actually what you said. you said you “have to question PED use” which is different from saying one could question it.

              And yes it’s a technicality, and probably not what you meant. It’s all we have to go off because this is the intrawebz and we just have what you typed.

            • hansman1982


              • DarthHater

                Hans, you shouldn’t post Jon’s actual photo on the web!

        • Jp3

          Umm, how about he just takes horrible care of his body in the offseason? Everyone that has seen him in person generally says he looks out of shape. Maybe he should
          Invest in a treadmill this offseason?

          • Jp3

            No way Vitters is a PEDs user, he’d be a pretty damn good hitter at that point and his hats wouldn’t fit so well😝

        • hansman1982

          There are a lot of people who have murdered, raped, pillaged and plundered others, so until you can definitevely prove otherwise with a video recording of your life, I am going to assume you are a murdering rapist.

          • DarthHater

            I am going to assume you were eating a hamburger when you typed that.

            • hansman1982

              No, I haven’t had my hamburger fix yet today, hence the negative thoughts.

          • waittilthisyear

            off topic, but what exactly is pillaging and plundering? i know the vikings and pirates (not their sporting affiliates) seemed to be very fond of it

            • DarthHater
            • hansman1982

              Pillaging is destroying everything in site. Plundering is stealing all the stuff they have. Typically, you want to plunder before you pillage. Not sure why it ever became pillage and plunder.

              • waittilthisyear

                fantastic. im gonna go do some pillaging in my bosses toilet, seeing as he is out of the office


                • DarthHater

                  According to Merriam-Websters, the primary meaning of pillage is: the act of looting or plundering especially in war.

              • Cubbie Blues

                Two theories:
                1. The Vikings came by ship, so, they could only plunder so much, but could pillage all they wanted.
                2. After the villages were pillaged, the towns folk didn’t care too much about what was actually plundered.

              • DarthHater
    • DarthHater

      With all these idiotic accusations, you have to question use of:


      • Internet Random

        And …

  • Jon

    You can continue to keep your head buried in the sand and assume this new generation of players are “clean”. I’ll just assume they all found better “chemists”.

    • jh03

      lol, my head isn’t buried in the sand. I’m perfectly aware that players still use. But to point to a nagging injury and scream “PED’s!!” is so illogical, it’s funny.

      I’m not saying Vitters doesn’t use. I’m not saying he does. I’m simply stating that a series of hamstring injuries doesn’t make a guy guilty of PED’s. Does every player with more body hair need to be accused too? Guys with deeper voices? Whatever other side effects *can* be? No. That’s dumb.

    • caryatid62

      If I’m going to make ridiculous jumps in logic and have no evidence to back something up, I’d rather make them in support of something that makes me happy instead of something that makes me unhappy.

      What good does it serve to constantly think players are using PEDs? Does it get you a “true fan” award? It seems like a massive waste of time.

    • CubsFaninMS

      If my great Aunt Ida Ruth kept spraining her ankle attempting to walk up steps, I would be forced to accuse her of PEDs until Aunt Ida Ruth proves otherwise.

      If one group of people commits a higher percentage of crimes than others, then I will assume a person who is a member of that group is a criminal until they prove otherwise.

      I know, both extreme examples, but my point is that you can’t take one fact and assume or imply guilt and have a strong argument. You did add the word “suspect” in there, but making such an accusation about Vitters, whether it is a cautionary implication or strong finger pointing, is a very slippery slope.

    • Cyranojoe

      With logic like yours, it’s a wonder you can stand reading this site, with its “reasoning” and “well thought-out arguments”. Must drive you batty.

  • jh03

    Arrieta to be in the rotation the rest of the way. Cool.

    • North Side Irish

      And Rusin keeps his spot in the rotation…I like that they are going with the guy who has pitched best instead of deferring to the veteran Villanueva.

      • jh03

        I agree. I’d rather watch Arrieta and Rusin develop as starters, than Villineuva do his thing the rest of the way.

    • On The Farm

      Another SP to be excited about. It appears Strop is slowly re-establishing himself, now its time to see how Arrieta has done with all his work in Iowa. Very excited for Friday’s game now.

  • Cubswin

    Arreita starting Friday and will stay with Cubs from there on out per Wittenmyer. Love it, cant wait to see him pitch again

  • Jon

    Bruce Miles ‏@BruceMiles2112 1m
    #Cubs to bring Arrieta up Friday to start and remain in rotation. Villanueva to pen.

    That’s great news!

  • Internet Random

    “Mark Gonzales just reported that . . . .”


  • ssckelley

    SIAP, Manny Ramirez got cut by the Rangers.

  • RoughRiider

    Vitters needs to take up Yoga. After he heals.

  • Joker

    Anyone in disagreement that Vitters will be removed from the 40 man and “offered up” in the Rule 5 draft?

    • bbmoney

      I’d be surprised.

    • Kyle

      I’d be extremely surprised if that happens. Vitters still has plenty of potential and value. He’s really improved over the last two years.

      Besides, if he’s removed from the 40-man, he has to go through waivers, so a team would just claim him then and not wait for the rule 5 draft.

  • Aaron

    23-year-old Vitters is back on the disabled list for the third time this season. What great feat was he doing on the baseball diamond to incur such an injury. Answer: running the bases.

    I liked Vitters as a prospect a few years ago. However, like the Cubs have done so already, time to move on to other prospects who can fill that critical position on a ball club.

    If you can’t stay healthy when you’re in your 20’s, just wait to when you’re in the 30’s or even 40’s. I’m sure some of us out there, including myself, know how difficult is once you get older, but still want to play competitive baseball or softball.

    • Cedlandrum

      Right most hamstring issues do occur from running.

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