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  • The thesaurus is running out of superlatives for inarguably top Cubs prospect Javier Baez. Last night, he had two hits and a walk, no big deal. The last hit was a walk-off, two-run homer. Again, no big deal. This is just Javy Baez bein’ Javy Baez. After putting up a fantastic .274/.338/.535 line at Daytona (20-years-old, young for the league), Baez has improved in almost every way since coming to Tennessee. The slash line is better – .293/.355/.631 – and the walk rate is much better (8.4% versus 6.2%). The K rate is a little worse (28.7% versus 23.1%), but most of the AA K’s came in his first handful of games. Over the last 15 games, the K rate is just 18.6%. If he had enough at bats to qualify, he’d lead the Southern League – as a 20-year-old shortstop – in OPS by a country mile. This young man … as I said, the superlatives are running dry.
  • The game was also a microcosm of what you’re going to get with Baez: in addition to the heroics, he struck out once and made an error. You take the good with the bad, and, right now, the good is so absurdly outweighing the bad that your mom will soon warn you that your face is going to get stuck like that if you don’t stop smiling.
  • If you’re looking for the latest odds on a baseball game or two, by the way, check out bettingsites.us.
  • (Armando Rivero made his AA debut in the Tennessee game, as well, striking out four over two scoreless innings. It has become an increasingly fair bet that we’ll see him in the bullpen at some point next year.)
  • Unsurprisingly, Baez shows up in the latest BP Hot Sheet, together with teammate Christian Villanueva (quietly one of the top hitters in the Southern League over the past few months) and High-A stud Kris Bryant.
  • Carlos Villanueva, who admitted that he wasn’t thrilled moving to the bullpen (starters want to start), is the consummate teammate and pro-org guy: “They want to bring [Jake] Arrieta and see what he can do,” Villanueva said, per CSN. “I [have] seen him pitch in Baltimore and here, and he’s got great stuff. So if we can have a guy in here who can be a big contributor next year in that role then we need to see what he [can do].” I’m glad Villanueva is coming back next year, for many reasons. Good guy to have on the team. For his part, although he said he wasn’t thrilled to be pulled from the rotation, he’s fine with going back in the pen and contributing there as best he can.
  • Darwin Barney, who spent a lot of time with Ryne Sandberg as his manager, is happy that the Hall of Fame second baseman is getting a chance to manage in the big leagues. In case you missed the news yesterday, Sandberg is taking over as the interim manager of the Phillies.
  • Reliever Chang-Yong Lim, who’d been working his way back from Tommy John surgery and looked poised to join the Cubs’ bullpen soon (so that he could be evaluated for the purposes of 2014), has been placed on the disabled list at AAA Iowa, apparently with a shoulder strain. That could run the gamut from very serious to not so serious, so we’ll just have to wait and see. He’d been pitching well.
  • Bruce Miles with a range of thoughts, updates, and info here. Ryno stuff, replay stuff, injury stuff. Good stuff.
  • Timothy Scarbrough

    It’s the Baseball America Hotsheet, not the Baseball Prospectus Brett.

  • RizzoCastro

    Baez should be in the Bigs as soon as he can next year. I think he has proven with the bat he is ready. Work on the D this fall and ST and I think we have the a new SS. I think you have to look at trading Castro like I have been saying for the last month. I would consider Castro moving to 2B or CF if he could handle CF. his contract is team friendly and he can still hit. I just feel like Castro will have very good trade value so I think the FO has a lot to think about.

    • Ryan

      I don’t think selling low on a 23-year old two-time all-star with a team friendly contract is the way to go, if you’re looking to build a long-term contender – might look at shifting positions if Javy would be an upgrade defensively, but Castro has a career best fielding percentage this year (.969).

      Sure, Castro has struggled this year. But say you trade Castro and start Baez at SS next year. Baez makes the All-Star team two out of his first three years, but struggles in year four. Do you also trade Baez off? Think the Cubs should have a little more patience – HOF has plenty of people who struggled for a year or two early on before putting it all together.

      • In Theo We Trust

        Well said…I agree.

      • Starlin Backer

        Very well said. This team I love has a frustrating history of selling low-Lee Smith, Fergie Jenkins, Bill Madlock, Rick Rueschel, Raphael Palmeiro, Lou Brock- and many more. Apparently many fans are afflicted with the same lack of logical thinking. The current management team is not that stupid.

        • RizzoCastro

          Selling Low? I never said sell low. Castro would be in high demand in the trade market. I myself am a Castro fan, but Castro doesn’t have the bat to make up for all his mistakes. He doesn’t pay attention enough and plays like we just saw prove my point. I think he has the weight of this organization on his back or so he feels that way. A fresh start for him may not be that bad. I never said sell low.

          • K0ng

            But if you trade him now, or this off-season, aren’t you selling low? He’s having a down year in the most visible calculations, so the perception among trade partners is that you’re giving up on him, and they will offer a correspondingly low return. Isn’t it better to give him the offseason to regroup, play Baez at Iowa every day, and then trade a hot, revitalized Castro in July, and promote Baez then? Seems like you’d get a lot more for Castro in that scenario, and be more sure that Baez was ready.

    • cub2014

      Baez will be at 3rd or 2nd FO already said they will be
      working him into different positions this winter and in
      the spring.

    • Blublud

      I think trading Castro would be huge mistake unless you get a haul. I love Baez and think he can stick at SS, be he is plenty athletic enough to play any position as well as Castro. If his bat is ready, he’ll get on field. Trading Castro should have nothing to do with that.

      • cms0101

        Thinking about potential trades down the road with the glut of infield prospects the Cubs have, what if they made a trade with the cross-town rivals for Sale? I hate the idea of trading Castro, but if Baez is ready and can stick at SS, moving Castro and other prospects for a young stud LHP might be the best move.

        • Pat

          In think the Sox have Ramirez signed for several more years, so I don’t see where there would be interest in Castro. Plus the prospect cost would be extremely high.

      • Bill

        The days of getting a haul for Castro are long gone. Unless next year he has a monster year, then we definitely won’t get anything close to a haul. Maybe we’d get a top 50 prospect.

        • Bill

          We’d be selling Castro for penny’s on the dollar right now

        • X the Cubs Fan

          He’s a 23 year old two time all star that’s going through a slump year are you out of your mind? If a team would only give up one top 50 prospect plus some fillers or something Theo would just laugh and hang up.

          • cub2014

            most 23 year olds are having there 1st career slump
            in AA

            • Starlin Backer

              Exactly right! My team has some awfully short-sighted, immature fans. Struggle a little, “get rid of da bum.” Geez, grow up people.

          • https://www.facebook.com/AnotherSpaceSong Bret Epic

            I say we keep Castro and try putting him back in the 2 hole. He’s not an OBP guy, but DeJesus is and if you have a contact guy behind an OBP guy, you have a decent chance to at least make a productive out. Maybe something along the lines of

            1. DeJesus
            2. Castro
            3. Rizzo
            4. Schierholtz
            5. Lake
            6. Castillo
            7. Murphy
            8. Barney
            9. Pitcher

            That way, they’ll be more likely to give Castro decent pitches, since they know Rizzo is a power guy, and they’ll likely give him junk. The stronger the guys are before and after a hitter, the more likely that hitter is to get something decent to hit. As soon as Rizzo came up with the Cubs, Castro started to fall off. He needs a chance to turn it around. Giving him a consistent place in the line up seems like the best shot we’ve got. I know the whole BABIP is a thing that not many people follow, but his is pretty low this season. Seems like a lot of Cubs players have a low BABIP this year.

          • Kyle

            “a slump year.”

            Like that’s just a thing, where it’s perfectly ordinary for players to be terrible for entire years.

            • X the Cubs Fan

              650 career hits at age 23 is crazy.

              • Pat

                So is almost 2300 at bats at that age.

            • Starlin Backer

              Are you seriously that dumb?

        • Cyranojoe

          This idea of selling low is EXACTLY the kind of idiocy that puts teams in the cellar. You SELL HIGH. You line up talent so the next man’s always ready to step up, and then you sell high! When was the last time you saw a trade go down for a player who has *six* more years of control?

  • Werner

    Going to be really interesting to see as Cub fan base becomes more and more aware of Baez how the FO, which seems to preach patience, reacts.

    • Mr. B. Patient

      Werner, I hope the FO doesn’t do anything to appease the fan base. They need to do what they think is right for Baez and the team. However, Theo, Jed and Jason are probably @ a Starbucks, as we speak.
      They are looking at each other, over their Caramel Mocha Lattes (Grande) and saying “what the ____ do we do with him now”!

      • Werner

        Ha! Funny.

        Yeah, he’s turning out to be a very good problem to have but I don’t doubt that he is a problem in that he’s forcing them to make decisions they weren’t expecting to make at the moment. When he arrives at spring training, that will be a fun circus to watch.

  • ssckelley

    We are all excited about Baez, Bryant, Almora, Alcantara, ect but Villanueva does not get mentioned enough. We all knew he had the glove but the question has been whether Villanueva could hit. The past month he has been on fire and his numbers at AA are surpassing what he did a A a couple of years ago that made him a #100 prospect (BA). If he keeps hitting like this perhaps he is the one who ends up forcing Bryant to the outfield.

    Next spring it might be Villanueva and Olt competing for the starting 3rd base position.

    • Starlin Backer

      Would be a great problem to have. 4-5 legit 3rd basemen when it is hard to find one for a team.

  • X the Cubs Fan

    The only minor league I can seriously say is having a better season than Baez is George Springer of Astros right now he’s at 34 HRs, 38 SBs, 26 2Bs, 99 RBIs with 75 BBs, while batting 304/414/611 in AA and AAA.

    • X the Cubs Fan

      And he’s four years older than Baez.

      • Mr. B. Patient

        And Springer is playing in ‘hitters’ leagues’. FWIW. But with those stats, shouldn’t he be considered a top 10 prospect?

        Also, the Astro’s should be fined by the league for not bringing him up. They are tanking more obvious than the Cubs. I say a good penalty would be the Astros forfeiting their 2014 1st round draft pick. :-)

        • X the Cubs Fan

          He is playing in hitters league now but his production is about 50-50 between the two but his average went up 11 points.

          • Mr. B. Patient

            The Texas league is a pretty good hitters league, not the PCL, but still…
            I’m not taking anything away from Springer, I think he should get more prospect love than he does.

    • Chef Brian

      I’m sure he gets plenty of attention on the Astro’s fan site.

  • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    Javier Baez is showing more than I could have ever hoped for. I was hopeful he could show the potential to be a serviceable pro. He is going to have more hype than any prospect since Prior.

  • X the Cubs Fan

    Machado has 42 Doubles?!?!?

    • RizzoCastro

      And he has a cannon for an arm and a glove that is very very very good! That kid is going to be something very special!

    • Mr. B. Patient

      Well, you’ll be happy to know that, other than strikeouts, Baez’s minor league numbers blow Machado’s out of the water. Machado was about 1 year younger per league, but the hitting difference is significant.
      Here’s hoping Baez’s skills translate to the Majors as well as Machado’s (as I raise my cup of coffee to you).

      • Bill

        Machado is a much better contact hitter then Baez is and probably ever will be. But yes I agree with Baez’s raw power trumps machados.

  • David

    Looking at the DBacks prospects… They have Jake Barrett – he’s been a closer for a few years in the minors. How are closers “developed”? I always thought pitchers “stretch out” their arms in the minors as a starter – throw more innings. Then, if you can’t develop a third pitch to be a starter – you’re put in the bullpen. Anyway – Barrett & Bradley to be the centerpiece of a Shark trade over the winter? Something to think about. Shark needs to finish this year on a high.

    • RizzoCastro

      I think they would and can get more for Shark. Just my opinion.

      • Davidjo

        They’d be the centerpieces.

        • X the Cubs Fan

          Bradley, Delgado, Barrett and Trahan would be exciting.

    • Patrick G

      Somebody has to be in the bullpen. Most starting pitchers will be stretched out if they have the potential to stick as a starter, but if someone has a higher ceiling as a reliever than a starter, they go to the pen.

  • Steve

    A couple of years ago the chose to sign Milton Bradley instead Raul Ibanez or Bobby Abrue. BIG MISTAKE!!!

  • Steve

    Been a Cub fan for 60-yrs. Only 17 times has the team won more than 50% of their games in a season. THAT’S 28%. Cub fans need to be patient with whatever the Hoyer-Epstein plan will bring to the Friendly Confines because it certainly can’t get much worse than I’ve observed in all these years.

  • Die hard

    What irks me is that Theo won’t go all in to make this team a kid team and bring in a mgr who is good with kids… Hope he does so next yr🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮

    • Steve

      If Epstein and Hoyer put a mostly rookie and 2nd year player team out on the field, they wouldn’t win more 50-games and there’d be less than 25,000 in the stands at Wrigley Field. Cub fans are patient, but even those fans wouldn’t stand for “a kid team”

      • cub2014

        I think the Cubs could play rookies right now at 2nd and 3rd
        (Baez&Alcantera) and be better than they are right with Baez
        learning 3rd on the fly.

        • Chef Brian

          I’d have to disagree simply on the basis that it could potentially hurt their development, besides any service time implications. Not everyone that rakes in AA can handle a jump to the Bigs. I think that would be a huge mistake, no matter who is manning the positions right now.

  • Blublud

    Hansman, I just wanna say I told you so. 😉

    I made the suggestion that Baez would improve his walk rate as he was promoted higher due to the fact that he was not chasing as many ball out of the zone as people were suggesting. He was facing guys who were trying to throw strikes, not guys who were trying to get you out off the plate. Now that he is at AA, he is facing more of the latter and its show.

    I also stated while he was still at Daytona, that if he stopped trying to hit a homer everytime and just focused on getting hits, the SO rate would start dropping. Baez is a uber prospect, and now is the time for people to stop trying to put Almora above him.

    • Ced landrum

      You also said Jeffrey Baez should jump straight to Kane county.

      • Blublud

        That was a misprint. I def ment Boise.

  • praying the cubs get ready to win

    Brett with all the new young players the Cubs received vis trades or draft or international draft, can u update the rankings for the Cubs minors in your opinion? Also list the position and the year you think they could make the majors? I love BN.

    • cub2014

      Curious what everyone else thinks.
      My Cubs top 10 prospects would be:

      1 Baez
      2 Bryant
      3 Almora
      4 Soler
      5 Alcantera
      6 Hendricks
      7 Edwards
      8 Johnson
      9 Vogelbach
      10 Rosscup & Villanueva
      Last 5 out: Szczur,Ha,,Black,Cabrerra & Vitters
      Didn’t count Rusin,Arrieta or Lake
      I was going based on past projections and
      mostly this years success.

      • Mr. B. Patient

        Not bad. I say move Hendricks to 9, shift everyone below him up a notch, put Olt @10. 9he deserves one more chance).
        Hendricks may not have the stuff to make it.

        • cub2014

          true on Hendricks his stuff is average,
          but he has dominated at every level.

          • Cedlandrum

            Hendricks isn’t in my top 10 neither is Rosscup.

  • lyanreese1

    Hey everybody, I’ve been a long-time lurker on the message boards (from all the way back when brett was ‘ace’ and we had a chance to trade robinson chririnos for chris davis) and my family and I are about to make our first trip to Chicago. Just wanting any tips on where to go, what to see (besides Wrigley of course), good restaurants, and any areas to stay away from. Thanks in advance for your help

    • Justin Koehneke

      Chicago is safe. Its only bad on the south side which has ZERO tourist attractions

      • jt

        Museum of Science and Industry in Hyde Park on the S. Side is a great safe family place.
        The Aquarium is just off The Lake and just south of the Loop.
        The Lincoln Park Zoo is a couple of miles from Wrigley.
        I haven’t been there in almost 10 years but Byron’s a half mile north of Wrigley at Sheridan (Sheffield) and Irving Park had the very best Polish Hotdogs.

        • cub2014

          Redhead Piano Bar !!!!!!!!

          • lyanreese1

            thank you kindly jt and cubs2014. My son will love the museum and I’ll love the polish hotdogs.

            • cub2014

              the PianoBar would be for the parents. But
              if you are coming to stay the Holiday Inn on Wabash
              (old Cass Hotel) is where I stay. Its close to Navy Pier
              (10-12blocks) close to the Red Line (to Wrigley) and
              real nice hotel right at $100 give or take. Close to Rush
              and everything. If you like to walk.

        • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

          The aquarium! Thank you. Also a really nice place to check out. I disagree about the polish though. Jimmy’s on Grand ave in humboldt park has the best Polish.

          • Mr. B. Patient

            You may need to be an expert to take a family to Humboldt Park.

            • waittilthisyear

              true story here. one time i got trashed at some oktoberfest thing at a church. spent all my money, literally. could not even afford a CTA ride. so i start walking home, and eventually im walking past humbolt park. i really didn’t care, i used to work on the west side. anyway, as i am crossing a street, a van is turning left. we look at eac hother, i give a head nod, then i start to jog across the street. he accelerates, hitting me. i do a 360 in the air and hit the ground. i pop up to my feet and hold my arms wide apart, the universal sign for “what the fuck, bro.” the guy pulls over, and opens his van door, a cloud of smoke comes billowing from the passengers seat. the driver, an old, fat, one legged black man, asks if im ok. i say yea, then ask him “what the fuck, bro?” he says, “sorry man, i freaked out.” i was fine, small limp the next day, but my brand new jacket got torn on the elbow, a tear that still bothers me to this day

              • waittilthisyear

                o and staropolska on milwaukee ave has the best polish. my girlfriend grew up in poland, so i’ve got an in. plus the servers there are very attractive

                • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

                  I never heard or had starpolska. I’m going to have to try it next time I’m in town… Milwaukee ave? So if I’m not mistaken it’s pretty close to the UC?

    • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

      Lakeshore drive and Navy pier is always a good time. You can check out the beach, Museum, and Soldier Field as well… Best wings are down in Evanston over by the Northwestern campus. Buffalo Joes on Clark street If I remember correctly. Also if you’ve never had an Italian beef I would suggest trying one. Johnnies beefs over in Elmwood park is where it’s at. Also check out the Sears tower(Willis tower now)

      • lyanreese1

        Thank you both for the help. It is greatly appreciated. Any other suggestions?

        • Mick

          Geno’ Pizza just off Lake Shore Drive on E.Ohio. Thick crust like no other and so good I have it shipped per dry ice to me out west. If you are driving in just connect up with Lake Shore Drive and all the family friendly museums etc. are on it. Do not go south of Museum of Science and Industry as nothing to see. Walk around downtown–Michigan Ave etc to get the feel of the city. Do not get off expressways on south side for gas etc as we have more injuries and deaths than Afghanistan–sad but true. City does have pickpockets that work downtown.

          • lyanreese1

            wow you guys are really coming through with some great info. Thanks so much

            • Eternal Pessimist

              Don’t be afraid that Geno’s East looks like a toilet (if they haven’t painted over the walls). Great pizza if you want the true deep dish experience.

          • Internet Random

            Geno’s best pizza is not as good as Lou Malnati’s worst.

            If you want an ultra deep-dish, Giordano’s is where to go.

            Uno and Due are both good, too, if you’re in the neighborhood (Mag Mile) anyway.

            If I were making a special trip for pizza, though, I’d probably get a deep-dish from Giordano’s. While I have a slight preference for Lou’s, Giordano’s is the one that you’ll be telling people about when you get home.

        • Mr. B. Patient

          It’s gonna cost you some money, but you got to get yourself a guide book. I suggest picking up a Zagat’s guide for restaurants, because the price range is SO significant.

          I agree with 2015, an authentic Italian beef is a must. Johnnie’s is good, but Portillo’s is also excellent, and they are easy to find.
          Can’t come to Chicago without doing the deep dish thing. I say go original, and go to Uno’s in the loop. Lou Malnati’s and Giordano’s are also quite good, with easier to reach locations.
          If you’re in the Wrigley neighborhood early, I suggest Ann Sather’s for breakfast. The cinnamon rules are amazing. These restaurants are owned by Alderman Tunney, who I am sure you’ve heard of if you read this blog.

          As far as attractions, again Navy Pier is the biggest, but consider any of our museums. They are world class.. The Museum of Science & Industry is my favorite, it’s near the University of Chicago (amazing campus). Read the book “Devil in the White City”, and this area will be a must see. Obama’s house is nearby. (eat lunch at Medici’s on 57th, which was a hangout for the Black Panthers in the 60’s)

          I don’t know when you are coming, and how old the kids are, but look into 6 Flags, Great America, that’s always fun. Leading into September, a lot of neighborhoods and suburbs have street fairs and festivals. These are worth it for the people watching alone. Google it, and you’ll probably find plenty of fairs, but avoid the South and West sides.

          Anyway, that is a VERY small fraction of what is available in our fine city. You may need to buy TWO guide books


          • Mr. B. Patient

            My favorite guide book for attractions, with a bit of Chicago history thrown in.

            DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Chicago (available on Amazon).

          • Internet Random

            Ann Sather’s is good, but Wishbone is significantly better.

    • Tobias

      There’s a little known restaurant in Lakeview called Mama Desta’s Red Sea which specializes in African cuisine. It’s located on off Belmont and Clark.

  • Jason P

    How about this for perspective on Javier Baez’s season at AA:

    2013 Yasiel Puig, MLB: .425 wOBA, 179 wRC+, .451 BABIP
    2013 Javier Baez, AA: .437 wOBA, 182 wRC+, .340 BABIP

    Not only that, but Baez has 3 more home runs in 100 fewer AB’s.

    My point isn’t that Baez is better than Puig — Puig’s put up those numbers in the majors — but we’ve seen how ridiculously, insanely good Puig has been since his call-up. Now imagine, Beaz has been that and *more* down in Tennessee.

    • Lucky

      Does Javier Baez’s high BABIP suggest he is getting lucky? .340 is pretty high

      • Jason P

        It’s not that far above his career BABIP. It may come down a little, but it’s certainly more sustainable than Puig’s.

      • Mr. B. Patient

        It may be a tad high, but guys who hit the ball hard tend to have higher BABIP. Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout (no I’m not putting Baez in that category) have BABIPs in the .370 range. You also need to take into consideration AA defensive ability.

        Now, Baez’s August BABIP of .488 may not be sustainable. So THAT may be a bit lucky.

        Overall, I’d say .340 for his kind of hitter, at the AA level, is appropriate.

  • KarenP


    Do you have international shipping with the merchandise, or should I send it to my parent’s house?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I think it ships internationally – we’ve had folks get shirts overseas. I don’t know that the free shipping promotion applies, though. So that might be a reason to ship to a friend/family here in the States.

  • X the Cubs Fan

    “In Arrieta and Strop the Cubs may have found the next staff ace and closer in one deal” – Bruce Levine

    • Starlin Backer

      2 unbelievably live arms for Feldman. Incredible. Don’t overuse Strop like Baltimore did. This could turn out to be a memorable one-sided trade!

  • nkniacc13

    I wonder if Tenn could open next year with Soler, Almora, Bryant, Vogs, Johnson, and the 3 pitchers acquired via trade in Daytona now.

    • X the Cubs Fan

      Not Almora but the others are all possibilities.

  • cub2014

    AA next year with: Vogelbach,Bruno,Sanders,
    Bryant,Soler,Almora&Radenbacher with Pinyero,
    Black,Edwards & Johnson wow that will be fun to watch.

    • X the Cubs Fan

      Almora wont be in AA until at-least July, but a rotaion of Johnson, Edwards, Pineyro, Black, Zastryzny would be awesome. But a lineup of Bruno, Almora, Vogelbach, Bryant, Soler, Rademacher, Sanders and Krist would be amazing.

  • Stevie B

    The fact that the summit of my Cubs excitement at this point is reached when I imagine the 2014 draft, and driving up to Chattanooga to watch our dream team of prospects when they play the Lookouts Next season.

  • willis

    Weird, another TJS signing not working out. I see a pattern here…

    Oh and Baez is awesome.

  • Jim

    This off topic, but I was at an Indianapolis Indians (Pirates AAA) game on Tuesday. They have a 25 year old closer there named Vic Black. I didn’t know who he was but he was talking to my group and was a really nice guy. Come to find out he was the closer and when he went in he was making batters look stupid with 97 / 98 mph fastballs. If the Pirates are interested in Schierholtz, I’d ask for this “kid” in return. He cannot be a free agent until 2019 and has a lot of guys blocking his way to the majors.

  • Ivy Walls

    WHY WHY WHY Castro will be traded this winter, even for a Top 50 prospect, though I think it will be more along with a few other failure #1 picks, possibly to a team like Philly, was the defensive play today against St Louis in the 5th where the Cards stole a run on Castro’s lack of mental game.

    Jay scores on a pop up with bases loaded to a sac fly to SS, Castro doesn’t anticipate that Jay would challenge him as he back peddled and did, score a run.

    Castro has to go….open a spot for Baez and it is over.

    • Starlin Backer

      Yep, trade the bum for nothing. Honestly, what is wrong with you? He is a 3 year veteran and younger than most “prospects.” A little patience here. It’s not like learning on the job is costing us the pennant!

  • caryatid62

    To say this season has been anything short of a disaster for Castro is flat out dishonest.

    That said, to advocate for trading him now, when his value is literally at it’s lowest point in 5 years, is the height of idiocy.

    • Starlin Backer

      Agreed and agreed.

    • Ivy Walls

      FO is not playing fantasy baseball, the Cubs will trade him in the off season, for fair value and I don’t think he is going to turn it around in Chicago.

      This program is much bigger than Castro.

      Cubs have too much inventory to live with this lacking at the level.

      • caryatid62

        You won’t get more than pennies on the dollar for him now. Simple as that. Trading him would be silly.

        • Ivy Walls

          that is linear thinking. It sends a message to better ball players down the system. The message is Cubs will play championship ball or you are not with out program. Get what you can I have confidence that Epstein/Hoyer will get the max for what he is worth now, open spots for better talented and better developed players and move on.

          Castro always was a desperate move by Hendry, he was miss used and not ready and that is that. It is the same as other SS (Marlins and Mets) who were flashes, get what you, quit apologizing for a player not performing and move on.

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